How to make your boring job fun
4.3 (7 ratings)
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568 students enrolled
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How to make your boring job fun

Cracking the "work satisfaction" code and turning up all the good knobs, even the ones you had no idea existed.
4.3 (7 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
568 students enrolled
Created by Alex Haapamäki
Last updated 8/2017
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What Will I Learn?
  • Understand the underlying causes of what makes a job boring or overwhelming, and know how to change things up for the better.
  • See how happiness at work will lead to better working results as an added bonus, which will lead to better future opportunities.
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What happens if you take some of the most mindblowing research from the past 10-20 years of neuroscience and psychology, combine it with a guy who is obsessed with learning and experimenting with everything about happiness (at work and in life) and package it into a course which will literally take almost no effort to go through? What if this package not only made your day to day reality way happier and interesting, but also gave you tools and skills to tackle other problems in your workplace, ultimately making you a better and more liked worker, which would help with future career changes/choices (if you one day actually need to find a better job)?

In this course we are taking a "no stones unturned"-approach to what leads to happiness and fulfillment at work, but also what makes a job less enjoyable. We are learning both the causes but also practical ways to turn up the good things and down the bad things, ultimately maximizing everything work happiness until we have a vastly different reality of how we make money.

Wasting up to 1/3 of ones life into something boring and unfulfilling just because we "have to" for survival simply cannot be a good receipt for a good and happy life. This leads some people to want to change careers, which there is nothing wrong about, but why not also turn everything we currently have into the best it can be? Especially if the same skills will make your future career change easier and happier as an additional bonus?

Learning happens in a mix of theoretical knowledge and experience. We will together enter a 2 month "experiment mode", where every day you will watch a short video with different concepts, strategies etc and then use your working day as a "happiness laboratory" and see what works and what doesn't. A fun experience of self-, reality- and happiness-discovery not to be forgotten in the first place.

The course is based on some of the latest neuroscience and psychology, and is not just a "quick fix" but will teach you to actually permanently change the way you look at the world from a happier (but still realistic) lense which will stay with you for the rest of your life, and help you maximize happiness also in future jobs, and life outside of work. On top of that we are of course also looking at different strategies and ways to actually change the nature of your job, so we are taking a full on approach for making your way to make a living something you enjoy and look forward to doing instead of something that sucks the life out of you.

Benefits of this course:
Becoming a work-happiness master. We are discussing both "boring" and overwhelming jobs, but also jobs that have a little bit of both into them, something that can be incredibly taxing for being able to keep your mood up.

Gaining some great knowledge of what makes humans happy and fulfilled.
A sense of freedom when even making money becomes fun, which increases overall life satisfaction.
Also some positive side effects: you will become a "better" worker, which will lead to better future opportunities in case you want to change you job, or start your own business.

Why you should enroll:
Because life is too short to be wasted into accepting misery. What would it feel like if you could actually enjoy going to work, knowing that you will be doing something you like doing and also get paid for it? The advances that the neuroscientists and psychologists have found in the past 10-20 years are just too good to be missed (yet widely unknown to the general population), and this course is your guide on how to practically apply them to your work-life.

NOTE: Different jobs of course have different levels of built in "job satisfaction"-levels. This course is however designed to deepen awareness of what makes a job enjoyable and what does not, which means that you will be able to both start removing bad things but also make good things stronger. "Does this work for my job?" becomes then almost an irrelevant question as long as your job is not 100% of the time something that you would do anyway with your life no matter if you would get paid or not.

And for those who think their job is just simply too bad for being changed, unfortunately as long as you believe this the chances that it will be true for you are greater. Fortunately this course is designed to not only make you believe that change is possible, but also show you tons of things you can affect that you did not know about before and how to start tweaking them.

Who is the target audience?
  • Anyone with a job that is not enjoyable/fulfilling and wishing for a change.
  • This is NOT a career change course, although the methods discussed will help with smoother career transitions as a bonus.
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Curriculum For This Course
65 Lectures
26 Lectures 04:17:50
Day 1 - Welcome part 1

Day 2 - Welcome part 2

Quick introduction to the Udemy app and how it will help you

Day 3 - Making this experience awesome

Day 3 - Link to Facebook group

Day 4 - What if money was no issue?

