Airbnb Made Simple: Make Easy Residual Income in 2017!
4.6 (47 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
1,493 students enrolled
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Airbnb Made Simple: Make Easy Residual Income in 2017!

Learn how to pay off bills, travel more, worry less and live a more abundant life by following our simple Airbnb process
4.6 (47 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
1,493 students enrolled
Created by Krista and Jeff
Last updated 5/2015
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What Will I Learn?
  • Create incredible airbnb listings that book more stays and make more money
  • Choose the right amenities and furnishings to increase revenue
  • Set up a winning pricing strategy that will beat the competition
  • Get and stay at the top of the airbnb search results for your zip code
  • Take an airbnb business from concept to launch in record time
  • Run a successful airbnb business and get 5-star reviews after every stay
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  • Access to a computer where you can set up your profile on airbnb (it can be done with a smart phone or tablet, but a computer makes it easier)
  • Access to a camera or ability to borrow one to take airbnb photos
  • Access to email, SMS or the airbnb application to communicate with prospects
  • A little bit of your time to take the course and get your space listed!
  • A great attitude and the belief that YOU CAN DO THIS!

New Year, New you! Quickly learn how to turn your extra space into cash. 2017 is the perfect time to get started. Airbnb is a MASSIVE platform with millions of guests looking for their perfect short or long-term stay. There is no reason why you shouldn't be the place they select. 

Our course won't waste your time or tell you things you already know. We've helped over 1,400 students quickly start making money with their spare space. And we've received 5-Star Reviews across the board for the work we've done. This isn't rocket science. Get started now!


This course is a one-stop-shop to making money fast on Airbnb with a minimal commitment of your time and money. It teaches you the secrets, shortcuts, and selling strategies to list your space on Airbnb and become a top seller in your area, potentially generating thousands of extra dollars per month!

Create a Winning Airbnb Business and Generate a Second Income by Taking Our Course

  • Learn How to Write Descriptions That Produce Bookings
  • Find out How to Get to the Top of Airbnb Search Results
  • Build Your Listing Quickly with Our Airbnb Starter Kit– Free with Course!
  • Get Tips, Tricks and Our Top Secrets for Earning More Money and Doing Less Work

Live a Better Life with Extra Money and More Freedom

Have you ever dreamed of having extra money to take trips around the world, fund a new business idea, or buy that new car?

What if we could teach you how to make thousands of extra dollars a month simply by renting out your extra space? By extra space, we mean a room, a condo, a vacation property, or even your own bed when you're not in it!

We make over $4,000 per month renting our spaces on Airbnb, a relatively new website that allows people like you to rent out your unused space to other people. You'll need no experience (just like us!) and it's free to join Airbnb.

Airbnb has changed our lives, allowed our relationship to blossom, our businesses to thrive and our personal adventures in travel and life to grow by leaps and bounds. In this course, we'll learn together how you can do the same thing with only minimal effort and cost on your part!

Content and Overview

We have hosted more than 150 guests over the past 3 years combined, and learned a lot! We've leveraged this experience, our background in starting and growing million dollar companies, and advice and tips from Airbnb hosts and guests from all over the world to build this course. Our goal was to create a streamlined learning process that cuts out all the useless information and gets right to the point – how do I turn a spare space into a secondary source of income to support my lifestyle, give me freedom, and add more happiness to my life?

We did it and you can too! This isn't rocket science and you don't need to watch 11 hours of courses to become an extremely successful host! We have carved out and simplified all of the important information so you can get your place listed and start earning meaningful revenue NOW with little effort. We've tested this training with friends and colleagues and all of them are making thousands each month, getting incredible reviews and doing amazing things with the extra cash.

The good news is it's easy to get started. Simply follow our process and you will be successful. Our support doesn't end after you finish the course! We will continue releasing lectures on a regular basis, so by signing up today, you will get access to future coursework so you can learn advanced techniques to grow your business, make more money and live a better life!

Complete with our proprietary Airbnb Starter Kit, a downloadable project planner that has proven to be the most streamlined way to help you create the best listings. The kit features tips and examples from Airbnb experts, a competitive analysis walk-through, suggested language for your descriptions, and our built-in pricing algorithms so you don't have to do any math! Using this unique kit will help you get your space and listing ready to launch in record time.

