How to Establish a Business Tinting Car Windows from Home

Start Your Business Tinting Car Windows From Home With This Comprehensive Training. Simple Techniques, Easily Mastered.
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About This Course

Published 10/2014 English

Course Description

LATEST: Course Updated Again On 31st of October 2016> We added a full section on tinting Doors! 9 Videos are in this new section.

Are you a car lover? A Hands-On kind of guy..or gal? Grab this training today right here on Udemy and watch as this seasoned pro, guides you through the process of how to tint car windows.

  • You will learn what tools you need - and the expensive ones that you don't.
  • Discover what brands of film that are most user friendly for beginners.
  • You'll learn the simple techniques, that you can practice to perfection as you start your journey towards a new and exciting career.
  • Work in a industry, where as long as the sun keeps on shining - you will have customers looking for what you offer.
  • Start from your own garage at home, keeping overheads low and profits high.

You will get up-close and personal with these professionally produced videos. With a systematic approach that's designed to build your confidence. These simplified teaching methods break down the techniques you will need to practice and master to capitalise on the massive business opportunity that awaits the victorious!

What Have Udemy Users Been Saying About This Course?

"Well delivered course by a very knowledgeable tutor"

The course was highly informative, very interesting and the information was put across in an excellent manner thank you Nick Roberts! - 5 Stars (Michelle - Udemy student)

"Nick obviously is an expert in this - AND he's a natural teacher. He shows real tricks of the trade and his lessons help avoid pitfalls and costly mistakes." 5 Stars Rob A. - Amsterdam ( Udemy student)

"Fantastic window tinting course"
This course is exactly what I needed to get started in tinting windows. The list of tools and materials and where to buy them was such a great help. All of the lectures really give attention to detail of each phase of cutting, fitting and applying the film. I also really appreciate the section on what could go wrong. After viewing the course in its entirety, I am beyond confident that I can successfully tint windows as a profession - from Harley Sitner

Amazingly good and clearly explained
I'm a car wrap guy and have never done window tinting. Guess i'm now complete ! Everything to start and practice by yourself is very well explained. Can't wait for the upcoming videos though ;) - Maurice Nguyen


Anyone who wants to make money using their own skills

English speaking people from any country

People of any age or ability with a natural aptitude for "Hands-On' work.

This course is probably not for you if you want instant success! You must take this course seriously if you want to hit your goal.

Course Updated Again On 13th of August 2016

What are the requirements?

  • Watch the course then source the low cost tools needed to get started.
  • Links to suppliers and window film manufacturers are provided in the training

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Tint the fixed windows on their own car with the methods shown in this course.
  • Understand the profit potential offered by car window tinting
  • Have a good understanding of the steps needed to work in the window tint business

Who is the target audience?

  • Take this course if you are a car lover
  • Take this course if you are looking to use your skills in a new way
  • Take this course if you have a natural flair for "Hands-On" work
  • DO NOT take this course if you want your bank account to explode over night.
  • DO NOT take this course if you do not want to work hard and practice your new skills.
  • DO NOT take this course if you are not a practical person

What you get with this course?

Not for you? No problem.
30 day money back guarantee.

Forever yours.
Lifetime access.

Learn on the go.
Desktop, iOS and Android.

Get rewarded.
Certificate of completion.


Section 1: Let's Get Started Tinting Car Windows?
Don't skip this - it contains valuable information about the course.
Rock On! - You Are On The Pathway To Making Money Tinting Car Windows
Section 2: Tools Requirements - As Cheap As Chips

Take a look at some of the tools needed to get started car window tinting.
You only need a few tools to start with - you don't need all these shown here.

Online Tool Distributers
Section 3: My Unbiased User Tested Window Film Review

Here we take a look at the tools, cleaning materials and spray bottles that will be used in the process of tinting car windows. You don't need to buy everything but as a minimum you will need a squeegee and a hard card or two. The Blue hard card is very forgiving and when using this tool don't forget to add some masking tape on the edge, this will stop you scratching the surface of the film, something a potential customer would not be impressed with!


