LIVE Streaming & Webinars: From Beginner to Pro (Premium)
4.9 (43 ratings)
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LIVE Streaming & Webinars: From Beginner to Pro (Premium)

Learn how to produce high quality live streams and webinars from my 6+ years of experience in and 100+ live events.
4.9 (43 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
188 students enrolled
Created by Bartek Rycharski
Last updated 1/2017
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What Will I Learn?
  • Do live streaming on Facebook LIVE, YouTube, StreamShark, and other platforms.
  • Learn what cameras, microphones, capture cards and other gear to choose.
  • Learn what software and hosting platform to choose for webcasts and webinars.
  • Know how to mix multiple sources of video for more engaging broadcast.
  • Avoid common issues like video buffering, out-of-sync video and choppy playback.
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  • PC or Mac with i5 or better processor.
  • Fast Internet connection (at least 2/2 Mb/s).
  • A digital camera with HDMI output or at least a webcam for testing.
  • Basic knowledge about how digital cameras work (optical zoom, white balance, focus, aperture).

** The highest rated Live Streaming Course on Udemy 4.85/5 **

Do you want to perfect your Facebook LIVE shows? Live stream a "TED-like" conference? Are you a marketer that want to produce webinars to attract new customers? Maybe, you want to live streaming your online show or new online course? Or are you a video producer with passion for learning new things? This course will be perfect for you!

My name is Bartek Rycharski, I have 6+ years of experience in live streaming. I did 100+ live events for my clients and now I decided to teach you how to do it right!

I know that learning how to live stream is hard... There are soooo many cams, capture cards, mixers and other piece of equipment - it's really difficult to choose something.

There are also dozens of live streaming platforms like Facebook LIVE, YouTube LIVE, Wowza, StreamShark, Dacast and you probably don't have time to test everything.

Don't worry - I will help you! I will teach you:

  • What gear to choose?
  • What platforms are the best?
  • How to connect everything together?
  • How to avoid common issues like video buffering?

"How to Live Stream: Ultimate Guide" includes:

  • 3h of video tutorials based on the most updated knowledge, 
  • extra materials with links to recommended tools and other sources of knowledge,
  • access to discussion group when I will answer your specific questions!

Everything you need to know to start streaming in one place!

Let's join this course and let's do it LIVE!

Who is the target audience?
  • This course is great for anyone who wants to organize high quality live streaming from webinars, conferences, online shows and events.
  • Video producers, marketers, teachers, event organizers and vloggers - they will benefit from the course the most.
  • This course is perfect for beginners in live streaming, but some basic understanding about how digital cameras and microphones work will be really helpful to learn faster.
  • This course is NOT for people who want to live stream using webcams - I will be teaching more professional solutions.
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Curriculum For This Course
40 Lectures
Introduction to live streaming
11 Lectures 25:30

Welcome to the class!! I'm so excited you decided to learn live streaming - one of the most powerful Internet technologies of our times. Prepare yourself for a passionate 3 hours - are you ready?

Preview 01:20

How does live streaming start? Who live streamed using Internet for the first time and why the Rolling Stones played a huge role in it? In this lesson, you will learn about fathers of live streaming like Severe Tire Damage and Xerox Park. Maybe it will be helpful if you would like to impress somebody during cocktail party after your successful events! ;) Next lessons will be practical! 

The genesis of live streaming

After this lesson you will know how does live streaming work and what kind of equipment you need. Don't worry, you don't need super-expensive hardware and TV truck!

Preview 00:57

After this lesson, you will know what codecs to choose for live streaming. Usually you have a few to choose in live streaming software so I will show you what I prefer and why.

Codecs - H.264 and AAC

Understating what bitrate is and how to setup it correctly is ABSOLUTELY CRUCIAL! After this lesson you will know how to do live streaming without issues with video buffering.


Most people who learn how to live stream make mistakes connected to their Internet bandwidth. In this lesson I will share lessons I learnt hard way, after producing 100+ live events and webinars for clients.

Preview 05:38

Almost all live streaming platforms like YouTube LIVE, Wowza Cloud, Dacast, StreamShark etc, are using CDNs to deliver good experience to viewers across the globe. After this lesson you will know what CDNs I'm using and recommending. You will also learn how CDNs works and why it is better to use CDN rather than on-premises systems.

Content Delivery Networks (CDN)

RTMP, HTTP, WEBRTC, HLS, MPEG-DASH - uff... What the *ell is that? After this lesson you will know the differences between those and know what to choose for your use cases. 

