Hypnosis : Master of hypnosis unleash your unconscious power
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Hypnosis : Master of hypnosis unleash your unconscious power

Hypnosis / Hypnotherapy Training to release your unconscious power - from a certified NLP & Hypnotherapy expert
Best Seller
4.4 (220 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
3,147 students enrolled
Created by Matthew Barnett
Last updated 12/2016
Price: $195
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What Will I Learn?
  • Use Hypnosis to change your behavior so that you can dramatically improve your results
  • Identify Hypnosis Myths when they here the so you can talk with your peers in an informed way
  • Hypnotise others - to help them with virtually any issue
  • Identify different types of trance induction so that they can choose the most appropriiate
  • Identify the key influence in the development of Hypnosis
  • Enjoy the relaxation of self hypnosis
  • Use Hypnosis Go into trance - to go into a trance state - so that you can experience the power of the unconscious mind
  • Use Hypnosis to communicate effectively with the unconscious mind to produce excellent behaviour
  • Identify different types of trance induction, in hypnosis so that you can choose the most appropriiate
  • Engage in Hypnosis with others - to help them with virtually any issue
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  • Students will need to have an open mind
  • You will need to have an open mind and have a willingness to learn !
  • You will need to be receptive to the idea that you can easily go into trance

A Comprehensive Hypnosis / Hypnotherapy Training delivered by Matt Barnett - Expert in Personal and Business development & Certified Trainer of Hypnosis / Hypnotherapy ( American Board Of Hypnotherapy) & Certified Trainer of NLP (American Board of NLP)

FEEDBACK "This course is an extraordinary guide into hypnosis and its usage. It's practical, well-done (great production quality), and it has a realistic approach to what is hypnosis and how one can practice it. As an NLP coach, I find the fact that the instructor is clearly using NLP tools of hypnosis to be a distinctive and rather effective way for anyone to learn language and behavioral patterns during the hypnosis process. From what I've seen, this course is one of the most powerful one into hypnosis on the Udemy market, by far."

  • Imagine if you could by using hypnosis harness the power of an incredible supercomputer, to work on your behalf, tirelessly producing results to get you the life of your dreams
  • Wouldn't it be incredible to be able to help others to take control of their results and achieve more success, make more money, have more contented lives through hypnosis
  • Would you like to learn hypnosis and how to hypnotise others and yourself to tap in to this unlimited power?

Hypnosis has been around in one form or another since the dawn of time. It is fast, effective and comfortable. In this comprehensive course. Matt Barnett Certified Trainer of Hypnosis will guide you step by step through the fascinating world of hypnosis and the Hypnotist.

Starting with the Origins of Hypnosis - this greatly underestimated tool for change, Matt will take you on a journey of discovery and insight that will empower you to take control of your mind, your results and will provide you with the Hypnosis tools for making lasting changes in behavior both personally and with others.

If you are a coach, parent or Mentor this hypnosis course is for you

  • Dispel the Hypnosis Myths - so that you can been seen as an authority on the subject
  • Learn some of the linguistic tools of hypnosis and the hypnotist so that you can elegantly take another into a trance, relaxed state.
  • Learn the secret tips of a practising hypnosis expert and Master Hypnotist so that you can virtually ensure success.

Become a Master of Hypnosis today !

I personally Guarantee this course back by Udemy's now quibble promise. If you are not 100% satisfied with this Hypnosis training, you get your money back...simple.... SO let me ask you a question... with ZERO risk and everything to gain, would you like to learn how to use hypnosis to improve all areas of your l life ? Good... so join with other students just like you by choosing to decide to CLICK ON THE GREEN 'ENROLL NOW' Button now, and lets start mastering Hypnosis today.

