Learn how to Price your Embroidery or Dressmaking crafts

Learn how to set up your Craft Business from Home. Charge for any service. We have Included Our Windows Software.
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About This Course

Published 12/2014 English

Course Description

Up to Date as at: January 2017.

The #1 problem in the Embroidery, Dressmaking and Crafts industry is Price. "How much should you charge for your work or service"

Stitching for Profit Started back in 1991 when my wife and business partner was still doing dressmaking as a full time career. The Price for Profit, Software was created and tuned over the last 20 years, to remove the emotions when getting to price your product or service.

The Price for Profit course is for all ladies and gents who is working from home, in the Crafts Industry mainly. We have also cover people working from home that have to charge customers a Charge-Out Rate for a product or service

Over the last 24 month it was refined and tested we have released 2 Windows based PC Software programs.

  • Stitch for Profit ( Craft Industry)
  • Enterprise for Profit ( Charge-Out Rate Industry)

Both these software is included in the course as downloadable Zip files.

Why should you take this Course?

Everybody is in business for profit, 90% of people in the Craft Industry don't know how to price, but more important, WHY they should charge $ X for and Item or service.

In this course you will learn what is involved in a profitable price for your business.


Section 1: Introduction

  • Introduction by Jacqui
  • The Work Book

Section 2: Principals of Price and Profit

  • Profit = Selling Price - Cost price
  • I want to make $10K Profit this year!
  • How to Eat and Elephant....

Section 3: What do you need to know?

  • Work-space and Equipment
  • Advertising your Service
  • Finance and Administration
  • Customer Relations
  • The Business Plan

Section 4: Price for Profit PC(Windows) Software

  • Windows based Software for Crafters
  • Installing your Software
  • How to setup your personal RATE.
  • Edit and Update the Settings of the Software
  • Customers
  • Reports and Cost Allocation
  • Setup Templates for Email and Invoice
  • Create a Dummy Invoice
  • Manages Products and Services

Section 5: Stitch for Profit for Dressmakers

  • Setting up your Dressmaking Services
  • Clothing Construction Price list
  • Basic Clothing Price list
  • My Sewing/Dressmaking and Embroidery Rules

Section 6: Stitch for Profit for Embroidery Business

  • Embroidery Job Card Sample

Section 7: Enterprise for Profit for Internet Marketers and Pay per Hour Services

  • Windows based Software for Pay per Hour Clients

Section 8: Summarize

  • Conclusion

What is the Biggest Factor that stand in you way of making your profit for the Year?

Never charge $1 less than the competition, only the customer wins.

What are the requirements?

  • Software and WP Plugin is provided as Downloadable for all students of this course.

What am I going to get from this course?

  • By the end of this course you will be able to calculate your most profitable Charge Out Rate and never work without making profit.
  • You will know how to install the Price For Profit Software and WP Plugin and how to use it to manage your business.

Who is the target audience?

  • This course is for everybody that works and charge and get paid by time spend.
  • Ideal for Dressmakers
  • Embroidery and other Craft Business
  • Offline Internet marketers
  • Any person wanting to start a new business

What you get with this course?

Not for you? No problem.
30 day money back guarantee.

Forever yours.
Lifetime access.

Learn on the go.
Desktop, iOS and Android.

Get rewarded.
Certificate of completion.


Section 1: Introduction

How can you Price a Product or Service and Make More Profit

During 1991 when I started sewing for my first customer I knew that I had to become a professional custom clothier. I wish I knew then what I know now. My quality of work was always excellent and my delivery not always on time, due to items I had to create in the nick of time for other customers that rushed in on Wednesday for this Saturdays function, and I allowed them to run my business.

I had a passion for working with different fabrics, and I love to dress well.

Philip taught to me that success is not an end result, but a way of living. Security is an internal factor that I could only find in myself, nobody could offer me ten bags of security for this month, and I could not buy it from any store.

I was determine to make a success, and though my kitchen was not always spick and span, my sewing room was where I wanted to be.

10 pages

How can you Price a Product or Service and Make More Profit

Included in this lecture are 7 Downloadable PDF file.

  1. Workbook.pdf
  2. What Are You Selling (55.68 KB)
  3. Workspace And Equipment (59.4 KB)
  4. Advertising And Marketing (42.91 KB)
  5. Finance And Admin (103.23 KB)
  6. Customer Relations (70.68 KB)
  7. Business Plan (115.67 KB)
For Embroidery Businesses. Use my Spreadsheet to calculate your machine needs
37 pages
What would you like to Know by the end of this course?
1 question
Section 2: Princepals of Price and Profit

How can you Price a Product or Service and Make More Profit

"Money is one of the most important subjects of your entire life. Some of life's greatest enjoyments and most of life's greatest disappointments stem from your decisions about money. Whether you experience great peace of mind or constant anxiety will depend on getting your finances under control."

—Robert G. Allen: investment advisor and author

Why do you need to know your Hourly Rate?

or let me ask the question in another way.

How should you price your services, to attract business and make a profit?


How can you Price a Product or Service and Make More Profit

I want to make $10K Profit this year after running my business for 12 months and paid all my business expenses and my salary and have a cash balance in my bank account of more than $10K.

So this is what we will cover in this course.


How can you Price a Product or Service and Make More Profit

Rating and Discussions on Udemy, Feedback to Instructors
Section 3: Price for Profit PC(Windows) Software

How can you Price a Product or Service and Make More Profit


How can you Price a Product or Service and Make More Profit


How can you Price a Product or Service and Make More Profit


How can you Price a Product or Service and Make More Profit


How can you Price a Product or Service and Make More Profit


How can you Price a Product or Service and Make More Profit


How can you Price a Product or Service and Make More Profit


How can you Price a Product or Service and Make More Profit


How can you Price a Product or Service and Make More Profit


How can you Price a Product or Service and Make More Profit

Here we will work with different price list, that should be added to your Software.

