How To Run A Successful Fiverr Business From A To Z
4.5 (3 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
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How To Run A Successful Fiverr Business From A To Z

This course will show you everything from registration to learning the big secrets to making regular sales on Fiverr.
4.5 (3 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
8 students enrolled
Created by Mike M. Burke
Last updated 10/2015
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What Will I Learn?
  • Create a successful home based business with Fiverr.
  • Learn to increase your Fiverr sales
  • Learn to handle customers the right way
  • How to make videos that convert to sales
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  • Before you begin this course I highly recommend you have a notebook and writing instrument. By taking notes of the important information provided you will find that you remember it better and have something to go back to if you get stuck at any time. The course will teach you everything you need to know about Fiverr therefore it is not a requirement to know anything about Fiverr in order to go through the lessons in this course.

Fiverr is a home based business that has changed the lives of hundreds of people around the world. It is rich with opportunity but so many sign up, create their service or product, and wait for sales that never come. It is one of the few online home based businesses that literally anyone can do if you have the right knowledge, skill set, and talents. Current Fiverr sellers include artists, graphic artists, voice over artists, entertainers, video editors, book editors, writers, marketers, as well as professionals offering legal advice, career advice, and so much more. The sky really is the limit when it comes to Fiverr.

This course is not only designed for new Fiverr sellers, or those thinking about joining, it is also designed for current Fiverr sellers as well. This course goes from A to Z. I will show you everything from registration to processing orders. You will learn what Fiverr is and how you can earn a living with it. I will even show a little talked about technique for coming up with products and services using your own talents, skills, and passions. Other topics will include choosing the proper user name, creating a profile that sells, how to make sales, increasing sales for more revenue, marketing your gig, legal and copyright info, customer service, and tips for expanding your Fiverr home based business into a full time career.

My name is Mike M Burke and I have been a successful Fiverr seller for nearly three years. I am best known for my Santa Claus gig each year. Fiverr has allowed me to use my experience and love as a performer to earn a living through voice recordings and video. I have learned much in the last three years and in this course I will teach you all of it. I hold nothing back!

My approach to teaching is through video in a one to one format. When needed I will also show you live examples from the Etsy website. Each lecture covers just one topic full of informative details as well as my own personal stories and experiences related to my own home based business and my Etsy shop. I have nearly 25 years of experience in front of and behind the camera. I speak clearly with passion and energy. The videos are well lit with broadcast quality sound. We start with the basics and end on more advanced topics such as expanding your Fiverr home based business and secrets to reaching success.

There will be a total of 20 video lectures. They go from 5 minutes up 20 minutes in length and you are welcome to watch any or all the videos however many times you need. Also included is printable documents to help serve as a guide as you go through each lecture. You will also find a quiz at the end of each section. By going through two to three lectures a day you can complete this course in as little as two weeks or less! Once you complete the course you will have everything you need to start creating your own Fiverr gigs and reach success in your very own home based business!

Who is the target audience?
  • This is course is best suited for entrepreneurs, business minded individuals, self-employed, graphic artists, photographers, entertainers, career professionals, writers, marketers, and anyone looking to make extra income or a full time career with Fiverr.
  • This is coarse is NOT for those who are not willing to provide the work needed to work for yourself, can't follow instructions, looking to get rich overnight, or are incapable of working for themselves with no supervision.
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Curriculum For This Course
21 Lectures
Introductory And Getting Started
3 Lectures 21:15

We begin our lesson with an introduction to Fiverr, what and who they are, and how you can make a wonderful living with them. I will also introduce myself and let you know what's in store for this series of lectures.

Preview 05:26

Fiverr has changed the lives of many by allowing people to create a simple home based business without having to make an investment, buy equipment, or a shop. In this lecture I will guide you through the process of getting started with Fiverr and share some important info regarding your profile image and your bio.

Preview 10:57

Before we get neck deep into our lectures I want you to come on a visual tour with me and have a look at Fiverr and all of the bells and whistles. Most that this site has to offer can help you in your Fiverr business and I'm going to show you what to look for. The goal here is to get familiar with the site so that you can navigate it with ease. There are many things here to help you as a Fiverr seller.