Hypnosis for usewith yourself and others to unleash the power of your unconscious mind -   from a Certified Hypnosis Pro

Who is the target audience?
  • This not simply a hypnosis intervention - you will learn to take yourself and others into trance
  • Coaches, Parents, teacher will benefit greatly from this course
  • This course is for people interested in psychology and specifically how Hypnosis plays a part
  • This course is for anyone who wishes to understand more about hypnosis and the human mind
  • This course is a great course for people interested in NLP and hypnosis
  • This course is for people who are serious about learning how the mind works and how to use Hypnosis to get results
  • This course is for people who are looking for a high quality content packed Hypnosis course
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Curriculum For This Course
112 Lectures
Hypnosis Training: Introductions
7 Lectures 20:29

Master of Hypnosis: Introduction: In this section Matt Barnett Trainer of Hypnosis (ABH) Introduces you to the course and welcomes you to the process of learning the fascinating subject of Hypnosis.

Preview 05:32

Hypnosis: In this lecture Matt gives you an overview of what you can expect from this course. Hypnosis is a substantial topic and Matt has broken it down so that it is easy to learn. In this section Matt introduces you to some concepts that will make the learning of the course easy

Hypnosis Training: Overview of this course

Hypnosis: So why on earth would YOU want to learn hypnosis? This is an important question and in this lecture Matt looks at a number of possible reasons and some examples that he has come across personally. This question of why you want to learn Hypnosis is important . So you need to be clear as to what it is you are looking to achieve by studying this course

Preview 03:17

Hypnosis: LEARNING CAN BE FUN! & rewarding. In this lecture Matt introduces you to a way in which you can get ANY of his courses absolutely FREE of charge ! AND all you need to do is what you are already doing ! study this course :) This could be worth $300 to YOU. So be sure to get a pen and paper at the ready to learn what it is yo need to do as you study the course... Which course will you have ?

Hypnosis Training: A GREAT fun way to learn this course AND get FREE stuff !!

This is an optional step in this hypnosis course, however it may help you to build your confidence with Hypnosis if you were to work with someone else throughout the course. In this section Matt gives you details of the Facebook Hypnosis Community you can join to hopefully connect with some like minded hypnotists !

Hypnosis Training: Find a partner !

Its a fact that when you actually commit in writing to something then you are more likely to succeed and that includes learning Hypnosis. This is an interesting phenomenon. That has been shown to be correct a number of times. Give clear instruction to your unconscious mind that you wish to learn hypnosis and that you are in charge of your results.

[ACTIVITY] Commit to yourself

Ok so now is the time to go and join the Hypnosis Facebook community. So head on over there now ! and say hi!

[ACTIVITY] Find a partner join the Hypnosis Facebook group
Getting the best out of this Hypnosis course
6 Lectures 13:56

HYpnosis: Quite Possibly the single most important concept iin the world of personal development. If you want to see huge success in your life, and with Hypnosis then you will want to take a hold of this concept right now !

Hypnosis Training: Cause and Effect

Hypnosis: Who is responsible for the value you perceive in your life? and who is responsible for effecting change in your perception of events, life the universe? In this lecture matt discusses how being at cause and being respons-able is essential for successful Hypnosis

Hypnosis Training :Responsibility for change and value

Hypnosis: If you don't know where you are going then you are unlikely to get there ! To be successful in any endeavour requires that you know your outcome . Learning Hypnosis is no different and requires you to discover your goals for learning Hypnosis in order that you may find value and attach meaning to the learning you get. Matt discusses the concept in more detail in this lecture

Hypnosis Training: How to Extract Value from this course

Take a moment now to set out your goals for learning hypnosis with this course. This is a really important part of the learning process and will set your unconscious mind off looking for ways to satisfy your goal through filtering your experience accordingly. This is a big course and has a lot of information in it ! and the key to reaching your goals is within the content. But first ! you must let your unconscious mind know what it is looking for to achieve this !

[ACTIVITY] Hypnosis Learning objectives worksheet
1 page

To get the very best out of this course, you will need to start the process of getting your unconscious buy in to the concept of you being in total control of your results. This is another optional step however i strongly suggest that you do this... imagine if there was part of the puzzle hidden away in the text on that form !