Visit the links in this lecture to learn more about the main window film suppliers and see that recommended size of starter roll to practice on your own vehicle.

This quick video shows ebay and what to look for in the films you buy.
Section 4: How To Handle Your Box Of FIlm - A Simple Method
Using The Car As A Film Handler - The Correct Way With No Paint Damage
Section 5: The Perfect Slip Solution
Mixing Tint Slime For Your installation
Tint Slime Ratio Mix
Section 6: Critical Preparation - How To Elevate Your Results - Instantly.
"Off The Car" Peel Board Preparation - the way the pro's do it.
Why We Use A Peel Board and So Should You!
Cleaning The Peel Board - No Mercy!!
Pre Cleaning The Car For Peeling
Section 7: Identifying The Release Liner - The Easy Way

Please make sure you familiarise yourself with the film you are using. Some films are rolled with the liner ion the inside but most are rolled with teh liner on teh outside.

Section 8: Templates Tamed - Reduce The Risk Of Glass Damage WIth These Simple Methods

Save money by accurate measuraing. This can reduce material costs.

Heat Shrinking Side Windows - What Can Go Wrong?
Simple Patterns With A Sharpie Pen
Double Cutting Patterns - Save Time And Increase Productivity
Wet Checking Patterns So They Fit Like A Glove
Section 9: Pre Masking For Contamination Control - This Is A Basic Tip Most Tinters Forget
When masking headliners, you may need to use a few seperate pieces due to teh curvature of teh area.
Section 10: Liner Splitting - You Will Need To Work Hard At This

This one is hard to explain.. you aiming to nibble the edge of the film them slide the tip of your tongue between the film and the liner. Try it a few times.

Flicking The Film Edge - Get It Nailed!
Advanced Liner Split- Good Eyes Required
Section 11: Critical Cleaning Techniques That Will Reap Rewards

Using a foaming glass cleaner is a good way of keeping out of trouble.
Many car window tinters out there are stuck in the old days and like to flush the windows down with water.
This leads to a very clean installation, but there are lots of horror stories out there of the water damage caused to expensive electronic components loaded on cars nowadays when excessive flushing is used.

You have been warned!!

Section 12: 2 Easy Ways Of Getting Your Film Pattern To The Vehicle.
The Money Shot - Peeling Your Pattern From The Car & Installing!
Reverse Roll Up Method - This One Can Get You There
Section 13: Dot Matrix - It Can Drive You Mad If You Let It!
The Dot Matrix Debate - For and Against
Section 14: Pattern Making And Installing A Small Fixed Quarter Light On BMW 3 Series
Quick and Easy Money On These Small Windows
Section 15: The Next Steps
Are You Ready To Go To The Next Level?
Section 16: The Next Level - Let's Start Heat Shrinking Back Windows

Learn how to prepare the back glass for heat shrinking using the soap technique.
This is the easiest technique to learn for back windows... You Can Rock It!!


Here we go - let me show you my method for heat shrinking back windows. you will need to practice this.. don't expect to watch this and do it right away. Keep Practicing!!


Here I show you how to illuminate your working area to enable you to cut out your film patterns a bit easier.
Modern LED lights are also great for this job and run cool as well.

  • Only use 000 or 0000 grade wire wool.
  • Only use Aqua Tack cloths suitable for use with water based paints.
  • The Costco Micro fibre cloths are cheap and work really well - go buy some now!!
  • Foaming glass cleaner is amazing stuff, it helps a lot I find.
Section 17: Back Glass Installations
  • Conquer this method and you will do well
  • Its not the easiest to learn but is very adaptable
  • I have even used this method on awkward roll-up windows
  • Work out which way suite you best, going left to right or right to left.

Here we show the Reverse Roll method of installing the window film after we have shrunk it. Get this method down and you can use it on lots of different windows.

Section 18: Door Glass Installations

In this video you will learn how to prepare the film for a micro edge installation.

