How To Think And Grow Great Ideas Fast - Get Creative Today!
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How To Think And Grow Great Ideas Fast - Get Creative Today!

Easily Generate New Concepts, Ideas and Aha Moments - Even If You Are NOT Creative…
4.1 (5 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
1,904 students enrolled
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What Will I Learn?
  • Generate game-changing ideas fast.
  • Recognize a great idea when you see one.
  • Unleash the true power of your thoughts and ideas.
  • Spot and appreciate what ideas mean to you.
  • Understand the creative process of ideation.
  • Use ideation to change the world.
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How To Think And Grow Great Ideas Fast - Easily Generate New Concepts, Ideas and Aha Moments - Even If You Are NOT Creative…

Do you want to quickly start generating game-changing ideas?

Ideas powerful enough to energize your life, improve business and shape the very world you live in?  

If your answer is yes,

Then you’ve come to the right place – Even if you don’t think, you’re a creative person…

… It's okay,

Let me explain!

If you can understand these words, then you have the brain power RIGHT NOW, to start forming new ideas and concepts – Ones you may never have thought possible.

Until today, that is…

You see creative idea generation is like a muscle, the more you use it - the greater your ideas WILL become.

Your AGE doesn’t matter, you can, from today, start to harness your power to think and grow great ideas fast, whenever and wherever you like.

The most powerful force in the universe is a human thought – Your thoughts have the power to ALTER REALITY, change history and make a real difference in other people’s lives.

Your thoughts are the spark of all idea, and its ideas, GOOD IDEAS, which rework reality – When it comes to the greatest ideas, simply take a look around you…

Everything You See Is The Result Of A Thought That Became A Great Idea In The World

All the buildings, all the technologies, all the different entertainment available to you, are all the by-products of ideation. In a very real sense – your world is built on the power of thought.

The main aim here is to show you how to harness that immense idea power, you already have WITHIN you - even if you didn’t know it…

... Let’s face it, good ideas are the STAIRWAY to your success.

A great concept not only has the power to change your life, but also yields profit, exposure, and increased market share for you, as its by-products.

Learn How To Think And Grow Great Ideas Fast, starting right now on your computer, smartphone, or other portable device.

Let me show you…

What you're about to discover in this crash course on great idea generation.

  • The fast and easy way to start generating game-changing ideas yourself.
  • Shocking TRUTH about the real power contained in your thoughts, ideas, and feelings…
  • Learn new ways to recognize a great idea or concept when you see one!
  • How to develop a strong appreciation, of what your new ideas mean to you.
  • The specific process involved in generating ideas, concepts, and “aha!” moments.
  • Find out about the TOP methods and techniques involved in ideation.
  • You’ll discover proven steps to raising your percentage of good ideas over your bad ones.
  • Understand what to do once you have your HANDS on that great idea.
  • You’ll learn the best practices needed to turn your idea into a project and that project into a production...

3 Easy Sections To Get You Up And Running Quickly

How To Think And Grow Great Ideas Fast … Has been split into 3 simple but powerful sections for you, called,

  1. The Power of Ideas
  2. Generating Great Ideas
  3. And What Now?

You receive assignments, videos and fill in the blank worksheet templates - all expertly crafted and designed, to get you up and running generating game-changing Concepts, Ideas, and Aha! Moments…

Faster than you ever thought POSSIBLE.

You are free to work your way through each section of the course at your own pace. (turning yourself into an idea thinking machine in the process.) 

Nothing else compares to developing your understanding of how ideation works.

This understanding allows you to control the creative process – meaning the number of good ideas you generate, increases dramatically. YES, the way you think about creativity and generating ideas, is all about to change.

You’re in for a real treat indeed…

As you experience the thrill of this journey, through the wonderful creative process of great idea generation.

If you’re tired of thinking the same OLD THOUGHTS daily, and serious about discovering the magic like creativity of your mind…

Then treat yourself today, with the gift of great ideas.