[ACTIVITY] Start your daily Hypnosis training ritual

In this lecture we recap on where we are up to and what we have learnt so far. You may be surprised at how much you already know ! Remember to watch this lecture through to the end in case there is a clue, another pieve in the puzzle to getting a FREE course of your choice !

Hypnosis: Re-cap of this section
Hypnosis Training: What Hypnosis is and What Hypnosis Isn't
7 Lectures 35:12

There are many different perceptions and ideas about what hypnosis is. When you think of a hypnotist you may well bring to mind images of mysterious people with swinging pocket watches ! However, hypnosis is actually a very logical and rational technique for producing unconscious behavior. EVERYTHING about hypnosis makes 'sense'. In this Lecture Matt, discusses various perceptions of Hypnosis and provides his own answer to the Question 'What is Hypnosis'.

Hypnosis : What is Hypnosis

Hypnosis: A great many of the widely held beliefs surrounding Hypnosis are far from useful. In this lecture we look at some of those disempowering beliefs and draw a line under them once and for all. When you truly understand what Hypnosis is you will be able to evaluate these ideas and I hope you will put people straight !. Hypnosis is a marvelous tool for change,

Hypnosis : What Hypnosis is not

Hypnosis: You may well have heard about the pleasure pain principal before now and this is an important learning within this course. We can use the pleasure pain principal to encourage change and to mobilise the unconscious mind in chasing after a goal. Pain is a strong motivator to get things moving, however as Matt describes in this lecture, there is a fundamental problem with pain as a motivator

Hypnosis : The pleasure / pain principal

Hypnosis Training: Values are deeply held unconscious filters that are strong motivators of behavior, our values drive everything we do at some level or another we have values for everything we do in life, across many different contexts. In this lecture Matt discusses values and the importance of understanding values to effect change within yourself or others using hypnosis.

Hypnosis : Values - Deeply unconscious drivers of motivation and behaviour

In this lecture Matt ties in the Pleasure Pain principal to our values and further describes the impact our thoughts and thinking can have on motivation for change.

Hypnosis : Understanding toward and away from values

Hypnosis Training: We all have beliefs, and whilst beliefs are not 'true' or at least not 'true' without question, we act as if they are. Doing so brings about outcomes based up those beliefs 'as if' they were true. Sometimes this can be very useful! however more often than not, our beliefs somewhat limited us. In this Lecture Matt discusses this concept further and gives insight into how beliefs can be changed to produce positive results.

Hypnosis : Change the beliefs and change the behaviour

Hypnosis Training: Read this fascinating article from the British Media that details rthe findings of research into the benefits of hypnosis in IVF treated for increasing the chances of success

[ACTIVITY] Further Reading -From the BBC- Hypnosis doubles IVF Success
2 pages
Hypnosis myth and Mystery
7 Lectures 28:18

Hypnosis Training: You don't have to have a knowledge of NLP to be at Hypnosis, although it will most certainly help ! NLP is a set of tools for change and for communicating predominantly with the unconscious mind. When the skills and tools of an NLP Practitioner are combined with the skills of the hypnotist, then the efficacy of your work with others is increased exponentially.

Hypnosis : The benefit of NLP with Hypnosis

Hypnosis Training : We have all seen the results of people entering a trance state in a STage show environement, its a show ! what we are usually unaware of is the preparation of the show and the selection of the subjects. In a stage show, hypnosis is presented as if magic. But a LOT has gone into making sure that the people who come up on stage are happy to dance like chickens !

The Truth about Stage Hypnotism

Hypnosis Training : In this optional lecture Read the story of the man who put himself into trance before major surgery and anesthetized himself using nothing but hypnosis. Capturing the attention of both the British media and The UK National Health Service..... I challenge you not to say WOW !

