How To Meet Women, Get Their Numbers, and Make Them Want You
4.3 (8 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
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How To Meet Women, Get Their Numbers, and Make Them Want You

Learn the 3 simple steps to approaching and engaging within in just one conversation.
4.3 (8 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
85 students enrolled
Created by Jessica J
Last updated 1/2016
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What Will I Learn?
  • Approach and talk to women who you don't yet know
  • Start conversations with ease
  • Generate interest with your first conversations
  • Get her laughing and contributing with little effort
  • Flirt without feeling too forward or creepy
  • Get her number without even asking
  • Get her EXCITED to hear from you once you've left the conversation
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  • You'll need to be able to watch videos and download PDF's for exercises

This course is about having conversations with women to get them interested, engaged, and hooked on you within minutes. Many times, guys find themselves "working hard" to keep a conversation going, all the while losing her interest and losing their chances of seeing her again. Get the tools necessary to:

  • Start a conversation to get her immediately engaged
  • Get her contributing at least 50% to the conversation without burning yourself out
  • Have her laughing and excited to be HAVING the conversation with you
  • Keep a conversation going without running out of things to say
  • Get her number WITHOUT having to ask
  • Get her EXCITED to give you her number and wanna see you again

Watch the tutorials on how to properly engage throughout the conversation, then download the exercises at the end to practice what you learned.

This course is designed to help you learn as you go. While you can go through the entire thing within hours, it's important to continuously go out and practice each step AS you learn it before moving onto the next lesson.

This is important to take because it enables you to HAVE a conversation with women to find out if they're right for you, as opposed to learning some "tricks and techniques" that force you to "perform right."

A lot of other courses emphasize the need to "do it right" and leave you under the mercy of whether or not SHE thinks you're doing a good job. This course takes all the "work" out of conversations and gets her WANTING TO (and WORKING to) contribute just as much as you, without having to wait to see if you did well enough by HER standards.

This course puts YOU in the driver's seat and gives you full control of finding women you want..

Who is the target audience?
  • This course is meant for men who have difficulty starting conversations with women
  • It's meant to help get a conversation going without carrying the brunt of it
  • No prior dating, pickup, or attraction experience needed
  • Works for women you already know as well
  • Not for guys who want "canned lines" or openers
  • Not for men who believe in becoming a dancing monkey for the sake of getting her entertained without genuine interest
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Curriculum For This Course
19 Lectures
Basic Principles
6 Lectures 01:00:41
Introduction: How To Use This Course and What To Expect

There's only 3 things that keep you and another person engaged in a conversion: Me, You, and US. Any time we drift away from these two topics, conversations become stale, disconnected, and feel difficult to carry. Find out how to utilize these 3 components correctly to get women immediately interested and excited to speak with you.

Preview 10:36

Too many times, guys put women on a pedestal and THINK they need to "do/say the right thing" in order to get her. WRONG! If you put her on a pedestal, then you put yourself on a chopping block...and women don't want a guy who'll put us first when you don't even know us! We know a "dancing monkey" when we see one and we don't want monkeys...we want MEN. Find out how to get into the driver's seat by being the LEAD and putting yourself first.

"ME": Leading Means "Me First"

In dancing, men lead while women follow. In the last lecture you found out the importance of leading to get US to follow. This lecture is about taking HER into account...because if you don't, you may as well be dancing by yourself! Discover how to cater the conversation to who she specifically is, based on who you are and how you can get her feeling connected, understood, and EXCITED to be in that conversation with you.

You: She'll Follow The Leader (YOU!)

Rapport first comes from having a "relationship," which means you can RELATE to the person with whom you're speaking. And because everyone's #1 interest is themselves, it's important to keep a conversation 100% focused on you and her in the moment. Find out how to get and peak her interest while only discussing "US." (Don't worry we're not talking wedding bells yet!)

Us: The Only Thing We're Both Interested In

When talking to a woman you want, it's important to remember that you're talking to her for a reason. It's not because you're bored and passing the time, it's not because you wanna make a new friend. It's because you WANT her and want her in more than just a friendly capacity. In this section, I talk about the importance of being ok with wanting a woman and "baking a sex cake" with any woman you want.