And start generating more ideas for both fun and profit – then in your wildest dreams…

Try It Today! With ZERO-RISK On Your Part…

That’s right, you get a full 30 days to go through all the material and see if its everything you had hoped for – learn, discover and then use the proven steps to start generating great ideas fast.

Anytime within the next 30 days, if the course isn’t everything I say it is…

… If it doesn’t live up to your expectations, for any reason, what so ever. Then simply ask for a FULL REFUND, and get all your money back – no questions asked! 

If this sounds fair to you?

Then don’t wait around any longer…

Simply join the course today, to start making an instant impact in your life and in your business, with all the great ideas – you're about to start generating.

You’ll wonder why you waited so long to start thinking and growing, great game-changing ideas of YOUR OWN – Ideas that have the potential to change your life, your business, and your whole world…

You ready?

Right now, it’s never been easier for you to get started, generating great ideas fast – so don’t delay – you really should join this course, TODAY…

You won’t regret it, one single bit, And, if you decide to join, which I really hope you do, then I’ll see you on the inside.

Who is the target audience?
  • Anyone who wants to think and grow great ideas FAST!
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Curriculum For This Course
57 Lectures
What Are You About To Discover?
1 Lecture 04:33

The Most Powerful Force In The Universe Is A Human Thought

Yes, there are other natural forces that exert great power.

The sun’s nuclear furnace pumps out unimaginable amounts of energy every second. The green fuse of a plant is powerful enough to crack rock in an attempt to get to some of that energy. The water that gently nourishes that plant can also, over time, wear down mountains.

Yet, all of this power pales in comparison to the potential contained in human thought.


Only a human thought has the power to alter reality, change history and make a difference in other people’s lives.

Preview 04:33
The Power of Ideas
8 Lectures 21:33

The Universe Is An Unimaginably Vast Place

Yet, as far as we know, we are the only thing in that huge space that is capable of realizing that fact. There are more stars in the universe than there are grains of sand on all the beaches in the world.

However, none of those stars, or the planets that whirl around them, is aware of their place in the cosmos or struggle to understand that place better.

Likewise, none of the uncountable atomic and subatomic particles that comprise the fabric of the universe are capable of consciously looking at their role in the grand scheme of things and asking “Why?”

The Power of Your Ideas

One Of The Strongest Powers Ideas Possess Is Their Ability As A Solvent.

You see, ideas have a tendency to dissolve the boundaries that compartmentalize useful bits of information. When these boundaries dissolve, connections are made between observable phenomena that initially seemed unrelated.

It’s these types of connections that are the real game-changers.

Ideas Connect

We live in a time where we have realized that many of the resources, as well as the lifestyles that depend upon them, are finite. There are only so many sources of fossil fuels in the world.

While increased technological ability allows for the extraction of coal, oil and natural gas from formerly inaccessible areas, these increased abilities are only prolonging the inevitable.

Fossil fuel deposits will begin to run out, prices for these fuels will rise catastrophically. By that point, we will either have changed our dependence on fossil fuels to power our civilization or chaos will reign.

The point is, despite our critical need for them, fossil fuels are a finite resource.

To Infinity and Beyond!

Your Ideas Are Born Out Of Curiosity

The desire to know the world as it truly is, to dispel darkness, ignorance and superstition is where ideation begins. This means that the power of ideas relies directly on not accepting the world at face value.

History is littered with examples of accepted knowledge that were overthrown by new ideas. This paradigm shifting is what makes ideas such agents of change.

By their very nature, new ideas replace the old ideas that preceded them.

I’ve Got a Question

When neurologists need an image that describes the neural activity that occurs in the brain during the process of rational thinking, they often talk about a pattern that’s described as a “web of light”.

Now, this doesn’t mean the inside of your skull is really being illuminated by your thoughts, although that might be an apt metaphor for what is actually going on.

