Salary Negotiation: Learn the Negotiation Mindset

Entry-level course for those new to negotiation. Get an informative, entertaining intro to earning more in under 30 min!
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Course Description

Learn the importance of salary negotiation in this entertaining and informative intro course.

Negotiating your salary when going for a new job or a raise is a critical skill to make sure you get paid what you deserve, yet it is a topic that makes most everyone anxious.

Before you can master salary negotiation tips and tricks, you first have to be in the right mindset.

Using an easy-to-follow storytelling approach -- along with case studies, statistics, and the right amount of humor from Improv-trained actors -- this course will change the way you look at negotiation.

In just 30 minutes you will see:

  • Two crucial goals for any negotiation
  • Case studies of negotiations gone wrong
  • The new reality for a post-recession economy
  • What family, friends, and your boss WON'T tell you about negotiation
  • Negotiation statistics and facts
  • The HR perspective
  • The light switch moment of negotiation success
  • Bonus content: 5 Negotiation Mindset Tips for Your Job Search

Who this course is for:

This course is a crucial introduction for professionals interviewing for a new job, underpaid workers seeking a raise, new college grads -- anyone that is new to negotiation and is ready to learn more and earn what they deserve.

What are recommended next steps?

After getting in the proper mindset, see the following advanced courses for specific tips, tactics, and case studies:

  • Salary Negotiation: How to Negotiate a Raise or Promotion
  • Salary Negotiation: How To Negotiate a Job Offer (Student Edition)
  • Salary Negotiation: How To Negotiate a Job Offer (Pro Edition)

What are the requirements?

  • This course is relevant for anyone looking for a new job, or going for a raise or promotion

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Over 13 lectures and 30 mins of content!
  • Ease anxiety and stress around negotiation
  • Familiarize yourself with salary negotiation basics
  • Learn what is at stake for those who don't negotiate
  • Get prepared for advanced negotiation techniques

What is the target audience?

  • Job seekers looking to negotiate an offer
  • Employees looking to maximize a raise or promotion
  • College graduates entering the workforce
  • Anyone frustrated that they are underpaid

What you get with this course?

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30 day money back guarantee

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Section 1: Welcome!
In this video, I welcome you to the course and talk about our goals. You'll hear about my background and qualifications as an instructor, and I set the scene for the next lecture you're about to see.
In this amusing video scenario, you'll meet Allison, the main character in this series. Like many job-seekers, you'll see that she has focused on the interview basics such as her resume, a few standard questions, and a firm handshake.

However, things take a turn for the worst when Human Resources asks that crucial question... "What were you thinking in terms of salary?"
Section 2: Goals For The Course
Jim presents the two crucial negotiation goals that you will have for this course, and the single biggest word you're looking to avoid.
In this video, Jim tells the case study of Kevin from London, who is thrilled to start a new job in New York City, but later learns a very painful lesson in negotiation.
Section 3: The New Economy
Life isn't simple, and neither is your career path. Jim highlights some of his ups and downs, and explains what the new reality is for a post-recession "gig economy."
When it comes to knowledge of negotiation, Jim eases your fears... it's not your fault. In this funny scenario, you'll see examples why your college, your parents, your friends, and your boss won't teach you anything about negotiation.
Section 4: Achieving The Mindset
What do the stats and research say? Turns out there's not a lot of information on salary negotiation. And as Sheryl Sandberg notes, the numbers show it's even harder for women.
When adopting a negotiation mindset... don't get anxious, get excited. Jim gives 4 tips on how to re-frame your approach negotiation.
Let's go to the other side of the bargaining table. See what HR is thinking during the hiring process.

Job-seekers have a very short window to capitalize on a negotiation. In this video, you'll understand the urgency to take advantage of this opportunity.


This funny scenario between Allison and HR shows the transition from being a novice negotiator to the exact moment that a job-seeker embraces the negotiation mindset.

Section 5: Final Thoughts
This video wraps up the course and summarizes lessons learned.
Section 6: Bonus Content
In this bonus slideshow, Jim reviews 5 mindset tips for job seekers.

Instructor Biography

Jim Hopkinson , Published author, speaker, and teacher

Jim Hopkinson is an author, teacher, speaker, and digital media guy living in New York City. He is the author of Salary Tutor: Learn The Salary Negotiation Secrets No One Ever Taught You (Grand Central Publishing), which has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, NY Post, and Forbes.

As a speaker, Jim is consistently praised for his dynamic, humorous, and high-energy style, an approach he also brings on camera to bring his courses to life.

Jim's website offers actionable, easy-to-implement negotiation techniques that lead to increased confidence, greater career satisfaction, and earning $1,000's more in salary. He also works 1:1 with clients to give custom-tailored advice.

Prior to starting his own business, Jim managed online marketing at ESPN and WIRED. He teaches at NYU, is an avid runner, and enjoys serving as a mentor for young business professionals.

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    • Ahmed Fouad

    what a great course

    it's a very great course .. and I hope it was longer

    • Senior Project Manager John F Wilks

    Outline and execute

    Simple no nonsense approach to negotiations and understanding how your own attitudes and feelings can get in your way and how you should deal with them.

    • Mr. Guy Ben-Moshe

    It's a great touch in the salary negotiation world.

    Great sense of humor, kept me focus the entire course, informative, well organized, experienced instructor. On the other hand, a bit too short and in my opinion should be free since it's a gateway to the paid courses.

    • Robert Delgado

    Salary netotiation mind set

    After going over and over, I am getting very good with the subject, I am not afraid to ask for what I worth. Thank you.

    • সিরাজুম মুনীর পারভেজ

    Awesome Tips.

    This course me helped me a lot.

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