Fiverr: how to get amazing success on Fiverr today

Successful Fiverr strategies to Improve your sales, get more customers right now.
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About This Course

Published 5/2015 English

Course Description

Welcome to 'FIverr: get amazing success on Fiverr today

You may have heard of Fiverr. Some people have earned over a quarter of a million dollars ($250,000) already by joining up and completing similar gigs (jobs) to those I am going to show you in this presentation, and they have quite literally given up their day jobs to work exclusively on Fiverr. In this course, I will teach you to get amazing success on Fiverr today.

It has enriched their lives and enabled them to buy houses or their dream cars, or to go on that holiday of a lifetime.

The days that people would only earn a Fiver for their gigs are over. With the new Fiverr platform, top sellers can sell a gig with gig extras for up to $8000 a time. That's amazing success and you can get it too.

Imagine walking in and telling your Boss you're leaving to work from home! Work the hours to suit you with the possibility of having an endless supply of customers willing to pay you good money to complete a simple task for them. Some sellers on Fiverr even have the luxury of letting their customers pay up to $100 more per job Just for prioritizing them over the rest of their massive customer gig list.

Take this course and in less than two hours you will know how to create gigs on Fiverr that could help you get amazing success on Fiverr today !! This isn't another of those crazy get rich schemes and the amount you earn will equal the effort you put in, but, the potential for you to really change your life is huge! It's not difficult and I will show you the top selling products on Fiverr and exactly how you can succeed.

If you don't believe me see what my students are saying:-

5 Stars *****

Amazing course!

5 Stars*****

Michael is an enthusiastic instructor who knows his stuff.

Join over 1,100 other students enrolled on this Fiverr: how to get amazing success on Fiverr course. Follow the curriculum and get fantastic Income on Fiverr.

I hope to see you Inside


Course updated September 2016

What are the requirements?

  • Have access to a computer and basic knowledge of how to use it.

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Find out the best ways to drive visitors to your gigs
  • Create fantastic Fiverr gigs
  • Watch as I create a gig from start to finish!
  • Find out the best sellers on fiverr and how you can replicate them

Who is the target audience?

  • This course is designed for anyone with basic computer skills who wishes to make profitable gigs on Fiverr

What you get with this course?

Not for you? No problem.
30 day money back guarantee.

Forever yours.
Lifetime access.

Learn on the go.
Desktop, iOS and Android.

Get rewarded.
Certificate of completion.


Section 1: How to get amazing income from Fiverr

Introduction. Welcome to Fiverr:get amazing success on Fiverr.

In this lecture, I will give a brief introduction offering an overview of what this course is about, what you will be learning and how it will be presented.

Fiverr offers you a massive opportunity to make significant money and in this course Fiverr: get amazing success on Fiverr today, I show you how.

Remember, you can do this !! I will be happy to help you every step of the way.



What is Fiverr and how do you Join it?

In this lecture, I give a description of what Fiverr is , why you should join and instructions on how to make a successful application to join. I go over exactly how you can start to get success on Fiverr today


Fiverr Udemy and Proof of earnings

This lecture gives a brief introduction of what It's possible for you to achieve on Fiverr. as well as an indication of some of my earnings from Fiverr and how to set up your account. If you want to be financially successful on Fiverr, just keep watching the course and replicate its methods and you can be a success on Fiverr too.


Fiverr Seller ratings updated

In this lecture, I give a description of the Fiverr Seller Levels and the various seller benefits of each level. The three levels are:

Level One Seller- your first target for 10 sales, or more.

Level Two Seller- the intermediate level, for 50 sales, or more

Top Rated Seller- full details are given in this lesson on how to achieve top rated Seller status.

Achieving level one or higher, will help you succeed on Fiverr today.


How to create Successful Gigs

In this lecture we will be look at the different categories of gig available on fiverr and how you can start to create successful gigs. We will also take a look at how you can find a profitable niche. 


Leverage the power of Fiverr as an ousource resource

In this lecture we look at how you can leverage the power of Fiverr by buying five dollar gigs and re-selling in other markets for much, much more.

For instance you can buy a gig on Fiverr and re-sell it on Upwork, or seoclerks for many times more than you paid for it ! Open your mind to leveraging the power of Fiverr.


Tips to create your gig.

How to create successful gigs on fiverr. How to craft great introductions, as well as best practices for the creation of the following.

  1. Titles
  2. Gig Description
  3. Tags
  4. Gig Extras
  5. Introductory Video

Watch me create a live gig.

