How to use your mind to achieve objectives in life
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How to use your mind to achieve objectives in life

The A-Z guide to learn to unlock your mind power, to undo block and make the necessary changes to achieve your goals
5.0 (6 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
28 students enrolled
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What Will I Learn?
  • Will have clarity on your own focus now and understand the reasons why you are not reahcing goals
  • Will be able to understand the blocks and have the tools to dissolve them
  • Will have the tool to shift focus at any time
  • Will be able to evaluate your focus and the result of that, and if undesired then shift it to desired
  • Able to ask specific questions to evaluate a goal if that is achievable or not, and how to make it achievable
  • Able to break down big goals to small achievable bite size
  • HAve the understanding and awarenss of your own throughs, behavior and if those are desirable for your goals or not and change them accordingly
  • Learning the bridge over "Act as if" for changing behaviour for desirable
  • Able to understand to clean out inside you so that will attract in the desired goal
  • Will be able to use your circumstances as mirror what to keep woking on inside you, for law of attraction to work for you positively
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  • Speak and read in English
  • Highly recomended to take the "How to get over your stress forever --by Drzsu " course
  • Willingness to change
  • HAve an open mind to learn
  • HAd enough of living in misery
  • Want to change and ready to do

HAve you had enough not knowing where to go, and living in the wishing mode and never getting there?

Are you at a cross road of your life and don't know where to go?

Are you unable to focus and stay with things all the way?

Do you give up easily without going all the way?

Are you planning just not those come true what you planned?

Are you ready to take responsibility in your life and look inside you to change what it needs to be changed, so you learn to focus, on super sharp level and achieve any objectives, which once evaluated will positively serve you with progress and prosperity along with the growth of society?

his course is for you . 

A course of full of gemstone learnings to understand your mind right now, learn the tools to shift focus and staying with it until you reach your desired goal.

This course will help you to make goals for your life journey while learning to manage yourself - your mind on this journey.

TAke a deep breath, and lets go!!!! YOu deserve to have it all!! Right now.. lets to the necessary work together to help you get you there!

See you on the course.. I m so excited to meet you and interact with you about your course process and hearing your feedbacks and progressions:) and any comments:)

Let us connect on Facebook too fb/fajcsak

With Loving kindness

Dr Zsu

Who is the target audience?
  • anyone who is eager to change the course if their lives and learn this powerful method to use the mind to focus
  • Anyone with lack of focus for in life in general
  • Students, teachers, executives, business owners, coaches, and anyone who would like to be a leader of their own lives
  • ANyone who would like to change job, get out of relationships and situations which doesnt serve them anymore and brings them down only
  • Anyone who is ready to do, ready to face inside issues and ready to do the work to change them
  • This course is not for you if you are in denial phase of your life,, and angry at everyone around you and enjoying this anger. If you blame others and beleive that your faith in life and destiny cant be changed you only just outside source
  • This course is not for you if you haven/t had enough of the misery you have been attracting in
  • This course is not for you if you are not ready to do the work....
  • This course is for you if you at least have one inch of curiosity to open your mind to at least see what tiny diamond can be found here in this course
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Curriculum For This Course
15 Lectures
Evaluating your focus now
3 Lectures 15:32

What will we discuss in this course:

1.     Why can’t you stay focused on your goals and achieve them?

2.     What are you focusing on now if you are not reaching your goals?

3.     What do you want to focus on?

How to make a goal, How to make an achievable goal?

4.     How can you stay focused on your goal on the daily bases

5.     How does a journey working towards your long term goals look like

6.     What does failure means

7.     Goal setting on mind map Faith and goal setting

Preview 02:29

This session we discuss why the mind is jumping all over the place.

Learn what is the conditioned mind, and where it comes from. See how the re-conditioning can take place

Recommended reading: Lisa Bourbeau: Heal your wound and find your true self

How fears becomes self limitations and why do you need to clean out all fears and fill yourself with deserving to make the transformation so Law of Attraction will work for you.

PS; You will find the entire course summary and at a glance notes attached 

1. Why can’t you stay focused on your goals and achieve them?

Can you catch yourself where are you focusing on now, instead of your goals? What are you focusing on the daily bases? This session will help you to realize your own focus at the current moment and stay aware of it. 

Preview 02:48
Shifting focus - The change
1 Lecture 02:43

Foundation is to make the commitment inside you to do the work to change. Learn to get in tuned into your feelings, your body sensations. Understand them and experience impermanence.

