World Class Powerpoint! Learn how to make TED quality slides
4.3 (16 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
87 students enrolled
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World Class Powerpoint! Learn how to make TED quality slides

Learn to make + use slides well like TED. Learn from a top Pro Speaker + author of 'Powerpoint Surgery'
4.3 (16 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
87 students enrolled
Created by Lee Jackson
Last updated 8/2017
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  • 2.5 hours on-demand video
  • 10 Articles
  • 39 Supplemental Resources
  • Full lifetime access
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What Will I Learn?
  • Enjoy presenting more and get better feedback
  • Make great presentation slides to help their talks become more engaging and powerful no matter what software you use
  • Engage an audience better as they will have planned and prepared better and not just read from a script or bullet point
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  • To get the best out of this course students will need access to Presentation Slide software like Microsoft Powerpoint, Apple Keynote, Haiku Deck, Slideshark, Microsoft Sway, Google Slides or any open source slide software
  • As long as you are prepared to learn and be challenged this is the Presentation Skills course for you

Learn how to engage an audience for maximum impact - don't just use Powerpoint, use it to make you shine! 

World Class Powerpoint! Learn how to make TED quality slides by Lee Jackson is a series of over 35 short (and often funny) videos (plus loads and loads of extras) from Lee Jackson one of the world's experts on creating presentation slides that help, not hinder, your talks. Lee takes the research and content of his Amazon best-selling book 'Powerpoint Surgery' (hence the surgeons outfit!) and has turned it into an online masterclass for anyone who wants to make their slides more effective and their talks more engaging. 

Any presentation software is relevant here, not just Powerpoint! 
If you or your workplace is addicted to bullet points and talks sometime lack impact or engagement then this course is for you and your colleagues. Simple, effective advice on simplifying your slides to help you look more like an accomplished professional TED speaker not a grey business person delivering a financial proposal of 567 bullet points to an audience wanting it to end!

There are lots of great videos with some screen shares too showing you how to make your Microsoft Powerpoint, Apple Keynote ,Prezi, or Haiku Deck slides more impactful to create a much better presentation.

PLUS the free extras include 100 free photos, articles, links and downloads! 

Lee is full-time professional speaker with over 20 years experience speaking to some of the worlds toughest audiences, he has also delivered a TEDx talk. So, learn from a Pro not a trainer who's read a manual - Lee's experience and expertise here makes all the difference. Practical, down-to-earth and sometimes even funny is the style of this course.

'Death-by-powerpoint' would become a thing of the past if every presenter took this course. Guaranteed. 

Enjoy, learn and succeed. 

Extras include over three hours of audio, articles, links and downloads including the whole course on MP3! 

Don't forget - any presentation software is relevant here, not just Powerpoint!

Learn how to engage an audience for maximum impact - don't just use Powerpoint, use it to make you shine! 

Who is the target audience?
  • This course is for anyone who speaks up front and uses presentation slides especially those who have traditionally used lots of bullet points but now want to stand out from the crowd.
  • Professional speakers, novice speakers and anyone who speaks as part of their job, including trainers and coaches.
  • This course is not for people who just want to learn how to make their slides more "wizzy" or "spinney" or "zoomy-inni"! Seriously who wants that? Engagement is key.
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Curriculum For This Course
44 Lectures
The intros
3 Lectures 15:37

What's this course all about, and why do we need it?

Preview 03:56

Before we even start talking slides. Let’s learn how to plan a talk from scratch – the right way…

Before we start, let's learn to plan!

There are 3 types of speaker, one is much more worrying than the others! Find out here...

Preview 04:14
The philosophy
4 Lectures 17:36

Why Lee Jackson? Why you? Why this course? Lee unpacks his years of experience and research and how it can help you.  

Preview 06:49

3 BIG reasons to use great slides when presenting! 

3 Reasons to use great slides

The 2 big questions that presenters often don't answer. Don't get caught out. Learn how to get better. 

2 big questions

The most important point, if you can take away one thing from this course, then this is it!

This one point will change the way you use slides forever. 

No, really, it is!

The most important point!
The preparation
10 Lectures 45:27

Let's talk bullets! 


Think like a designer, even if you think you are a million miles away from being one.

Get a few tips to make your slide 'canvas' look clearer. 

A few links that Lee mentions in the video are below...

Think like a designer

How to get images looking great without being a techie part 1. 

Image Wrangling!

A bit of fun, as Lee shows some really bad stock photos (that we shouldn't use!) 

Preview 03:00

How to get images looking great without being a techie part 2. 

More image wrangling tips :) 

Image Wrangling 2!

Animations - why people sometimes fall in love with slide animations what your audience really thinks of them. #harshtruth 


Tips on the use and mis-use of fonts on slides. 

See below for links...

Free font for use with people with Dyslexia -

More information - What is Sans Serif? 

Using fonts

In this video you will learn how to use data on slides.

Lee simplifies the use of data to help prevent audience boredom and information over-load.

Presenting data

Learn how to put text on images so it stands out and doesn't get lost on the photo. 

The screen capture video is below...

Text on images

Why corporate templates are killing presentations all around the world and what we can do about it. Often the elephant in the room for Lee's clients.

Corporate Templates
The practicalities
8 Lectures 41:34

Some pro tips and tricks for using slides and presenting on the day. 

Including the use of Presentation Remotes.

See resources for Presentation Remotes on Amazon - choose carefully!

Also below is the app I use on my iPhone / iPad for my speaking clock - it's just like the TED clock - very clear and easy to see grab it below...

Tips for presenting on the day

Some basic techie stuff you probably need to know. Not too much though honest!