The web of light refers to the millions upon millions of neural connections that are being made each and every time you think. If each of these connections were represented by a point of light, the result would be a glowing, shifting tapestry – a visual representation of your thoughts.

Preview 02:54

Now you know why ideas are so powerful and also why you should be generating as many concepts, ideas and “Aha” moments as you can.

It’s Time to Get Hands-On!

Preview 2 pages

With a bit of practice, you too can mold yourself into a top idea generator. Download the supplied “Idea Generation Worksheet” and use it to start awakening your creative eye.

Preview 1 page

And That Concludes - The Power of Ideas Section

Great work!

It should now be clear to you why ideas are so powerful and also why you should be generating as many concepts, ideas and “Aha” moments as you can.

Let’s now take a quick recap of what you learned so far - then you can move on to the meat of our subject, the Generating Great Ideas section, where you’ll learn ten solid tips and techniques you can start using today, to begin generating game-changing ideas.

Takeaways for This Section
Generating Great Ideas
13 Lectures 31:24

Now that you know a bit about how ideation came about, as well as the power of ideas themselves, it’s time to turn to the meat of our subject – generating great ideas.

It’s all well and good to talk about the power of ideas in theory.

However, without the practical knowledge of how to begin to develop great ideas, all you are left with is an ideology. This section of the course is all about getting practical.

Your going to learn ten solid tips and techniques you can start to use today to begin generating the game-changing ideas that will change your life and business forever.

How To Generate Great Ideas

Ideation Is All About Giving Yourself The Permission To Be Creative

You need to make the necessary space in your life before imaginative, inspired and ingenious thoughts will begin to take root. This begins by freeing your mind from preconceptions and mechanical ways of thinking about the world and your place in it.

To be creative, you first need to be open to the potential that new thoughts and outlooks represent.

Free Your Mind

Ok, hopefully by now you are starting to free your mind from mechanical ways of thinking about the world.

You are giving yourself the permission to be creative and you are also opening yourself up to new ways of thinking. And now we come to the big question “When is the best time to start generating new ideas?

The Night-time is the Right Time

Have you ever noticed that some of your greatest ideas or your best creative thinking happens when you are in the shower? It’s no fluke that ideas happen when you’re showering.

In fact, science has an answer to explain this phenomenon.

Take a Shower

Napping would seem to be a counterproductive behavior when it comes to creativity and ideation. Surprisingly, the opposite is true.

Napping for a short period in the afternoon can refresh you, rejuvenate you and return you to a more alert and creative state. Even more, napping provides you with several specific and important benefits.

Take a Nap

The Process Of Ideation Is A Numbers Game

You have to be prepared to have a whole lot of bad ideas before you have a good idea. The trick is to keep the process going through the bad so that you eventually reach the good.

It’s a little like digging through the trash for a precious stone. A lot of time will be spent in contact with some useless and downright unpleasant things before you find what you are looking for.

See What Sticks

Don’t make the same mistake many people make when trying to become more creative, by giving up or deceiving yourself into believing you don’t have the talent to create.

All Humans are creative by nature, we are all remarkable brainstorming Beings. Most people are just not aware of their own ability or have somehow misplaced and forget the endless wonder we all have for the world, as a small child.

Please Yourself

Have you ever been in this situation?

You’re in the shower, you’re in your car, you wake up at night, and you have an earth-shattering idea. You struggle to remember the details of this breakthrough as you search for some way to record your moment of genius.

All too often the detail of your “aha” moments are lost simply because you didn’t have a quick way to memorize the details of your thoughts. In the end, the moment and the opportunity are lost. It doesn’t have to be this way.

Pen? Paper? Begin…

Do Ideas Occur In A Vacuum?

No, of course, they don’t.

Ideas are organic concepts that are directly related to how you live your life. How many game-changing ideas does a hermit have? You already know the answer.

To change the world, you have to know the world, and the only real way to know the world is through experience. That’s why living is so important to creativity and ideation.