Watch over my shoulder as I show you how to create a fiverr gig from scratch.

I will be covering every step of the process from the initial gig title and description, through to adding a gig gallery picture, introductory video , gig extras and then all the way through to publishing the gig I have created to make a live gig.


Some of the best selling gigs on Fiverr.

In this lecture, we look at some of the most popular categories on fiverr. This should give you some initial ideas on what you could do to earn some income on fiverr. It should be remembered that some people make hundreds of thousands of dollars just by choosing one of the categories contained in this lecture. If you want to succeed on Fiverr today, keep watching the course.

3 pages

Fiverr categories checklist and self-evaluation list (very Important)

In the PDF you will see a list of all of the current categories on Fiverr. This also serves as a check list for you. Use it to mark down what you can do and what it is possible you can do with a little more research. You'll be surprised how many different types of gig you could actually do !!


Getting Amendment requests on Fiverr.

As a Fiverr seller, it's inevitable you will get requests for amendments to your gigs, but what do you do when the requests become unreasonable? What do you do if after the tenth revision the customer is unhappy? Here, we look at a strategy to prevent this.

Questions on creating your gig.
4 questions
Section 2: Easy gigs you can make today.

How to re-market other gigs for maximum profit.

Get others to make your Fiverr gigs and profit.

It really is very easy to get cheap gigs and sell them for many time more on Fiverr. So how do you manage to do this? Well, all you have to do is go to a website called ***********(see video) . There you will see many gigs on offer from just $1 which you can then resell for a minimum of $5 and potentially lots more. Here are a selection of just some of the gigs I found on offer there today:-

  • Get 3000 Twitter Followers
  • Get 80 You Tube Subscribers
  • Send 2500 Adsense safe visitors to your Blog
  • Promote your website to my 6 million followers
  • Give you 100+ Instagram likes
  • Promote your website to my 4 million FB Group
  • Give 10+ High PR Backlinks to your website
  • Provide 25 You Tube comments

As you can see there's a great variety of gigs which YOU can sell easily on Fiverr (or even on your own website). Why not group several of the offers together to create a great gig extra package which you could sell or up to $100.

When choosing a provider on *********(see video) ensure you choose someone with lots of reviews, who has sold lots of gigs. Also, whenever you promise followers on Fiverr it is better to over deliver on your promise. i.e. promise to promote a website to 3 million FB group and then do it to a 4 million FB group. Your customer will be impressed by your service.

Always look to give the highest quality gig you can offer whilst purchasing it for the lowest rate.



If you speak you can earn.

In this lecture, we look at one of the best-selling gigs on Fiverr, we look at Voiceovers and how you can succeed on Fiverr today, by doing them correctly. We look into the hardware and sotware required to create a voiceover fiverr gig. Topics covered include Audacity and the best type of microphone.


Use Logo Design Software to change your life and make Bank

In this lecture, I talk about the art of logo design and the opportunities available for you to sell your logo products. We look at the best software used to create logos, how you can start creating your own and also the size of the logo market.


Use Free Graphic Design Tools To Sell Tonnes Of Gigs

In this lecture, we take a look at some of the different gigs you can make under the umbrella title 'graphic design work' and use free graphic design tools to sell tonnes of gigs. These include:

  1. Social Media Banners
  2. Book Covers
  3. Business cards and letterheads
  4. Wedding stationary

SEO and Social Media gigs which will pay for Christmas.

In this lecture, I will give you some great ideas of gigs you can create on fiverr based around SEO (search engine optimisation) and social media. These include things like:

  1. Adding social media followers
  2. Creating back links.
  3. SEO work

If you can write 400 words you can make Bank.

Written content covers a whole host of potential fiverr gigs. In this lecture we look at some of the great ideas to make you fantastic income from fiverr. This includes:

  1. Blogging
  2. Copywriting
  3. E-book chapter

Home made videos which pay the rent.

In this video, we take a look at how you can make a small fortune offering video production gigs. We take a look at different types of video production including:

  1. Animation
  2. Whiteboard animation

Whiteboard Video, the really easy way to cash-in

In this lecture, we will take a look at the really easy way to cash-in by selling Whiteboard video Introduction videos. You maybwell have seen them when you are buting products on-line, particularly Information products. We took a look at best practices to make these videos easily.


