How to Create a Happier Relationship in 5 Easy Steps
4.7 (6 ratings)
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How to Create a Happier Relationship in 5 Easy Steps

This program will teach you the ultimate skills you need for long-lasting, passionate, loving relationships.
4.7 (6 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
424 students enrolled
Created by Alexis Meads
Last updated 11/2014
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What Will I Learn?
  • Reignite the love in your relationship
  • Rekindle the passion and romance in your relationship
  • Understand your hidden love language
  • Apply the love languages to improve your relationship or marriage
  • Solving the relationship problem
  • Transcending the upper limits of love
  • Being happier than ever with yourself and your partner
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  • Be Open to More Love
  • Computer literate

Did you know that today, over 50% of marriages and relationships fail?

That is a staggering number!

Why is it that relationships have to be so hard?

Do you want to reignite the love, passion and romance in your relationship for deep, long-lasting fulfillment?

It's time to get the tools to better equip yourself.

Most importantly, it will help you to have deeper, long-lasting fulfillment in your relationships.

What If It Doesn't Come Naturally?

The tools and skills you need to transform your relationship don't need to come naturally, they CAN be learned.

My research is based on my own life, those of my clients and countless books by experts on creating deep and passionate relationships.

I have literally seen miracles happen to turn marriages and relationships around and have helped hundreds of people all over the world do the same!

Relationship Myths:

  • Relationship Myth #1: I'm just not any good at relationships. With a little effort, desire and determination you CAN learn to be great at relationships and turn your relationship around into one that is the happiest, most healthy and loving you've ever been in.
  • Relationship Myth #2: If the passion in my relationship has died, the relationship must not be working anymore. It is natural after a few years that the intense feeling of your relationship may fade. This is okay - I will show you ways to re-ignite the passion and romance in your relationship.
  • Relationship Myth #3: There are patterns in my relationship that simply cannot be overcome. Miracles happen! Anything can change and be overcome, but it has to start with YOU. I have seen marriages go from the brink of collapse to revitalized and fresh.

Why Are Relationships So Important?

It is important that we understand how to improve our relationships because they are literally the emotional cornerstone of our lives, bringing us happiness, love and fulfillment. Unfortunately, only 50% of relationships make it. In my practice as a Life CoachI have more people write into me about relationship struggles than anything else! Therefore I have made it my personal mission to help others transform their relationships.

Join me in How to Reignite the Love in Your Relationship!

Who is the target audience?
  • Anyone who is in a relationship
  • Anyone married wishing to improve their marriage
  • Anyone who wants more love in their life!
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Curriculum For This Course
18 Lectures
3 Lectures 08:06

Here is a brief introduction to the course, "How to Reignite the Love in Your Relationship or Marriage" covering the overall goals of the course.

Preview 01:08

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1 page

In this lecture I wanted to give you a little background on myself since we'll be spending a lot of time together! I came to teach about relationships and have made it a personal mission because of the challenges I went through in my own relationship experiences and those of my friends and clients.

I have fortunately been able to shed myself of the past, dive fully into my current relationship, recently got married and continue to grow while helping others do the same!

Preview 06:58
Discover Your Hidden Love Language
6 Lectures 20:17

In this video I introduce the concept of the 5 Love Languages.

This is a concept, created by Marriage Counselor and Author Gary Chapman, that there are 5 primary love languages and we each speak a different one. When you come to understand your primary language of love, and that of your partner, it can change and improve any relationship.

Preview 02:02

This video covers Primary Love Language #1: Words of Affirmation.

If this is your primary love language, than chances are that having your partner (or really anyone you're close with for that matter) say nice, uplifting things about you is how you will feel most loved.

If this is the love language of your partner, than making a point to give them compliments will go a long way.

On the contrary, if Words of Affirmation is your primary love language, your partner saying something nasty to you will hurt more than anything else could.

Love Language #1: Words of Affirmation

In this video we cover the Love Language #2: Quality Time.

This is my personal primary love language! If it is yours, too, than the way that you'll feel most loved by your partner is spending quality time with him or her. That means having conversations where you truly listen to one another, going for long walks, doing fun things together, etc. Feeling ignored by your partner or not getting to spend enough quality time with them will be the most hurtful.

If you realize this is your partner's primary love language, make a list of date ideas and ask them what they'd like to do!

Love Language #2: Quality Time

In this video we cover Primary Love Language #3: Gift Giving.

If this is your primary love language, than objects hold great value and importance to you. You'll feel most loved by your partner if your partner gives you a gift from something expensive to a nice note or card. For people who have gift giving as their primary will most likely place a lot of importance in marriage on their wedding ring. To them, the ring is a symbol of their love, and their partner refusing to wear their ring would be the ultimate slap in the face. For others, not wearing a ring in marriage wouldn't be a big deal.

