How to Remember Your Dreams

Complete Guide To Recalling And Memorizing Dreams And Developing Creativity Using The Magnetic Memory Method
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About This Course

Published 9/2014 English

Course Description

If you've ever wanted to develop your ability to remember your dreams by 100% .. 200% ... 300% or more using simple exercises you can learn in under 2 hours (or less), then this may be the most important course you ever take.

With "How to Remember Your Dreams" you'll:

  • Develop the right mindset EVERY night before going to bed using a simple and fun ritual that will build unbreakable trust between you and your dreaming mind. (Thereʼs a right way and a wrong way to approach self- encouragement, so this is your chance to get it right from the start.)
  • The #1 SIMPLEST way to record your remembered dreams, plus three nearly obnoxious alternatives that youʼll want to avoid. (Believe it or not, but your mind actually WANTS you to record your dreams in this way.)
  • Incubate your dreams for further contemplation and interpretation using the Magnetic Memory Method. This is a process that lets people who are brand spanking new to memory techniques quickly learn to recall massive amounts of important information. Itʼs bewildering how few people know how to use these techniques, and yet anyone can do them, at any age, any place and any time.
  • Use dream recall to help organize your thoughts throughout the day so that you can focus on what REALLY matters in life. (Do things right and this little known aspect of having advanced dream memory skills will sharpen your concentration so that you can finally get things done without being constantly interrupted by random thoughts).
  • Learn the secret link between remembering your dreams and controlling your emotions. (Itʼs a statistical fact that most people have very little influence over how they feel, but correct dream recall is a “fool proof” way to understand your feelings and reactions and become their master.)
  • Discover how to “read” the symbols in both your sleeping and waking thoughts. You can literally program your brain to understand your personal palette of images to gain deeper self-understanding and open the doors of better communication between yourself and others.
  • Become more open to new ideas. (In fact, you wonʼt be able to resist becoming more open-minded because being able to remember your dreams will increase your curiosity and interest in everything, which in turn makes you a more interesting person to everyone else you encounter!)
  • Develop your visual memory so that you can develop other amazing memory skills.
  • How to use free dream apps to dramatically increase your dream recall. (Many of the best dreams are “captured” using software in todayʼs day and age of technology – though youʼll also learn when to avoid apps in favor of organic methods as a caution against taking tech to bed).
  • How to take the anxiety and pressure off of remembering your dreams. (Itʼs not a competition, after all, and yet some people “choke” under the pressure they place on themselves when trying to achieve their dream recall goals).
  • How to recall dozens of dreams, memorize them and still sleep in as late into the day as you please! (Obviously, you have to learn the techniques taught in this course first, BUT miss this obvious lesson and you might wind up failing to get into your own psychology with the depth and intensity that you deserve.)
  • How to catalog, cross-reference and study your personal dream themes.

These techniques will help you develop revolutionary self-understanding as you quickly begin to imagine who you are in a different (and more accurate) way.

And much, much more, including ...

Three ways to put yourself into a deep state of relaxation as you fall asleep ... A secret meditation techniques for getting an unusually calm state in your mind ... How to build deliberate dream intentions as a matter of habit ... How to use Day Journaling and other daytime activities to boost your dream recall ... and even ...

Precisely What To Do If You Cannot Remember Any Dreams Whatsoever!

This tip is worth the price of this course alone – and youʼll pick up an amazing strategy for improving your dream recall even if you already regularly recall your dreams.

“How to Remember Your Dreams” simply could not make it easier for you to experience maximum dream recall night after night!

But before you start thinking this is all too good to be true (like something in a dream), “How to Remember Your Dreams” is just one of the perks youʼll get.

