Are You Ready To Win..?
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Are You Ready To Win..?

Understanding how people operate and how to communicate effectively to get the best out of everyone
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Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
9 students enrolled
Created by Chris Messenger
Last updated 3/2014
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What Will I Learn?
  • By the end of this course you will have completed 10 lessons structured around how to understand people and communicate more effectively which is make your life easy and allow for you to become more productive in your environments
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  • Have a willingness to learn
  • Have some knowledge and understanding of communication and best practices
  • pen and paper
  • Have some key areas of improvement to be identified so you can start applying this knowledge immediately

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We are in a new world, one driven by fast paced technology, invasive social media and yet effective communication has never been a more necessary skill to have. Our diminishing inventory of time demands stronger interpersonal skills, an increase in social awareness and an expert level of flexibility. Why? to stand out from the rest.

We know that time no longer equals money as it did in the industrial revolution. Now… relationships equal money. And there are many skills that the most powerful people in the world have learned to harness and leverage in order to win every conversation, as per Susan Scott 'the conversation IS the relationship'.

This course aims to unveil some of the secrets in how to effectively read, understand and communicate with anyone whether it be in relationships with a spouse or family, in business with partners or teams or professionally with clients or prospects.

We aim to explain WHY we are ineffective in the first place, WHAT it is we can do to improve on every level and HOW to go about it starting TODAY. Waste no time in learning how to communicate like some of the most successful people in the world and watch your relationships improve dramatically, just with these 10 videos dissecting exactly how you can get results whether you are a leader or a start up entrepreneur.

We have begun teaching this information over the past year through seminars and courses with clients and teams in Canada, America, Australia and the UK, with glowing testimonials of how theses skills have improved not only their relationships but also their results… Here is just some of what you will learn with us today!

  • 5 key principles for success (the 5 things you need to know and master!)
  • Understanding how we work (the science behind how we communicate)
  • Building and maintaining rapport (YES, there is also a science to this!)
  • Handling problems and overcoming objections (4 questions to destroy problems)
  • How to pitch and sell to hit 100% of your audience (do the MATH!)
  • Clearing the mind with a checklist (Use 12 steps to drop the spinning plates!)
  • MINDSET (why this is the make or break and how to get it RIGHT!)
  • Gratitude (everyone talks about it, we teach HOW to get results with this!)

What if you could ultimately WIN every conversation, close 100% of the time and build effective relationships without even opening your mouth. All of these skills will set you apart from the rest. Time for you to master relationships through effective communication and learn how to WIN.

Cheers to your success!

Chris Messenger

Who is the target audience?
  • business owners
  • entrepreneurs
  • managers
  • leaders
  • sales professionals
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Curriculum For This Course
10 Lectures
Success principles
2 Lectures 19:57

In this video, you will learn the 5 key principles to success in any area of your life, but especially in communication. This course is intended to share with you where you need to start and why. In everything we do in life we must employ certain ways of thinking- 'how we think' is where it all starts!

We break down why these 5 are critical in getting what you want!

  1. Know your goal, your outcome- what do you want out of it? It's so important you know where you are going before you set sail, otherwise turning the ship around can be a heavy task.
  2. Take action. What good is a goal if you don't do anything with it? Action is often the missing link in getting what you want, whether it be fear or concern keeping you from this, its time to move that aside- 'you MUST do the thing you think you cannot do' Eleanor Roosevelt
  3. Have 'sensory acuity', also known as awareness. Be very aware of others sense, this will often tell you everything you need to know about the state they are in so you can met them where they are. If you can master this one skill, you will be able to adapt and be the most flexible in any conversation- the one with the most behavioural flexibility wins!
  4. Have Behavioural Flexibility- what does this mean? We just told you the person with the most flexibility wins right? The person who is able to flex to meet the other person where they are always wins, in rapport, in communication, in body language. Put the emotions aside, be very aware, learn to be flexible and win every time
  5. Operate from a physiology of excellence. Physiology is the physical, how you hold yourself, present yourself. This is simple and yet so often overlooked as a critical factor. When you think of Excellence in the human form, what do you think of? Welled dressed, clean and organized clothing, chest up, shoulders back, big smile, eyes wide open, strong stride- all of this exudes confidence. And makes you feel GOOD- this is the key, putting yourself in a position of Physiological excellence will make you feel good even if you don't, the power of suggestion with your body to your mind!