Baking The Sex Cake - Creating an Engaging Conversation With 1 Purpose
Step 1: Bring The Right Ingredients - Approaching & Starting The Conversation
5 Lectures 44:55

Most men think of approaching as "proving themselves" to a woman they already want. But how can you know if you want her if you don't even know her? In this lecture, we turn "breaking the ice" into "giving a gift" to get you approaching any woman with ease and assurance. Find out the reason she WANTS you to approach and how you can get any woman instantly lighting up at your starting of a conversation. It's about finding out if SHE is right for YOU...because you're just here to bake a cake.

You're Just Here To Bake A Cake - Eliminating Approach Anxiety

Who are you and how does she fit into your life? It's important to see if she has the ingredients for the cake that YOU want in your life. You'll find in this process that she might have WAY too many red flags for your tastes...and that's ok! Remember it's about finding out if she's right FOR YOU. In this lesson you'll find out how to approach any woman you want using the PRS + HAY formula and carrying the conversation to get her interested, engaged, and contributing just as much.

What Are Your Ingredients and Does She Have What You Need?

There's only one thing that will help you relate to absolutely ANYBODY on the planet in a given moment...and that's PERSONAL experience. We all have our human experience in common with one another, and unless you're giving YOURS, it's gonna be hard for anyone to relate to you. What you have in common with a woman with whom you're speaking to is the PRESENT MOMENT. The relevant moment at hand will always be your ticket into any conversation with a woman you're about to approach. In this lesson you'll find out the first step (Personal Relevant Statements) in how to approach any woman you want using the PRS + HAY formula and carrying the conversation to get her interested, engaged, and contributing just as much.

PRS: Set Yourself Apart To Generate Interest

The reason people shy away from talking about themselves in conversation is because it SEEMS arrogant. Which it IS if you're not connecting who you are to the other person in front of you! The most important part of this step is to connect who YOU are to who SHE is. This means inviting her into the conversation by asking how she relates to what you just said about yourself. In this lesson you'll find out the second step (How About You?) in how to approach any woman you want using the PRS + HAY formula and carrying the conversation to get her interested, engaged, and contributing just as much.

HAY: Create The Literal Connection

In conversation, you don't wanna have relay races where you talk for a few and then SHE talks for a few. You wanna play "Ring Around The Rosie," where the both of you are connected and using each other to FUEL the conversation. Using PRS + HAY will provide the fuel you need to stay connected and get her engaged throughout. If you find yourself running out of steam in conversation, it's because you're guilty of one (or more) of the following 3 scenarios:

  1. You're not talking about you or her or the both of you (pulling from external fuel sources)
  2. You're overtaking about yourself or her (burning out your or her fuel source)
  3. You're on a topic or LEVEL of conversation too long (we'll go over more after the entire baking of the sex cake process)

Once you know which you're guilty of, you can course-correct to get back to getting the right ingredients together to finally mix them all together for your Sex Cake.

Ring Around The Rosie: Getting Her To Contribute Just as Much
Step 2: Mix Them Up! - Getting Her To Feel Positive Energy From You
2 Lectures 14:05

How many conversations do you remember where you weren't laughing? My guess is VERY FEW. Women thrive on emotions and if you don't get her feeling GOOD about you, it's gonna be nearly IMPOSSIBLE to get her feeling ANYTHING for you thereafter. Find out the importance of making her laugh and MIXING up the ingredients you just brought to the table so you can jump start your sex-cake baking experience!

Why It's Important to Get Her Laughing

One of the most annoying things I hear out there is, "Just be funny!"...mostly because nobody ever tells you HOW! Find out ways to "be funny" by utilizing these 3 techniques in your conversation:

  1. Teasing
  2. Role Plays
  3. Misinterpretations
Ways To Make Her Laugh
Step 3: Put It In The Oven and TURN UP THE HEAT! - Getting More Than Friendly
2 Lectures 14:43

Being in the Friend Zone means there's absolutely nothing sexual in your relationship...mostly because YOU didn't take it there! If you have a good conversation with a girl...and you can get her LAUGHING...congratulations YOU JUST MADE A NEW FRIEND! The last step in Baking The Sex cake is to get FLIRTY...because if you don't, the ingredients will just sit out and go bad. So make sure you BAKE THE CAKE after you've done all the other work! If you get us feeling connected to you AND me...we WANT you to want us...and we're just waiting for you to show us.