Live More Life

It’s Not Easy Being Creative

Yet, it’s not that hard either.

You don’t have to be especially gifted to come up with brilliant concepts. You certainly don’t have to be a genius either. Anyone can have a great, game-changing idea if they are willing to put in the work needed to arrive at that point.

You see, great ideas come from practice and persistence, not from talent. If you’re willing to do the work, the odds are that you will become better at coming up with ideas.

The more you come up with ideas, the greater the chance that you will have an absolutely killer idea.

Preview 02:44

Now you know some useful tips and techniques you can start using today to begin generating game-changing ideas – it’s time to get your creative juices flowing.

Assignment: Generating Great Ideas
3 pages

Let’s begin by gathering all the related and relevant information you can, about your initial idea. Download the supplied “Idea Inventory Worksheet” and use it to build up an inventory of all the skills, resources, and contacts you can use.

Worksheet: Idea Inventory
1 page

Excellent - You Made It To The End Of The Generating Great Ideas Section

By now you should have a firm understanding of not only why ideas are so powerful, but also how you can start Generating Game-Changing Ideas yourself.

Let’s take a quick recap of what you learned in this section - and then you can move on to the last section called, What Now? Where you’ll learn, what to do once you have a great idea firmly established in your mind.

You’re also going to discover how to capitalize best on your newly found creative genius.

Takeaways for This Section
What Now?
12 Lectures 22:32

So here you are. You understand the power of great ideas, and you have followed the tips and techniques to maximize your idea generation power. The result is you’ve had a super, game-changing idea.

Now you’ve had that one idea in ten thousand, or one hundred thousand, what’s the next step?

How do you capitalize on your creative genius?

This section is going to deal with that question.

Ok... What Now?

Ideas that are new often seem strange to people who have no direct experience as to how this particular concept could change their lives for the better.

Therefore, it is up to you, as the originator of the idea, to educate the people who don’t share your vision.

Don’t expect that other people will “get” your concept simply because you understand and believe in what you’re doing. Educate your audience. Tell them in no uncertain terms how your idea benefits them.

Believe in Yourself

Life Is A Risk

You could walk out the door this morning and, well you know the rest.

The problem is that while we, by necessity, take this risk for granted, it still exists despite our state or quality of being. What we do have, is the ability to minimize the risks that life holds by altering our behavior.

However, in the end, life remains a game of chance no matter what we do.

Learn to Love the Risk

So, You’ve Worked Hard At Generating Ideas

You’ve done all the right steps. You’ve kept yourself open and creative. You’ve taken a shower. You’ve taken a nap. You’ve gone out of your way to expose yourself to new concepts, people, and cultures. You’ve come up with and thrown out a million bad ideas.

Now, after all, that work, you’ve had a great idea. I mean this idea is solid gold. It’s original. It’s practical, and it solves a problem that a lot of people are experiencing. It's that game changing idea you’ve been waiting for.

Now, how do you take this idea and make it reality?

Ideation vs. Execution

Once you have that great idea and have successfully implemented it, your job is done, right?


All human ideas are a part of one great continuum. They are all interrelated and, in many cases, one new idea is built on the backs of ideas that came before. This means you should have an obligation to constantly try and improve upon your idea.

As the saying goes, “There is always room for improvement.” Additionally, improving upon your initial idea, reconceiving or re-conceptualizing it, allows your idea to grow and change with the times.

The lifespan and usefulness of the idea become greater, as does its overall impact.

Never Stop Improving

We are the only creature on this planet that thinks, plans and takes action based upon those thoughts and plans. Of course, some animals are capable of problem-solving.

Rats and mice can be taught to run a maze or perform simple actions. Dogs intuitively react to our voices, gestures, and facial expressions. They can use this intuition to perform more complex actions.

Apes can learn how to draw simple pictures, as well as to recognize words and use them to communicate simple concepts. However, mankind is the only creature that actually uses the power of thought to change the world.

