How You Can Help Your Local Community - 5 Amazing Examples
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How You Can Help Your Local Community - 5 Amazing Examples

You can benefit your community! Here are 5 examples of people who have made the difference in theirs to inspire you.
4.3 (29 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
6,107 students enrolled
Created by Dawn Davies
Last updated 7/2015
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What Will I Learn?
  • Understand how one individual can make the difference in a local community
  • Realise that change starts with one person, and that one person can be them
  • Learn about some good causes, social enterprises and charities already happening in the UK
  • Gain inspiration from others for creating the changes needed in their local community
  • Find out how they can help out, even by volunteering their time or donating items
  • Understand how they can attract others to get involved in their community projects and ideas
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  • Students will not need any materials or software to take this course in particular.
  • Students will only need a positive mindset to help with creating change!

This course is about how one individual, or one small group, can help out in their local community and create massive, beneficial change. If you think your community needs to become more active and engaged, then it can start with you!

We will teach you how you can start a community project or business that will make a difference. Also, we will show you some amazing examples of people who have done exactly that, and benefitted their local communities tremendously. This can be used as fantastic inspiration to help you form ideas of ways you can help in your community.

The course is mainly in video lecture format, but will include helpful images and links to our examples - to inspire and teach you. The course is structured with an introduction, explaining how you can start making the difference in your local area today, and goes onto give details of each example, along with ideas for how you can come up with your own improvements.

This course shouldn't take long to complete at just over 30 minutes, but you may benefit from going over the course, and particularly each example, more than once to get the most out of it. It would help to examine each example's strategy, and find ways you can incorporate aspects into your local community.

You should take this course if you want to see your local community become more active and your neighbours all helping one another. You should also take this course if you feel like you have ideas to share with and contribute to your community, but you aren't fully sure how you can take action and make those ideas work.

You should also take this course if you want to give something to your local community, but aren't sure of how you can make the difference. This course contains a lot of inspiration for ways you can engage your community, and how you can all help one another to reap the benefits of a helpful, inclusive local society.

People of all levels can take this course, whether you are an expert about community matters, volunteering and helping out in your local area, or whether you are a beginner who wants to learn about making these changes.

However, the course might be more beneficial to those who are beginners, as it is designed as a basic insight into helping people acknowledge that they can have a big impact in their local community. Individuals can make the changes needed locally, without relying on government assistance or funding support.

Who is the target audience?
  • This course is for people who want to learn how they can help make the difference in their local communities
  • This course is for people who are unsure how they can benefit their local area, and need inspiration for how to get started
  • This course is for people who don't know much, or only have a basic understanding, about community impact and projects
  • This course could also be taken by people who understand more about helping out in their community, but want to gain a wider understanding
  • This course is not suited for individuals who are experts in social enterprise, community interest companies, or any organisations run for community benefit
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Curriculum For This Course
Start Here
3 Lectures 11:14

This is the introduction to the course. We will introduce the idea of an engaged, active local community and how all members of the community will benefit. We will provide a course breakdown here, explaining the structure of the course and what you will learn and gain from it.


What is an active, engaged community? How is that different to an inactive one, and how does it affect everyone living within that community? We will explain how it is more beneficial to live in an area that helps one another and remains interested in improving the local area.

What Does It Mean to Live in an Active Community?

So, how can you live in an active community and benefit from this engagement? All it takes is one individual to get started, and take the action needed to get a community more interested in improving their local area.

How One Individual Can Make The Difference...
5 Amazing Examples to Inspire Your Community Action
10 Lectures 33:32

Our first example of an individual or group making the difference in their local community is a social cafe, called Social Bite, which is based in Scotland. We will explain how the social cafe model works, and how they have succeeded in making positive changes in their local communities.

Example 1 - A Social Cafe

Now that you have learned all about Social Bite, a social cafe running in Scotland, you probably want to know how you could set up and run your own social cafe, in your area. We will explain how Social Bite came to be, and how you can attract like-minded individuals to help you coordinate this project (or aspects of this project) for the benefit of your local community.

