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IGCSE Physics Ch 3 Electricity (Part 1 of 3) - Cambridge CIE

This course explains Electricity According to CIE Cambridge IGCSE Syllabus in a new wonderful way... Do not miss it
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*This Course is about Extended Cambridge (0625) IGCSE Physics… Chapter 3: Electricity,

* This chapter is divided into three courses

Part1: Basic Electricity,

Part 2: Electromagnetism,

Part 3: Electronics,

This course is only part 1 Basic Electricity,

other parts will be in other courses,

*This course covers all the points in the syllabus that are related to Electricity (Part1),

*The course is directed to the point and restricted to the syllabus nothing less and nothing more, so you will not waste your time, with invaluable speech,

* If you know exactly your syllabus you will appreciate these videos,

* The average video duration is 3 mins so you will not get bored with the course and you can find reasonable points to pause and complete later,

* The full course duration is about 1 hours and 43 mins

* This course includes four lessons:

Lesson 1: Magnetism,

Lesson 2: Electrostatics,

Lesson 3: Electric current (Equations and Theoriticls)

Lesson 4: Home Installation,

This course is arranged so that it covers all points about basic electricity,

This course mainly covers the theoretical parts that puts the basics that will help you answer all past paper questions related to Basic Electricity in paper 1 ( the multiple choice), paper 3 (structured questions), and paper 6 ( the alternative to practical),

Lesson 1 Magnetism, this includes bar magnets, magnetic fields, magnetization and demagnetization methods,

Lesson 2 Electrostatics, includes charged bodies, methods of charging, electric field and electric forces

Lesson 3 Electric current is separated into two parts, the first part is the equations, this includes all the equations related to electric current and electric circuits, also explaining the concepts of voltage, current intensity and electric resistance, after that comes the theoretical part which includes definitions, proving ohm's law, the variable resistor, the potentiometer, and electric symbols,

Lesson 4 Home installation, how electricity reaches our homes, some sources of dangers and safety precautions,

Who is the target audience?
  • This course is suitable for Cambridge IGCSE students and all other equivalent syllabi
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What Will I Learn?
By the end of this course you will be able to answer every single question in the past papers related to Basic electricity and electric circuits
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  • this course needs the normal student tools to be used in drawing ray diagrams, pencil, protractor, ruler, eraserer
Curriculum For This Course
Expand All 38 Lectures Collapse All 38 Lectures 01:22:34
Lesson1 : Magnetism
9 Lectures 15:16
00 Introduction to magnetism

01a Magnetization By Induction

01b Magnetization by stroking

01c Magnetozation by electric d.c. current

02 Magnetic field experiments: 1 Iron Fillings

02 Magnetic field experiments: 2 Compass method

02 Magnetic field Experiments: 3 The floating magnet

03 Shapes of Magnetic fields

04 Demagnetization
Lesson2: Electrostatics
7 Lectures 11:47
00 Contents

01 Charge Bodies

02 Conductors and insulators

03 Charging Bodies

04 Quantity of Charge (Q)

05 Electric Field

06 Electrostatic Force
Lesson 3: Electric Current
16 Lectures 41:15
Part 1(Rules): 00 Contents

Part 1(Rules): 01a Voltage in a single resistor circuit

Part 1(Rules): 01b Voltage in seriis and parallel connections

Part 1(Rules): 01c measuring voltage

Part 1(Rules): 02 Electric Current Intensity (I)

Part 1(Rules): 03a Resistance of Wires

Part 1(Rules): 03b Resistance of Resistors

Part 1(Rules): All Electric circuits Rules Summary

Part 2 (Theoreticals): 00 contents

Part 2 (Theoreticals): 01 Defiitions

Part 2 (Theoreticals): 02 Effect of Electric current

Part 2 (Theoreticals): 03 A.C. and D.C.

Part 2 (Theoreticals): 04 The Variable Resistor

Part 2 (Theoreticals): 05 Electric Symbols

Part 2 (Theoreticals): 06 Proving Ohm's Law Practically

Part 2 (Theoreticals): 07 Potentiometer
Lesson 4: Home Installation
6 Lectures 14:16
00 Contents

01 Electricity at Homes

02 Problems with Electricity (Large Current)

03 Problems with Electricity (Live wire touches metal casing)

04 Appliance are connected in parallel

05 Dangers
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