Categories and Products.

All items added is for a standard time period as the software will do the calculation based on the rate you are using x the standard time to get to the Price

1 question

What is the most important part of the Crafters Software?

Section 4: Enterprise for Profit for Internet Marketers and Pay per Hour Services

How can you Price a Product or Service and Make More Profit

1 question

What does the Enterprise for Profit version of the software not have?

Section 5: Summarrize
2 pages

How can you Price a Product or Service and Make More Profit

I have included the following for you.

  1. Who pays for Shipping?
  2. A place for Everything
  3. Job Card Sample
All in PDF downloadable.
1 question

Have we succeeded in providing you with a Pricing Structure for your business?

Section 6: Bonus Section
Bonus Lecture: Coupon Codes by Philip Viljoen

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Instructor Biography

Philip Viljoen, Author, Coach & Software Instructor

I have been an Internet entrepreneur for the last 20 years. My main focus is on Embroidery Software Training plus some Self Improvement, YouTube Video Marketing and Web Development

Things I do and enjoy

  1. providing training in the embroidery software and digitizing industry
  2. develop sport related membership sites.
  3. and on the off chance I am involved in PHP programming and web development

Outside of work I am a published author on Amazon Kindle and Createspace. I enjoy my bush trips at least twice per year to clear my head.

I am also co-hosting some Bernina Software training course with my partner and wife Jacqui Viljoen at School of Digitizing where we both are instructors on the Bernina Software Series ver 5 - 8 and Embird Embroidery Software

My passion is sharing what I know with others and helping them to succeed as well.

I started earning a monthly income on Udemy in December of 2014

© P Viljoen Trading, -All Rights Reserved

Instructor Biography

Jacqui Viljoen, Teaching Bernina Embroidery Software @ School of Digitizing

Jacqui Viljoen has been teaching Fashion and Dress design since 1994. In 2004 she opened her Bernina Franchise in Benoni, South Africa and has been teaching Bernina Embroidery Software since. First as Bernina Dealer in Benoni South Africa in her studio in Benoni and as from 2009, online as Principal at School of Digitizing.

Like most dealers I had to work for a specific target, and sales had to be my first priority, which leads to not be able to give that exclusive and undivided attention on training in the Bernina Embroidery Software like you deserve....... well I wanted more time there, so much so that one day I decided this is it! I am out!

Sold the shop, took a leap year to discover and learn and research all I wanted to know about Bernina Embroidery Software, and as I grew into it the opportunity to start teaching Embird and Bernina embroidery software using Internet, Webinar, Skype etc came to me in the form and shape of hubby.

Oh, and computers? Well I still feel I only need to know enough to be able to run my Bernina embroidery software.... and to be honest: my backup support system is trustworthy, and not only me, but even you will benefit from me and my backup system.

First I started with the Bernina Embroidery Software, and my dream is to get hold of every frustrated and the feeling of helpless person who has the embroidery software and guide you through the fun and excitement we are suppose to have, not frustrations.

After one year in teaching the Bernina embroidery software V5 then, the need to help for basic Embird embroidery software classes crossed me too.

Immediately I started dreaming of seeing each Bernina embroidery software user in the world having a hard time understanding their program, I want to help all!

You should have fun, not a hard time.

I cannot describe in words the excitement I felt, and still do, and those of members joining us every time we tune in for a class on Bernina embroidery software from V5 and on wards with regular updates and later Bernina Cutwork Software.

It is overwhelming, exiting, amazing and fun!

I want to share my knowledge in Bernina embroidery software with the world, and Internet is the answer.

Wendy from Australia gets up at 3.00am in the mornings, she enjoys her Bernina embroidery software classes so much that she don't mind doing it.

She does not have to do it, She wants to do it. She loves to do it, and here is in her own words what she has to say about our Bernina embroidery software classes:

"" Hi Jacqui

My experience of being a member with Sewpride:- (this was the name I used before Schoolofdigitizing - same place, just a different name)

I am 75 yrs. old and have been sewing ever since I can remember.

When I retired 10 yrs ago I bought a new embroidery/machine (Janome) it broke down just before Christmas last year and I decided to buy the Bernina aurora 440.

The difference in embroidery sewing has changed such a lot in those years and I found myself floundering.

I had lessons from the shop where I bought the machine. The cost was $25.00 one lesson per month; we started projects but never finished them.

I turned to the Internet and found a lot of help. I downloaded lessons and began to get the hang of things. I came across your lessons and they made a lot of sense to me. I think of them as master classes, they give inspiration to work on new projects, I love the webinar where we can interact with others also the help you give when it is needed.

I am feeling more competent week by week, thank you Jacqui.

Wendy ""

You will love and enjoy this so much you can even make your money out of this should you desire to do so, and we will take you through tested steps on how to.

You need not to waste any time any more trying to figure out how your Bernina embroidery software works, all your searches ends right here.

The service I provide in training the Bernina embroidery software will save you time and money so you can spend your valuable time on things to do.

I love to call myself your genie: your request is my demand.

Thank you for joining in this exiting, awesome and tremendous teaching game.

The best part to know is: if this is what you want to do, we even have an apprentice course worked out to fit you, in a language you can understand. This is to take your hobby to the business table and how to manage and do marketing.

It is also presented as a webinar like our embroidery software classes.

To build your own website for designs.

Thank you for reading my story about Bernina embroidery software, and thank you for allowing me into your story in exploring you own Bernina Embroidery Software'

Without you we are not a team.

Our steps is so well explained for embroidery software you could use this even though you might not have Bernina Embroidery software.

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