Secret guide to overcome Depression, Failure & Penury
4.5 (2 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
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Secret guide to overcome Depression, Failure & Penury

Be full of confidence, competence, riches, glory & cheerfulness.
4.5 (2 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
202 students enrolled
Last updated 11/2014
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What Will I Learn?
  • By the time you have completed a few sessions, you would start seeing positive impact in your life
  • You will learn how to attract success in every aspect of life
  • You will learn how to perform effectively despite challenges and negative environment around
  • You will learn how to convert every thought of yours into reality
  • If you have ever thought of giving up, running away or suicide, even remotely, this course will guarantee that such thoughts never ever come in your mind.
  • You will not only yourself become positive, successful and lucky, but bring good luck and success for those around you.
  • You will start attracting wealth and happiness naturally in life
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  • An open mind
  • Commitment
  • You should not mind having fun times!

If you ever felt depressed or in doubt, or feel you deserve better, then this course can change your life forever.

This course is different from other self-help courses.

Instead of giving arms length lectures, it steps into the shoes of people who are not achieving their desired outcomes in life currently; who are thus disheartened - more or less; who feel like having an inner thought of giving up; who are caught in a jinx of failures or partial success and feel helpless in coming out of it; who doubt their own worth or capabilities; have their confidence shattered; or even those who have at times thought of running away, get isolated or committing suicides!

This course redefines their deepest thought patterns towards success and fulfillment. So instead of giving crutches, the course automatically strengthens the legs so that one can win marathon by himself.

Most other courses tend to give motivational tips and teach some techniques. This course goes a step ahead and explains "Why you should be successful, in first place?". "How does pursuit of success relate with life and its purpose?"It makes attracting success a core part of personality.

Our promises

This course will open gates of success for you like never before. We promise that this course will make you enjoy life like never before. We promise that your personality will start having that X factor like never before. Your performance will improve, your doubts would melt away, your growth will speed up, you will become charismatic, you will have most amazing relationships in life, you will start attracting much more wealth and most importantly you will have happiness like never before.

Immediate, Permanent results

It starts working within minutes and starts performing miracles within no time! We do it in most practical way - utilizing principles of Vedas - the oldest books that also form foundation of philosophies like Zen and Yoga.

Not just another self-help course

The similarities with other self-help or motivational courses end with these promises. In fact we go a step ahead and claim that this course will unleash the legend within you. It will take you to a level where you can confidently rub shoulders with the greatest legends of human history.

Track Record

So beyond these promises, we also deliver. We have delivered it in our own lives. We have delivered it in lives of innumerable ones. We have delivered it through positive social changes we have brought in places ridden with inequality. We have delivered it through transforming even those minds that were once contemplating suicide into success heroes.


The course will comprise a series of lectures. New lectures will continue to be added. We will also share useful presentations, articles, documents, snippets to enrich the learning experience. There would be an active forum where students can share their experiences and thoughts, and learn from each other.

Select Testimonials

I never had a more fruitful experience ever. This course has changed the way I approach life and its challenges now.

- Dr Ashish Panchal, Associate Professor (NIT Surat), Gold Medalist (IIT Bombay)

I strongly recommend this course for all who aspire to skyrocket their careers. Absolutely fantastic!

- Saurav Sarda (IIM Alumnus), Principal Consultant, Avenir

IIT taught me how to be 'scientific'. This course taught me 'why'. I dreamt of IIT, this course made it come true.

- Sourav Khanna, AIR 5, IIT Bombay

Who is the target audience?
  • This course is for anybody who is serious about being successful. More the commitment, more the results
  • Even if you are not committed, the course would still work benefits. But results are proportional to commitment
  • If you ever had a depressing thought in your life, this course is for you
  • If you ever felt that you deserve more from life but somewhere something is blocking your success, then this course is for you
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Curriculum For This Course
43 Lectures
5 Lectures 17:38

Open up your mind and realize the power within. This session will activate the subconscious mind for super-success.

Preview 04:24

You will learn how to quickly start benefitting from the course and continue to do so forever in life. Tips to follow to make sure that you get the best out of the course.

