Meditation for Beginners: Taming The Monkey Mind

How to Meditate Easily - Meditation Techniques for the Everyday Person - Meditation and Mindfulness for a Busy World
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About This Course

Published 5/2016 English

Course Description

This is currently a Best-Selling Meditation Course on Udemy!

Meditation is simple although many people don't find it easy to do.  

One of the biggest challenges faced by people just beginning to learn how to meditate is trying to overcome "The Monkey Mind".

The monkey mind is simply an overactive mind that seems to prevent you from practicing meditation and mindfulness.

In this course, you will learn simple meditation techniques that will allow you to meditate, despite having an active mind.

  • 3,250+ Students in 150 Countries
  • 40+ Reviews


"This is the most direct and easy to use meditation approach I've ever seen."

-Rex Berry

"Instructor explained meditation in easy to understand terms. I always thought meditation was some complex process and you had to get your body in state and do hours of practice but the method he trained us on is much more simple and easy!"

-Gerard DeSousa

"Outstanding course for a beginner. I'm going to take it again."

-Bob Klug

"Excellent course because instructor is very knowledgeable and he presented this topic in a very clear and easy way to understand."

-Pawan Babbar

"I enjoyed the first run through of the course. What's different about this course is setting early expectations. It breaks down the process into much smaller pieces to better get the process of meditation started. I am going to continue to follow the guidelines of this course and give it and me time to establish a solid 10 minute practice of meditation"

-Paul Grooms


This course is a recording of a webinar I did for several students, so you'll get to follow along and hear the answers to the questions the students asked, as I went through the material.

What will I be able to DO after I enroll?

  • Establish A Solid Understanding Of Why You're Having Trouble Meditating
  • Improve Your Meditation Practice Without Silencing Your Mind
  • Increase Your Willpower and Concentration
  • Avoid Sabotaging Your Meditation Practice
  • Overcome The Biggest Challenge Faced By Beginners
  • Avoid Getting Caught in Thought During Meditation
  • Dissolve Unpleasant Emotions
  • Practice The Art of Non-Judgment
  • Practice Meditation in Your Daily Life
  • Avoid Subtle Forms of Procrastination
  • Recognize When Your Meditation is 'Working'


This course is an excellent starting point for someone brand new to meditation or for someone still struggling to develop a consistent practice.

We cover a simple model to help you understand what is going on when you meditate and what you need to do, to enhance the quality of your meditation practice.

I share a simple technique which has formed the basis of my own meditation practice for the past 12 years.

We also look at some of the nuisances associated with meditation and how to navigate the 'inner terrain' of your being.

After that, we dive into how to develop a new relationship with your thoughts and how to avoid getting stuck in concepts as you begin to practice meditation.

Although this is a 'meditation for beginners' course, we dive into some more advanced concepts as well throughout the course.

You may find all your questions getting answered as you watch the videos and listen to my responses as students were asking questions throughout the webinar.

Why You Should Take This Course:

  1. Greater Peace & Relaxation
  2. Increased Clarity of Mind
  3. Better Mental, Emotional & Physical Health
  4. More Mental Discipline
  5. Increased Concentration & Focus
  6. Enhanced Creativity
  7. Decreased Stress
  8. Increased Productivity
  9. More Self Confidence
  10. Greater Self-Awareness
  11. Greater Spiritual Awareness
  12. Reduced Stress & Anxiety
  13. More Happiness
  14. Make Less Mistakes at Work and in Your Social Life
  15. Increased Mental Strength & Mental Toughness
  16. Greater Intuition
  17. Better Organizational Skills
  18. Faster cognitive functioning

Some of the Questions answered in this course:

  • Should I listen to meditation music while meditating?
  • How frequently should you practice the meditation techniques outlined in this course?
  • What is the correct body posture for meditation?
  • How should you breath during meditation?
  • What do you do with your thoughts during meditation?
  • What are some of the problems associated with stress?
  • What does one of the most creative minds on the planet have to say about creativity and meditation?
  • What is a good meditation technique to do before bed to help fall asleep?
  • How do you keep surrounding sounds from distracting you during meditation?
  • What is the best time of day to meditate?
  • How do you make sitting more comfortable during meditation?
  • Can these exercises be used by children?
  • Do the techniques in this course help with anxiety?
  • Is it possible to meditate while running or biking?
  • What is "the flow state"?
  • How to stop fighting your mind during meditation?
  • Why am I not in the mood to meditate?
  • What do I do if I have an itch during meditation?

What Should I Do Now?

Give the course a chance to help you relieve stress and live more peacefully by enrolling today. Meditation can truly change your life, it did mine. I'm looking forward to seeing you on the inside when you choose to enroll.

What are the requirements?

  • An Open Mind
  • Willingness to Practice

What am I going to get from this course?

  • ESTABLISH A Solid Understanding Of Why You're Having Trouble Meditating
  • IMPROVE Your Meditation Practice Without Silencing Your Mind
  • INCREASE Your Willpower and Concentration
  • AVOID Sabotaging Your Meditation Practice
  • OVERCOME The Biggest Challenge Faced By Beginners
  • AVOID Getting Caught in Thought During Meditation
  • DISSOLVE Unpleasant Emotions
  • Practice The Art of NON-JUDGMENT
  • Practice Meditation in Your DAILY LIFE
  • OVERCOME Subtle Forms of Procrastination
  • RECOGNIZE When Your Meditation is 'Working'

Who is the target audience?

  • Beginning Meditators
  • People Still Struggling With Their Meditation Practice
  • This Course is NOT for Advanced Meditators

What you get with this course?

Not for you? No problem.
30 day money back guarantee.

Forever yours.
Lifetime access.

Learn on the go.
Desktop, iOS and Android.