Communication protocols - RTMP and HTTP

It's funny but many people don't know what is the difference between webcasts and webinars. Let's learn what we can actually do with live streaming technology. From TEDx events to company's webinars.

Webcasts vs Webinars

What is the most important advice I can give to anyone who starts learning live streaming? Let's learn about it! You will avoid fuckups that will ruin your events and reputation! Seriously, it's that important...

The most important advice (before we start playing with toys).
What camera to choose for live streaming?
7 Lectures 24:09

Generally speaking, you can use any type of camera for live streaming. Even your mobile phone! Let's dive deeper which are the best.

Introduction to cameras

Webcams are not my favorite cams because they offer the worst quality. But I will give a few tips how to improve quality if you don't have budget for anything better + I will recommend a few models that are actually not that bad.


How to live stream from GoPro, Xiami Yi or Sony FDR & HDR action cams? Action cams are not perfect solution for lives streaming but I will give you a few tips how am I using GoPro4 in my setup.

Action Cams

Handycams offer good quality for reasonable budget. Actually, they are pretty good solution for people who start but want to do live streaming and webinars seriously. But how to work with them and how to connect handycam to a computer? And why I decided to switch to a professional cam after long and successful use of one of the top Sony's handycams? Let's learn in this lesson!

Preview 04:38

This year I decided to buy Panasonic GH4R and I'm using it as my main camera for video production and live streaming. I love it but there are a few super-important things to mention if you are thinking about using DSLRs like Canon 5D or mirrorless like Sony A7S for live streaming. After this lesson you will know what to buy and what to avoid. 

DSLRs and Mirrorless

If you are taking live streaming really seriously and/or you are producing events for clients, then you should look for professional cams. I have experience in working with a huge range of pro cams from Sony NX5 to Sony PXW70 and CanonC100. I will share a few insights when you should invest in those.

Professional Cams

What is the difference between HDMI and HD-SDI? Actually, it's one of the most important thing you should learn!!! After this lesson you will know what interface to use for what kind of situations. You will also learn how to convert HDMI signal to professional SDI without spending a huge budget.

Preview 02:30
Good quality audio
5 Lectures 18:54

In my opinion, good quality audio is more important than video. If your audio will suffer from poor quality, than people will run away from your live stream. In this lesson I will share important tips I learned during my practical experience. 

Two important tips about audio before you start

More and more people are using live streaming for one-man shows like webinars, presentations, live vlogs, Q&As and so on. In this lesson you will learn what microphones are the best for such use, including USB mics, shotgun/on-camera mics and lavalier mics.

The best microphones for webinars and one-man online shows

Maybe you want to live stream something more advanced like a conference or a concert? Then, you have to integrate your equipment with audio mixer on location. In this lesson, I will share practical tips how I do it - it's bulletproof solution tested dozens of times. After this lesson, you will be able to achieve clean and loud audio feed.

Live streaming good quality audio during a conference or a concert

When you have to connect to audio mixer on location rather than using your own mics, then you may experience strange noises in your audio feed. It can ruin your live stream if you don't know how to fix it. In this lesson, I will give you a few practical advice how I deal with it successfully. 

How to fix buzz, hum and other strange noises?

I've seen that many webinars and live streams suffer from out of sync audio. It seems that many people do some basic mistakes that are actually not hard to avoid. Let's learn how to achieve perfectly synced audio.

How to fix out of sync audio?
Capturing audio and video signal to your computer
2 Lectures 15:19

How to connect a cameras and audio inputs to a computer that you will be using for live streaming? Well, you need a capture card. In this lesson I compare the best internal and external cards like Magewell X100D dongles, BlackMagic UltraStudio, DeckLink's and others.

Preview 04:23

Let's do it! This is one of the most practical lesson in the course. You will learn how to actually capture audio/video signal from a camera to a computer. In this particular situation I'm using Panasonic GH4R + Magewell X100D capture card + Datavideo DAC70 converter and a laptop with vMix software. You will also see how I convert HDMI output from a camera to more professional and reliable HD-SDI.

Working with Magewell X100D USB capture cards and Datavideo DAC-70 converter
Mixing multiple sources of audio and video like a pro
4 Lectures 20:39

How about live stream using not one camera, but two, three or even ten cameras and other sources of video? You will need something called "video mixer" and there are software and hardware solutions. Using one of these will make your show much more interesting for the viewers.