Realize what is your focus and that its within your control. Your focus is also your freedom. 

3. How to shift focus- the feeling shift
Evaluating goals
6 Lectures 28:38

Learn the characteristics of an achievable goal and how do you need to evaluate a goal to make it achievable.

Evaluate your fears and what is holding you back and lets remove all of them.

Learn to make the goal come true in the mind level and body levels as feeling

4. How to evaluate goals and make them achievable?

Continue evaluating the goals making sure that you don't have any negative gain by having the goal come true.

5. Evaluating goals, part 2.

How to make a visual picture in your mind of your goal? How to make it achievable? The power of the mind as such, if it vividly imagined it believes its true. 

Preview 03:09

How to evaluate the goals for size-wise and make any large goals broken down into bit size, hence achievable. This is th secret of reaching any long term and large goal

7. The size of goals and why to make bite size?

Learn to sharpen focus and stay on the goal by daily meditation. You will learn it here in this segment.

This segment will help to understand why and how to develop gratitude and keep it on the daily bases which will align the law of Attraction working for you.


8. How can you stay focused on your goal on the daily bases

Copying Excellence is the center idea about NLP- Neuro-Lingustic Programing. If someone did something successful before you and if you copied what the person exactly did, you would have the same result.

Learning from other’s mistake is also a big lesson and you should pay attention to it.

Learn to become by the “Act as If” formula. When a behavior is not practiced you feel alien by doing it… however this is where the “Act as If” comes to play, as you  imagine that particular behavior was part of you. This is a very easy way to train your self out of negativity and you can just play that positive role out. You keep the role-play until you get used to it and then the positive habit patterns are the part of you.

9. Why shall you look at examples how others who achieved their goals?
The long-term journey of achieving goals
4 Lectures 09:43

Very important part of the Goal setting is the “date line”. Most goals don't come true as you set the goal into one particular date. And if it doesn’t come true by that date you consider failure.

You can very easily avoid this, by letting the goal float on the time line hence allow it to come earlier or later. The is key in keeping focused on the journey.

10. Your long-­‐term goals and the journey

Only when you learn to look at things objectively, can you realize that all that ever happened to you is actually happened for you. Only when you continue meditating can you train your mind to focus and search for the positive in the seemingly negative.

Everything in life is a feedback and you need to learn to use it that way, keep changing yourself and your strategies until your goal reached.

You will be tested on this journey so to make sure you have all attributes which needed for the next step.

11. What does failure mean?

By my personal experience as well, I believe that you can reach anything in life with having these 6 attributes at work:

Calm, Patience, compassion, gratitude, effort and faith

12. The 6 secrets attributes to achieve anything you want

Take a look at the 7 parts of the Mindmap.

They are each one are to make goals.

Follow the video and make goals under each leg. Making 3-4 goals under each and very specifically will you're your mind to focus on those and making them into your daily routine, as per your health concerned, or making sure that you are not engaging into activities which are not on the Mindmap.

Key is to set your goals achievable bit size. If you set that you will exercise every day, and then you really just make it 3 times a wee, then your Mindmap becomes a source of failure. Make the Mindmap the source of achievement, Remember you can always do more, but you commit to the smallest, which is on the Mindmap.

13. Goal setting on mind map
Final thoughts, Summary and Gratitude
1 Lecture 04:59

This session discusses the let go and render out part of goal setting. This is how you will practice full fait, full deserving, full abundance, and let the Energy of Free Flow take place and bring you all.

You will understand how craving, resentment, grudges, greed, jealousy blocks this energy flow and pushes everything further away from you.

Understand why you need to keep giving to keep up the energy cycles or giving and receiving.

Preview 04:59
About the Instructor
Dr Zsuzsanna Fajcsak
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As a “change maker” Dr Zsu works on 3 areas:

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Zsuzsanna has been schooled in Europe and the USA, and holds a Doctoral degree in Nutrition, as well as Master’s degrees in Teaching Physical Education, Exercise Physiology and Clinical Nutrition. Zsuzsanna is a Certified NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and Time Line Therapy™ Coach, Certified Nutrition Specialist (Member of the American College of Nutrition), Certified in Functional Diagnostic Medicine, and a Yoga teacher trainer, who is passionate about the human mind and its power over physical health and performance.

Dr Zsu's Sessions focus on integrated Health, ad her Trademarked Alive program includes 4 areas:

1. How you think

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Dr Zsu’s mission is to make a difference and facilitate changes in peoples lives reaching sustainable health and wealth