If your partner's love language is gift giving, make a point to surprise them with small gifts and thoughtful notes.

Love Language #3: Gift Giving + Receiving

This video is about Love Language #4: Acts of Service. Someone who has Acts of Service as their primary love language will most likely show their love by taking care of things for their partner. This could be doing things around the house such as laundry, mowing the lawn, cooking dinner, etc.

If this is your partner's primary love language than make a point to do things you know that him or her will appreciate. For example, this is my husband's primary love language and he brings me tea in the morning. Since it's not my primary love language, he may feel that he's being really loving by taking care of me where it's not as important to me.

Love Language #4: Acts of Service

This video is about Love Language #5: Physical Touch.

If you're someone who's primary love language is physical touch, than you feel most loved and affectionate when you're physically close to someone. This goes beyond sex. You're more likely to reach out and hold your partners hands, to like giving hugs, cuddle, etc. If this is your primary love language, than a slap in the face would be the ultimate punishment to you!

If your partners love language is physical touch, make a point to have more non-sexual contact. Give them a shoulder or foot massage, hold their hand, touch them when you know they're feeling sad.

Love Language #5: Physical Touch

Take this quick quiz to test your knowledge about the five love languages!

Love Language Quiz
6 questions
Commitment, Intimacy and Passion
2 Lectures 11:08

In this video we talk about being open to love. Even if we're in a relationship, we may not realize how much we're closed off. I'll help you to break down those walls in order to give and receive more love.

Open Yourself Up To Love

This lecture, Putting Both Feet In, is crucial!

Even after we're married, the ultimate commitment, we may still have one foot out the door. We may be having judging thoughts about our partner, fantasizing about other people or even keeping our "escape plan" in the back of our minds.

What you may not realize is that doing this, even subconsciously could be affecting your relationship and creating a self-fulfilling prophecy.

So if you truly want to improve your relationship or marriage, than its time to put both feet int!

Putting Both Feet In
Spice it Up!
2 Lectures 07:29

In this video we talk about spicing it up!

It is proven that 1 1/2 to 2 years is the total amount of time for the "in love" phase, when we feel all googly eyed and faint. After that, it may start to fade away. That doesn't mean that you love your partner any less, you're simply entering a new phase of your relationship.

That being said, the passion and romance doesn't need to end! I talk about spicing it up and even giving you exercises to try that will help make your relationship more romantic and passionate.

How To Spice It Up

Spice it Up Exercises
1 page
Solving the Relationship Problem
2 Lectures 08:44

In the book, The Big Leap, the author talks a lot about upper limits. You see, we all have our "inner thermostat" set to a certain limit of how much love, happiness, money, joy, etc. we can accept. That's because we don't actually believe we can have any more of that.

That's why sometimes when a relationship starts getting REALLY good, we find a way to sabotage it. Or just when we start earning a lot of money, we get fired from our jobs.

So in this video I'll teach you about transcending the upper limits of love so you can accept and create MORE love in your life!

Transcending the Upper Limits of Love

Our partners are a direct reflection of ourselves. Relationships serve as mirrors and are a vehicle for growth.

Usually, we'll be drawn to something in our partner that attracts us because it's a quality within ourselves we'd like to develop. However, over time, if we fail to develop that potential quality within ourselves we start taking it out and projecting onto our partner.

Someone who you first thought was "Fun and spontaneous!" suddenly seems like a flake.

Learn how your partner is a reflection of you so that you can grow in your own life and relationship.

Your Partner is a Reflection of You
The Four Step Process
2 Lectures 05:43

In this video I'll teach you the four steps to a bigger and better relationship.

Step #1: Take Space

Each of us has a driver to be independent and to be in a relationship. At times these can feel like opposing forces.

In order to satisfy both needs, make sure to take some time and space for yourself when your in a relationship.

Go out with friends, take a bubble bath, read a book while your partner is doing something else.

Step #2: Stop Projecting

Relationships are a vehicle for growth. When you realize this, and see how you are projecting onto your partner, take steps to stop. If there are things you are critical of your partner for, see how they may a projection of something you’d like to change within yourself.

Step #3: Speak Your Truth

Practice speaking your microscopic truth. This means letting your partner know how you feel and what you’re thinking. We can’t expect them to “just know”.

Step 4: Feel Your Feelings

Avoid phrases such as “please don’t cry” or “stop doing that”. Stifling pain in a relationship also stifles joy. Let yourself and your partner feel your feelings fully.

4 Step Process to a Bigger and Better Relationship

4 Step Process Guidance Sheet
1 page
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1 Lecture 01:51
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