How to Draw Pinups and Sexy Women

Learn the foundations of what makes for successful pinups, and even learn how to make money drawing pinups. 18 hours.
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About This Course

Published 11/2013 English

Course Description

So, you want to draw sexy pinups but you can’t find books or video courses on the subject?

I have what you’re looking for, and just for taking the time to check out this video, I’m going to give you free access to a few hours of my How to Draw Sexy Pinups.

This pinup course is different.

It will teach you the principles of how to draw sexy pinups, like what makes pinup women beautiful, and why a pose is sexy verses one that is not sexy, or how not to go too far and make porn instead of a pinup.

I show you how to make successful pinups, that believe it or not, can make you money. At the end of the course, after you are drawing awesome pinups, I teach you how to make money doing it.

I take you from the very beginning of how to quickly draw sexy women, their proportions, different techniques of drawing the poses, like gesture, construction, my newest techniques, and more.

I show you the very foundations of what makes pinups sexy, like twist the body, what angles are sexy and why, put weight on one leg and why, and much more.

You want to draw sexy pinups. This is how you do it.

During this course, we draw many sexy pinup women, in many sexy poses, but better than that, we also learn why those poses are sexy, and how to invent our own sexy poses for our own pinups. I show you how to think creatively in the process.

We learn how to draw hands, and specifically, how to draw them for pinups. Hands are so important in a pinup, so we need to do it right.

We learn how to draw feet for pinups. How to draw hair for pinups. How to draw expressions for pinups. How to draw folds and clothes for pinups, even how to draw sexy shoes and hair.

This is the complete guide to drawing pinups.

Why wait? Watch the free lessons, then buy the course.

You have nothing to lose because Udemy offers an iron clad, money back guarantee.

So start watching your awesome pinup course.

What are the requirements?

  • Pencil and paper, or other drawing medium, or a drawing tablet with software like Manga Studio or Photoshop

What am I going to get from this course?

  • By the end of this course, you will be able to draw sexy pinup women
  • Know how to make money drawing sexy pinup women

Who is the target audience?

  • For people that wish to draw sexy pinup women and know how to draw the figure pretty well

What you get with this course?

Not for you? No problem.
30 day money back guarantee.

Forever yours.
Lifetime access.

Learn on the go.
Desktop, iOS and Android.

Get rewarded.
Certificate of completion.


Section 1: Getting Started Drawing Pinups

Please don't skip the introduction. The information here is very important to drawing sexy pinups. This is the beginning knowledge you need to make sense of the course.


First, a refresher on the female figure, proper proportions to start with, so that you get accurate, sexy females in every pinup you draw.


We will continue where we left off, now drawing the side and back view.

Section 2: Add Sexy Curves to Women

It's one thing to know how to draw the female figure if you have taken anatomy courses, even my anatomy course, and yet fail to be able to make her body look sexy. This comes from knowing how to smooth out her figure, especially for comic style pinups.

I show you how to smooth out figures to make them sexy, but how to also make them toned, if you wish.


We continue where we left off in part 1 of how to smooth the female figure, to give her graceful lines.

Section 3: Different ways to draw sexy women

There are many methods that can be used as short cuts to laying down construction lines, from gesture to blocks. I show many of the ways to do construction lines, along with showing some very helpful tips to keep your females looking sexy. One of the methods is bound to work for you.


We continue where we left off with part 1 of how to shape the female figure.


We continue where we left off in part 2 of how to shape the female figure. This is the last part.

Section 4: Inventing sexiness for pinups

Now we start to get into the meat of this course, the very concepts, ideas, rules, guidelines, etc that make a pinup sexy. We start to get into the do's and don'ts as well. We take a figure from a boring front pose, and slowly add changes, based on these "rules" of sexiness. The end result is an elegant pinup pose.

Section 5: Achieving sexiness in pinups

We expound further on the principles, or "rules" of sexiness. The very principles that make a pinup a pinup. The very principles that makes a good pinup worth staring at, that moves the viewers emotions. This is the goal with a pinup. I don't just draw pinups and talk about what I'm doing. Rather, I give you the knowledge to draw any pose you can imagine, and how to do it so that it looks like a sexy pinup, or playful, or joyful, etc.

These "rules" are the keys to drawing pinups successfully.

It is unfortunate that other instructors on the subject don't teach what you really need to know.


We continue where we left in part one of how to draw sexy pinups.


We continue where we left in part two of how to draw sexy pinups.


We continue where we left in part three of how to draw sexy pinups.


We continue where we left in part four of how to draw sexy pinups. This is the final part.

Section 6: Sketching two pinups

We take two thumbnail sketches and turn them into a more finished sketch. We apply the basic principles we have been learning to make the poses Pinup worthy.

Section 7: How to draw pinup sensual hands and feet

Not only is this a refresher on how to draw hands, but it is a quick guide to drawing hands. You need to know how to draw hands in order to draw hands that work in pinups.


A pinup without sensual hands is a broken pinup. You not only need to be able to draw hands, but you need to be able to draw them in a pinup way, in a way that works for your pinup. I teach you how to do that.


We continue to learn how to draw sensual hands for pinups.


Feet are also important. First we learn how to draw feet in general, then how to draw them for pinups.

Section 8: How to draw folds and sexy clothes

Before we learn how to draw sexy clothes for our pinups, we need to learn how folds work. That is what this lesson is all about.


Not only do I teach you how to draw clothes, but I teach principles that will help you draw sexy clothes for all your pinups. It's like learning basic rules and being able to apply them universally. This whole course is geared that way.

Section 9: How to draw sexy pinup hair and faces/expressions

I teach how to draw hair in a way that you probably never learn, a way that will stick with you forever. You will be able to draw hair after this lesson.


Now that we know how to draw hair, I teach you how to draw hair for pinups, and what to do and not to do.


A pinup without a face expression is boring, just as a pinup without a nice pose is boring. In this lesson, I teach you how to draw expressions that work for pinups.

Section 10: Sketching and drawing and coloring pinups

Now we start to take all that knowledge we learned, and draw sketch some sexy pinups. Lots of them. I share my thought process as I create them, how I apply the rules I teach in this course. This also helps you think creatively, so you can make pinups that stand out from the crowd.


We continue to sketch sexy pinups.


We continue to sketch sexy pinups.


We continue to sketch sexy pinups.


We take a pretty good pinup, and using the rules we learned in this course, we make it better.


Now we use all the knowledge and create a pinup from one of the sketches we did, the one of the pirate girl, with her skirt blowing up in the wind. We go from inking to coloring. I show you my quick way to color pinups in a nice comic book looking way.


We finish the pirate pinup.


Learn several ways to make money, even market and start you own pinup drawing business.


A briefing of everything we learned.

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Instructor Biography

Neil Fontaine, Art Instructor-Comic Artist-writer

I'm a best selling author on Amazon for "How to Draw Awesome Figures."

I studied art at different schools, one of them being a community college in San Jose, Ca. Over the years, subjects in art finally clicked. I teach these subjects in ways that make it easy to grasp. It's hard to brag about myself, but students have written me emails saying how they have learned more from me than they did in art schools, art schools such as Academy of Arts in San Franscico. That blew my mind because it's supposed to be a great school.

I'm also a writer that has sold novels.

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