For the "Sudden" Online Marketer
5.0 (9 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
26 students enrolled
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For the "Sudden" Online Marketer

Have you suddenly become an Online Marketer without knowing the basics of marketing principles? Learn the basics now!
5.0 (9 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
26 students enrolled
Created by Meloney Hall
Last updated 5/2015
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What Will I Learn?
  • implement what they have learned into their own online marketing strategies.
  • Gain confidence and security that they need to grow in their skills as a Professional Online Marketer
  • WOW their boss, their staff, and especially their current and potential customers.
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  • You will need to have internet access to view and hear this course. Downloading and printing certain sections is an option.

As a working professional in the industry of Online Marketing, I am noticing that far too many people have become “sudden" online marketers for their employer or for themselves as a brand new small business owner. If you remain without understanding basic marketing principles, you are setting yourself up (as well as your company) for disastrous results that cannot be undone. I am certain that you can recall at least one instance of when a company brand made a terrible social media mistake that still remains fresh in your mind. You have to be asking, “How can it have gone so wrong when it was just one little Tweet?"

Oh, we can count the many ways, actually! I encourage you to take my course and learn how to avoid these blunders all together. Learn the important basic Marketing Principles that will give you the confidence and security that you need if you want to grow in your skill as a Professional Online Marketer. After you take my course, you can show off your new abilities and WOW your boss, your staff, and especially your current and potential customers. You'll notice that some valuable sales touch-points naturally align, although, marketers are not salespeople. Yes, you did read that correctly!

The materials that are included in my course are video lectures, animated cartoons I have created, and easy-to-understand graphics to explain each element of the principles. With my blend of serious instruction and humorous examples, you will discover parts of my course that will become your favorites, and you'll want to review them again and again! You will truly enjoy this course! And better yet, you will be able to implement what you have learned into your own online marketing strategies. Money Back Guarantee!

Who is the target audience?
  • My course is meant for those who have become “sudden” online marketers. In other words, they have little to no idea about what they should be doing to grow their brand through online marketing.
  • My course will be helpful to “seasoned” marketers who are not sure how they can incorporate what they already know into their online marketing strategies.
  • My course will bring current and fresh new ideas to old warn-out methods of decades past.
  • This is an introduction to basic marketing principles that you can incorporate into your online marketing strategies. My course will not be for those who are expecting advanced and in-depth elements of marketing principles. It should be considered as a 101-type course or basic refresher course.
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Curriculum For This Course
33 Lectures
Let's Begin
3 Lectures 10:05

Understand this course's Road Map (syllabus) and get an idea of the ground that will be covered. Do not skip any sections of this course, as each course coincides with other sections. You may want to print this Road Map and use it as a marker to what you have already completed, what remains to be completed, or writing your own notes on it. The video explains how to follow this Road Map

Course Road Map Overview

Taking notes is an important way to build upon how you will absorb the things you will learn in this course. You may want to print this Road Map and use it as a marker to what you have already completed, what remains to be completed, or writing your own notes on it. The video explains how to follow this Road Map.

You also can utilize the on-screen note taking feature that is seen on your desktop in the far upper-right corner. The icon looks like a piece of paper. When you click on the icon, it will open up the area where you can type in notes as you watch the lecture.

I encourage you to take notes in the most comfortable way you know so that it will not be a painful experience for you. The important thing is that you do your best to absorb what you can. It will be extremely helpful to you if you keep in mind the reason WHY you are taking this course. Think of the exact scenario that you can apply each section to your own online marketing strategies.

For example, keep your thoughts tightly around your “real-life application” as you progress through each section. Rushing through this course will only save you time, and you could miss important application understandings. I recommend that you pause at the end of each section and write down ways in which you can apply the principle you just learned to your own real-life situation.

If you keep your notes together in a little notebook, it will easily keep everything together for you. If you are taking this course to demonstrate to your boss that you have invested in your own growth, you can smartly hand him/her your notebook of notes as proof that you paid attention. Wouldn't it be handy to have your notebook when your boss asks you to put on a presentation of what you learned? Think about the power of taking notes!

Taking Notes for This Course
1 page

I created this animated cartoon video to introduce you to the CORE of this course. I created it to impress upon your mind the important principles that you'll be learning in this course. When words are combined with images and sound, you should be able to better retain the information. Each section will cover the principles that are presented in this animation. This will not be the only animated cartoon you will see in this course; I have created a few more to help you fully embrace what you'll be learning. I clearly have a passion for creativity, as you'll find out!

CORE of The Course / Animated video
The Top 4 Principles
4 Lectures 51:30

Grasp this concept quickly: We want to build PROFITABLE Relationships! If you miss the understanding of this foundation, then you are simply performing online marketing as a unique hobby.

