How to get over stress forever
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How to get over stress forever

An A-Z guide for Stress management, to gain clarity, transform your negative stress to empowerment. The change is here.
4.8 (8 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
44 students enrolled
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What Will I Learn?
  • Will be able to know what is stress, and recognize positive and negative stress in your life
  • Will be able to understand your own stress, as result of your childhood conditioning
  • Will be able to transform your negative childhood experience into empowering life instructions
  • Will be able to recognize situations which used to be stressing and able to chose better action
  • Will be able to learn the power of anchoring yourself to your breath and the present moment, which is the only stress free reality
  • Will have the tools to practice daily meditation to manage old stressing situations and your own anxiety feelings
  • Will be able to gain strength to continue on this journey once practicing daily
  • Will be able to have tools of awareness to self correct when slipped off
  • Will be able to experience the "It shall pass" on cellular level
  • Will have the understnading why only developing compassion towards others who are like us stressed is important,
  • Will understand law of attraction -- and use the mirror circumstances to understand what you have to work on yourself still
  • Upon daily practice, will have the experience make a shift in circumstances and become a positive creator within, to create better answers, better thoughts better actions, hence better circumstances
  • Upon daily practice will be able to shift blaming complaining, resenting focus to gratitude, and develop abundance mentality.
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  • Speak English
  • Open mind to learn
  • Willingness to do the work, which brings change
  • The willingness and the strength to look inside you and make peace within your own mind

Is anxiety running you all day long? Is anxiety the only state you know and can be, but always wish to get out? 

However, when there is a chance to to be calm, you pick on something to get stressed?

Are you addicted to any substances, or craving and missing things?

Did you have it as you are sick of living in this stress?
Are you ready to change this and have a different experience to learn to live with deep inner peace and joy. 

I was one of you on this journey 20+ years ago. And Let me share with you all my knowledge and experience and practice here, which is scientific, yet simple and easy.

All what you need now is to believe that you deserve to have this change in your life.

If yes you are ready to begin. 

In this course we will explore together:

What is stress, and why are we reacting with negative stress?

How to get of reacting with negative stress?

How to transform negative stressors to empowerment?

How to get stress management automatic into your daily life – meditation as daily practice to rewire the mind

How does the long term journey of re-training the mind looks like in daily life.

You will have exercises to do at the end of each video which is the core of the progress you will gain from this course.

Let us learn together for your better, happier life which begins right here, right now..

Welcome you on this wonderful journey... with love and kindness.

Who is the target audience?
  • Anyone who like to face their stress, learn the root causes and wanting to resolve it
  • Anyone who is addicted to living in anxiety and want to be able to experience living in deep inner peace
  • Anyone who had enough of being sick from stress and willing to do the hard work to get of being ran by the mind
  • Anyone who is ready and willing to practice daily
  • Anyone with an open mind to learn
  • If you are only wishing and not ready to do, this course is not for you yet.
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Curriculum For This Course
Introduction to Stress management
1 Lecture 00:50

All i can say, that i m very happy to put 25 years into searching happiness.. read everything and anything on positive thinking etc. And every little thing you come acress with is because that is the information at that moment of a time what you have to have to go further.

I encourage you , to take the course all the way to the end.. The course is full of tried tested many thousand years al stuff plus science on NLP. 

Learning to observe the mind is a process which will make sense why you should do it daily to retrain your brain, once you took this little time to understand your mind.

I did all this, practicing daily and i m telling you... daily practice seems funny and challenging first but what it does to your all day management of your own mind, is really mind blowing. 

Take this course all the way and practice each exercise and test it yourself. Only your experience can tell you how it was. 

Welcome you on this amazing journey

Preview 00:50
What is stress
3 Lectures 10:07

There are two kinds of stresses

U-stress and De-stress (Destructive stress)

Destructive stress creates the Fight or Flight response, which has negative consequences on the body and eventually will make you sick

U-Stress is useful stress, it's the power the motivation to do better, to accomplish something. This stress gives you power to get up and do it again. The state or feeling is of being in U-stress is keep you risen above.

