How to Freelance for Mobile Developers

Learn to survive and thrive as a successful freelance developer!
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  • Richard Hart Learning Architect, Educational Gamer, Entrepreneur, Father

    Hi I'm Richard Hart

    I have a passion, well … maybe a bit of an obsession when it comes to effective learning and teaching.

    I've spent the last decade researching and engaging with learning from the perspective of a teacher, a student, an entrepreneur and a game/interactive developer. These experiences have given me a unique and powerful understanding how people learn and will continue to learn in the future.

    I'm also a veteran instructor at the British Columbia Institute of Technology in Vancouver, where I currently teach advanced technology courses.

    When I"m not creating and teaching new courses on Udemy, I help show organizations both large and small how to effectively teach and learn by leveraging the latest research in technology and psychology.

    I assist in the creation of effective online courses, training videos and tutorials and also help design and develop educationally focused interactive content and games for mobile devices.

    You can find out more about me and my services and my other courses by visiting

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How to Freelance for Mobile Developers

Learn to survive and thrive as a successful freelance developer!
9 reviews


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Ever wondered what it might be like to work as a freelance developer? Interested in making a little extra money on the side or considering leaving your job and trying something new? Let seasoned freelance developer Richard Hart guide you through the ins and outs of successfull freelance programming. In this course you will learn how to get started in the exciting field of mobile development, how to find clients, how to set your price, how to create service agreements, how to deal with challening clients and more!

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  • SECTION 1:
    Freelance Basics
  • 1
    Getting Started

    How to Freelance for Mobile Developers Lesson 1 covers some the pros and cons of freelancing as a mobile developer and consultant and offers tips and thoughts on getting started.

  • 2
    Finding Clients

    How to Freelance for Mobile Developers - Lesson 2 - Finding Clients. In this lesson we'll discuss how to go about choosing and finding clients to work on freelance mobile development projects with.

  • 3
    What Do I Charge?

    How To Freelance for Mobile Developers Lesson3 - What Do I Charge? In this lesson we'll be covering how to go about charging your clients and think about what rate you should be charging. We'll also talk about how to avoid some of the common charging pitfalls and how to avoid them.

  • 4
    Creating Contracts or Service Agreements

    How To Freelance for Mobile Developers Lesson 4. In this lesson we'll be discussing what service agreements are, why you need to use them on every project and how to go about creating them.

  • 5
    Challenging Clients - Feelance Kung Fu

    How to Freelance for Mobile Developers Lesson 5 Dealing with Challenging Clients Feelance Kung Fu. In this lesson we will discuss different types of problem clients and how you can use your Freelance Kung Fu skills to protect yourself.

  • 6
    Final Tips

    How to Freelance for Mobile Developers Lesson 6 Final Tips. In this lesson I share a few final tips regarding NDA's, working from home, keeping focus, leveraging slow times and more!

  • 7
    Other Courses You May Benefit From
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  • SECTION 2:
    Some Useful Resources
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    The Lean Startup- Part 1
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    The Learn Startup - Part 2
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  • 10
    Guy Kawasaki on Entrepreneurship
  • 11
    The Business Model Canvas
  • 12
    Where Good Ideas Come From
  • 13
    Mike Monteiro | F*ck You. Pay Me.
    Learn the ins and outs of setting up and protecting yourself with contracts with Mike  Monteiro.


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  • Bishnu Prasad Mishra
    well presented......................................................................................

    Richard does an excellent job presenting the material and helping someone new to this concept and navigate through the various steps to creating campaigns and keeping them up-to-date. Well worth the time and effort, even for someone with this experience.

  • Lawrence Cheung
    Thanks! Great insight and advice!

    I find the content in this course very invaluable.

  • Dzhuneyt Ahmed
    Just a simple presentation

    We could have used a bit more visual representation of the ideas outlined in this presentation. If I just wanted to listen to an article written on screen, I would have started the Text-to-speech engine on my computer and visited a blog for freelance tips.

  • Mark Warner
    Good Overview

    While not telling you exactly how to be a freelancer, the course goes over some basic, and common sense things to consider if one wants to move into the freelancer world. He does sell his business at the end of every lecture, which is fine, and if you goto his site and sign up for the newsletter, you will get access to the 30+ free videos he mentions which are worth it.

  • Larry May
    Good Overview of Freelancing

    I enjoyed the course very much, I have been doing freelancing on website projects for several years. This course covered many areas that I already had incorporated into my daily life and reinforced other areas I may have skipped. I think this a valuable asset if you are coding apps or creating websites. I totally agree that Freelance boards are the death to Freelancers, you'll always find someone will promise to do a project cheaper and faster. I have picked up many a project where someone started a project and I had to finish it, because the freelancer stopped answering emails and phone calls when things weren't as easy as they thought or something else came up.

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