[ACTIVITY] Further Reading - Article from the BBC
2 pages

Hypnosis Training: There are a great many myths surrounding Hypnosis and one of them is that you can be brainwashed. It is an understandable concern for anyone who has witnessed a stage show performance ! and hear the stories of cult leaders, indoctrinating minions to their holy clan. HOWEVER, brainwashing requires an awful lot more than a session or two of hypnosis. Matt dispels this myth and puts the stories into perspective in this lecture

Hypnosis : Brainwashing and Cults

Hypnosis Training: Despite the fact that it is very very difficult to brainwash people, it hasn't prevented people from trying! and hypnosis has been used very deliberately in an attempt to take control of another's mind a number of times before. In this lecture Matt talks about the covert CIA project to do just that. To control others minds with the use of Hypnosis.

Hypnosis: Project MK Ultra

Hypnosis Training: Ask 10 people what hypnosis is and you may well get 10 different answers ! Matt clear up any confusion in this lecture dispelling some of the common myths and objections to hypnosis

Hypnosis: Other Hypnosis Myths

IN this Activity Matt gives you a great task that will encourage your unconscious knowledge of hypnosis to shine through!

[ACTIVITY] Dispel some Hypnosis myths
The History of Hypnosis
13 Lectures 48:35

Hypnosis Training: Hypnosis has been around for thousands of years. In this lecture, Matt uncovers evidence of hypnosis in the ancient past through to modern times. Hypnosis has existed in many forms over the centuries in this lecture matt introduces you to some of the history of this ancient art for facilitating personal change

Hypnosis: The History of Hypnosis

Hypnosis Training: Way back thousands of years ago the ancient Egyptians, were using Hypnosis ! in fact it was pretty much a part of normal life to use hypnosis to communicate with the Gods for answers. In ancient times the Egyptians many well have referred to hypnosis as something else but it very much existed !.In this lecture Matt discusses the Egyptian Sleep temples and draws parallels with the concepts in modern Hypnosis which were inadvertently adhered to by the ancient Egyptians through the use of their sleep temples.

Preview 03:52

Hypnosis Training: Have you ever heard of someone being mesmerised? Well Mesmerism was the forerunner to modern Hypnosis and was the therapy of the day in Europe many years ago. Mesmerism, was so successful in producing change that the Chirch Banned it and it was put under scrutiny by Royal Commission. Matt discuses the origins and effect of Mesmerism in the development of what would become Modern Hypnosis.

Hypnosis: Mesmers Animal Magnetism

Hypnosis Training: Early hypnotists didnt fully understand the way in which Hypnosis worked, and put the phenomenon down to the manipulation of energy and forces and the way in which they interact with human beings. Many years ago, it was believed that magnets and the laying of hands could make it possible to manipulate this fluid energy or life forces to bring about change. Of course that is not the case at all .....or is it?

Hypnosis: Greatrakes the Irish Stroker

Braid was a medical surgeon often referred to as the Father of Modern Hypnotism. Certainly Braid did a lot to bring a credibility to Hypnosis and his work inspired many others to pick up the baton and further develop his work

Hypnosis: James Braid

Founded by Ambroise-Auguste Liébeault & Hippolyte Bernheim the Nancy school was a centre for psychology research and the study into hypnosis inflenced some of the world most prominent psychotherapists

Hypnosis: The Nancy School

Also in France the Salpetriere school of hypnosis is responsible for some great insight into the way the mind works and the phenomenon of trance. Jean Martine Charcot the founder often found himself at odds with the Nancy School of Liebault and Bernheim

Hypnosis: Charcot's Salpatriere school

Not many people are aware that Sigmund Freud started his work with an interest in Hypnosis and was a student at Liebault & Bernheims Nancy School. Freud, fell out of favor with hypnosis stating that the results of hypnosis were too inconsistent. A lesson in getting to a position of cause in the cause and effect equation maybe?

Hypnosis: Freud and Hypnosis

"Every day, in every way, I'm getting better and better" wa sthe mantra of the pharmasist Emile Cou. Who introduced autosuggestion or affirmations to his pharmacy and saw staggering results in the patients that he saw

Hypnosis: Emile Cou

An important development in the acceptance of Hypnosis as a mainstream therapy was the announcement by Pope Pius that the Vatican recognized Hypnosis as a viable alternative to traditional forms of anesthesia. Until this time the Vatican had frowned upon Hypnosis and had even banned its use. Who says change isnt possible!