Preview 07:38

What you should know about pace of the course and how it optimizes your invested time for maximum returns.

Preview 03:52

Key Takeaways from 'Power of Mind Opening'

Key Takeaways from 'The right pace for success'
The 3 Fundamental Laws of super success
9 Lectures 46:52

What makes these laws so powerful? How these laws can help you become super-successful in every aspect of life? Get to know why and how?

The Fundamentals

We all want super success but some only achieve it and bag the tag of Legend. Rest of us start believing that super success can happen only with really good fortune. We shall break this myth forever from your mind and unleash the real secret to start the journey of super successful life. Learn the first immutable law of super-success, whose knowledge itself will jumpstart you in road of super-success.

The first 'Growth' law of super success

This law will take you a step ahead from first law and add powerful turbo to your flight to super-success. This immutable law will guarantee that your short-term success translates into a sustainable long-term success as well.

The second 'Systematic' law of super success

This law completes the triad of 3 Fundamental laws. With this triad in place, everything wonderful is achievable in life. Master this law, complete your foundation, and now you are ready to enter the arena of pros - the real icons of history.

The third 'Purpose' law of super success

This session combines all the 3 laws holistically and provide you a map that will enable you to make implementation of these laws your second nature. In other words, you are now fully programmed for super-success.

How to crack the 3 laws of Growth, Systematic and Purpose?

Key Takeaways from 'First law of super success'

Key Takeaways from 'Second law of super success'

Key Takeaways from 'Third law of super success'

Key Takeaways from Section 2
The Laws of Guaranteed Success
10 Lectures 01:04:22

This session trains you in application of a law which guarantees life-long super-success. It takes the foundation of fundamental laws to levels unimagined.

Law of Visionary - Part 1

Part 2 of "Law of Visionary" that trains you for life-long super-success. It takes the foundation of fundamental laws to levels unimagined.

Law of Visionary- Part 2

This law is only for the special ones. Not for ordinary mortals. If you indeed want to break all barriers forever and reach levels that are unimagined, this is all you need. It is Law of Visionary on steroids.

Law of Timelessness

The most important law of life which will form basis for all the other laws. Make it an inseparable part of you and every success will become a cakewalk.

Law of Weighted Average - Most important law

Master the applications of the law of weighted average in ways you would not have imagined before. This one corollary will make you prepared for getting success in all kinds of varying situations and demands.

Flexible corollary to Law of Weighted average

Key Takeaways from 'Law of Weighted Average'

This session will give a new and special meaning to your life. We now master not just the tactics and tools for success, but much more powerful principles on which entire success-mechanism is based upon. This will eradicate any doubts you may have regarding achieving success. So irrespective of your concerns regarding how well you mastered the formulae of success presented so far, you are still destined for super-success if you understand and believe in this wonderful and rare law.

Preview 05:36

Key Takeaways from 'Flexible corollary to law of weighted average'

Key takeaways of 'Law of improbable probability'

Summary of Section 3
The Powerful Law of Karma
4 Lectures 15:10

Law of Karma is the technology that runs the world. Understanding Law of Karma is like understanding the Operating System of your computer. If you can master the Law of Karma, you would be invincible.

Law of Karma - Introduction

Most people look at Law of Karma in a way that is either negative or not useful. If you reverse the way you approach Law of Karma, it is the most motivating recipe for life. Nothing can bring more satisfaction and gear you up for your super-success.

Inverse Law of Karma

Let us clear a confusion that arises from Inverse Law of Karma

Answer to confusion from Inverse Law of Karma

This law derives the essence of Law of Karma. The essence which gives tremendous power to achieve anything.

By Law of Intentions
Self Talk - The conversation you always wanted to have with yourself
13 Lectures 46:52

Tactical approach to know your mental state and act smartly accordingly to maximize your success.

How I changed my state of mind- quick and easy steps

This session is specially designed to make you bury the past and its stupid deeds. You are what you are in present, rest doesn't matter. It might torture you a bit but at the end you will bury all the nonsense.

