Learn How To Keyword Research Using Secret Sources For Free
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Learn How To Keyword Research Using Secret Sources For Free

Learning How To Keyword Research Using Free Keyword Research Resources Tools -Never Before Shared KW Research Strategies
3.9 (6 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
1,087 students enrolled
Created by Lee Beattie
Last updated 4/2015
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What Will I Learn?
  • By the end of this course you will be able to literally do extensive keyword research in any niche
  • Get the most targeted keywords in any niche that you choose
  • Find and uncover the best keywords in your niche
  • Go from internet newbie to seasoned Keyword Research PRO in no time
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How To Keyword Research is one of the most vital steps from free keyword research tools to highly searched keywords to establishing profits and getting top results in the search engines. If you know how to find profitable keywords and use the best FREE keyword research tools to do so will help you uncover keywords and niches that you never thought possible.

Learning the best how to keyword research techniques and tips will help even the newest of new people rank fast for keyword search terms very quickly. This keyword research course will uncover some of the best and free ways to do keyword research and how to properly use these techniques to find the most profitable and more searched keywords on the internet.

If you were wanting to know the best free ways to do keyword research on the internet then this how to keyword research course will uncover some of the best ways to uncover some very useful keywords on the internet. During this course we will show how to find keywords that are located right in front of your face that you might not have known were there and also uncover some of the best and most useful keyword research websites that are not commonly shared on the internet.

Learning the best how to keyword research strategies implemented on the internet is very easy to do especially when you have all of the right resources and ways to use the various free keyword research tools. Once you learn these skills that we uncover within this course you go from absolute newbie to seasoned pro especially when you are looking to find many keywords within your niche.

This course is designed to share some of the best but not commonly talked about keyword research strategies and techniques that all of the big marketing guru's use everyday.

Who is the target audience?
  • This course is designed for anyone who is looking to uncover the best keywords in their perspective nich
  • Anyone looking for the best ways to do keyword research online
  • Those who want to use only FREE how to keyword research methods
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Curriculum For This Course
22 Lectures
3 Lectures 12:23

Keywords are descriptive words that are searched every month. These words are based on actual people who type these exact keywords, topics or interests into the search engines looking for information. What are keywords just watch this video to find out more.

Preview 02:52

This video just expands from the first lecture that talks about keywords. This just simply shows how words can be expanded upon and how easily to navigate through a search engine to find more keywords.

Preview 04:20

Knowing all the right keywords is one thing but knowing who is typing those keywords in is another. This brief video simply points out a trusted resource that I have used for many years to determine who my avatar is. As you begin to go through the various modules make sure to keep this lecture in mind because this will be very useful when you are looking to speak exactly to the people who are typing in these keywords into the search engines.

Preview 05:11
Keyword Research
6 Lectures 01:05:43

Sometimes just looking at the search engine that you normally search around on can produce many different keywords. Many of these keywords are very close to what you might be searching for and will produce many other keyword terms that can very useful when putting together keyword lists to write articles or create videos around.

Keyword Research and Search Engines

This is one of my favorite ways to get keywords. I purposely put this training in here because this method is one of the most overlooked ways to get very profitable keywords that other people have worked extremely hard to rank for. When you use this technique you will be gain more keyword lists that can easily be patterned after. I highly recommend you use this method to help uncover the very best keywords. This is how to keyword research using high ranking keywords within the search engines.

Keyword Research Sniping

This section clearly breaks down some of the reasons why people don't succeed online and why people do. With the recent changes to the Google Keyword Planner people are still looking at the keyword research the wrong way. If you ever wanted to know why you might not be ranking for keywords that are supposed to be easy to rank for, it is probably because you are doing it wrong. This is a very important step that will open your eyes to why you might be getting the wrong keywords.

Broad vs Exact Keyword Research

Google Trends is a very trusted resource that I highly recommend checking out. This amazing resource will help to discover some very important information that will absolutely uncover what is Trending now and also what other keywords you should be paying attention to. These keywords go hand in hand with whatever topic or niche you are in and can easily be captured.