Visual Tour of The Fiverr Website

Section 1 Completion Quiz
3 questions
Creating Gigs
6 Lectures 01:28:19

You are going to need a notebook and writing instrument for this one. In this lecture you will learn a really fun way to come up with ideas for choosing your gig or gigs. This excersise will be fun and by the time your done you will have what you need to create your very first gig. By the way there will be homework assignment after this lesson! Don't worry, it's fun!

Tips For Choosing Your Gig

Before creating your gig it's important to do some keyword research. This will help your gig get found through the search engines. In this lecture I will take you through the process and how this will also help with your marketing efforts when it comes time to promote your gig. This is a process that should not be taken likely. Once you finish this lecture you will be ready to optimize every gig you create.

Keyword Research For Creating Your Gig

The fun begins! If you completed your homework assignment then you are now ready to create your gig. This is the life blood of your Fiverr business. I will teach you some fantastic tips and you will see me create a gig live in our video lecture so that you replicate the process for your own gig.

How To Create Your Gig

Although Fiverr helps get your gig seen you will need to do some marketing in order to increase sales. There are many things you can do to get the word out and after today you will have knowledge to begin. We will discuss blogging, videos, social media, offline advertising, and paid methods as well. This is designed to get your gig seen and spread the word to all!

Marketing Your Gig

Gig extras can take a five dollar order and turn it into 20, 30, or even 50 dollar orders! It is very easy to create gig extras and I have some great tips for what you can do here to earn more on your orders. You will also a visual example of how to create a gig extra and the good news is that it's very simple. You do need to be a level one, level two, or top rated seller but this is something you work your way to.

What Are Gig Extras And How To Use Them

As I told you in previous lectures having a video to sell your gig is vital. Gigs with videos get a much larger increase in sales than those without. It doesn't matter what you are offering. Use a video to show and tell your potential audience. Using my nearly 25 years of experience in front of and behind the camera I will teach you the best ways to make great videos that convert. What you learn here can make a huge difference to your success.

How To Make Good Videos That Convert To Sales

Section 2 Completion Quiz
4 questions
Sales And Revenue
4 Lectures 49:51

In this lecture I will take you through the process of completing an order. There are some very important things I will teach you that you need to know. The way you process orders can make or break your business. After today you will be able to process orders like a pro! You will also see it done live on the Fiverr site.

Processing Orders

You have completed your order, now what? With Fiverr it's not as simple as getting paid right away for your completed orders. There is actually a lengthy process. This is one negative to Fiverr however it beats working 9 to 5 for someone else. In this lecture I will take you through the whole process and show you exactly how are paid for your work and when. There is a lot of important info so make sure you have your notebook ready!

Getting Paid For Your Work

Good customer service is a major part of your business. There is a right way to go about this and a wrong way. In this lecture I will go over the importance of providing good customer service, tips on completing your orders, and how to achieve a 100% feedback score.By the time you finish this lecture you will be ready to give your customers a great experience.

Customer Service

This is a very short lecture but very important. When it comes to email timing is everything and you could cost yourself many sales. After this lesson you will never forget to check your emails again!

Email Communication

Section 3 Completion Quiz
3 questions
Tips, Tricks, And Expanding Your Fiverr Business
5 Lectures 53:15

You now have your gigs live, perhaps you're making sales, but there are so many other things you should know. Today's lecture is packed full tidbits that you need know about Fiverr and your business such as copyrights, legal info, payment time frames, and small details that many overlook.

Important Things To Know About Fiverr

There are reasons why I became a successful Fiverr seller and in this lecture I will expose them. I have lots of great tips and tricks to take your Fiverr business to next level. There are a lot of small details that can make all the difference in the world to your success. This is where you become a pro.

Tips And Tricks For Success

You can easily do this part time or for extra work but many want to make this a career. The great news is many are doing so and some are earning over 100,000 a year! If this is what you are striving for then this lecture is for you. We will discuss ways to expand your Fiverr business such as adding multiple gigs, turning one particular gig into many, and how to work towards a full time career.

Expanding Your Fiverr Business

There will be times when you may get stuck with coming up with new ideas for creating gigs. I've been there myself but I learned some simple tricks that will help and you will learn them as well in this lecture. I have a simple way of drumming up ideas by going to the Fiverr website and researching the categories. This can drum up a ton ideas if you get stuck for new gigs.