Preview 03:17

  • You have a firm understanding of why ideas are so powerful
  • You have a good grip on how to start Generating Great Ideas Fast.

And now you also have a good idea of what to do once you have that great idea, firmly established in your mind – It’s time to start fine-tuning your thoughts and ideas, giving them the power to change your life and business forever.

Assignment: What Now
4 pages

Fine-Tuning Your Best Ideas ... Download the supplied “Idea Mapping Worksheet” and use it to start to fine-tune your best ideas.

Can you match your new idea to a key feature? (what will your idea do?) And can you match your idea with a desired outcome, end-result or user benefit? (How will your idea benefit people or help improve a person’s life?)

Worksheet: Idea Maping
1 page

Congratulations Are In Order, You Made It To The End Of What Now?

The third and final Section in this course.

Great work!

We may have come to the end of the course, but your dance with creativity will last a lifetime if you wish it too. Let’s take a quick recap of what you learned in this last section:

Takeaways for This Section

Congratulations On Making It to The Last Assignment! Out of all the assignments and tasks, this is probably the most important one. Without taking the necessary steps to bring your idea to life, no matter how game-changing or world-shaping it may be, then it remains just that – “an idea.”

Assignment: Execute on Your Ideas
10 pages

We’ve now come to the end of our journey through the wonderful creative process of idea generation.

By now, the cogs of creativity should be turning in your brain. You should have a good idea of what goes into the process of coming up with seriously astounding ideas – the kind that have the potential to change the way we live.

We started by taking a look at the power of ideas. We learned how ideas and intelligence are connected, and some of the specific effects powerful ideas can have in the world.

Next, we looked at the process of generating ideas. We focused on several specific tips and techniques you can use, every day, to exercise your creative muscle and come up with better and better ideas of your own.

Finally, we examined what you should do when you have a great idea in order to bring the ideation process to its logical conclusion.

Now, the time has come to put all this information into practice!


Use this handy Checklist to review the key concepts from “How To Think and Grow Great Ideas Fast” and to refer to whenever you need a refresher.

Checklist: Great Ideas Fast
3 pages
Extra Section : Ideas That Changed the World
12 Lectures 35:04

Did you know as far as we are aware, only Humans are capable of rational thought? All around you right now, is tangible evidence of one of the by-products of that rational thought – ideas

Ideas acted on help shape the world. Take a look around you, everything you see, everything you touch, is a direct result of an idea. Human ingenuity and ideation have changed the world, for better or for worse.

Even as you read these words, this change continues to occur.

Every day, new ideas are born.

Preview 02:57

The ability to control and use fire was probably one of humankind’s first big breakthroughs, idea-wise. In a very real sense, fire made every other idea possible.

One of the first documented uses of fire was over 500,000 years ago, in ancient China.

However, many researchers speculate that early inhabitants of Africa may have even harnessed the power of fire before that, and believe people of this region used fire almost 800,000 years ago.

Preview 02:57

The ability to speak comes right behind fire in terms of idea importance. Both are considered to be the cornerstones of the development of civilizations.

Language gave us the ability, for the first time, to share concepts and personal knowledge with each other. What one person experienced could now be communicated to everyone else.

  • Dangers could be avoided
  • Benefits could be exploited
  • Ideas could be explained and spread

This is a big and powerful idea. Agriculture has not only changed the way people lived, but it's also changed the face of the earth and the creatures and plants that dwell on it.

Before the development of agriculture, man was a hunter-gatherer. We lived in small groups, always moving from place to place in search of food. One day there might be a bounty of beautiful things to eat, and the next day could bring nothing.

It was an uncertain existence.


The development of the wheel has been hallmarked as one of the greatest ideas in the history of human development. Before the invention of the wheel, we were limited to transporting whatever we could carry.

For civilizations that were dependent on agriculture, this meant that limited amounts of grain could be moved to processing, and onwards down the chain.