Profitable Customer Relationships

As we create value for our customers and clients, we capture value from them in special ways that benefit us as online marketers.

Create Value and Capture Value

While you might think you know all about those basic “Needs, Wants, and Demands,” you will be surprised that these mean different things in the world of marketing. Get these wrong, and you'll blow everything!

Preview 11:30

How do we gain the Trust and Loyalty of customers and clients? Step-by-step, bit-by-bit, and a whole lot of proof that we are genuinely capable of going beyond the average provider.

Trust and Brand Loyalty
Your Kings and Queens
4 Lectures 28:53

Creating satisfied and happy customers is a process that can take many different forms. Learn how one famous hamburger maker has been successfully doing this with their toddler customers, teenage customers, and all the way up to their senior customers.

Customer Satisfaction

Do you mean that we should put our customers in the driver's seat? REALLY? How does that work, exactly?

Be Customer-Driven

Superior Value does not have to do anything with offering your customers the lowest or best price. Learn about the things that customers view are being worth more to them than the money they saved.

Deliver Superior Value

Satisfying customers is the goal, right? So what is this concept of creating customer delight? What's the difference?

Create Customer Delight

Short Quiz (A)
3 questions
Two-Directional Value
5 Lectures 29:46

We need to find ways to gather the customer's feedback if we plan on remaining in business. Otherwise, we will never know how or when we dropped the ball.

Capture Customer Value

Before we can give our customers specific offerings, we have to prepare the way for them to purchase from us as simply as possible, as well as a providing them with a secure and risk-free method.

Specific Offerings

How do you identify what your value position is? Consider this carefully, as it will become a major part of your online marketing proclamations.

Preview 05:50

Lists, lists, and more lists! Can you show customer your lists?

Set of Benefits

Prepare your “What-If” Plan well in advance. Go beyond the “fixing” expectations, and help your customers feel that everything is going to be okay again.

Beyond Expectations
Give Them WOW
4 Lectures 18:32

How much work does it take to WOW your customers? The little things add up to big things every time!

Preview 03:08

You'll have to do some research and a bit of math to get this right. If you don't your competitors will.

Quality and Price Points
3 pages

Is it really worth all of this research? Certainly Is! Learn about the four methods to gather your research data.

Research Area Industry Costs

Production and Distribution work hand-in-hand. Break up the pair, and you will experience major fails that your customers may not tolerate for long.

Production and Distribution
Helper and Hero
5 Lectures 43:10

If Marketers are NOT salespeople, then how are we generating sales?

Stop Forcing People

What successfully entices and attracts your customers? It's definitely NOT Chick Bait!

Entice and Attract

Do your customers know that you have a FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) Page on your website? How do you know if your website should even have one?

Answer Questions

Short descriptive text is not enough in online marketing. Show and tell them about all the various options you have available in your products and services.

Show and Tell Options

What are TroubleShooting Documents, and how are they useful to customers?

Find Quick and Best Solutions
2 pages
Your Brand Ambassadors
3 Lectures 22:26

How do I train my Brand Ambassadors? YOU DON'T! Learn from the Cheering Ambassador!

Spreading Happiness

Yes, it is perfectly okay for you to actually ask for a Testimonial from your delighted customers. What do you do with them once you have them?


If you don't train your Brand Ambassadors, do you have to reward them?

Reward Ambassadors
2 pages

Short Quiz (B)
3 questions
Course Wrap-Up
5 Lectures 07:41

Remember that first animated cartoon video you watched as the introduction of the CORE principles? Review these screenshots and see if you can remember the lessons!

Online Marketing Keys
14 pages

There are a few things you need to do next, now that you have completed this course. It's about “Doing” the doing.

Do This Next

Will you recommend this course to others?

Recommend This Course

I will be developing more courses. Your feedback on this course, as well as your suggestions for futures course, is sincerely appreciated.

More Courses Coming

I have the sincerest appreciation for you!

About the Instructor
Meloney Hall
5.0 Average rating
9 Reviews
26 Students
1 Course
Owner/CEO, Big Uptick Social Marketing, LLC.

Hello, I'm Meloney Hall, the owner and CEO of Big Uptick Social Marketing, LLC. I provide excellent online marketing and digital marketing consulting and training services. With my expertise, your Business-to-Business (B2B) and Business-to-Customer (B2C) efforts will achieve beyond! With my help, your website will gain more top-of-mind placement, increased traffic, and a higher conversion rate. You will see more qualified customers and clients who actually want your products and services. I will help you with strategies and tactics that will closely target them better than you might currently be doing. This means more brand awareness and increased sales for you!