We promise you every day you don't take this course, you're missing out on the potential to earn thousands of dollars per month in Airbnb income! For us, it translated to over $250 per DAY!

This is a perfect course for two types of people: those who WANT to make money (to travel, be free, live abundantly) and those who NEED to make money (to pay off debt, make ends meet, keep a roof over their head, etc.)

Even if you don't have any experience renting out your space, don't worry, we will help you get there. If you DO have experience on Airbnb or other home sharing sites, you will still learn how to get to the next level, including getting on the first page of Airbnb search results, writing more effective descriptions, taking photos that sell, and much much more.

Now, it's time to take it to the next level. Airbnb Made Simple: Create a Winning Listing & Make $1,000's will help you make significant income in two weeks or less! It's fast and focused, and if you DON'T MAKE YOUR MONEY BACK in 30 days of completing this course or are unsatisfied for any reason, we'll give you a full refund.

Sign up today and you'll gain access to everything you need.

Who is the target audience?
  • Anyone who has space (including their own bedroom or couch) that could be made available for short or long-term renters
  • People who are living with a partner or aren’t using their own space every night or on the weekends
  • People who travel for work or play and have an available room or house
  • People who want to make extra cash to fund anything, including travel, lifestyles, businesses, or new starts
  • People who need to make extra cash to pay off debt, keep a roof over their head, support a child, or any other necessity
  • This course is not applicable for people who do not have the airbnb website in their country or who don’t have access to a computer and/or phone
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Curriculum For This Course
29 Lectures
Our Story – How We Earn over $4,000 a Month on Airbnb
4 Lectures 27:09

Grasp the general framework of how this Airbnb course was designed and how you can be successful renting out your home or space online.

  • Quick idea of how Airbnb works.
  • Overview of how we got started, why we keep doing it and what benefits it has provided us.
Preview 06:51

Master how easy it is to make money renting your home or room on Airbnb. Learn how long, on average, it takes us to manage Airbnb (host communications, cleaning, reviews, etc.)

  • How much money and time it took us to get started.
  • Our goal for you: set up your listing, manage it well, and guests will come. Just follow the process!
PROOF: How We Make over $200 per Hour on Airbnb

High-level overview of how to succeed in this course:

  • Follow the course sequentially.
  • Leave comments, ask questions and if you like this course, we really appreciate reviews!
  • Build as you learn.

We're not going to just talk at you – we will walk you through step by step in the video so you can set your place up as you're watching the video.

Tips on How to Succeed in This Course

You'll learn more about Airbnb as a company, how commissions work and how they are changing the way home and vacation rentals are monetized.

  • Most disruptive company in travel/hospitality today.
  • Anybody can do it.
  • Airbnb only gets paid when you get paid.
Why Airbnb Will Be a Game Changer for You
How to Quickly Create a Space That Achieves 100% Occupancy Rates!
6 Lectures 01:08:49

*** ATTENTION: Please download the Airbnb Starter Kit by clicking on the "Download" link in the upper right hand corner of this lecture. ***

Learn the importance of deciding what type of Airbnb host you should be, and how to make the correct decision. We will also introduce you to the BONUS Airbnb Starter Kit, which is free with this course.

  • Set goals for getting your listing online.
  • Rewards/consequences for meeting your goals.
  • Who will hold you accountable?
  • What is your FOO, or "your why?"
What Type of Airbnb Host Will You Be? + BONUS Starter Kit!

You will learn how Airbnb's business model works, how they make money and what value they create for you.

  • We will complete an exercise in the Airbnb Starter Kit to help you find your competitive set.
How Airbnb Makes Money and How to Research Competitors

Learn tips and tricks for effective pricing strategies on Airbnb!

  • How to stay competitive with base price and use other tactics to raise your price.
  • How to set monthly and weekend pricing, and when to utilize cleaning and guest fees.
  • Determine your final price using our easy built-in pricing algorithm in the Airbnb Starter Kit.
Simple, Effective Pricing Strategies so You Can Make Money Fast on Airbnb

We will share common Airbnb demographics and help you select the one that best fits your goals.

  • Review the five types of guest demographics we most commonly host.
  • Use the Airbnb Starter Kit to learn more about the behavioral traits of those demographics so you can target them in your descriptions.
How to Define Your Ideal Guest Demographic

Learn how to perfect your decorating skills and how to spend the least amount of money to get the highest return on your investment.

