How to Stop Procrastinating & Get Things Done
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How to Stop Procrastinating & Get Things Done

Procrastination is one of the biggest enemies you will have to face in order to achieve your goals...
4.5 (22 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
1,788 students enrolled
Last updated 8/2017
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What Will I Learn?
  • Understand How Procrastination Works
  • Accomplish Your Goals
  • Learn Proven Productivity Techniques
  • Listen to Real Life Examples
  • Boost Your Productivity
  • Get Rid Off Your Bad Habits
  • Boost Your Confidence
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  • This course is written and presented by a medical doctor with 20 years' experience in self-improvement training, coaching and counseling.
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Have you ever found yourself putting off important things over and over again?

Do you find yourself always struggling to reach your deadlines?

Are you beginning to lose your dignity and trustworthiness at the company because you have failed once again to deliver on time?

Well, you are not the first one and not the last one to submit to procrastination.

My name is Roy Naraine. I'm a medical doctor and I have been conducting self-improvement training for over twenty years. During this time, I have helped thousands of people all around the world to overcome procrastination and regain control of their lives.

You see, procrastination, or The Art of Postponing, is one of the biggest enemies you will have to face in order to achieve your goals. 

But trust me, it can be done. 

I always believed that the human mind absorbs knowledge best when it's presented with real life examples of the problem. This is why in this course I have included a wide variety of stories from my students lives

These stories will help you to understand how procrastination actually works on a neurological level, which in turn will ultimately help you to overcome it. 

However, understanding how something works is not enough to take action. Overcoming procrastination does not happen at the snap of your fingers. It needs to be mentally and physically worked on. 

This is why I will also provide you with a number of proven techniques that will help you to fight your demons one battle at a time.

Remember, in my productions I always provide a number of free, preview videos. Watch them and confirm that this is exactly the course you need.

By joining me on this adventure of self-improvement you are taking the first step to regaining control of your future.

So do not procrastinate. Enroll now and let's get started.

Who is the target audience?
  • This course is suitable for anyone, who wants to beat procrastination and become more productive
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Curriculum For This Course
1 Lecture 02:00

We human beings have the natural tendency to choose things that are more pleasurable for us. At the same time, we are programmed to protect ourselves when difficulties arise...

The Truth Behind Procrastination
5 Lectures 14:16

How many times have you found yourself putting off an important task during the last year? Well, in the majority of cases, it has probably happened umpteen times.

The Art of Postponing

In order to understand the mechanism of procrastination, we need to take a step back and analyze how the brain works.


What usually happens when you are facing a tough, overwhelming task, especially one that will determine whether you are a competent or incompetent worker, or whether you are good fit for your role?

A Carrot And A Stick

Angela was supposed to be writing five tests in one week and it was very important to obtain good marks to be allowed to take the examination. She knew one week before, but as she spent over seven hours at university every day, she only had time to prepare for the tests on the weekend...

[Part 1] Extreme Experience

When all her classmates had left, Angela decided that it was high time she started studying for the tests. However, before that, she had to clean the kitchen floor because even though she and her friends had done that earlier, it was still a bit too sticky for her...

[Part 2] Extreme Experience
Believe In Yourself
4 Lectures 12:06

Some people procrastinate because they simply do not believe in themselves. Just like everyone, they want to achieve success and improve the quality of their lives...

Lack of Belief

A friend of mine failed her driving test at the age of 22. Unfortunately, the examiner did not empathize with her...

Lack of Belief - Example 1

An acquaintance of mine did not attend university because one of his high school teachers had told him that he was too stupid to cope at university. Yes, too stupid...

Lack of Belief - Example 2

The brain has the extraordinary ability to get accustomed to anything. When you encounter something immoral, scornful, uncomfortable, or frightening the first time, you detest it and find it impossible to accept or you get scared and your heart outraces itself...

Boost Your Confidence
How to Beat Procrastination
4 Lectures 11:29

Instant gratification is the urge to fulfil your needs instantaneously. You get something that brings pleasure without having to wait too long because waiting is too hard, too painful.

Delay Instant Gratification

We human beings pay great attention to the way we are perceived by others and we will go to the extreme to make sure we do not lose face.

[Part 1] Accountability

It is important to remember that when advertising publicly what you plan to do, you need to be aware of pseudo friends and insincere family members.

[Part 2] Accountability

Let me give you an example of pseudo-friends who will try to discourage you.

[Part 3] Accountability
Proven Techniques
7 Lectures 16:50

Some people create a “to do” list of the things that need to be done and set deadlines next to each task. This is a very good way to keep you focused.

"Want To Do" List

I usually skip the want to do list strategy because I have reached a point in my life where I am able to cooperate with my brain by consciously managing my thoughts...


A few months ago, I had the opportunity to use this strategy once again when I was forced to single-handedly raise the level of my driveway...

Visualization - Life Example

Big tasks are usually perceived by the majority of people as being insurmountable. As a result, they become overwhelmed, they become stressed and intimidated and this negative feeling will drive them towards procrastination.

Manage Overwhelming Tasks

Do you keep promising yourself to get on your treadmill, but end up putting it off? You convince yourself that you are not in the mood to exercise or you have more important things to do rather than torturing yourself...

Trick Your Brain

Delegation is the art of finding the right people to do the right things at the right time.


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About the Instructor
Dr. Roy Naraine
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I graduated in the field of medicine in the year 1992. I have worked in various hospitals and outpatients' clinic. During the course of my studies, I became interested in the field of psychology. My profound knowledge of the function of the human brain allowed me to get better results when treating my patients.

For over twenty years I have been conducting self-improvement training, coaching sessions and counseling in international corporations. I have also worked as an interviewer in several companies and have been the personal adviser of many lucrative clients and company owners.

In addition, I possess a graduate certificate in the field of project management. This knowledge,combined with my experience in the field of psychology allows me to manage software projects for a Canadian company. As the program director I manage a multi-ethnic team of IT specialists.

My yearning to make the knowledge I possess available to everyone has driven me towards online education. Together with members of eNar Studio we are on our way to making this possible.

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I am an aspiring filmmaker and writer with many years of experience and a strong background in physics and computer science. At a very young age I became fascinated with movies and soon decided to connect my future with that area. My passion towards video production and desire to make high quality educational videos available to people all around the world has finally brought me to udemy, where I can reach millions.

In 2015 I co-founded eNar Studio and along with other founding members we began our journey towards becoming one of the best online educational businesses in the world.

Presently, at eNar Studio, I hold the position of CEO and I am responsible for the production process and marketing. This way I can secure the high, studio quality of our online products.