Day 5 - Where good ideas come from part 1

Day 6 - Where good ideas come from part 2

Day 7 - What happens when you fail?

Day 8 - Sticking to it

Day 8 - A link you might need

Day 9 - Why we do what we do, and why it is so important

Day 9 BONUS - If you make money from what you love doing, here is what you need

Day 10 - Changing your brain, or well.. everything.

Day 11 - Why we need to know why we do things

Day 12 - Is your job boring, overwhelming or maybe both?

Day 13 - Is your boss crazy? Or are you? Part 1

Day 14 - Is your boss crazy? Or are you? Part 2

Day 15 - Social life at work Part 1

Day 16 - Social life at work Part 2

Day 17 - Social life at work Part 3

Day 18 - Are skills necessary?

Day 19 - Everyone lives in their own bubble Part 1

Day 20 - Everyone lives in ther own bubble Part 2

Day 21 - Do you become who you surround yourself with?

Day 22 - What if unhappiness is our best teacher and friend?
More concepts
15 Lectures 02:44:33

Day 24 - The inner game of work Part 2

Day 25 - The inner game of work Part 3

Day 26 - The inner game of work Part 4

Day 27 - Is it good to be uncomfortable?

Day 28 - Dealing with hardships and criticism

Day 29 - Learning from everyone

Day 30 - Making your wishes true by communication

Day 31 - Is your version of happiness making you unhappy?

Day 32 - Do you make people happy, and does that make you happy?

Day 33 - Strategies for overwhelmed people Part 1

Day 34 - Strategies for overwhelmed people Part 2

Day 35 - Strategies for overwhelmed people Part 3

Day 36 - How to make insanely boring jobs fun Part 1

Day 37 - How to make insanely boring jobs fun part 2
How to's
7 Lectures 01:11:09

Day 39 - Aligning personal goals with your job part 2

Day 40 - Become so good it is ridiculous

Day 41 - Use your job for your own benefit, with no drawbacks

Day 42 - What if it all could be just as fun as a game?

Day 43 - People who go play every day instead of work

Day 44 - Authenticity
Case studies
6 Lectures 49:25
Day 45 - Introduction to case studies and walmart greeter guy

Day 45 - Walmart guy link

Day 46 - Warehouse job at Ikea

Day 47 - Taxi driver part 1

Day 48 - Taxi driver part 2

Day 49 - Research assistant
The finish line
3 Lectures 30:21
Day 50 - Completion part 1

Day 51 - Completion part 2

Day 52 - Completion part 3
6 Lectures 30:39
Impact - How to change even the most stubborn behaviours

Book references - Main concepts - Part 1

Book references - Main concepts - Part 2

Q&A Session 1

Happiness tweaking your commute, working conditions and other surrounding stuff

The ultimate exit strategy (worst case scenario)
About the Instructor
Alex Haapamäki
4.3 Average rating
7 Reviews
568 Students
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Real life happiness researcher/experimenter

In High School Alex had a personal breakthrough when thinking about the meaning of life (more about that later) which set him off on a slightly different path in his early adult life than most people. Understanding happiness better was a higher priority goal than following the traditional route. However, the deeper his understanding of happiness became and the happier he got himself, he started to notice something else happening in his life as a side effect - all those other things like finances, freedom, relationships, health and other things one may want in life also started to work out just as a side effect from taking a deep dive into happiness.

He has nowadays started to believe that there may be a much better strategy to life than the traditional "work hard and reap benefits later" vs "have fun now but suffer later" dilemma, one where we could literally maximize our happiness and well being all the way through and at the same time build great lives for ourselves.

All of this which could be called "big picture lifestyle hacking", with tons of concepts both from his own experimentations and some of the most cutting edge psychology and neuroscience-research (including a very simple possible explanation of the meaning of life) can be found in his project Start With Happiness.