PS: The included resource here contains the reading for each video lecture. You can read the content video by video as you move along the course. 

Preview 01:36

This video is about the physiology of De-stress. How can you recognize that you are in De-stress?

When something upsetting, frightening happened You have elevated heart rate, faster breathing, increased blood pressure, pupils are dilated, perhaps even diarrhea

The fight, flight, or freeze, or fawn response

•       Hyperarousal, acute stress response is a physiological reaction to perceived harmful event, attack or threat to survive.

•       First described by Dr Walter Bradford Cannon

Can you recognize these in yourself? What are you doing on the daily bases to pick on people to create stressful situation?

Preview 03:29

Lets realize first just which so called timezone is your head.

Is it in the future – thinking about something hasn't happened yet, so you are afraid that it will happen, or your head is in the past in some situation you have grudges against—as its coming from some sort of forgiveness.

So your head is going in between these two states and you are never in the present moment.

In both cases your head is creating interpretations of events to keep you fearful or keep you having grudges.

Lets look into yourself and see what are the actual triggers for your stress. Once you can pin point what are the feelings you don't want to feel and afraid of to feel you can recognize your defense behaviours what you automatically do so you don't feel those particular painful feelings.

These 5 most painful feelings are

Rejection, abandonment, humiliation, betrayal, injustice – For more detail read Lisa Bourbeau – Heal your wounds and find your true self

Preview 05:02
MInd and Body connection
7 Lectures 31:25

Thinking stressful thoughts you will have a ill feeling in the body. And feeling ill feeling in the body will create more depressive/painful- ill thoughts.

After big enough stressful event the body physically breaks down as this is the fastest way to reduce immune system, so the body gets sick and stress comes out in certain aches and pains.

Your emotional load becomes as actual physical load in the body.

How is the body and mind connected

How come you are the person you are today?

 Where is all coming from?

How come you notice certain things in life, listen to certain types of news, and have certain type of negative thoughts, and feel certain type of feelings?

How come you are interpreting things a certain way?

Why are you always negative about things?

Zero to 7 years of our lives we have been conditioned. This conditioning was done by the parents or guardians whoever raised you.

They did the best they could, likely awaking the pain in you throughout their conditioned actions.

As a child you learnt one particular pain by experiencing it 3 times. Fist two times you had no idea what it was, the third time the mind learnt, that is anger, that fear , that is rejection, abandonment, humiliation, betrayal, or injustice. So once we learn these wounds, we also learn that we have to protect ourselves from feeling these wounds so we learn certain behavior patterns

What is the conditioned mind

There are three major mental filters in our mind which helps us to manage our thoughts.

The first is Deletion—it deletes thoughts so you conveniently don't remember them. Esp if it was painful event what you have done and you can’t take responsibility

The second is distortion, which will twists/ interpret the story the way it is convenient for you.

The third is generalization; which takes one event and generalizes it out for the future to make statements about yourself or others.

Since the Body and mind are connected, and every thought is felt by your cells. So even if you delete something from your mind, you can’t delete it from your cells. The emotional imprint of that deleted though will remain in your cells, and your body will remember. This is how you stack on your emotional storages, and once in a while they all boil over into anger.

Exercise: Sink into yourself and note which mental filters are you using in which situations

The mental filters

What does it mean we are mental and emotional entity?

What does it mean we are one with our emotions?

In this section we uncover all labels you put on yourself, as per your conditioned mind. Uncover the roots the answer to “Who am I?”

In order to bring a change one must be aware of own body feelings, and the trigger of it, which a specific thought.

What happens when we don't feel anything? Why do we become numb to sensations? These are again self-protecting mechanism to the suppressed pain we have been storing, which time to time erupts.

You need to start observing yourself to awaken sensations. This is the actual practicing awareness, which will do this work.  When you are aware of your feelings and interpretations, you will be able to take break and stop before reacting.