We hope you love the start to this course as it expands your mind from what you think you always knew, to the secrets of the most successful!


Chris Messenger

Preview 14:25

The effect of a positive attitude is HUGE. Ever wake up in a bad mood and notice how it somehow becomes a bad day? It's because how you feel starts to show up. When you feel angry or upset this translates into your conversations, into how you do things, your actions and the response to you will be of a similar nature.

Having a positive attitude starts with HOW YOU THINK. Sounds simple enough, however we have these brains that work unconsciously 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. So it takes practise to get in there and take control of the ship.


Become aware of your thoughts, what do they sound like? If someone else said them to you how would you feel? then learn how to change them with these simple steps

  • Surround yourself with positive people, positivity is contagious!
  • Get into personal development, read a thought provoking book


  • Write down what you are grateful for every day and WHY
  • Show people you are grateful, tell them, write an email, do something for them
  • hold an anchor to remind you (a rock, a memory piece) keep this on you!

Thinking positive and practising gratitude aren't new. But what we teach is HOW to think positive and practise gratitude- the HOW is often missed and this is what you need to know to truly benefit from changing your mindset.


Chris Messenger

The Attitude Effect
How to understand people
3 Lectures 27:41

Want to know how we work? Always wondered why someone who saw the same conversation as you had a completely different take away?

It's science baby! We only consciously take in a very small fraction of the information thats out there and its often a different fraction than anyone else's because we all have filters, installed at a young age that determine what we keep surface level and what we file away for later use.

Some of these 'filters' are:

  • Time/space
  • Language
  • Memories
  • Decisions
  • Values and Beliefs
  • Attitudes

We filter what we see, hear, smell and so on through these filters to create whats called an INTERNAL REPRESENTATION. And Bam! this is why we have miscommunication.

Knowing this can help you determine where you have filtered different information than those around you and find common ground. Common ground is a beautiful place and often hard to find in the world today!

Learning this changed our perspective completely- ENJOY!

Chris Messenger

The Communication Model

We all think we no what Rapport is right? The truth is, most people can't explain it. In this video we unveil the truth about what rapport really is, and how to get it without even opening your mouth!

Building Rapport and maintaining rapport in any situation is half the battle, and when you master the basics, you have already won in so many ways. It's the silent killer to win over anyone no matter how they come into contact with you.

The key to rapport is SUBTLETY. Learn how to gently match and mirror and inconspicuously have them on side as you walk into the room.

Please note! Rapport is not being friendly, being yourself, or asking questions.

Rapport IS:

  • 7% the WORDS you use
  • 38% the TONALITY of voice
  • 55% the PHYSIOLOGY of your body and movements

Learn how to use these 3 in the video now and learn how to build rapport the right way- so you win every time!


Chris Messenger

Building Rapport The Right Way

Are you in a business where you need to share information, teach, sell or present? Most people who are driven for more, in some way shape or form have to present information or a position or an argument and in many cases don't have a clear outline of how or why.

In this video we show you the science behind why people BUY IN to something. It's simple and it's math. A quadrant in fact. We show you how to capture 100% of your audience no matter what part they would be interested in and at what point they will buy- as long as you know what they want!

The communication quadrant breaks down your presentation or information into 4 simple steps, and these MUST be shared in this order based on who you'll lose in the process and why.

  1. WHY
  2. WHAT
  3. HOW
  4. WHAT IF

In this order you will address 100% of why people buy- whether it be you, your product or service or a different way of thinking. Learn how to use the communication quadrant to WIN any presentation from here forward, and start to notice any professional speaker, business person use the exact same formula from here on out.


Chris Messenger

The Communication Quadrant
Key questions and statements to guide your communication
3 Lectures 14:11

This video sounds inappropriate I know. But chunks are important. Let me explain…

Have you ever had a conversation where someone is suck in the details? focused on one small piece of the puzzle and you can't get them out of it? Or the opposite, you need to determine how something can work but they are focused on the sky, the clouds, the big beautiful picture? Happens all the time- we all favour or lean towards one or the other and this can make meeting in the middle difficult.

REMEMBER, the person with the most behavioural flexibility wins, so how do you flex, meet them where they are then bring them towards where you need them to be (either in the details or up in the vision)?


In this video we explain how to ask one question to launch them out of the mud and into the sky or how to attach a weight to their ankles and bring them down to the ground. It's a beautiful thing, and so necessary in managing whatever CHUNK you need to get what you want.

Enjoy chunking UP and DOWN!