Hypnosis: Pope Pius XII

Hypnosis Training: George Estabrook is possibly the most controversial individual in the development of hypnosis. Who stated "I can hypnotise a man without his knowledge or consent -- into committing treason against the United States.". A bold statement, and as we will see, not 'entirel' accurate.

Hypnosis: Estabrook

Hypnosis Training : Milton Erickson has contributed greatly to hypnosis and his trademark ambiguity when delaing with clients has become an integral part of the majority of inductions. Even authoritarian inductions combine a blend of ambiguous Ericksonian style language to guide a client to a trance state. Ericksons work influenced the development of NLP in a huge way and the Milton Model a set of Linguistic Patterns within NLP was derived from the founders modelling the work of Milton Erickson.. Roll out the carpet for the Daddy of inductions !

Hypnosis: Milton H Errikson

Hypnosis Training: Dave Elman's transition from Radio Host, Stand up Comedian and Stage Hypnotist to one of the most widely respected contributors to the field of hypnosis is nothing short of impressive. Elman, is well known for his rapid authoritarian apporach to hypnosis. Famous for stating that all hypnosis is self hypnosis, Elman worked extensively with the medical community and particularly in dentistry to use hypnosis as a form as anesthesia.

Hypnosis: Dave Elman

Your unconscious minds stores everything you learn. Take this quiz and amaze yourself with how much you already know

[ACTIVITY] History of Hypnosis Quiz
1 question
Hypnosis and Your Unconscious Mind
6 Lectures 42:39

Hypnosis Training: The unconscious mind is the powerhouse that ultimately will strive to deliver your goals. The key is to establish a good rapport between the conscious and unconscious mind, so that when the conscious mind sets its intention for your whole system, the unconscious mind listens, and goes to work in bringing that goal about. You can think of the unconscious mind as a 'Goal Getter'

The Unconscious Mind & Hypnosis

Hypnosis Training: The conscious mind might be thought of as merely an interface to the underlying supercomputer that is the unconscious mind. When we attempt to change our behavior consciously we are setting ourselves up to fail. The conscious mind is not where long lasting change can be achieved. That said the conscious mind is important, very important ! not least as it will be our conscious mind that decides what it is we want, when we want it. And if we have established a connection to the unconscious mind, communicates that intent to the unconscious mind. You can think of the conscious mind as a 'Goal Setter'.

The Conscious Mind and Hypnosis

Hypnosis Training: The Unconscious mind is responsible for way more than you are probably aware, and it never stops working. 24 x 7 your UCM is working to maintain your body, preserve your health, administer drugs around the body, fight infection etc. And on top of that, your UCM determines your behavior and therefore your results. It is an incredible marvel. As it performs it's amazing role within your system it does so in accordance with the Prime Directives. A set of roles and functions that the unconscious mind attends to for or overall benefit, In this Lecture Matt begins a look at the Prime directives. Welcome to your unconscious mind's busy, busy day

Hypnosis: The prime Directives of the Unconscious mind

Hypnosis Training: In this lecture, Matt continues his discussion and provides more insight into the fascinating rol the unconscious mind plays in looking after our entire system of being.

Hypnosis: Prime Directives part 2

Hypnosis Training: In this lecture Matt introduces you to the phenomenon of the Transderivational search. An automatic process carried out by the unconscious mind to attach meaning to ambiguity, to sort and filter experience and to engage the creative part of the mind to offer up possibility. It is the performance of trans derivation searches that provides the unconscious mind with alternative behaviors for communication to the conscious mind and to effect change

Hypnosis: Trans derivational Search

IN this activity Matt asks you to appreciate the incredible piece of kit that you have at your disposal. This is a relaxing activity

[ACTIVITY] Hypnosis :Reflect on the power of your unconscious mind
Hypnosis and Suggestibility
9 Lectures 48:16

Hypnosis Training: In this lecture Matt introduces you to the Metaphorical Barrier between the conscious and unconscious realm, the dividing line between rational a logical thought and creative fantastic thought. In hypnosis we talk about by passing the critical faculty barrier to gain access to the world of imagination, creativity, possibility and change where anything is possible.