What is consciousness?

Observing the thoughts and emotions, body sensations in daily practice as a meditation exercise, is the key in staying aware of these as well during the day.

Lets learn what is observations, how to observe and what is the observation gap.

Learn the observation exercise along with me here for your first experience. Lets meet your own conditioned mind, the chattering box, which is telling you all sorts of things. Lets learn how to refocus, one after another, as the mind is pulling you left and right. Lets be the hunter who looks for the thoughts and emotions, who waits and see when is the next time one comes around. Then accept it and let go of it.

This is the actual observation meditation—or mind training to get your mind under control.


Set your alarm for 5 min and practice observing your thoughts, feelings and emotions.

How to manage stress - The observation

Observing your thoughts is the first step to experience the observation gap, which is to realize your awareness and consciousness. You realize that there is an observer in you, and that is your consciousness.

The next step simply is to observe, feel each breath going through the nose and keep refocusing one after another from thinking and wondering.

You need to learn this refocus as smoothly and softly as possible, without getting angry at yourself or expressing any kind of negative emotions.

You are learning here to accept each negative feelings, but not to further react to them. This is the key importance of your work in getting out of stress forever, that you practice daily during meditations to keep bringing your focus back to the breathing from thinking and wondering, smoothly and softly, without any reactions.


Set your alarm for 5-10 min and practice breathing observation

Awareness training by Breath-observation meditation

Empowering yourself depends on giving yourself the exact emotional support you need, to create U-stress to move you forward, to get you up and do more.

Recommended reading John Gray: Venus and Mars on a date

Women and men feels loved in different ways. Learning to give these gender specific loving expressions to yourself will make a big difference in stopping your cravings. Finally you learn to appreciate respect trust, admire acknowledge etc yourself and stop expecting it from others.

Instead of creating stress and negative feelings for yourself, you can create now empowering feelings.

Realize and reflect, that everything and anything ever happened as a feeling inside you , was created by you. This takes a big strength to admit, and if you can, then you are on the right path to come over your stress forever.

How to empower yourself
How to transform stress into empowerment
2 Lectures 12:34

You have all the observation tools now to begin working with your past fears, insecurities, angers, cravings, jealousy, resentment, guilt, and all emotional wounds.

Transformation means, finding the first event when you felt that particular fear or negative feeling first time and then take the learning out of it.

You shall go back to that past event like an observer who is watching above and this is you as an adult now.  You can guide and advise the person who did the fearful or anything negative event with you , how he/she should have behaved talked acted differently that you walk away from that situation feeling loved instead.

Take your time and write all these down. These shall be stated positively, pointing to the future and regarding you. All these are universal wisdoms.

Transforming negative past events to empowerment

Realize that your life is nothing but the journey to practice and practice and practice, until all the loving kindness takes place for yourself by yourself and then its easy to do it for others.

This is how the world will change beginning with you.

Some days the practice better, some days you may still make mistakes. This is only a chance to forgive yourself and others as they will also still make mistakes. We are all humans, learning on this great journey.

We travel on this process of change like a sail boat, and the whole idea is to stay aware and catch yourself and self –correct. 

Self management – The journey
About the Instructor
Dr Zsuzsanna Fajcsak
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As a “change maker” Dr Zsu works on 3 areas:

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Zsuzsanna has been schooled in Europe and the USA, and holds a Doctoral degree in Nutrition, as well as Master’s degrees in Teaching Physical Education, Exercise Physiology and Clinical Nutrition. Zsuzsanna is a Certified NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and Time Line Therapy™ Coach, Certified Nutrition Specialist (Member of the American College of Nutrition), Certified in Functional Diagnostic Medicine, and a Yoga teacher trainer, who is passionate about the human mind and its power over physical health and performance.

Dr Zsu's Sessions focus on integrated Health, ad her Trademarked Alive program includes 4 areas:

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