HTML5 Core Fundamentals for Aspiring Professional Developers
4.8 (6 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
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HTML5 Core Fundamentals for Aspiring Professional Developers

Get some unique industry tips that will help you design and develop professional looking websites.
4.8 (6 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
57 students enrolled
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What Will I Learn?
  • Build a professional looking website.
  • Apply the new HTML5 tags to create a web page structure.
  • Create a unique look by adding new HTML5 image effects.
  • Apply CSS rules to create a professional looking website.
  • Incorporate Javascript to add interactivity to a website.
  • Create and manipulate SVG graphics with CSS transitions.
  • Create a responsive website with optimized layout for phones, tablets and desktops.
  • Build a form with new HTML5 tags.
  • Create animations with the canvas and DOM.
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  • While this course uses Adobe Dreamweaver, any web editor will work. At times we will use some of the features of Dreamweaver, we will always show the HTML/CSS and Javascript code that can be typed in.
  • There is no need for any previous development background.
  • All you need is a computer and access to this course online!

Do you have a desire to build websites for your current or future career, your business, or just for fun? This course will show you a rich mixture of web design and web development using some of the industries best practices. What is truly unique is that the explanation is made very simple and is based on lessons taught at a college post-graduate program. The instructors have been teaching web development since 1995 and have a lot of experience in teaching people how to go from a "newbie" to a professional. This is the ultimate course taught by qualified faculty showing you how they mastered and built each file, with the most current technology.

This course includes:

  1. A companion handbook corresponding to each chapter with detailed best practices, tips and take-aways - an easy reference guide for your professional development.
  2. A Badge certifying and crediting your completing and understanding of the web development content in this course
  3. A donation to Literacy & Breakfast Club of Canada
  4. Over 8 hours of video content
  5. All code files and resources to use in your projects
  6. Quizzes testing your knowledge of the content
  7. Add these skills and projects to your portfolio!
Who is the target audience?
  • This web design and development course is designed to step the novice developer through the process of building a professional website. You will learn a number of development and design techniques that step you towards becoming a professional developer.
  • Aspiring web developers
  • Designers and professionals
  • Communications / Marketing or Project Managers who oversee electronic communication and would like a better understanding of development
  • People who would like to explore web development as a career
  • People looking to broaden thier skill set to include web
  • Individuals looking to sharpen their existing web development skills
  • Developers who would like to apply best practices to their work and projects
  • Streamline and speed up development using Dreamweaver (although Dreamweaver isn't a requirement for this course, you can use another development tool of your choice)
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Curriculum For This Course
109 Lectures
Welcome and Learning to Count
4 Lectures 12:46

In this lecture, we will outline the tools and platform we will be using throughout this course.

Preview 05:58

As promised in the introduction, we want to provide you with a free companion e-book that goes with this course. This book will give you more background information and explain some of the concepts in a little more depth. This is our way of saying thank you for registering for this course.

We also would like to encourage you to write a review for this course. By doing so, we will provide you access to the Building a Web Application for Business course. This is normally a $29 value but you can access it free when you write a review.

Again, thank you for joining us and enjoy your development. Don't hesitate to ask us questions if you're not sure of something. We are educators and we're here to help.

Free e-Book
96 pages

This lesson provides you with an overview of how computers count with Hexadecimal. This is very important to understand as that is how colour is defined on the web.

Preview 03:29

You've just watched a lecture on counting with hexadecimal. Now it's time to apply that knowledge.

Counting in Hexadecimal
5 questions

Browsers use a RGB (Red, Green Blue) colour model. In this lecture you will be shown how the hexadecimal values are used to define the colour. This is something you'll use throughout the entire course.

Colors with Hexidecimal

Color Quiz
5 questions
Build HTML5 Website
16 Lectures 58:51
Download the Entire Project Structure

Introduction To HTML5 Tags & CSS Styles - Languages of the Web

Creating Website Folder Structure

Define Website & Setup Project

Create & Link CSS Styles

Main Tag & CSS Rule

Header & Section Tags, Adding Images

CSS Rules for Nav, Article & Aside Tags

Styling Unordered List Tags for Nav

Styling Navigation Links With CSS Rules

Padding & Border CSS Rules

Linking Pages

2 pages

CSS Code
2 pages

This quiz will ask you a number of questions on building your first HTML web site.

First HTML Site
5 questions
CSS Transitions
8 Lectures 31:50

Setup Project & Files

Create Structure & Add CSS Rules

Add Figure Tag & Images

Create CSS Classes

Add Transition Rules

2 pages

Transitions Style Sheet
2 pages

This quiz will ask you a few questions regarding the work you have done in building transitions.

