How To Start and Keep A Machine Quilting Business Growing

Get easy steps to create your professional business, even while learning, find and keep customers making income at home.
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Instructed by Sally Terry Business / Home Business
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About This Course

Published 8/2014 English

Course Description

Whether you are just starting out creating your business from scratch or rekindling a business that you put on hold for a while, learn how to jump start your business with a proven step-by-step way to a profitable professional machine quilting business.


Are you afraid of competition?

If you have competition in your area that is good news, then you have a market.


Are you starting the first ever machine quilting service in your area and want to know how to get the word out about your business?

If you are new to the area, you will have easy strategies to find new customers and thrive.

I wish I had taken this class earlier. - Debbie R. Iowa


Are you ready to become a solopreneur / business owner, maybe for the first time?

We would like you to know that we really appreciate you and your teaching. We want all the Sally Wisdom we can get, in order to grow our business even more:-} Thanks again, not only for your generosity, your teaching skills, but also all you do for the longarm machine quilting world. Lin & Clark Roseville, CA


Imagine if you could create business opportunities by knowing where to go to find new customers and then creating loyal raving fans who will never want to leave you.

Saving time and money here means faster success and earnings while you are happily learning new skills machine quilting for some very appreciative customers.

I started out where you are now. Just me, and SibbyNell 1. Thusly, this course is based on what I have experienced starting out alone and growing my own highly successful professional machine quilting business of 16 years, starting basically from $0 and with no previous experience in the industry. I have experienced both the joys of delivering fabulous finished quilts above my customers expectations to struggling with how to approach others about what I do and asking for their business.

I encourage you to experience the joy and success of turning your talent and creativity and love of quilting into a passionate successful rewarding future and career, full time or part time. You can do this. And give you that confidence and additional edge the topics covered are designed to give you a marketing boost which will help you avoid many pitfalls so you can start making money right away.

In this course you will discover exactly how to:

  1. Earn money even while learning
  2. How to start from scratch and have your customers fund your startup
  3. What simple hidden attributes build value for your products and services
  4. Powerful pricing strategies without giving it all away
  5. How to correctly use charity and promotional quilting without breaking the bank

You will also receive accounting software recommendations, PDF downloadable files with checklists and outlines to help you on your way, plus links to other valuable resources.

Important information before you enroll:

  • Incase you find the course lacking for growing your machine quilting business, don't forget you are covered with a 30 day money back guarantee, full refund, no questions asked.
  • Once enrolled you have unlimited, lifetime access to the course.
  • You will have instant and free access to any update I'll add to the course.
  • You will have my full support regarding any questions you may relating to the course.
  • Check out the free lectures in the course previews.

Let's get going and discover how you can make money doing what you love.

Click the course button and enroll now and start making money with your machine... see you there!

Yours in the love of quilting,

Sally Terry

Author, Marketing Expert, Professional Machine Quilting Instructor and Educator

What are the requirements?

  • Familiar with professional quilting machines and their capabilities

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Find your special niche
  • Separate your business from the competition
  • Know where to find new customers
  • How to rekindle old customers
  • Develop your unique business identity
  • Learn powerful ways to keep customers loyal
  • How to structure products and services that your customers want
  • Pricing strategies to keep you competitive
  • What to focus on in each of the 1st 3 years
  • Best products and services to offer
  • Establish yourself as an authority in your community
  • Learn studio set up
  • Business sustaining profits
  • Business resources that help you profit

Who is the target audience?

  • Anyone who wants to apply their creative talents to fabric.
  • Machine quilters who want to make money with their machine.
  • Those who want to work from home and enjoy a nice supplimental income, full time or part time.

What you get with this course?

Not for you? No problem.
30 day money back guarantee.

Forever yours.
Lifetime access.

Learn on the go.
Desktop, iOS and Android.

Get rewarded.
Certificate of completion.


Section 1: Introduction To The Course

Imagine building your successful Professional Machine Quilting Business for years of rewarding experiences doing what you love. Because many of us are alone in our business, this online resource gives you answers while starting out and gives you a path to growing your business. Plus you receive inexpensive ways to reach your customers with marketing tips that work, creating business sustaining success.


Step by step we will start your business. If you have taken Sally's Terry's 6 Step System To Building A Machine Quilting Business course, this is a more in depth detailed version which you can revisit at any time. I have added more information and more inexpensive marketing strategies to cover the first 3 years and beyond. Revisit this course every 6 months as your business grows so you can always focus on new ways to increase your profitability.


If you are considering a new machine or trading up this section will help you. We compare the different model style choices and what will work for you. You may already have your machine, in that case this section may be skipped.

Buying Your Machine
4 questions
Section 2: Type of Business Choices

80% of Professional Machine Quilters are solopreneurs starting out. This section includes ideas of what to include in your studio, and a tip for purchasing supplies. Be sure to download the PDF files to help you get organized with supply suggestions for your office space and quilting areas.


Many of you will already have your Sales Tax Number and are ready for sales. Those of you who need to look into the process, this is a great overview and will answer a lot of questions you may have.