The Critical Faculty in Hypnosis

Hypnosis Training: Made famous by Ivan Pavlov and his work with dogs, and discovered by the lesser known Edwin Burket Twitmyer Conditioned response is often a trigger to behaviour. In this lecture Matt describes the concept in detail and covers some of the history of Conditioned responses. In NLP Anchoring is based around the principal of conditioned response and is influenced directly by the work of both Pavlov and Twitmyer

Conditioned Response & Hypnosis

Hypnosis Training: Rapport is the basis of all meaningful communication and is the process of matching and mirroring. Turned into a process within the field of NLP. Rapport states that people who are like each other tend to like each other and therefore have better communication. In this lecture Matt introduces you to the concpet of Rapport and intentionally building rapport for the purpose of establishing great communication.

Rapport & Hypnosis

Hypnosis Training: Pacing and leading are important concepts in building Rapport and are particularly useful skills to develop as a hypnotist. Pacing including, matching and utlising current experience is a powerful way of reducing resistance in a client who can then be gently led deeper into a trance state. In this lecture Matt describes both in detail for the purpose of building rapport.

Pacing and Leading in Hypnosis

Hypnosis Training: The yes set is a powerful linguistic pattern used way more than you might be aware! In fact once you have taken this lecture you will spot it all over the place ! it is used often in marketing and sales and is an incredibly powerful technique for gaining agreement form others. This makes it a very useful skill to learn as a hypnotist.

The power of the Yes Set in Hypnosis

hypnosis Training: Everyone likes a good story, and a good hypnotist will be able to weave a story with a planned purpose to give a client and their unconscious mind meaning within the story to be discovered. Milton Erickson was well known for using metaphor to effect change with his clients, often in general conversation with his clients pre hypnosis.

Hypnosis : Using Metaphor

Hypnosis Training: When we are communicating with other, the words that we use play only a very small part in the overall communication. In this lecture Matt introduces you to the power of intonation. How you can give a subject instruction or commands with the tone and inflection of the voice regardess of the words used. Its not just what you say , but how you say it that forms the communication. in this lecture Matt introduces you to the questioning, command tonality and how to use them effectively.

The power of intonation and meaning in Hypnosis

Hypnosis Training : As skilled hypnotist you will use everything at your disposal to increase the likelihood of your client successfully achieving a trance state. Utilisation is the skill of identifying and using environmental or physical phenomenon to deepen the trance state or to act as a convincer to the client, that they are indeed in trance and making changes. In this Lecture Matt describes using utlisation in detail and makes reference to Milton Erickson's skill with using utilisation in his trance work

Utilisation in Hypnosis

Its not always what you say but how you say it that carries meaning ! in this activity Matt encourages you to try out the intonation patterns you have just learnt about.

[ACTIVTY] Hypnosis : Intonation Exercise
Hypnosis: Ideo Motor Response and the Pendulum
4 Lectures 19:08

Hypnosis Training: The ideo motor response is communication directly from the unconscious mind manifested physically, in this lecture Matt introduces you to the concept and introduces the oftern controversial pendulum for identifying ideomotor reponse signals

Ideo Motor Response and Hypnosis

Hypnosis Training: IN this lecture Matt gives a demonstration of how to set up the pendulum and use it to communicate with the unconcious mind... HANG ON ! its just aa rock on a string ! or is it?

How to use the Pendulum for Hypnosis

In this lecture Matt describes the process of using the pendulum to effect change and seek answers to questions from the unconscious mind

Hypnosis : Effecting Change with the pendulum

Have a go yourself! in this lecture Matt shows you how to have practice with the pendulum. You dont even have to have your own rock on a string !