  • Use a theme to attract more bookings.
  • Purchase furniture and amenities without spending too much money.
  • Learn how to stage your place for guests and photographs.
Effective Decorating on a Dime

Learn what amenities to add to your Airbnb listing to beat the competition and attract more bookings.

  • Easy MUST-HAVE amenities and how to get them fast.
  • Suggestions for amenities you can offer in the Airbnb Starter Kit.
  • Share your amenities with us in the comments section!
Extra Touches from Airbnb Pros – Take It to the Next Level!
The Critical Elements of Creating a Blockbuster AIrbnb Listing
10 Lectures 01:04:58

Learn how to create a title that resonates with your demographic and converts prospects into guests!

  • Get our secret formula for creating easy titles.
  • Create your own title using our tips in the Airbnb Starter Kit.
Preview 03:54

Learn how to write a punchy and descriptive summary and description as well as how to prepare your House Rules and what information MUST be included in your listings.

  • Learn why it's important to create accurate descriptions
  • Get access to our list of the best converting “selling words” to use in your descriptions – available in the Airbnb Starter Kit
Writing Airbnb Descriptions That Sell

Understand how to write a profile that immediately connects with potential Airbnb guests and helps them understand your personal brand.

  • How to ask for solid references from your network.
  • Why verification is critical to your success and how to get it in every network.
Create Profiles with Personality!

Learn the best techniques for getting clicks on your photos and what types of digital photos sell more than others.

  • How to get FREE professional photos from Airbnb.
  • Where to source a camera and how to stage your rental space for great photos.
The Key to Taking Beautiful Photos That Sell

Learn what a thumbnail is and why it's critical that you make your thumbnail work for your listing.

  • Get examples on thumbnails that convert better than others for Jeff & Krista.
  • Get great ideas for how to take photos that will serve as unique and different thumbnails.
  • Understand how to test different photos to see which converts the best in your listing.
Selecting the Right Thumbnail for Search Results

Learn why it's so important to keep your calendar updated and how to adjust it to make more money on weekends, high seasons, or during events.

  • Get our recommendations for setting minimum stays.
  • Learn advanced tools for integrating with other calendars.
How to Make a Money-Making Airbnb Calendar

Understand the benefits of the Airbnb “Instant Book” feature, including how it can increase your search results.

  • Know when to use it and when to leave it disabled.
  • Lean how Instant Book helps you compete with hotels.
Pros and Cons of “Instant Book” + Our Recommendations

Get valuable tips from pros on how to get to the first page of Airbnb's search results and how to climb to the top of the results to be #1 in your area.

Easy Tricks to Increase Your Position in Airbnb’s Search Results

Learn how to set up effective Airbnb house rules that don't work against you.

  • Discussion of what constitutes a “deal breaker.”
  • How to remain flexible and when to be firm on rules.
Simple Steps to Set up Rules/Guidelines That Don't Turn off Prospective Guests

Learn how to maximize revenue and protect yourself when people cancel their reservation.

  • Review three Airbnb cancellation policies and get recommendations on our personal selection.
  • How to respond to guest excuses and when to override the Airbnb cancellation policy.
How to Win on Airbnb When People Cancel Their Reservation
Communicating with Guests like a Boss
9 Lectures 57:37

Learn why a high response rate is critical and get hacks to keep your response rate high with little effort.

  • Copy our tactics for responding fast no matter what you are doing.
  • Get our templates in the Airbnb Starter Kit for creating easy generic responses to all inquiries.
Key Learnings on How to Get a 100% Guest Response Rate!

Learn from a female host how she makes sure she is protected and safe during Airbnb visits.

  • Learn effective guest screening tips to weed out suspect guests.
  • Get info on Airbnb's $1,000,0000 insurance policy.
EXCLUSIVE: Tips from a Female Host on How She Uses Guest Screening to Stay Safe

Get the best tactics for creating a sense of urgency to turn inquiries into bookings every time.

  • Learn when to discount and when not to discount.
  • Our advice on how to negotiate like a pro.
Preview 04:15

Grab some quick hacks so you can quickly “flip” your place between visits – sometimes as fast as a lunch break!

