Innovate or Die: How to Become a Leadapreneur
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Innovate or Die: How to Become a Leadapreneur

There is no more middle ground; either you innovate or you die. Learn how you can thrive in today's innovation age.
4.7 (22 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
1,162 students enrolled
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What Will I Learn?
  • 1. Understand what disruptive digital innovation is
  • 2. Discover why traditional companies are struggling to cope with digital disruption 3
  • 3. Learn how to become an agile digital innovator by transforming yourself into a leadapreneur
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  1. Discover what disruptive digital innovation is 
  2. Understand why traditional companies cannot cope with digital disruption 
  3. Transform yourself from a manager into a leadpareneur

This course explains what disruptive innovation is, why it's killing companies and how managers can change to embrace the opportunities of the innovation age. When we encounter the need to change we can either be afraid and resist it, or, we can be excited by it and embrace it. Leadapreneur gives you the knowledge and insight to overcome your fears and awaken your excitement for the opportunities of today's new world. Join us today and start your journey to become a leadapreneur.

As disruption accelerates, the time is now to learn the new rules of the ‘Innovation Age’. This guide will help you navigate the change so you can thrive in today’s disrupted reality.

Industrialisation disrupted the 20th Century, today, the 21st Century is being disrupted by digitalisation; digitalisation is 21st Century industrialisation. Today’s extreme change is occurring because we are transitioning from the industrial paradigm to the digital paradigm. Digitalisation is radically and rapidly changing what people want, why they want it and how they want to receive it. The old rules of industrial value creation no longer apply because a new digital world is being born with new rules.

This paradigm shift is creating exciting new opportunities and dangerous threats. If you and your company learn the new rules and transform yourselves fast enough, you can enjoy incredible growth and success. However, if you don’t change, or don’t change fast enough, your company will die and your job will be eliminated by automation.

There is no more middle ground; either you innovate or you die. Join us to learn how you can thrive in today's innovation age. 

Who is the target audience?
  • Managers and senior leaders who want to become agile digital innovators
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Curriculum For This Course
17 Lectures
Introduction to Innovate or Die
1 Lecture 08:12
4 Lectures 36:27

The innovation shift is the transition to the new digital paradigm.

The old rules of the industrial age no longer apply and new rules of success are being created. Discover the 5 key mega-trends that are causing disruptive innovation to accelerate and how the best companies are taking advantage of these trends to succeed.

Preview 10:30

Disruptive innovators follow 5 steps to usurp the incumbent operators. Discover how Uber and others used the playbook to disrupt the global transportation markets.

The Disruptor Playbook

Disruptors are driven by their ideology to destroy the existing status quo and build a better reality. Find out how god, gold and glory drive disruptors to do whatever it takes to win.

Discover more about the power of purpose here:

Disruptors are driven by their ideology to destroy incumbents

Disruptors focus on growth not profitability; if you are growing exponentially then in a few short years (7 to be exact) you can go from nothing to being a global giant. Today, if you're not growing, you are dying.

Growth is the key
3 Lectures 26:26

Traditional companies fail to implement innovations because their bureaucracies murder innovation; a bureaucracy is designed to destroy innovation! Most traditional firms can create innovations but they cannot integrate them into their business models because their bureaucracies prevent them from changing themselves.

The industrial paradigm of the bureaucracy also applies to education, this excellent video explains how schools kill creativity:  

Traditional companies operate bureaucracies that murder innovation

Traditional companies are too focused on their internal issues to pay attention to what is happening in their markets, especially on the periphery of their markets. Innovation-age companies use disruptor radars to identify threats and opportunities early and this gives them the time they need to respond effectively.

Traditional companies lack a disruptor radar

The failure to change fast enough is what ultimately kills the traditional company. Trapped in the naive belief that they have time, they transform themselves too slowly to keep up with the exponentially growing disruptors and this condemns them to fall into the death spiral.

Digital disruption drives traditional companies into the death spiral
8 Lectures 01:17:25

Clayton Christensen's innovator's dilemma explain why managers systematically avoid investing in the innovations they need to remain relevant. The failure to innovate effectively causes the manager and company to fail because they are no longer providing relevant offerings to the customer. The dilemma is broken by using emotions that inspire the courage to innovate.

How to beat the innovator's dilemma

Managers and management were invented 100 years ago by Charles Taylor to organise factories. Today, most of the tasks that managers perform are being replaced by AI (Artificial Intelligence) and other forms of technology. To remain relevant in the innovation age, managers must become leadapreneurs or face lower income, job security and job satisfaction.

Understand automation better here: 

The end of management and the rise of the leadapreneur

Traditional management skills are not enough to ensure that innovation gets implemented in the business. You need to learn how to lead agile innovation; the iterated process of creating exciting innovation, leading inspiring change and delivering impressive results in 12 weeks.

How to lead agile innovation

How to create, lead and deliver agile innovation projects

High performance requires health; the healthier you are the better you can create, lead and deliver innovation. Unhealthy people struggle to find the energy and motivation to create. Look after your health and maximise your success by mastering the resilience tripod.

Find out more about health and happiness here:

How to be resilient

How to build a Genesis mindset

Stratecution enables the speedy delivery of agile innovation projects by seamlessly integrating strategy and execution using advanced communication skills

How to stratecute

Creativity lends meaning to life, discover more about the power of creativity here: 

Innovation ecosystems are the factories of the innovation age
1 Lecture 07:37
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Learn to lead agile innovation


“100% business as usual = 100% chance of death”

Jan Bartscht is a futurist and innovation consultant; he specialises in helping leaders fight disruptive innovation by guiding them to transform their organisations and people into agile digital innovators.

Co-founder & MD of Leadapreneur, a boutique innovation consultancy based in Kuala Lumpur, Jan sees first-hand the reality of innovate or die in his daily work. He consistently sees 2 kinds of incumbent firms; those who are being disrupted and those who don’t know they are being disrupted. In recognition of this, Jan has built his expertise in awakening management and senior leaders to today’s ‘Innovate or Die’ reality, engaging them to discuss how they need to change and driving them to transform their people, business and culture. 

His keynote ‘Innovate or Die’ engages audiences to understand the astonishing scale, speed and consequences of today’s disruptive innovation. Using stories and detailed industry examples, Jan enables managers and senior leaders to understand what disruptive innovation is, why it’s killing companies and how they can transform themselves to become an agile digital innovator before it’s too late. 


1. Build rapport using real data

Jan researches your industry, share price, financial reports and disruptive trends to present a fresh, clear, data-driven perspective on the disruptive innovation reality of your business.

2. Shift mindsets with compelling stories

Engage the audience to shift their mindset by sharing compelling stories from your industry of why companies are dying.

3. Awaken the desire to change

Awaken the desire to change by sharing a practical roadmap that leaders can take to transform their people & company based on the incredible insights of complex systems science.  


“We have had the privilege of having Jan address our talents on several occasions, and each time, Jan presents impactful, compelling and thought-provoking insights that challenge us to look beyond the status quo. He is able to highlight serious issues in an engaging, even entertaining way, making the intellectual core that forms the substance of his presentations accessible to all.”

-Michelle Iking Head of Talent, Learning & Performance, Citi Malaysia