How To Inspire New Gig Ideas

Unknown to many, including pro sellers, are the hidden orders that will be placed at times. Buyers place these orders but provide no information. When this happens Fiverr doesn't tell you about the order and you lose the sale. It's as if it doesn't exist but it does! In this lecture you are in luck as I am able to show a recent hidden order in my Fiverr account. I will show you how to rescue these orders and turn them into a profit and not a loss.

Big Secret To Rescuing Hidden Orders

Section 4 Completion Quiz
3 questions
The Finale
3 Lectures 27:38

Now that we are coming to the end of our course I thought it would be helpful to show an example of a real live gig. For the example I will show you my very popular "Santa Claus" gig and why it attracts buyers.This will give you a great idea of how you should fashion your gig for whatever service or product you offer.

The Completed Live Gig

Congratulations you have made it to the final lecture! As we part ways and you head out into your new journey I have some words of encouragement to help you reach the finish line. Some days will be great and others will have you pulling your hair out. If you take what I say today and always remember it you will be able to overcome the road blocks and reach the success you dream of.

Words Of Encouragement

Over the past year, since I completed the lectures for this course, Fiverr has made some changes to the website. Most changes do not impact what you have learned here however there are some new features. For this video lecture I will take you on a tour of Fiverr's updated website. You will also see the redesigned dashboard which is more user friendly for sellers. I will also show you the updates that have been made to "GIG EXTRAS". These are all positive changes that make life a little easier for a Fiverr seller.

UPDATE: New Tour of Fiverr's Website

A final review of the entire course.

8 questions
About the Instructor
Mike M. Burke
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Entrepreneur, Small Business Owner, Actor, Writer, Filmmaker

I was born with the entrepreneurs’s blood in my veins! What started out as mowing one neighbor’s yard for ten dollars at the age of 11 grew into multiple lawns and my fist business. Unlike many kids I knew I was earning decent income each week. At just 14 years old I was hired to work as a busboy in an Italian Restaurant. Little did I know that small job would lead to something life changing and put me on the journey I am now on.

I discovered I had a talent for comedy and celebrity voice impersonations when I was 12 years old. Within the year I was performing as a stand up comic at parties, school events, and family functions. It had become my passion and my dream. I knew then what I wanted to do with the rest of my life. While working as a busboy my boss had become a huge fan of my comedy. Each night he would call me out to the dining room and have me perform mini comedy acts for the patrons. This lead me to doing a special hour and half comedy night in the restaurant that was filmed and aired on local TV. To my surprise the TV special was a hit! One particular fan of the special, who was a grade above me in the same High School, introduced himself to me and we became instant friends.

One day in study hall we were talking and out of the blue we came up with the concept for a comedy talk/variety show that we would air on local TV. Although he didn’t think it was possible I set out to prove it was. After all this was a big part of my dream. A few months later “Comedy After Dark starring Mike Burke” was born! I was 16 years old by this point. Our broadcast appeared weekly on local television and became wildly popular in our community and the surrounding communities. I had many roles on the show. I served as Executive Producer, Head Writer, Director, Host, and video editor. The show ran successfully for 100 episodes in a two year span of time. We chose to end it on top at 100!

Since then I have become a filmmaker producing independent films with my production company Mystic Night Pictures. My duties include screen writer, producer, director, lead actor, and film editor. To date I have made over 15 films and numerous film shorts. I have decades of experience in front of the camera and I’m very comfortable with it.

In more recent years I have created a number of home based businesses. I run a very successful Etsy shop building and selling Electric Hurricane Lanterns, a Fiverr business featuring my very successful Santa Claus gig, and I’m involved in art and photography work as well. I have learned much about working for myself and controlling my own destiny since I made my first ten dollars mowing my neighbor’s lawn. I feel that the loads of knowledge I have received should be shared with others. Many throughout my life have come to me for answers about many things. I always found it funny when people over the age of 60 would come to me for advice or to learn something but at the same time it felt great teaching someone something new.

We never know where our journey will take us. If I had not worked as a busboy in the restaurant, I would have never done the comedy special that aired on television, which was viewed by a fan who would become a friend that lead us to creating a TV show that has brought me to where I am today. I believe in dreaming big and then making it a reality. A dream is only a dream if you do nothing about it. Everyone has a chance at success if they truly believe in themselves and what they are doing. Understanding that failure leads to success is key. We all fail at some point, some more than others, but failure is not a bad thing. It is a life lesson. We learn what we did wrong and we try a different solution. It may take awhile but we will get there. The only real failure is giving up.