If You Don't "Turn Up The Heat": The Friend Zone and Other Missed Opportunities

Like being "funny," nobody really KNOWS how to get flirty. Learn the 6 ways to get flirty in conversation without having to sound perverted or off-putting.

Ways To Take Things Past "Friendly"
The Number Sandwich - Get Her Eager To Give You Her Number Without Having To Ask
3 Lectures 25:33

Earlier, we stated the importance of "staying in the conversation" and why it's important to keep her interested. At this point, she's already GIVEN YOU the keys to getting her all you have to do is USE IT. Here, we'll go over the way to get her number using "The Number Sandwich" and the first part of the equation, what she's already given you.

Do Not ASK For Her Number!

Last lesson, we talked about the PRESSURE women feel when ASKED for their numbers. Another reason it feels uncomfortable is because it's one-sided. You want her number...and she will give it to you. The exchange isn't even! Give her something out of her giving you her number...that way she has INCENTIVE to hear from you again!

The Number Sandwich = [Something unique to her that you like or that she mentioned] + I need your number because... + [Date idea based on previously mentioned quality of hers]

Example: I don't know anyone else that likes jazz as much as I do. I need your number because I need to take you to this spot that has live jazz music every Sundays you're gonna love it if you don't already go every Sunday like I do.

Give Her What She Wants - The Incentive and Even Exchange

OK what if you're realizing you actually DON'T want her number...but you've got a great tasty looking sex cake you just baked...and you don't want it to go to waste? As far as I'm concerned, women are just as ok with one-night-stands as guys are. So if you find that you don't necessarily WANT her number, but don't want all that sexual chemistry to go to waste, find out how to utilize my Heavenly Home Slice to getting your girl to come home with you. You baked the may as well eat it, right?

If You Just Wanna Take Her Home For Some Sex Cake
1 Lecture 02:19

This is just the beginning! At this point you should be able to approach, get a conversation going, get her laughing, start flirting, and get her number! But remember, this is about YOU getting who and what you want. Find out where to go from here once you have the initial stages of getting your girl down.

Welcome To The Wolf Pack!
About the Instructor
Jessica J
4.3 Average rating
8 Reviews
85 Students
1 Course
Dating & Relationship Coach and Playboy Radio Host

Jessica J, the founder of Level Up Seduction, is a globally recognized sex, dating, and relationship coach. Over the past 5+ years, Jessica J has taught thousands of students in over 10+ countries and online as well as having been credited with countless relationships and marriages.

She was featured on Nightline as one of "America's Most Desirable Daters" (from having the most viewed and messaged online dating profile in Los Angeles) and helps men from all over the world achieve the same self-generating success with their online dating game.

Jessica's clients include multimillionaires, esteemed business owners, tech geeks, programmers, finance guys and young college students.

Jessica’s unique approach originates from her time training as a Marriage and Family Therapist, during which she developed and enhanced her skills with Emotion Focused Therapy and Solution-Focused Therapy. She eventually tied the techniques used in both theories to develop a systematic, results-based practice in helping men achieve the dating lives they ultimately want.

By taking this uniquely structured approach, Jessica is able to bring out her clients' greatest strengths to help them make continuous progress and growth in achieving their goals, overcoming their fears, and get who and what they want when it comes to love, sex, and women.

Jessica is most proud of taking the "Your Wish Is My Command Stance" in being of service to her clients. She encourages her clients to look at her as someone who works for them, as opposed to a teacher, authority, or person of one-up position.

Outside of teaching, Jessica is the resident Dating Expert on Playboy Radio's "The Couch," where she assists men in understanding and moving past their sex and dating dilemmas.