Takeaway Points From This Video:-

  • Look at the inside and outside of the window and see where the bottom edge needs to go to hide the film below the bottom rubber
  • Dont be a hero...use the safest method for making your patterns
  • Practice the top edge cut with some scrap film over and over

In this video you will learn how to make your patterns for Roll-Up windows, these methods are easy to learn for newcomers and will reduce the chance of you causing damage to the vehicle rubbers.

You can use this method for shaving/filing the top edge of your windows as well.

Takeaway Points From This Video:-

  • Dont try cutting against the rubbers unless you have spent the time perfecting this technique
  • Using a Sharpie is a much easier way and just almost as quick
  • This technique saves you making bad cuts and that equals less film wastage!

In this video you will learn how to clean and prepare your roll up windows ready for installation.

Takeaway Points From This Video:-

  • You may encounter silicone on some windows - here i show you how to deal with this
  • Be careful if you are blading the glass, I only really do it on older cars these days
  • Take the time to prepare the window and you will get better results.

In this video you will learn how to install your patterns with a micro-edge

Takeaway Points From This Video:-

  • The use of a carpet shield is show in this video
  • Carpet shields reduce the amount of felt contamination that can come off the rub-rail at the bottom of the door
  • Like all things, you need to practice a lot to get your method sorted.

In this video you will learn about cutting the top edge of the roll-up windows, this can be tricky, always make sure you use a fresh blade, I sometimes use a carbon blade as they stay a bit sharper for longer and give a nice cut, it's a good idea to have one knife purely for cutting the top edge but don't make the mistake of using it when cutting on the glass, as you will scratch it!

Takeaway Points From This Video:-

  • A cheap plastic knife can make things easier as they glide across the glass better
  • if you screw up your cut, think about filing the edge to save scrapping the film.
  • To practice - use some scrap film, cut it, move it up and cut it again, and again...and again!!
  • Listen to when you get it right, then you will know the sound of success!!

In this video you will learn how to remove a door panel on a Toyota vehicle plus info on quarter glass removal.

Takeaway Points From This Video:-

  • Don't just dive in and start pulling!!
  • There is a lot of info online - Google or YouTube "Vehicle make/model+ Door panel removal"
  • If in doubt use a plastic wedge in the edge of the door to reveal any clips.


In this video you will learn how to remove a door quarter glass (vent) l on a Toyota vehicle 

Takeaway Points From This Video:-

  • You Can Avoid trimming any rubber with this removal method
  • Some customers like the fact you remove the window, others don't !
  • You can get these windows out easily on lots of cars.

In this video we will tint and refit the quarter glass (vent) on a Toyota vehicle 

Takeaway Points From This Video:-

  • Don't overlap the film on the edge of the glass
  • Take 3-5 mins to gently dry the film after installation..Be Careful with the Heat Gun!!
  • Heat the outside of the glass to dry it - not the film side!!!!
  • Leaving the film to dry in the sun is the best option
  • Be careful refitting the rubber seal, don't flick the film as you may lift it!

In this video you will learn how to install a quarter glass in a rubber gasket on an Older Mercedes Model. This car has very difficult quarter glasses.

Takeaway Points From This Video:-

  • The quarter window in this video is tricky to tint!! You have been warned.
  • This wire trick is well worth knowing and can get you out of a hole if you are struggling!
  • Be careful when trimming rubber, you can make a real mess!!...alternatively you can watch our quarter glass removal video.
Section 19: Advanced Heat Shrinking

** Limited Time Lecture **

By request I have added this lecture for a few days. Shows how to shrink one of the most difficult back glasses off all time - The Renault Clio.

Now get practicing!!

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Instructor Biography

Nick Roberts, Tint Car Windows From Home For Big Profits.

I have been in love with the car window tinting business for the last 12 years and it still gives me a buzz working on high-end cars and producing great work that I can charge good money for.

In mid 2014 I was struck down with arthritis. It started in my knee and settled in a few other places, this makes it a lot more difficult doing the job that i love.

So..what could I do...I chose to pay it forward. What I am sharing with you here has taken me 12 years to refine.

I made a plan, took out my camera and dug deep learning new technologies and after months of hard work, late nights and lots of frustrations I am delighted to share with you this entry level training showing you how to get started car window tinting.

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