[EXERCISE] Hypnosis : Pendulum exercise
Hypnosis : The conscious use of language
12 Lectures 55:27

Hypnosis Training: People listen and speak in different ways and in different contexts. In this lecture Matt looks at two types of communication that can lead to very different results. You are encouraged to determine whether you are a literal or inferential listener or a literal or inferential speaker. Matt explains both concisely and highlights the potential hurdles you might encounter if you mis match type with people you communicate with

Inferential vs literal communication style in Hypnosis

Hypnosis Training: Within our mind we hld internal representations of events which ultimate influence our state and behaviour. This is discussed in more detail in the NLP communication model. As individuals we have a preference for how data is presented, base don the senses. Visual, Auditory, and Kinaesthetic. In this lecture Matt describes these preferences and looks at the traits of people that have them. Which one are you ?

Hypnosis and Primary Representational Systems

Hypnosis Training: When we know what preference people have when processing information, we can tailor our language to match their model of the world. We can do this by using predicates. Predicates are sensory based words that appeal to the individual because of their representational system bias.

Predicates and their use in Hypnosis

Hypnosis Training: Why not print of this list of predicates and start to use them with purpose when communicating with others

A list of Predicates for use in Hypnosis
1 page

Hypnosis: Some auditory digital Predicates

Hypnosis Training: The founders of NLP modelled the skills of renowned hypnotherapist and medical doctor Milton H Erickson. What they discovered was that Erickson consistently used patterns of ambiguous language. They identified these patterns and created the Milton Model. Welcome to the almost secret linguistic tools of the masters of Hypnosis. Take time to learn these and to use them and you will be well on your way to being a master of Hypnosis

Hypnosis : Milton model part 1

Hypnosis Training: In this lecture Matt continues the study into the ambiguous language patterns of Milton H Erickson so that you can learn how to communicate directly with the unconscious mind and effect change.

Hypnosis : Milton Model Part 2

Hypnosis Training: In this lecture Matt continues the study into the ambiguous language patterns of Milton H Erickson so that you can learn how to communicate directly with the unconscious mind and effect change.

Hypnosis : Milton Model Part 3

Hypnosis Training: Matt has compiled a list of the Linguistic Patterns of the Milton Model complete with examples.Why not print it off and have a read through, you will find it a useful reference

Milton Model Language Patterns in Hypnosis
4 pages

Homophones are word that sound the same but have different meaning. A MUST for ambiguities in Hypnotic language. This is HUGE list of Homophones . Take a look through and pick out a few favorites

Homophones great fro Hypnosis
4 pages

Hypnosis Training: Such a simple tool to learn yet infinitely powerful, the time scramble is an awesome way to inspire creativity and to find resources within the unconscious mind. In the future when you look back to now you will wish you had learnt them years ago.

Time Scrambles and their use in Hypnosis

Hypnosis Training: Why not take a moment now to determine what your representationsl system preference is. And when you have why not post up your findings in the Facebook group and see what other people prefer

[EXERCISE] Complete the Representational system preference test
5 pages
Hypnosis : Inductions
19 Lectures 02:06:54

Hypnosis Training : At any given time our brains are transmitting energy at a certain frequency, the frequency that the brain operates at changes with our state and the level of relaxation or trance that we are in. In this lecture, Matt discusses the different Brain waves that distibguish wake, sleep and deep sleep.

Brain Waves in Hypnosis

Hypnosis Training: As we progress into a trance state there are differing stages of trance. At each stage there are indications of the depth of trance. In this lecture Matt introduces you to the varying levels of trance and the indicators of it being achieved.