Get rewarded.
Certificate of completion.



In this lecture, I cover what's to be expected from the course as well as some suggestions for learning the material.

Section 1: Section 1

In this lecture, I share a little of my background, set expectations for what's to follow and provide suggestions on how to get your individual questions answered.


In this lecture, I cover what the "monkey mind" is, a simplified model to understand what happens when we try to meditate and why people struggle with meditation.

Downloadable: Follow Along Guide


In this lecture, I cover live questions from attendees of the webinar regarding the material that has been covered so far.

Section 2: Section 2

In this lecture, you will learn:

  1. A Simple Way to Calm The Mind and Give Yourself a Chance to Meditate
  2. A Step by Step Walkthrough of "The Body Stillness Technique"
  3. One of the Biggest Problems With Most Meditation Instruction
  4. How to Avoid Subtle Forms of Avoidance

Downloadable: "Follow Along Guide"


In this lecture, I cover live questions from attendees of the webinar regarding the material that has been covered so far.

Section 3: Section 3

In this lecture, I discuss the shift that you experience, when you begin to produce more alpha waves during meditation, one of the biggest challenges faced by beginners and why meditation feels so unnatural sometimes.


In the lecture, I discuss how to properly approach meditation so you don't sabotage your own practice.  


In this lecture, I cover live questions from attendees of the webinar regarding the material that has been covered so far.

Section 4: Section 4

In this lecture, you will learn:

  1. How to Avoid Getting Caught in Constant Thought Loops
  2. Where to Place Your Attention During Meditation
  3. How to 'Call Out' Your Ego
  4. How to Dissolve Unpleasant Emotions

Downloadable: "Follow Along Guide


In this lecture, I cover live questions from attendees of the webinar regarding the material that has been covered so far.

Section 5: Section 5

In this lecture, you will learn:

  1. How to 'Starve' The Monkey Mind
  2. How to Practice The Art of Non-Judgment
  3. An Easy Technique to Practice Meditation During Your Daily Life
  4. A Simple Way to Improve Your Concentration
  5. How to Open and Close Your Field Of Awareness
  6. Why Non-Judgment Works So Well in Meditation
  7. How to Actually Learn How to Meditate

Downloadable: "Follow Along Guide"


In this lecture, I summarize what has been covered and what actions steps you can take, moving forward.

Downloadable: "Follow Along Guide"


In this lecture, I cover live questions from attendees of the webinar regarding the material that has been covered so far.

Section 6: Section 6

In this lecture, I cover live questions from attendees of the webinar regarding the material that has been covered so far.


In this video, I conclude the course, provide suggestions for getting the most benefit from the course and provide suggested next steps for additional learning.


We all know we need to love ourselves but how do we do that exactly?

How often do you take time to create those warm, loving feelings inside?  Towards yourself...

In this class, you'll join me on a guided meditation that will help you to open your heart and begin to experience self-love.

This class is perfect for you if you have a tendency to be too hard on yourself.

By using this guided meditation daily for a few weeks, you'll find that you're more forgiving toward yourself and others and you'll begin to see the world in a new light.

Guided meditations are the easiest way to experience the benefits of meditation.

This will be a great addition to your morning routine or anytime you need to slow down and regain perspective.

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Instructor Biography

Ken Wells, Best-Selling Instructor, Coach, Meditation Teacher, NLP

Ken Wells is an internationally sought after speaker, teacher and coach.  He is the author of 18 Best-Selling courses and coaching programs covering topics such as meditation, online course marketing, personal transformationmindfulness and spirituality.  

*41,000+ students in 168 countries are currently enrolled in his programs.

*1,250+ Student Reviews (Overall Student Rating 4.64)


I teach forward thinking, open-minded individuals how to reshape their perception of themselves. 

This is so they can clearly identify and effectively reach their true goals while finding more meaning, joy and freedom along the way.

Whether that goal is more happiness, better relationships, greater spiritual awareness, more money or simply to experience less anxiety and frustration.

I do this by using the same techniques and approaches used by Professional Athletes, World Class Business Executives as well as Creative Geniuses. This is all set against a backdrop of raising your Spiritual Awareness.

I believe that goal achievement is more about personal transformation than anything else.

Despite having many disadvantages starting out, I was able to dramatically improve just about every area of my life.

I went from deeply depressed to consistently happy, anxious to peaceful, started my own successful business, dramatically improved my physical health and went from feeling isolated & disconnected to feeling truly connected and whole mentally, physically and spiritually.

Nowadays, I get to do what I love, which is help other people become happier and have more personal freedom and find new ways to live the type of lifestyle that they choose.

All this has come about primarily by changing my perception.

What do you truly want? Let me teach you how to get there...

Why Learn from Me?

*I've overcome just about every challenge that life has offered me with the same tools I teach

*I've Helped Thousands of Other People Live Happier, Healthier and More Fulfilling Lives

*Everything I teach is based on techniques, strategies and concepts that work in the "real" world.

*20 Year Track Record of Success in Highly Competitive Environments (Sports, Business)

*Certified Mental Strength Coach

*Member of A.C.E. (Association for Coaching Excellence)

*13 Years of Sales & Business Development Experience Ranging from Small Business Consulting to C-Level Selling to and for Some of the Largest and Fastest Growing Companies in the World.

*My Instruction Is Simple, Straight Forward and Provides Practical Ways to Get Started Immediately

*Well over 10,000 Hours Invested in Studying and Practicing Peak Performance Techniques and Wellness Practices over the Last 15 Years

*This is my Passion and Purpose first and my 'business' second.

*Short, Crisp Lectures - I Take out Everything That Isn't Necessary. No More Watching 15 Minute Lectures Only to Get 5 Minutes of Actual Content

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