How I buried the nonsense

Key Takeaways from "Bury the Nonsense"

Yes, you are a fool if you act in certain ways. This session is an application of all that you imbibed so far, and tells you how not to act like a jerk and ruin your own success. Simply avoid acting in this manner, and success will come running to you automatically.

Stop acting silly

Master the thoughts and you master the world. Learn how to adopt this master formula from Gita and Yoga to be a legend.

Win over thoughts

How to kill bad habits that are blocking your success. Just a few minutes, and they will be gone forever!

Die hard habits die hard

The famed law of attraction will guarantee that your thoughts become your executive assistants. They will fetch you whatever you think of. Combined with the 3 fundamental laws, and law of weighted average, you have now power to work miracles the way you desire.

How the law of attraction worked for me

Key Takeaways of "The law of Attraction"

You are already a super-star. I am honored to meet you. You simply need to think like a super-star. You need to believe in all these laws and reclaim your rights to be a super-star. Learn how to do it.

How to think like a super- star

This session builds upon the previous session and programs you for making the most from the law of Improbable probability.

Utilize the rare chance to the fullest

Key Takeaways from 'Utilize the rare chance'

Convert all that you mastered so far into real action, real results, real output. Just focus on actions with full trust in these laws, and rest is already happening automatically. It is your lack of action and your doubts that are the road blocks. Know how to identify them and win your way to super-success.

How I always put thoughts into actions

Key Takeaways from 'Law of actionable thoughts'
Affirmations for every situation
1 Lecture 02:27

Positive affirmations that will bring you closer to your goal of happiness. Sit in a comfortable position. Don't lie down unless you are sick or its night time. Listen to the affirmation a few times, close your eyes and introspect. Start feeling happiness around. Start floating with the words of the affirmations. Start giving them your own interpretations. If your interpretations start getting negative, restart. Keep doing till you start feeling only positive interpretations. Get lost in that feel, be submerged in your own thoughts now. You don't need the affirmation running in background, because you now have positive affirmations coming from within you. You are now connected to your own positivity. Enjoy being here for as long as you want. Do it for a few minutes daily after you wake up, before sleep and whenever you want in day. After a few days, you may not need it anymore. But continue to give affirmations at least 3 times a day from your own mind. Visit this affirmation occasionally if required. Enjoy the positive changes happening in life. Ignore if occasionally something undesirable happens. Life is about ups and down. We are now programmed to be in bliss and happiness, come what may happen. And soon, your happiness will decide what would happen.

The right affirmation for Happiness
Conclusion and Road Ahead
1 Lecture 05:23
About the Instructor
Naina Chitlangia
4.5 Average rating
2 Reviews
202 Students
1 Course
Life Transformation Guru

Naina is a world-renowned life-skills coach whose dynamic presence captivates the audience. She specializes in instant behavioral re-patterning and subliminal transformation. She is the CEO of Unleash the Legend which is dedicated to life-skills coaching, entrepreneurial and leadership skills development. Apart from life-skills coaching, Naina is also associated with a several social initiatives for underprivileged children and youth.

Sanjeev Newar
4.5 Average rating
2 Reviews
202 Students
1 Course

I am founder of Agniveer - one of the most influential social and personal transformation movements among youth in India. My writings, lectures and ground-level activities have transformed thousands of lives, preventing large number suicides, reforming several cases of depression & drug-abuse, and bringing success & achievements in many. This is the most satisfying achievement of my life.

I specialize in Vedas, Gita & Yoga philosophy whose imprints are evident in all my outputs and implementations.

I am an MBA graduate from IIM Calcutta and engineering undergrad from IIT Guwahati - two of the most respected institutions of India. Professionally I am an expert in Analytics and Risk Management. In past 14 years of my career, I have undertaken several projects of social, national and global importance. I am associated with IIT Kanpur in nurturing budding entrepreneurs and indigenous innovation from grass-root level. I am CEO of Aarsh Management which was listed in 20 Most Promising Risk Management Solution Providers of world by CIO Review.

The Analytics course developed by me in collaboration with top Analytics experts of the world is considered one of the most valuable courses in the domain in India.