When you invest in “How to Remember Your Dreams” today, you also get:

Bonus #1: How To Interpret Your Dreams

In this quick, Dream Interpretation “Primer,” youʼll learn:

  • Exactly how to “play” psychoanalyst to your dreams so that you can understand your true desires and intentions and finally achieve what you really want in life. (This isnʼt the usual hum-drum Freudian stuff youʼre used to, but new ways to think about dream interpretation that will matter to you more and more as you continue to use them).
  • How to pool associations from both your dream images and your daytime fantasies so that you can lower stress and release unconscious guilt. (Anyone who has ever asked if there is a relationship between fantasy and dreaming will find an interesting answer in this primer.)
  • The three forms of anxiety that are ruling your life and how to start releasing yourself from their hold. Master these fears and youʼll experience a whole new lease on life.
  • Exactly when to accept when a dream is “just” a dream and when to dig deeper so that you can truly get unstuck from the things in life that may be holding you back. (This simple tip will help you understand when to probe a dream deeper and when to simply let it go so you can focus on the truly important affairs of your mind.)

Bonus #2: How to Use Your Dreams To Write Stories, Novels And Screenplays

In this in-depth creativity training, youʼll discover:

  • Precise methods for “translating” the images and narrative elements of your dreams into stories that people will want to enjoy again and again. (Seriously, there are amazing ways to do this without strain when you are using your dreams in combination with dedicated memory strategies.)
  • How to develop your dreams and make them “fit” the fundamental elements of plot responsible for making all of your favorite novels and movies touch your heart and fulfill your soul. If more writers did this, weʼd have to invent a new kind of Nobel Prize.
  • How to make sure that the stories you develop from your dreams include powerful transformations that will teach your audience at the unconscious level powerful lessons about the best ways to live in the world. (This is the real secret to writing the kinds of stories that will endear you to people around the world, or simply satisfy yourself if you only write for fun).
  • Two amazing resources that will change (and improve) everything you know about storytelling so that you can enjoy the novels you read and the movies you see with greater intensity and pleasure than ever before. (The tips and techniques youʼll pick up from these resources are also the best ways to ensure long term fanship from the people you touch with your stories.) Plus ...

Youʼll also get a step-by-step walk-through of how I turned one nightʼs series of dreams into an amazing, layered and thrilling plot for a completely original story that youʼll be dying to see up on the silver screen.

This video course is for dream adventurers and explorers. This is why “How to Remember Your Dreams” comes to with the two bonuses you just read about. Plus, you can email me (the instructor) at any time with your questions about dream recall and expect a personal response within one week.

So now itʼs time to decide whether youʼre coming on this amazing adventure or not.

Click the “Buy Now” button to give it a try. You have a 30-day, no questions asked, “Right Decision” guarantee.

“How to Remember Your Dreams” is downloadable immediately.

Invest in “How to Remember Your Dreams” and get started today.

What are the requirements?

  • A willingness to experiment.
  • A keen interest in dreams and dreaming.
  • Curiosity and the urge to discover new skills and experiences.

What am I going to get from this course?

  • To remember multiple dreams every morning.
  • To develop general memory abilities as a result of improving dream recall.
  • To understand the relationship between the waking and sleeping mind.
  • To work with day dreams and "manifest" what you really want in life (no woo woo or pseudoscience - just science based activities that make a difference)

Who is the target audience?

  • Anyone interested in dreams and dreaming.
  • Counselors, psychologists and other professionals.
  • Students of psychology, Humanities and the Arts.
  • Writers, filmmakers and arists.

What you get with this course?

Not for you? No problem.
30 day money back guarantee.

Forever yours.
Lifetime access.

Learn on the go.
Desktop, iOS and Android.

Get rewarded.
Certificate of completion.


Section 1: Read Me First Fast Start Action Plan
Welcome To The Course And The World Of Advanced Dream Recall

This video discussion the primary benefits of taking this course.

Fast Read Quick Start Action Guide
4 pages
Section 2: Introduction to Advanced Dream Recall: How To Remember Many Dreams Every Night

In this video lecture, you'll learn the fundamentals of recalling your dreams. These include:

* Developing the right mindset so that you can get started on the right footing for maximum success.

* Collecting the best materials so that you're prepared (nothing to buy, though you might want to make a few important purchases so that your mind knows that you're serious about remembering your dreams).

* The number one barrier between you and remembering all of your dream.


In this video lecture, you'll learn about some of the other methods for invoking dream recall - and why you should avoid them.


In this video you'll learn about the important ways you can use a pencil and paper to increase dream recall, including quick sketches and drawings - neither of which require any artistic ability!