 Teach someone, something you know to cash-in 

You can start offering your tutoring services to make money on fiverr gigs. If you can speak any language or perhaps play a musical instrument then there are opportunities to make money tutoring people on fiverr. fiverr, freelancer, fiverr income, income, fiverr business,account,managing,earn money,work from home,fiverr arbitrage, cash,earn money online,free,download,earn cash,money online,how to fiverr,fiverr success,fiverr profit plan,fiverr plan,make money online


Read a script for two minutes and make up to $100 an hour

Become a company Spokesperson and make money from Fiverr. If you feel and look good and are confident about speaking on camera, why not use your skills to become a Video spokesperson? fiverr, freelancer, fiverr income, income, fiverr business,account,managing,earn money,work from home,fiverr arbitrage, cash,earn money online,free,download,earn cash,money online,how to fiverr,fiverr success,fiverr profit plan,fiverr plan,make money online


Get paid $5 for writing on your hand.

There are some weird gigs being offered on Fiverr including people singing 'Happy Birthday' in their underwear. Logos being drawn in the froth on somebodies coffee and lots of other weird and wonderful gigs. Take a look at the video to see what I mean. fiverr, freelancer, fiverr income, income, fiverr business,account,managing,earn money,work from home, cash,earn money online,free,download,earn cash,money online,how to fiverr,fiverr success,fiverr profit plan,fiverr plan,make money online


It's homework time !

Yes, it's your time for you to do some work! By then end of this you should be well on your way to making income from fiverr.

Section 3: How to get Sales

How to rock at sales on Fiverr

How to ensure your fiverr gig takes off with a bang.

We take a look at the secret strategies you can use to ensure customers come flocking to your fiverr gigs.

Remember, whatever you offer on Fiverr should be quick to provide and not take too much of your time. Ideally you should offer gigs that can be completed in five minutes or less.

One idea is to try to sell Private Label Rights products. If you don't have the necessary skills to offer in Fiverr, you should try to buy and compile PLR articles and ebooks. You can upload them to your file hosting account, and when someone orders from you, just give your download link.


My top 20 methods to get more sales on Fiverr!!

In this lecture, I take a look at the main points I have learned as a level two seller for getting you more buyers on fiverr. Don't forget once you have your first sale, things become a lot easier. So ask either one of your friends or family to buy your gig and leave a review


See how Buyers are begging to get their gigs done

In this lecture, we take a look at a place on Fiverr where there are literally thousands of buyers looking to purchase your gigs on Fiverr. The Buyer request section is for buyers seeking out a particular type of gig made in a specific way. This can be a great source of income. This lecture shows you ways that you can profit from this.


Offering great Customer service on Fiverr.

Offering great customer service on Fiverr could mean the difference between succeeding and failure, as all Fiverr gigs are rated by your Customers. Just one or two low ratings could mean you're losing out on lots of sales. In this lecture, we look at ways to ensure your Customers are happy with the level of service offered to them


Fiverr Sales Analytics and how to use them.

Fiverr has a great sales aid called Sales Analytics. It will give you in-depth information as to how you can increase impressions and the number of vistors buying your gig. This article looks into how to access your Fiverr analytics system.


Alternative selling platforms for Fiverr type gigs.

There are a number of sites similar to Fiverr that are suitable for selling your gigs on. This lecture looks at some of the alternative sites.

  • fiverr alternatives
5 questions

A quick quiz to see if you've been a good student and listening to my course or looking out of the window daydreaming?

Section 4: FAQS

 FAQ'S and Frequently Asked Questions

A collection of frequently asked questions and what I hope you've learned from this course.


Feel free to download this fantastic e-book on how to make money messing around on Facebook.


How to contact your Instructor

This lecture gives you details of how to contact me, should you have any queries, or would like to look at some of the other projects Im involved with.


Please leave a review for this course.

Thank you for watching this course. i hope you got a lot from it.

Each course takes about 3-6 months to make, due to the time it takes to research, record and edit the material contained in it. It would be great if you could help me reach more students by leaving a review when prompted.

Thank you once again.

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Instructor Biography

Michael Ingram, Udemy Instructor teaching over 7000 Students

My name is Michael. My passion is teaching and I'd be truly honoured to help you learn. I teach eight courses here on Udemy, with more planned and I'd love for you to join them.

I'm a family man and Father and enjoy all things to do with Design, Writing, Social Media, SEO, Affiliate and PPC Marketing. I love spending time working from home on my own businesses and also on things like Fiverr, eBay, Amazon and other multiple income streams.

My hobbies include playing my acousticand electric guitar and singing out of tune.

I am grateful for every day on this wonderful planet and enjoy helping other people.

My courses on Udemy are well supported and I like them to be Interactive, fun, but, packed with Information.


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