One interesting note, some states apply the sales tax to shipping, or to shipping within the state only and to internet sales. Be sure to talk to your accountant.


Think about how excited you are to let others are some very inexpensive ways to get started. If you are rekindling your business or introducing a new product or service consider using these ideas as well. Also get helpful ideas for time management and marketing. Also don't forget to download some great log sheets for keeping track of Expenses, Mileage, Travel-Meals-Entertainment, Cost of Goods, Assets, Improvements, and Income. Be sure to check with your accountant for more about how to structure record keeping.

Getting Ready For Business
4 questions
Section 3: First Year Strategies To Get Your Good Name Out There

We will pick a name that is consistent with your good name so it is easy to remember. It is also a great way to create memorable product & services names. Have fun with this section....I am sure you will surprise yourself with your creative names that could increase your brand awareness and separate you from the competition online or off line.


Create some fun for your customers, so they can remember that you are the one that takes extraordinary care of quilting their quilt tops. This wonderful little surprise is a great way to keep customers loyal and attract more customers, too.


Location can be very important. Remember you are not limited to your city and the internet makes it possible to reach so many more. We will explore your options.


It is official, you are open for business. We will use ways to get your good name out there, attracting new customers and re-kindling those that have fallen by the way side. Let's help them know, like and trust you and your business. This important first step will quickly lhelp customers know that you are not a hobbyist.

My Good Name
4 questions
Section 4: Second Year Strategies Focus On Keeping Customers Loyal

We can show our customers how much we care and keep them from wandering to other machine quilters. Let's start helping our customers to think of your machine quilting business first before they consider taking their quilt to other machine quilter and use simple yet powerful strategies that work.


Let your customers know how much you care about them. Be sure to keep in touch with 4-6 touches a year. We will look at what we can do to encourage them to return to you time and time again and feel guilty if they even think of wandering.


Bumpy lumpy mail always gets opened. Your customers will love receiving something from you, especially if it is a surprise that they are not expecting. Get dozens of suggestions to put a smile on their face and keep them coming back to you again and again for machine quilting services.

Loyalty Programs and Loyal Customers
3 questions
Section 5: Third Year Strategies Bring Them Back For More

Reaching the third year your business is really starting to flourish. Now it is time to change things up a bit and focus on your products and services to increase the number of customer purchases, the size of purchases and frequency. It is also a good time to look at a referral campaign as well. We will talk about what you can do during your third year and get your customers all excited about your services again.

1 page

It is easy to keep in touch with your loyal customers and attract those that are on your mailing list. Here are some topic suggestions. Even though people are busier than ever they still want to feel that you care about them by keeping in touch.

What Customers Love
3 questions
Section 6: Separating Your Business From Others

You just have to be just a little bit better than other machine quilters, whether they are your local competition or online. We will focus on what we can do to improve the customer experience with you and outshine the others. We also start narrowing your niche in the market place.


If perceived as a hobbyist we will not be taken seriously and customers will not be willing to pay what our products and services are worth. They will always want a bargain. By doing these 3 simple things we can add value to everything we do creating even more profitability.


Become an expert in Machine Quilting by following these easy tips. Again we are adding value to your products and services by giving you powerful hidden attributes with one of the number one ways to rise to the top of brand recognition and attract new customers as well.


You have a very special gift, it is time to share your talent and creativity with others. Use this simple plan to organize your information so it is always available. The great thing about this is that you only have to do it once, and update when something important Blue Ribbons and published quilts.

3 pages

Here are some reminders of what you can do when you want to promote your products and services whether it is with a local quilt shop or national magazine.


Customers love to do business with those they know, like and trust. Here are 3 simple inexpensive strategies to add value to our business, keep customers loyal and say we care about our customers and our community.


Let's explore what has been successful for others and use quick ways to express what creative gifts you have to share with your customers.

Here are links to "wiggle room" resources.


You can do this and look perfect even though you are just learning. So we will look at your strengths and choose patterns that go with your strengths. Then look to your next strongest strengths.

As you are learning and quilting the patterns that you are really good at, you will be developing the hand eye coordination to develop skills for other patterns. So after a week or two try the patterns that you were not up to your quality and you just may be able to do them and surprise yourself.

Here are more links that you may find helpful to look good while learning, develop new skills and techniques and make your customers happy.

4 questions

Let fall in love with our customers!

Section 7: Your Unique Selling Position

You know what a tag line is, the little phrase that describes in a few words what you want your customers to remember and like about your business. Here's one..."our customers come back".... get the idea. This is a fun way to clarify it all in a few words and separate you from your competition.


This may be the most important step...thinking about your business and what you want it to look like to others. These simple steps can help you get the word out about your products and services as you grow your business. Even when you talk to others about your individual products and services it reminds you to do it from your customer's point of view because they are interested in "what is in it for them."


Now that you have your tag line, we will explore ways to back up your claims and offers with a consistent message that encourages loyal customers and helps you find new ones.

4 questions

One way to increase your business is with branding, owning a spot in a person's midn

Section 8: Ways To Attract Customers

If you take credit cards and your competitors don't you will have an advantage. Today it is easier than ever to take cards on your laptop, tablet and smartphone. We will explore what options you have available.