Software vs hardware live production switchers

Software video mixers like vMix and Wirecast are revolutionizing live streaming production. You not longer need expensive hardware to mix multiple sources of video and audio, as well to record and send your stream to various platforms like YouTube LIVE and Facebook LIVE. Let's learn about features, pricing and... why I decided to switch from Wirecast to vMix. 

Wirecast and vMix - which software video mixers to choose?

If you are streaming for a clients or you often do some heavyweight events like big conferences and concerts, than hardware switcher is probably something a little bit better than software solution. In this lesson I will share some advice what hardware mixers are the best, what I am using and when you should buy one too.

Which hardware video mixer to choose?

This is second raw-edit super-practical lesson! Let's connect a few sources of videos and mix them using vMix. In this lesson you will learn how to live stream from 2 or more cameras using just your laptop, vMix software and Magewell's capture cards (actually you can use also Wirecast and other cards). 

Working with the vMix software video mixer
Encoding and our first live streaming!
6 Lectures 45:10

In previous lessons, you learned how to capture signal from your cameras to your computer. But now let's learn how to encode this signal using proper software and then push it to the platform like YouTube LIVE, Facebook LIVE or StreamShark. 

What is encoding and which encoder to choose?

Wirecast is one of the most popular software encoders out there (together with Open Broadcaster Software and vMix). StreamShark is my favorite professional live streaming hosting (actually not that popular like other platforms but very good!). Now, during this most important lesson in the course, we will push stream to StreamShark. Let's start from understanding in detail how to configure Wirecasts encoder properly...

Live streaming to StreamShark using Wirecast 7 (Part 1: setting up Streamshark)

!!! This is continuation of previous lesson, we will be actually learning how to stream to StreamShark! This is culmination of our class. After the class you will learn how to live stream and how to do it in good quality and without any buffering issues. !!!

Live streaming to StreamShark using Wirecast 7 (Part 2: setting up Wirecast)

Do you know that you can stream from professional camera to Facebook LIVE? This is the amazing feature of Facebook LIVE, let's learn how to do it using vMix software (many people do it using free software called Open Broadcaster but vMix is waaaay better and costs below 100$).

Streaming to Facebook Live using vMix

Let's say you are looking for 100% free live streaming solution and you need both free platform and free software mixer / encoder. You can stream to YouTubeLIVE using free software called Open Broadcaster Studio and let's learn how!

Streaming to YouTube LIVE using Open Broadcaster

How about more interactive webinar when all participants are connected through cameras, not only you? is absolutely amazing software that will enable you to do it. I use it for streaming live interviews between hosts on different continents or live surgeries in the hospitals. After this lesson you will learn how to take your live events into the next level.

High quality webinar or video conference using
Which live streaming platform to choose?
3 Lectures 13:20

The last decision you have to make is choosing the right live streaming platform. There are so many!!! Facebook LIVE, YouTube LIVE, Wowza, StreamShark, Twitch, Ustream and dozens of others. What to choose for what event? How to save money? (actually, lessons from this section will save you tons of it!).

Introduction to streaming providers

Let's say you want to stream your event to hundreds or even thousands people? What platform to choose to offer viewers good experience but not ruin your tight budget? Well, I have experience in streaming using almost every platform on the market and I will share what I like the most. I will compare solutions like StreamShark, Wowza Cloud, Dacast, Facbook LIVE, YouTube LIVE,, Ustream etc. 

Preview 04:04

"What software to choose for webinars?" is the most popular question among people who ask me for help. There are many well-advertised tools like GoToWebinar or ClickMeeting, however, in my opinion, there are a few even better but not so popular platforms (like Livestorm). Let's learn what tools to choose to host great webinars! 

What live streaming platform to choose for WEBINARS?
1 Lecture 01:34

It was an amazing journey! Both creating this course and then teaching you! Thank you for your time and willingness to learn. Now you know how to live stream and please use this technology for a greater good!

Thank you!
1 Lecture 05:31

In this document I attached many links to hardware and software recommended by me. Most of these solutions was used by me during events for clients so when I'm recommending something then you know it will work well. What is more, I don't receive any money from recommending any kind of products so you can fully trust me. Of course, if you want to add something to this list - please let me know!

Links to hardware and software recommended by me for streaming
About the Instructor
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Polish entrepreneur with 7 years of experience in building companies in the field of video production, digital marketing and online education. CEO of DeeperDive – online education startup and co-founder of Filmpoint - video production studio. Live streaming teacher and enthusiast with more than 100 live streams produced for clients.