How To Set Up Your Own Social Cafe

Our second example of an individual or group benefitting their local community is a social enterprise, called Team Activ, which was previously a physical education project for schools, run by the government. The project had had the funding and support cancelled, but the main project coordinator didn't let that stop his cause from succeeding.

Example 2 - A Social Enterprise That Didn't Let Cancelled Funding Stop Them

Learning how to keep going and keep trying to make the difference with your project, organisation or campaign is one of the most vital lessons to learn in the quest to benefit your community. There may be several setbacks in the aim to benefit your local area, but you have to work through them, because you will find success if you do. Find out how you can keep that positive mindset here.

How To Keep Going After a Setback

Our third example is of a group benefitting their local community through recycling and redistributing household goods. They are called toogoodtowaste and collect unwanted donations of items from people in their area, fix the products, and sell them on at reduced, affordable prices. They are based in South Wales.

Example 3 - Recycling and Redistributing Household Goods

Aiming to reduce unnecessary waste, especially from bulky household items, is a beneficial thing to do in any community. If you don't have a viable recycling and reusing solution in your local community, creating an organisation to tackle this issue might be something to seriously consider. It's easy to do, as it mainly relies on collecting donations and recruiting volunteers.

How To Reduce Waste and Create Cost-Effective Solutions

Our fourth example is all about helping families and disadvantaged new parents. They are an organisation called Everything Baby that focuses on reusing and recycling donated baby items, and reselling them to families. In a similar way to the previous example, this business focuses on donations and reducing unnecessary waste, through focusing on one particular section of society.

Example 4 - Providing For Families and Disadvantaged

If there are disadvantaged people and families in your community, there are many ways to make use of donations and recycling to help benefit those people. For example, you could collect donations for clothes, household items, white goods, and fix them up so that they are safe and viable to sell on at affordable prices. Find out more in this lecture.

How To Provide for Disadvantaged People in Your Community

If you feel like starting up a business or big project to benefit your community is something that feels too difficult right now, you could start off by taking a smaller step. Setting up a Timecentre in your local community is one perfect example of a way you can engage your community, and benefit from a system that has worked for many others in similar situations. Find out more about Timecentres in this lecture.

Example 5 - Set Up a Timecentre in Your Local Community

If you like the idea of setting up a Timecentre in your local community, in order to benefit from a more active and engaged local area - as many other communities have already - we will explain the basic steps for how you can create your Timecentre here.

How You Can Create and Benefit from a Timecentre
3 Lectures 08:42

All of the our previous 5 examples and organisations have the same main goal - they intend to provide locally, in order to benefit on a far greater scale!

Even though the focus of a social enterprise often only seems to benefit the local area, people underestimate the impact this can have on a nationwide – and even global – scale. Find out how it's the smaller changes that can create the bigger, positive impacts in this lecture.

Small Changes Can Create Wider Benefits

A Timecentre is an ideal way to create beneficial change in your local community – on a slightly smaller scale than setting up your own social business. This means that anyone can create their own Timecentre model in their local community!

If you want to learn more about how you can set one up, find out in this lecture.

Want to Discover More About Creating a Timecentre?

Do you feel inspired by any of our examples? Let us know and get started on your great idea for your local community's benefit today!

Get Started on Benefitting Your Local Community Today!
Links and Resources
4 Lectures 01:34

More details about the small chain of social enterprise cafes in Scotland, Social Bite, including resources and images.

Social Bite

Find out more about the Team Activ, and how you can get in touch with them - with links and images.

Team Activ

What do you think about Toogoodtowaste so far? Find out more about the charity and social enterprise here - would you take inspiration for your own donation project?


If you like the sound of Everything Baby, here's your chance to learn more from links to their website and images. Find out more about the charity and social enterprise here.

Everything Baby
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My name is Dawn Davies, and I run a community organisation called Timecentres UK, operating from South Wales. This organisation is all about promoting and installing Timecentres around the UK, which helps aid active citizenship in local communities.

I enjoy promoting local communities, and inspiring local people in these communities that they can create positive change in their areas.

I consider myself an expert in all things to do with local communities, and encouraging change and benefitting local people. I wish to teach others how they don't have to rely on others, the government, council, or any other organisations in order to benefit their local area. Change begins with one person - and that one person can be you!