Being found online throughout several major social media platforms and networks is the key to increase your own bottom line. I know how to combine the newest online marketing methods with important standard marketing principles. This is vital for search engine optimization (SEO). If your products and services cannot easily be located within a basic search engine query, then you're losing business to your competitors who are correctly optimizing their online brand awareness and search engine results pages (SERP).

My mantra here at Big Uptick Social Marketing, LLC. Is “Achieve Beyond." You'll know this is happening when you begin to see upticks within your success measurement reporting systems. No business should ever be satisfied with remaining mediocre! Going beyond will put you on the path to become amazing!

Let me help your business to Achieve Beyond everything you have already accomplished.

While you may think that you know the answers to what matters most to your customers and clients, I can help you to find out what they actually seek from businesses like yours. Do you know what matters most to them? Stop the guesswork! My consulting services will save you a huge amount of time so you can get to the real answers sooner. It's important for your potential customers and clients to gain trust with you; and when they begin to trust you, this will lead to successful business transactions for everyone.

Big Uptick Social Marketing, LLC. is located in the Dayton, Ohio area (United States), but we can reach far beyond the city, the state, and even the nation. Because my work is mostly done online and in digital format, I am able to help you regardless of where you are on the planet (as long as you have an internet connection). Video calls are the most efficient way to communicate; and if you're not already doing that, let me help you to begin. Even my local business clients appreciate the convenience of saving time and expenses when we can do the majority of our communications through video calls. When I keep my costs down, the savings are passed onto you!

I am a Certified Social Marketing Associate (CSMA). I also hold a Degree in Logistics and Supply Chain Management. When you combine these two structured disciplines, 1) social media marketing best practices, and 2) the analytic foundation of logistics, you get a reliable knowledge-based powerhouse!

Something really notable about me is that I am one of the few individuals worldwide who is recognized and vetted by Google to be a Google HelpOuts Provider. This means that I have been approved by Google to talk face-to-face via their private video-call platform to people all over the world who seek out her guidance and advice regarding Online Marketing. I have many Five-Star Reviews, and I enjoys helping others very much. In August 2014, I was selected by Google as the Helper of the Month! You can watch my Google Interview and learn more about Google HelpOuts. **NOTE** Google HelpOuts will discontinue on April 20, 2015

I have completed the YouTube Creator Academy's Course, “Grow Your Audience," and I can help you make your YouTube Channel become more organized for Search Engines and for your video fans. I am also a YouTube Partner.

Video content creation is very important for increasing your online presence, and I know how to maximizes your efforts in producing video content. I host a weekly LIVE Hangsout-on-Air (HOA) broadcast to help to educate and give hands-on experience to those who desire to overcome their live-on-camera shyness. Check out Lights, Camera, HOA to see what I mean.

I am very skilled in creating animated videos as well. Take a look at this short cartoon video, then consider how something like this could help spread the word about your cause, products, and services. Hire me to create great animated videos for you!

If you need help with understanding, updating, and maintaining your WrodPress themed website,then you should give me a call. I have designed several websites using responsive themes, which is what you need to increase your website traffic and to meet the rising demands of those who use mobile devices. I strongly believe that empowering YOU with the knowledge and skills about how to manage your website is the smartest strategy. This is why I provide detailed training for your new responsive-theme website. While many experts can give you a brand new website, there are very few who actually give you the precise training you need to maintain your website properly. I go beyond for you!

She can build your website and train you on how to use it effectively – either on your own or having her manage it for you.

I have recently become a member of the Dayton chapter of the American Advertising Federation (AAF), where she networks with other professionals involved with advertising and marketing standards and methods.

I am proud to have been a volunteer Mentor for Dayton SCORE. My role was to help new small business owners, and those considering opening their own small business, with their social media and online marketing strategies. Watch this Testimonial Video. Dayton SCORE is a chapter of the National SCORE organization that is affiliated with the Small Business Administration

I invite you to follow me on a few social media platforms and learn more about what I knows and likes. Easily find me on Google Plus, LinkedIn, andTwitter. Sorry, but I don't use Facebook. Ask me why, and I'll be glad to tell you!

I have always lived in Ohio. But as a youth, I traveled extensively all across the United States with my family. You can consider me an Ohio Buckeye through-and-through! Go Ohio State Buckeyes!

You can also hire me to speak at your organization's events. I am a Competent Toastmaster(CTM), so you can count on my professional presentation skills and engagement with your audience. I never brings along a boring PowerPoint Slide Show — NO, NO! I creates unique materials that showcase the subject, which guarantees your event will be most memorable!

* Please note discounts may be slightly higher than advertised amount due to rounding and currency conversion.