Content is King: How to Write Killer Content for the Web

Master the Art of Writing Online Content for eBooks, Websites, Blogs and Marketing. Develop Content Ideas & Copywriting
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About This Course

Published 3/2015 English

Course Description

Welcome to Content is King – How to Writer Killer Content for the Web.

Just like the title says, this course is going to teach you how to write killer content for the web so you can:

  • Win an audience
  • Attract more traffic
  • Make more money with your writing

My name is Steve McDonald and I make my living from online content. My claim to fame is that I have published over 115 Kindle and print books on a wide variety of topics. If there is anything I know, it is that Content is King.

In this course you're going to learn:

  1. Where to Find Killer Content Ideas
  2. How to Develop Those Ideas so you can create even more related content
  3. How to Understand Your Audience so you’re writing to them specifically
  4. Three Ways to Make Your Content Absolutely Killer
  5. How to Edit Your Content to make it even better

In addition to learning how to create Killer Content we’ll look at how to use keywords, headings, titles and descriptions to help your content attract and keep readers, and to be found in search results.

This course is for:

  • Website developers
  • Content marketers
  • Self-published writers
  • Freelance writers
  • Anyone who wants to attract readers or make money using words.

Whether you are creating eBooks, websites or blogs, or writing freelance articles, Content is King will lay the foundation for attracting traffic and keeping that traffic coming back.

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What are the requirements?

  • All you need to know is the basics of writing the English language.

What am I going to get from this course?

  • How to Write Content for a Kindle eBook
  • How to Write Content for a Website
  • How to Write Content for a Blog
  • Quickly and Easily Brainstorm Tons of Great Writing Topics
  • Use Powerful Keyword Research Tools to Discover Even More Topics
  • Discover 3 Additional Ways to Find Writing Topics
  • Create Content that is Valuable, Has a Strong Voice and Flows Smoothly
  • Edit Your Content to Make it Sparkle

Who is the target audience?

  • This course is designed for anyone who is creating written content for the web. If you are an ebook writer, blogger, website developer, freelance writer or ghost writer, this course will help you to start creating killer content. Even if you are a publisher, editor or web developer who is curating content you can benefit from this course. This course assumes that you already know basic spelling and grammar or have resources for learning them.

What you get with this course?

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Forever yours.
Lifetime access.

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Get rewarded.
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Section 1: What is This Course About and How Can You Get the Most Out of It?

This course will teach you:

  • How to develop Killer Content Ideas
  • 3 ways to make Killer Content that you can start using right now
  • How to edit your content to make it even better

This lecture includes an introduction to some of my favorite Killer Content. Some of it I have written. Some of it I have hired authors to write, then edited and published it.


I want you to get a ton of value out of this course, so this lecture will show you how to do that.

  • Skimming
  • Viewing
  • Note taking
Section 2: How to Develop Killer Content Ideas for the Web

Each type of online content is a little bit different. This lecture highlights the distinctions between websites, blogs and eBooks.


Brainstorming is a valuable process for generating Killer Content Ideas. This lecture will teach you the whole process of effective brainstorming. When you finish this lecture you'll be able to generate more great content ideas than you know what to do with.


This is a live walk-through of one of my brainstorming sessions. If you're having trouble brainstorming effectively or just don't really see how the process will work for you, this lecture will show you exactly how I do it.


Keep track of the whole brainstorming process by using this simple to follow, 8 step process. These are the "rules" of brainstorming. Follow them closely or modify it to fit your own preferences and increase your Killer Content Ideas drastically.


Keywords are critical to your content. They not only help search engines to find your content, they also form the framework for what your content is about. More keywords equals more things to write about.


Forums and websites related to your topic can be valuable resources. Use them to research new content ideas or to get a deeper understanding of you audience; their wants, needs and desires.


Writing about something you know and love make writing fun, easy and powerful. Cultivate your own passion and experiences to develop the best writing topics.


You need to know what type of content you are writing before you start writing it. Knowing the difference between evergreen and trending content before you write it can save you a ton of time and energy down the road.


Your writing will be much better if you know who your audience is. This lecture will teach you some key distinctions to look for when getting to know your audience. Then you'll be able to write specifically for them and create a more focused, loyal readership.

Section 3: 3 Ways to Make Your Content Killer That You Can Use Right Now

VALUE is the most important word in this course. If you only learn one thing from this course, learn to add value to your content. If your content doesn't provide specific value to your reader, they won't want to read it. In this lecture you'll learn the 3 ways to add value to your content and understand how to chose the right one for your style.


Your voice is your brand. Your tone is the mood of your content. This lecture will teach you to use these two writing techniques to improve your content and connect with your readers.


Content that flows is a pleasure to read. Content that doesn't flow is difficult to read and won't keep a reader's attention for very long. Learn 8 common issues with flow and how to correct them.


Flow is something that you can always improve upon. It draws your reader deep into the content and makes it a pleasure to read. Learn 8 more ways to improve flow in your content.

Section 4: Edit Your Killer Content to Make it Even Better

Obviously editing is important. But editing isn't just correcting simple spelling and grammar mistakes. Editing will improve everything else about your content too, including flow, voice and tone, and value.

Also in this lecture, you'll learn how to work with and editor, what to tell them so they edit your work correctly and some tips for self-editing if you cannot afford an editor.

Section 5: It's (almost) All About Keywords

Note: The next two lectures are also included in my other courses, so if you've already seen them you might want to skip to the next section.

If you haven't watched it yet, this lecture might be the most important one in the course. Keywords are the key (pun intended) to getting traffic to your content, which is key to engaging an audience and making money with your content.

In this lecture you'll learn how to do some deeper keyword research and even more importantly, how to make good decisions about which keywords to use and which keywords to ignore.


Note: This lecture is also included in my other courses, so if you've already seen it you might want to skip to the next section.

Once you have done your research what do you do with your list of keywords? In this lecture you'll learn how to take the list of keywords that we came up with in the previous lecture and weave them into your content. I'll walk you through how I would use that keyword list to create a book title and description that not only appeals to potential readers but also has tons of searchable keywords so Google will help your readers find your book.

Section 6: Websites - How to Write Killer Content Specifically for Websites

Your homepage is the single most important page on your website. In this lecture I'll teach you about the two essential elements of a homepage. First, I'll show you how to write killer headlines on your homepage and show you why they are so important. Then I'll teach you 4 important elements to include in your homepage body copy to attract and keep the right visitors.


Your about me page is a very personal expression of who you are or what your company is about. In this lecture I'll walk you through a set of questions you can ask yourself to refine and define your about me page, plus some best practices that every about me page should include.


Your product or services page is often the most important and most frequently visited page on your website. Follow this lecture to add some essential elements to your page to engage your visitors and get them to take action.

Section 7: Coupons and Course Summary

Thank you for joining me in the Content is King course. This lecture is a summary of everything you have learned, and it's been quite a bit. Now go out there and start practicing what you've learned.

25 pages

This eBook contains the entire script for the course. You can read it as a stand alone book, use it to follow along with the lectures, or use it as a quick reference guide after completing the course.

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Even hiring writers, which would seem scary at first, is really easy and even fun when you follow my system. 

Using my system, you can publish one or two books and then roll the profits from them into hiring people to write more books for you, so you aren't taking any money out of your pocket.

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