  • Learn why maintaining a clean Airbnb property should be your #1 priority.
  • Learn how long it will take to clean (on average) and how to automate the process over time.
Learn How to Clean Your Space like an Airbnb Ninja

Get ideas and tools to help you make your first booking a stress-free and successful experience!

  • Purpose of guidebook and what to include in your book.
  • How to earn money on your guest's transportation to your place!
  • Download an example of a great guidebook we use for our guests.
No-Stress Preparation for Your First Guest

Learn the key elements and “asks” that you can make in order to increase your likelihood of getting a better review.

  • Get our extra special touches that lead to great reviews.
  • How communicating the right way can work wonders for reviews.
The Secret Way to Getting 5-Star Reviews

Learn how to NOT let bad reviews hurt your business. Simple tactics and strategy can quickly diffuse bad reviews.

  • Learn whether or not you should leave bad reviews.
  • Understand how the Airbnb review process works and when to reach out to Airbnb for help.
Diffusing a Bad Review the Right Way

Yes, it is!

Learn about what you should check on in your city to make sure you are abiding by the rules.

Is This Legal?

Congratulations, you are ready to start making money! By now, you have built your first listing and you're ready to launch your business.

  • Next steps – future lecture material.
  • Please leave us a review, comment, message us, or sign up for our newsletter!
Final Lecture. Congratulations + Next Steps!
About the Instructor
Krista and Jeff
4.6 Average rating
47 Reviews
1,493 Students
1 Course
Techstars Grad, Raised $4 Million, Built Million-Dollar Biz

Hello! We are Krista and Jeff and we're excited to get to know you!

We've hosted more than 150 guests over the past three years and Airbnb has significantly changed both of our lives. Airbnb funded Krista's business for over a year, helped fund Jeff's to get it started and fully funded a number of international vacations together! Next up? We're going to fund the purchase of our vacation home in the beautiful mountain town of Steamboat Springs, Colorado!

We are regularly at the top of the first page of Airbnb search results and can book out 100% without much effort. Why? Because we have optimized our business and have it down to a science. It doesn't need to take a lot of time if you follow the process we have outlined in our course. We have helped our friends get into the Airbnb home-sharing industry and make meaningful second incomes. We can't wait to share some of their stories with you!

Introducing Krista Paul

I am the Founder of UsingMiles, a start-up out of Boulder, Colorado. I raised $4M in investor capital, grew it to about 25 employees and sold it at the end of 2013.

UsingMiles (formerly known as TravelFli) was accepted into the illustrious Techstars Accelerator Program, which only accepts 1% of its applicants.

UsingMiles was listed as one of 100 Brilliant Companies to watch by Entrepreneur Magazine in 2011.

I was named one of the Top 5 Most Influential Young Professionals in Colorado in 2012.

I currently serve on several start-up boards, as well as the advisory committee of Built in Colorado and mentor for The Founders Institute.

I am currently the VP of Global Marketing for a shopping website that operates in 15 countries and will serve over 400,000,000 people annually!

I spent 7 years living in San Francisco as a Sales Executive for Coca-Cola before moving into the start-up world and never looking back!

I sell, I market, I build businesses, I hack, and I hustle. Airbnb helps me relax, enjoy life, feel free again, see the world (with my amazing boyfriend!) and enjoy the finer things in life.

Introducing Jeff Macco

I am the Founder/CEO of a million-dollar software training company called SeedPaths. Our team has changed the lives of 86 people in our first 16 months of training and have quintupled a few people's salaries!

We've been covered in the Wall St. Journal, are listed on the White House's website and have gotten a ton of local news coverage for the lives we helped change. We were also recently honored as a top 10% company to watch in the State of Colorado.

I was nominated by Governor Hickenlooper (Colorado) to serve on the state's Workforce Development Council to help employers and employees build a thriving ecosystem.

My first investment was in a gold mining company in Alaska and although I lost almost everything, it was an amazing experience (and yes, I shot a bear that broke into my house!).

My second company was a software development company and I get a 3X return on my investment after I sold my shares just one year after forming the company.

I love helping people succeed, especially through the lens of business.

Jeff and Krista's Commitment to You

Our goal in creating this course is to help you do one of two things:

1. Pay your bills and reduce the financial stressors of day-to-day life.

2. Help you live a life of foo – one of abundance, freedom and peace of mind.

Thank you for checking out our course. Let's do this!