Slow days happen, It is a great time to get out some of your unfinished projects and head out to a few quilt shops or call and talk to your favorite customers and see what projects you could help them with. Don't forget your business cards.


We never want to disappoint friends, family and charities. These suggestions could help you keep on schedule and still make sure you can fulfill their requests.


The best part of your day is when someone brings you a beautiful quilt top. Getting all the information and asking the right questions help increase your bottom line is covered.


Loading Back Art (decorative backing with extensive piecing that needs to be centered) is a bit tricky, but will make you sought after as a professional with your expertise. This method of loading is also used if you have to include a label that is already sewn into the backing.

4 questions

Making it a pleasure to do business with you could make you better than you competition.

Section 9: Pricing Products & Services

When we start pricing our goods and services we will consider a few underlying concepts that will help us shape our pricing from here forward. Use these suggestions for pricing all your products and services.

Pricing Basic Services & Additional Services
3 pages

Wanted to include this short video so you can see some of the time consuming work that you may have to do for a customer when they bring you an antique quilt top. Remember to quote a general amount for quilting PLUS additional fabric preparation by the hour and supplies. They are soooo worth completing. Now you will know what to do.


If you want to discount then we can do it the right way so you still make money. The first year to a year and a half is when you need to keep your prices steady and not raise them. We will discuss how to offer products and services and still discount without adjusting your prices.


We continue to add more value by posting a sign of basic services with their total value that we don't charge for and then list additional services from which the customers choose. Now we are seriously letting the customer know what a great value they are receiving compared to the competition and also justifying our pricing at the same time.


Coupons ask for something from your customer first, but Gift Certificates give them cold hard cash. Let's design a Gift Certificate for our customer that makes us look professional without lowering the value of your services.


Bundling services and products can be tricky to price. Here is a simple method to make your pricing very appealing to your customers and make you more money.


Consider being full will add more value to your company and make you more profitable by creating more ways for customer to buy from you. Even if you hire part time individuals it can help keep your customers loyal and bring you additional niche customers as well.

3 questions

Pricing is really confusing and making it easy for the customer to decide by using value added pricing can make it easier for the customer and more profitable for me.

Section 10: Things To Consider As Your Business Grows

As your business grows there will be a time when you need additional hands. They can be family members, friends that share your passion with or partners that understand your vision. Here are some suggestions to help you tell others how you want your business experience to look like. There are many online resources for employers to hire employees. Have added a link to a site that contains many documents you may need. They are one of many...check it out.


Sometimes you can waste money marketing...trying to be everywhere. In this segment we talk about narrowing down your efforts to 3 sources. Online and off line strategies are explored.

3 questions

You are almost done! Congratulations on your hard work.

Section 11: Your Beautiful Business

You can do this, you have the passion and you have the heart. This is a journey of little steps and take it one step at a time. Don't get overwhelmed, just apply each segment and you will have a thriving business. You can always revisit this course at any time, and I suggest you come back about every 6 months to reapply the ideas and strategies.

Feel free to comment in the comment area. Let me know what other classes would help you grow your machine quilting business. Also you can email me at

To your business sustaining success, yours in the love of quilting, Sally Terry

1 page


As a friend once said to me, "You are better than you think you are and you don't think big enough." As a friend in quilting I am passing this wonderful message on to you.

To your business sustaining success, Sally Terry

1 page

The Quilted Muse wants you to have this wonderful recipe to share with your customers, and with her of course.

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Instructor Biography

Sally Terry, Machine Quilting Author & Educator for Stand Up & Sit Down

Sally is an innovator and award winning machine quilter, Honored as Teacher of the Year by International Machine Quilters Association. Her "ah ha" techniques are industry standards. Sally's top selling books, Pathways To Better Quilting, Hooked On Feathers, and Pathways From Quilt Top To Quilted published by AQS echo her philosophy "you don't have to copy me to be successful, it's within you, we will show you where to find it within yourself and give you the tools."

Most students feel she has a relaxed way of teaching machine quilting which encourages confidence and a joy of learning. Sally approaches the information in her classes from the student's point-of-view with in-depth knowledge that is creative and inspirational.

Take heart, her machine quilting techniques work for sit down and stand up machine quilters everywhere.

She specializes in “wiggle room" patterns and designs that appear intricate, yet are simple to execute without a lot of marking. “I feel that we could spend hours quilting to cardboard and never be rewarded for the time and effort. With my techniques you can quilt small closely spaced beautiful designs without a lot of planning and the outcome is spectacular, as if you used lots of ruler work and tiny time consuming fills."

Sewing since the age of three and machine quilting and instructing over 14 years with numerous TV appearances, she has quilted for Better Homes & Gardens, and published articles and how-to's in many books and magazines, plus offers her own line of patterns, stencils and templates and instructional videos for all machine quilters from traditional sitdown machine to standup. She has attended 100's of quilt shows and taught thousands of passionate machine quilters. After experiencing one of Sally's classes, every class after that the student takes is so much more meaningful, no matter who the instructor. An expert in marketing strategies her business classes are never boring.

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