This video lecture brings the introduction to the close and provides you all the tools you need to get started on the path to maximum dream recall and keep going for life.

Section 3: Visualization Exercises For Stimulating Dreaming And Practicing Dream Recall

In this first video of two in this section, you'll learn some key techniques and exercises for becoming more visual. Not only will these exercises improve your dream recall, but enable you to use other aspects of the Magnetic Memory Method better as well.


In this second video of two in this section, you'll learn some key techniques and exercises for becoming more visual. Not only will these exercises improve your dream recall, but enable you to use other aspects of the Magnetic Memory Method better as well.

Section 4: Dream Memorization - This Is An Essential Tool For Getting The Most From Dreams

Remembering your dreams and memorizing them are two different activities. This video will teach you exactly how to treat dreams so that they go into long term memory.


This video lecture teaches you how to use the power of dream memorization to remember several dreams without having to write them down so that you can sleep in. Being tired from waking up to work on dream memory is a huge barrier for many people - but use this simple technique (after gaining a bit of experience) and you'll always be well-rested despite having awareness of your dreams.

Section 5: How To Boost Dream Recall With Relaxation And Meditation

In this video lecture, learn how to use meditation and relaxation to stimulate dream recall. These tools will also benefit every other area of your life.

Section 6: Troubleshooting The Dream Recall Process With One Simple Technique You Must Use

It's no secret that some people can't seem to remember any dreams. This video lecture will help anyone who experiences this overcome this problem.


It's not always clear what exactly triggers of dream recall. This video lecture will help you read all of the signs.

Section 7: How To Use The Dream Recall Cheetsheets And Dream Barometer

This quick video shows you how to use the Dream Recall Cheatsheets and Dream Barometer to increase your recall success and deepen how you underst your dreams.

Section 8: Day Dreams: Simple Steps To Understanding And Achieving Your Waking Life Dreams

In this video lecture, you'll learn how to "manifest" your dreams for a better future. But you won't hear any of the usual stuff from "The Secret." You're going to learn exactly what it takes to create exactly what you want in life without any of the BS taught by the usual crew of self-help gurus.


This video continues the lesson in bringing what you dream and wish for into your life in a no nonsense and direct manner.

Section 9: Conclusion

This video lecture concludes the course before you start enjoying the many course bonuses.

Section 10: Bonus: Theme-Based Memory Palaces For Advanced Organization And Self-Reflection

This video teaches you how to use a variety of free apps to record your dreams. Having technology in bed is not necessarily recommended, but in this video you'll learn how to experiment safely.

Section 11: Bonus: How To Remember Your Dreams Ebook - The Entire Course In Readable Prose
94 pages

Download and read the entire course as a convenient training ebook. Normally sold for $37.

Section 12: Bonus: Guide To Practical, Meaningful And Easy Dream Interpretation (No Woo-Wo)

Special bonus video on how to interpret the dreams you've learned to recall without any of the psychobabble. You'll also learn how to deal with the three fundamental anxieties that plague us all simply by developing a better understanding of your dreams.

7 pages

Download the ebook version of Dream Interpretation (A Primer) as a special bonus just for being a participant in this course.

Section 13: Bonus: Dreams And Creative Writing

Learn how to best use the ebook download of this special bonus on using your dreams to write impactful fiction.

9 pages

Download this convenient ebook version of How to Use Your Dreams To Write Stories, Novels And Screenplays as a bonus to the How To Remember Your Dreams video course.

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Instructor Biography

Anthony Metivier, Bestselling Memory Improvement Author

Anthony Metivier is the founder of the Magnetic Memory Method, a systematic, 21st Century approach to memorizing foreign language vocabulary, dreams, names, music, poetry in ways that are easy, elegant, effective and fun.

An author of over 10 bestselling books, Metivier holds a PhD in Humanities from York University, an MA in Media and Communications from the European Graduate School, and an MA and BA in English Literature from York University. 

He has created many bestselling courses, including How to Learn and Memorize the Vocabulary of any Language, How to Learn and Memorize Poetry, How to Memorize Names and Faces, and How to Remember Your Dreams.

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