Adding Transitions
5 questions
CSS Rules For Images - Masking Image & Text, Reflection
9 Lectures 46:52
Introduction to Web Images, Which to use & Format

Displaying Images

1 page

Text Masking with Image

Text Mask
1 page

Reflection CSS Rule

1 page

Optimizing Images

These questions are based on general web images covered in the opening presentation.

Web Images
5 questions
SVG Graphics, Styling with CSS
9 Lectures 46:47

SVG Inline in HTML5 page

Add CSS & Class Attribute to SVG Shapes

Writing CSS Style For Classes and IDs

Transform - Scale from Large to Small

Transform - Skew

Transform - Rotate

Transform Text Properties

Test your knowledge of SVG graphics.

SVG Quiz
5 questions
Responsive Web Design - RWD
13 Lectures 01:10:59

Starting RWD Projects

Setup the HTML Tags and Structure

Layout of the Body of the HTML Page

HTML Footer

Create CSS Styles and Link to HTML Page

Link CSS Rules

Adding a Banner Image

Aside Tag CSS Rules

Media Query - Rules Specific for Tablet Size

Responsive HTML Code
1 page

5 pages

This quiz test your knowledge of RWD based on the lessons in this chapter!

RWD Quiz
5 questions
HTML5 Forms
8 Lectures 29:01

Email, Phone & Range Inputs

Text Field Input

Radio Buttons, Checkboxes & Text Areas

Buttons, Required Field & Placeholder Text

Adding CSS Styles to Form & Table

3 pages

Testing your knowledge of HTML forms, based on the lectures in this chapter.

HTML form Quiz
5 questions
JavaScript - Web Language for Interactivity
18 Lectures 01:20:52

JS 01
1 page

Calling Functions

JS 02
1 page

Calling Function with Button

JS 03
1 page

Simple Evaluation - If Statements

JS 04
1 page

Create a Function to Determine Leap Year

JS 05
2 pages

Dynamic Text

JS 06
2 pages

Coin Change Program

JS 07
2 pages

Countdown to Midnight

JS 08
1 page

Validating a Form

JS 09
2 pages

These are some questions based on the content within the JavaScript lectures.

JavaScript Quiz
5 questions
Animation Using the Canvas Tag
14 Lectures 56:34

1 page

Drawing Shapes on Canvas

Loading Images on Canvas

Crop Image

Canvas 03
1 page

Sprite Sheet Part 1

Sprite Sheet Part 2

Animation Sprite Sheet

Moving Sprite

Canvas 04
2 pages

1 page

The following questions are based on the lectures found in Chapter 9.

Canvas Animation
5 questions
Animation with CSS
10 Lectures 55:32

Sliding a DIV with CSS

Moving Divs Code
1 page

Flipping Divs Code
1 page

Fading Between DIVs

Fading Between DIVs Part 2

Fading Divs Code
2 pages

Random Movements

Moving a Ball Code
2 pages

These questions cover some of the material covered in the lectures in this section.

CSS Animation
5 questions
About the Instructor
Phil Cowcill
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Professor & Developer

Phil Cowcill has been working with educational technology since 1983. He started developing websites in 1994. In 1995, he started teaching full-time multimedia and web development at the post-graduate level. In 2011, Mr. Cowcill designed and delivered Canada's first Mobile Application Development program for a college. This program was also at the post graduate level.

He's very passionate about helping people learn. Most of his students over the years come with out having a programming background. He has found a way to explain difficult concepts to non technical people. This has provided people without a programming background to now successfully build web sites, interactive learning, games and native mobile applications for both Android and iOS.

Now that Mr. Cowcill has retired from full-time teaching, he's looking to share his experience and knowledge with a much larger "class". Mr. Cowcill is first and foremost an educator and is here to help upgrade your skill by helping you learn.

Krista Hildner
4.7 Average rating
10 Reviews
84 Students
3 Courses
Designer & Developer at Development Made Simple, Teacher

Krista is a professional developer, professor and conference speaker. She travels throughout North America speaking on topics related to development, design and delivers workshops specializing in explaining complex concepts in a straightforward and simple way to people with a variety of backgrounds.

Her background is in Advertising and Communications with a focus toward digital and electronic communications and development of web and native applications for iOS and Android devices. She was hired to teach technology related courses at the post secondary and post graduate level in 2013, and has been strengthening her skills and building up lessons and techniques for teaching that she's anxious to share.

Krista's has a Diploma in Advertising, a Degree in Communications and a Post-Grad Certificate in Mobile Application Development.