The 6 Stages Of Hypnosis

Hypnosis Training: Fixation of attention on an item or thought is one of the fundamental concepts within hypnosis. In this lecture Matt discusses fixation and it's importance in the hypnosis process so that you can learn to easily apply it to hypnotise others

Fixation - for us in Hypnosis

Hypnosis Training: And now its over to you! in this lecture , Matt guides you to a very light trance state with a guided hypnotic trance. Remember to let us know how you experienced this calm relaxing state

Fixation Hypnosis Induction

Hypnosis Training: We have all seen it on TV, when someone instantly hypnotises another. And yes, it is possible ! in this lecture Matt discusses a personal technique for inducing trance rapidly and gives the keys to its success

Rapid Hypnosis Inductions

Hypnosis Training: Would yo believe that you can take someone to trance by just using two words? well its true .. you can ! in this lectre Mat explains why and how this happens so that you can hone your sensory perception and utilise it in your sessions.. that's right

Hypnosis : That's Right

Hypnosis Training: A great induction for convincing doubters in hypnosis, the arm levitation induction delivers on so many levels. In this lecture Matt introduces you to the phenomenon and gives insight into how it works

Arm Levitation Hypnosis Induction

Hypnosis Training: In this lecture, Matt guides you through the firts part of the arm levitation induction so that you can experience it first hand. You will soon see the power of the unconscious mind as you raise a finger unconsciously without having to do so consciously

The arm Levitation Hypnosis Induction Part 1

Hypnosis Training: In this lecture, Matt unpacks the first part of the arm levitation induction so that you can see how the linguistic patterns are used and why.

Hypnosis Training: Unpacking the Arm Levitation Induction PT1

Hypnosis Training: In this lecture Matt introduces the second part of the arm levitation induction, in this lecture the arm is encouraged to lift to shoulder height through the use of persuasive language. If you follow the process you will find that your unconscious mind takes over and you experience and incredible feeling of being a witness to the power of your unconscious mind.

Arm Levitation Hypnosis Induction Part 2

Hypnosis Training: In this lecture Matt unpacks part 2 of the arm levitation induction. How is it that you can lift your arm without even being consciously aware ? Matt explains all in this lecture

Hypnosis Training: Unpacking the Arm Levitation Induction Part 2

Hypnosis Training: Probably the most commonly used form of hypnosis this lecture introduces the very relaxing and permissive trance induction based on the style of Milton Erickson.

Hypnosis Training: Ericksonian Induction

Hypnosis Training: A great induction for the analytical people out there. This induction is so confusing on so many levels that the conscious mind simply cannot make sense of it and gives control to the unconscious mind. In this lecture Matt deliberately uses a number of confusion techniques at once to demonstrate a point. However it is unusual to use as many in such a short space of time in a real hypnosis session.

Hypnosis Training: Confusion Induction

Hypnosis Training: One of Matt's favorite inductions that he has adapted from similar techniques and enhanced. This is a fast and simple induction best suited to those who have experienced a guided trance before. But equally would work well with anyone who knows how to follow instructions.

Hypnosis Training : Talk to the Hand Induction

In this example Matt shows you how to transfer authority and credibility to audio with the use of an introduction. Authority is important in getting results. Your client MUST believe that you can help them
*This is a full session from start to finish, spot the language patterns and the ambiguity, after you have listened to it once and test your learning to date*

This audio track was first created for a fried of mine that was having a few 'issues' . The changes were so profound that she practically bullied me into producing it on CD. to date thousands of people have enjoyed the benefits of taking control of seemingly chaotic situations as a result of this audio program. I am currently in the process of re making a number of my audio products. And in the meantime, I hope you get benefit from this HUGELY relaxing audio hypnosis session. Use it just for relaxation and maintaining balance if you desire. ENJOY!

LIsten to a full Hypnosis Audio programme

Although sometimes listening to a hypnotist gives the impression that you need to use a lot of complex language. Actually you can guide someone to trance by simply being observant and acknowledging their relaxation. now THAT is cool

[EXERCISE] That's Right Hypnosis Exercise

And now it is your tunr to go ahead and write an induction ! Matt give you some pointers here - remember you will do your best work if you do it unconsciously !

[ACTIVITY] Write your own Ericksonian Hypnosis Trance Induction

NEW ! JAN 2016 - The Body Scan Hypnosis Induction script
3 pages

NEW ! JAN 2016 -The Body Scan Hypnosis Induction full
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