Chris Messenger

Chunking Conversations

WE LOVE the problem blowout! Why? Everyone's got problems! and everyone brings them to you right? This is one simple system to teach them how to work through their own problems- In this video we walk you through a 7 question and one statement program that will leave your opponent stunned and confused and a little bit more enlightened to work through it themselves next time!
This is ideal for relationships, employees, partnerships, clients, customers- anyone that has a problem, which is everyone…
In this video we break down why each line blows out the problem from the centre and we give you an example of how it should go down-
  1. What's the Problem
  2. What caused this problem
  3. How have you failed to resolve this
  4. How can you overcome the solution to your problem
  5. what would you like to change
  6. when will you STOP IT from being a limitation
  7. how many ways do you know you have solved this
  8. I know you have changed and are seeing things different

We know you will love this too!


Chris Messenger

Problem Blowout System

Critical thinking is probably our single most developing skill as a human being and the reason we are so advanced above all other life on Earth. We can think about what we think about.

The problem is most people don't engage this skill, most people don't think. And that's why we have to wake them up a little. Just a little.

In this video we offer 4 simple questions that gives them back the ownership that they have come to you with. How powerful it is to own your problems and realize you can fix them yourself. These questions give them that power and we guarantee they will come to you less and less over time, as they start to play out the question in their own mind, once they have heard from you once or twice.

How do you know? (the truth blowout- this helps people see they make up stories that aren't actually true)

How is that a problem? (the problem dump- this helps them see not everything is a problem and if it is still… next questions!)

How can we solve this? (They will offer solutions and see they already knew some answers. Done.)

How is that working for you? (It's not, so change it- this will be their aha moment for critical thinking!)

These 4 questions will be worth the entire program- so get into the video now!


Chris Messenger

Power Questions
Making yourself more efficient in your daily activities and reaching your goals
2 Lectures 10:09

Being effective in every way starts with a clear mind. How do you clear your mind? not a simple question to answer, but we can start with clearing your surroundings!

Often what you surround yourself with is a reflection of whats going on inside your head- messy closet, unorganized desk, dirty car- are all spinning plates that you keep running in your mind, until its done, which let's face it could be a long time.

So… want to get organized and clean up? this checklist will help you clean up, organize and prioritize and feel like a million bucks, so you can make a million bucks.

In this video we walk through 12 items on the checklist that are critical spinning plates in your mind- learn how to create a workable system for your to do list and make decisions like you never have before!

Alternatively- download the list below and get started, give yourself deadlines so it actually gets done and watch the world around you become clearer, brighter and more focused!


Chris Messenger

Clearing The Mind Checklist

GOAL SETTING. Last but not least! Feel more excited about your future now that you have learned all of the above communication tricks and skills? Want to go out there and take some serious action?

Not before you set some serious GOALS! without a clearly defined goal- how do you know where you are going?


-Write it down! with a pen a paper (no iPad or computer)

-Focus on that goal- where you are going (not where you've been)

-Carry a GOAL CARD- autosuggestion, remind you to focus and visualize the goal

-Read this as many times a day as you can, focus on how you'll feel when you attain it

Then take MASSIVE ACTION! 100% effort and do something every single day to drive the result!


Chris Messenger

How to Set an Effective Goal
About the Instructor
Chris Messenger
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Entrepreneur, Author, Speaker and Trainer

Commitment to excellence comes from deep within, often with no other option, your back against a wall, or a burning desire for more, to finish, to win. Excellence is the commitment that drives Chris Messenger to exceed the expectations not only of himself, but also of those around him.

Chris Messenger has an extensive background in human performance with over 10 years of experience training and developing thousands all over the world.

His expertise stems from training professional athletes to high level business executives on what it takes to win. He is the creater of the book "Think it Write it Live it", "Fitt Foundry" and the co-creator of "Fx Capital Traders".

Chris is known for sharing the stage and being mentored by "Bob Proctor" from the blockbuster hit "The Secret". He has spent countless hours traveling the world with Bob helping people understand the mind to aultimately improve their life and their income.

Chris continues to extend his knowledge and wisdom to others by coaching people on how to change their habits to get better results. He runs seminars and events in Toronto with his exclusive results-based course "Unlocking U", designed to develop awareness, focus and help people break through to their true potential.

So whether your are looking to improve your sales skills, get in the best shape of your life or simply find your purpose contact Chris today and let him help you get to that next level of your life.