Google Trends

As pointed out in this module Google Trends allows anyone to really pull out even more information that can be used to extrapolate even more keywords from the Google Keyword Planner. This is how to keyword research at its finest.

Google Trends and Keyword Planner

This is a method I use every single time in order to find some very useful keywords. This is my how to keyword research drilling down method. I recommend going to the 2nd or 3rd level of drilling down in order to find some of the best and most searched keywords. This keyword research strategy is one that I highly recommend that you do in order to achieve maximum results.

Drilling Down Even More
Additional Keyword Research Sources
7 Lectures 58:41

Using this very unique website you will find so many other suggestions for your keyword research. This is a very useful keyword research resource that I highly recommend you check out and use for your benefit.


Soovle is quit possibly one of the best keyword research websites and tools I have ever used. This is absolutely free to use and is second to none with regard to the pertinent information that it provides the person looking for keywords. I highly recommend using this resource.


This section was put in here for those who have children or maybe an educator who is looking to make use of a very cool website that is revolved around kids searches. This is super kid friendly and has some really neat added features for those who are web developers or looking for good outbound links to a page. Because keyword research is such a broad topic I wanted to make sure that all basis were covered and tailoring keyword research to kids was covered as well to keep the searches safe for the kids. Great kids research.

Keyword Research for Kids

There are people including myself who have used keyword research tools to get the various keyword lists needed. I started out using keyword research tools for a very long time. Then I actually learned the process by using some of these keyword research tools that have been outlined in this video. I highly recommend using some of these free keyword research tools because they will help.

Other Keyword Research Tools

I believe Hashtags are the new keyword research for the future. From my experience across many different social media platforms and with article marketing I have seen some outstanding results using #HashTags and is the reason why I wanted to put this module in here. There are many larger corporations and large brands that are using this method to uncover large amounts of searches across the various social media platforms. This is how to keyword research using Hashtags without having to use long tail keywords nearly as much. Keyword research using this method should be adopted for future marketing purposes.

Social Media | Hashtags | Keywords

I wanted to add this section in here for many reasons. When I first started to do keyword research online I had problems losing my work? Then one day I found out about this amazing resource and there are many like it and is a very useful way to capture your brainstorming and work without having to search around for it. This way to Brainstorm and Mindmap your process is very important especially when doin keyword research of any kind.

Brainstorm | Mindmap The Process

This is a summary of some of the topics covered in this course but also a few other useful tidbits around keyword research.

Quick Checklist
1 page
Other Keyword Research Tools
6 Lectures 19:56

YouTube has taken down their keyword tool. They still allow for the auto suggestion keywords to come up.

YouTube Keyword Tool

YouTube no longer supports the Keyword Tool. So you will have to use the Display Planner Tool in your Adwords account. You can actually get there ~~> https://adwords.google.com/da/DisplayPlanner/Home

Display Planner Tool

These FREE BETA Tools provided by SEO Chat are definitely one of a kind. You can look up many different keyword just by using this resource ~~> http://tools.seochat.com/tools/suggest-tool/

SEO Chat Keyword Tool

This is one of the most overlooked parts to keyword research. I didn't want to suggest doing this as a primary method but add this method to your process. Get typo keywords that you can rank for to add to your overall rankings. This will add to the process of doing keyword research.

SEO Chat Typo Keywords

This is another amazing FREE resource for Google and YouTube based keywords. This doesn't provide any specific search counts but still another valuable keyword research tool. You can find it at http://keywordtool.io

Keyword Tool IO

Another great keyword research tool.. Very time sensitive information..

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Worked with emerging high technology semiconductor companies in support of the current technology BOOM that you are currently enjoying right now... You know those Laptops, Smartphones, Smart watches, Tablets, TV's and more? 50 World Wide FABS CLUB (6 of these brands are listed on top 20 most valuable Brands). That job involved alot of traveling, culture, and opening my mind to what's next and when I realized I wanted more.

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Mobile Apps For Business

Being able to offer Mobile Apps which happen to be the best marketing solution ever invented by the way, to small and medium sized businesses is really cool. This technology adds to the businesses bottom line and no business should go without it but that is just my opinion. Having your business in your customers mobile phones is just a push notice away!

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