Similarly, trade was limited to movement on the water or again, literally on the backs of people.

The Wheel

Writing Is An Example Of Symbolic Communication

It was an inevitable development once we all had enough surpluses of goods that we had to keep track of it all, and since language was used to communicate, it was a natural way to record information.

The first writing was likely related to commerce.


Metalworking Is An Example Of The Alchemical Nature Of Great Ideas

The development of using metal to make new items led to new developments in building structures, a faster way to produce tools, and the discoveries of more modern forms of weaponry.

Inhabitants of the Middle East were attracted to float deposits of copper. (A float deposit is naturally occurring pure copper, as opposed to ore.) The metal was beautiful to look at and easy to fashion into weapons, jewelry and more.


The Invention Of Writing Led To The Development Of Books

The first books were simply collections of sometimes separate documents bound together for protection. These were typically written by hand and on forms of parchment or paper.

The problem was these early books took an incredibly long time to make, were expensive to produce and could be difficult to store. Therefore, only the wealthy could afford them. This, in turn, meant that only the elites and the rich were literate.

The result was the knowledge accumulated in books was only accessible, to a very few people.

The Printing Press

With all the available artificial light that we have, it’s hard to imagine our ancestors lived in a much darker world. For the average person, the day began with sunrise and ended with sunset. Nighttime illumination was limited in the extreme.

With the harnessing of fire, eventually candles and lanterns were available, but their cost prevented routine use by all but the very wealthy. People generally went to bed when the sun set.

This meant there was very little time for relaxation since daylight was used primarily for working.


Before planes were developed, we began forming ideas about how to recreate the soaring activity of birds. The development of objects like throwing spears and boomerangs showed a fascination with making things move through the air and helped us to understand aerodynamics.


For most of history, effective communication depended on geographic location. If a person was standing next to you, communication was quick, easy and efficient. If a person was on the other side of the globe, the opposite held true; communication was slow, difficult and extremely inefficient.


This is the nature of game-changing ideas. They are developed, executed and change the existing paradigm completely. The old way is quickly forgotten and what was new quickly becomes so essential, such a part of the fabric of society, it becomes commonplace. However, the engine of change continues fiercely on, fueled by the power of ideation.

Bonus Report : 101 Creativity Quotes To Inspire You (PDF)
1 Lecture 00:00
Creativity Quotes To Inspire You
103 pages
Bonus Audio : Increasing Your Creativity (MP3)
10 Lectures 22:47

Before you can work on taking steps to increase your creativity, you need to understand just what creativity is.

Preview 02:18

Anyone can be creative and this doesn't have to involve painting a beautiful picture or writing a novel. Instead, what it does involve is a shift in the way you look at things, and a change in your thought process.

Your Thoughts And Your Creativity

One of the biggest problems when you are trying to be creative is that you are just thinking too much.

Preview 02:18

One of the biggest hurdles to creativity is your mindset. It has been shown that negative people are less creative and this is because they just have too many things that bother them.

Become A Better Thinker

Most people think that creativity is a personality trait. It shows up in certain people who have a talent for writing songs, music, books and for developing new inventions. Truth is that this is a misconception and almost anyone can develop and improve their own creativity.

Do You Consider Yourself To Be Creative

Do you know what makes you more creative on some days as opposed to other days? Actually this can be difficult to determine.

Your Surroundings And Your Creativity

Do you currently participate in any type of hobby? Having some type of interest or hobby can be the perfect way to stimulate your brain and increase your creativity.

Use Hobbies To Increase Your Creativity

Brainstorming is usually applied to a group of people who are looking for solutions to a specific problem.

Do Brainstorming Sessions Really Work

Do you find that you daydream very much or not? Research has shown that daydreaming can actually help improve your creativity.

Do You Daydream

If you are looking for ways to improve your creativity and thinking powers, then you should consider using mind or brain games.

Using Mind Games To Improve Your Creativity
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