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How To Do The Master Cleanse (Lemonade Diet)

A comprehensive course on understanding and successfully performing the Master Cleanse
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What Will I Learn?
Understand why the Master Cleanse is so beneficial
Know what benefits and effects to expect
Know what supplies are essential and helpful
Perform the Master Cleanse safely and effectively
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  • No special knowledge or skills are needed
  • The supplies needed to perform the Master Cleanse are explained and listed in this course

This course on How To Do The Master Cleanse (otherwise known as the Lemonade Diet) provides complete instructions for understanding and successfully performing the popular cleansing/detoxification regimen called the Master Cleanse. It provides complete instruction via video lessons, with some supplementary text-based information. It is ideal for those wanting to learn how to detoxify and cleanse thoroughly. It covers all the details you need to know to transition into, sustain, and transition off of the Master Cleanse, such as:

  • the Master Cleanse drink recipe
  • ingredients
  • supplies
  • methods
  • tips
  • how to know when to end the Master Cleanse
  • myths and falsehoods about the Master Cleanse
  • how to maximize the benefits you get from the Master Cleanse
Who is the target audience?
  • This course is suitable for both those new to cleansing and detoxification as well as those experienced with cleansing who would like to optimize their results with the Master Cleanse
  • This course is appropriate for those wishing to get a thorough understanding of how to perform the Master Cleanse
  • This course may be used as a comprehensive guide to performing the Master Cleanse successfully
  • The Master Cleanse is generally suitable for those desiring a thorough cleanse physically and psychologically
  • The Master Cleanse is not suitable for those with gallbladders in poor condition
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Curriculum For This Course
Expand All 8 Lectures Collapse All 8 Lectures 01:12:04
Start here with an introduction and overview
1 Lecture 03:10

In this lecture I introduce myself and the course. I explain the nature of the Master Cleanse (otherwise known as the Lemonade Diet) and how I'll teach you about it in this course. I also specify which lessons in this course are essential for you to complete before you begin the Master Cleanse.

Preview 03:10
Why is the Master Cleanse necessary and beneficial?
1 Lecture 06:31

In this lecture I explain why our bodies tend to accumulate so many toxins, including:

  • stress
  • environmental pollutants
  • pesticides, herbicides and other poisons added to our food supply
  • chronic dehydration
  • inadequate dietary fiber and exercise

I explain how the Master Cleanse works to detoxify the body and why it tends to be so beneficial for those you do it properly.

Preview 06:31
What to expect
1 Lecture 08:46

In this lecture I explain what to expect during and after the Master Cleanse. I mention physical and psychological effects that are common, as well as ailments and diseases that are often alleviated by the Master Cleanse. I explain how to use the Master Cleanse to maximum benefit; what symptoms to be concerned about; and what physical and psychological symptoms are a normal, harmless indication of detoxification and cleansing during the Master Cleanse. I also reveal which symptom indicates you should terminate the Master Cleanse immediately.

Preview 08:46
The myths you may have heard or read
1 Lecture 15:12

In this lecture I list and explain the myths you may have heard or read about the Master Cleanse. I dispel myths and untruths regarding:

  • the timing of the Master Cleanse
  • nutrition from the lemonade
  • exercise during the Master Cleanse
  • pregnant and nursing mothers' use of the Master Cleanse
  • transitioning into and out of the Master Cleanse
  • who the Master Cleanse is appropriate for
  • weight and fat loss
  • laxatives such as teas and tablets
  • the amount of lemonade to drink each day
  • frequency of the Master Cleanse
Lesson 5 - They Myths You May Have Heard About The Master Cleanse
Supplies you will need
1 Lecture 16:40

In this lecture I list all the supplies you will need to perform the Master Cleanse. (In addition to viewing this lecture, please consult the resource I have added to this lecture in which I list the supplies on a sheet and provide links to certain recommended brands and sources of them.) I specify which supplies are essential and which supplies are recommended. I also explain the quality and type of certain supplies that are important for the success of the Master Cleanse, including the :

  • kind of lemons or limes used in the lemonade and how to store them
  • type and grades of maple syrup that are best for the Master Cleanse
  • quality of chamomile leaf teas on the market
  • type of salt to use in the salt water flush and the brand I recommend
  • type and quantity of probiotics to take when transitioning off the Master Cleanse
  • cayenne pepper
  • brands and sources I recommend for these supplies
Lesson 6 - Supplies You Will Need
How to perform the Master Cleanse
1 Lecture 14:45

In this lecture I explain how to do the Master Cleanse safely, comfortably, and with maximum benefit. I cover:

  • what to consume and what to never ingest during the Master Cleanse
  • how and when to make the special lemonade, salt water flush, and tea
  • how to store and consume the lemonade and salt water flush
  • getting the most juice from your lemons
  • the proper length of the Master Cleanse for you
  • how to transition into and out of the Master Cleanse for maximum benefit and comfort
  • when and when not to consume probiotics
  • proper foods and beverages for each day of the transition out of the Master Cleanse
Lesson 7 - How To Perform The Master Cleanse
Handling the side effects
1 Lecture 06:23

In this lecture I discuss the side effects that are common during the Master Cleanse. I explain what certain side effects usually mean. I cover how to prevent and alleviate uncomfortable side effects such as:

  • headaches
  • fatigue
  • hunger
  • congestion
  • sore throat
Lesson 8 - Handling The Side Effects
Additional Resources
1 Lecture 00:44

In this lecture I thank you for taking this course and specify how you may obtain additional free health guidance and resources from me.

Additional Resources from Health Guru Mike
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