Techie stuff you need to know

Why is bleeding images so useful? Find out here on this screen capture. 

Bleeding images!

How to get your photos looking good - not furry or blurry (i.e. how to prevent using bad quality photos)

Blurry photos?

How to change your slide background to match your content - a simple technique that can have great impact. 

Slide background tip

How to change the default software option to prevent falling into the bullet-point driven trap!

Don't do the default!

Using Presenter View is the ideal way to stop using bullets and notes. Learn this little trick on Mac and PC that can free you from the bullet point straight jacket. 

Using Presenter View

Using a text placeholder can help make your text stand out, not get lost on your slide.

Learn how right here.

Preview 05:11
The outros
2 Lectures 05:47

One of the keys to getting better as presenter or just designing your slides is to get feedback from someone you trust and respect. 

Get Feedback!

So, what have you learnt? 

What are the key points?

Lee finishes the official bit of the Online Masterclass with the outro / conclusion.

The Outro / Recap / Conclusion
The exercises
3 Lectures 01:45

Exercise 1 to get you going and to test your new skills. Do the course first though, unless you're an advanced user. 

Look out for the zip file of 100 free photos (!) and links to other free photo websites. 

Exercise 1 inc. 100 free photos!

Exercise 2 - Get good by practising here.

Use an old* set of slides and refresh them in this exercise using Lee's techniques 

*or develop a new set of slides for a future talk.

Exercise 2 - Get Good!

Exercise 3...

This is an example of a dull/boring/complex slide deck using a standard Powerpoint template often used, make them better now using the new techniques you've learnt. 

We have exaggerated mistakes for comedy effect! 

Keep the old slides to show your colleagues a before and after as proof!

We have used 5 simple opinions/quotes to keep it easier.

Imagine you have ten mins to present, what would you drop?

Simplicity is key.

Think photos, think big, what would you change?

Add stuff, remove stuff, change stuff!

Give it a go! 

ONLY when you have finished the course though!

See what Lee did with that info in only a few minutes using HaikuDeck app on his iPad: 

Exercise 3 - boring slides to fix!

Answer these questions to see what you have learnt! Sense of humour may be required :) 

Test your knowledge learnt so far with this quiz.
7 questions
The generous extras! Free video, audio + other free stuff for you!
13 Lectures 38:27

FAQ's - A live Facebook Q&A session with video screen capture run throughs.

Lee answers some of the most asked questions live from his Facebook feed. 

FAQ's - A live Facebook Q&A session

Getting to the core of your message is key - find out why here. 

Bonus video - getting to the core of your message

Prezi is the new kid on the block for presentation visuals.

"That's all very well but your research doesn't apply to me Lee, does it, because I use Prezi?!" 

is the question that Lee is asked more than any other. 

Lee answers that big question here. 

Bonus video - Is Prezi really the answer?

Lee's book 'Powerpoint surgery' in just 20 slides.

Lee puts simplification into practice!

Lee's book Powerpoint Surgery in just 20 slides...

The Powerpoint Hall Of Shame! 

After only a brief search of the internet we found these bad slides!

Many are now (in)famous. 

People send Lee bad slides all the time these days after he published 'Powerpoint Surgery'.

Feel free to send him ones that you bump into…he will make them anonymous!

PS We do not claim to own these, they are only here for reference.


Powerpoint Hall Of Shame! Some of the worlds worst slides!

For Mac users only - what is instant Alpha, and why is it so useful for slide design? Get a few tips here that will make a real difference to your slide design options. 

Mac users - Learn instant Alpha here

Mac users only - Learn how to pause video live using your keyboard and remote for extra impact. 

Mac users - Learn to pause video live

Click the link for Lee's free slide show on what makes people bad speakers and what we can do about it! 

5 mistakes dull speakers make

Grid for your slide software i.e. using the rule of thirds.
Use this grid as a backdrop to help you design like a designer then when you've finished delete it.

See the "Think like a designer" video for more info. 

Note: depending on the software you use - you may be able to "show guides" or "show rulers" in the preferences to help you use a built in grid. 

Free grid for your slide software i.e. using the rule of thirds

Plain slides to replace your default.

Use the Powerpoint, Keynote, PDF or Jpegs (photo files) of this plain set of slides to help you think more simply, make them into a template on your software if you like too.


Plain slides / templates to replace your default. Ppoint, Keynote, PDF or Jpegs!

Learn here how your companies template can kill your talk! 

Article - Your Corporate Powerpoint template could be killing your business!

Video and slides of the original presentation...

The Powerpoint Surgery presentation all before the Surgery branding, the book and this course... the original presentation he gave that started Lee on this journey...filmed with a handheld live at the Professional Speaking Assoc. Conference at the Victory Services Club, London. A stage that Winston Churchill has spoken on! 

You'll recognise some of the gags :) 

Video of Lee's original talk on slides in front of 120 Pro speakers in London UK

Lee's chat with expert, author and TED speaker Nancy Duarte for his book 'Powerpoint Surgery'  

Lee's interview with Nancy Duarte - Presentation Expert / TED speaker / author
Super bonus! Lee's Radio interview on real success and how can we achieve it...
1 Lecture 00:01

Bonus! Lee's radio interview on REAL SUCCESS - what is it and how can we achieve it?

Audio of Lee's VoiceAmerica Radio interview on 'Be More, Achieve more'
About the Instructor
Lee Jackson
4.3 Average rating
15 Reviews
87 Students
1 Course
Pro speaker + author of 'Powerpoint Surgery'

Lee Jackson is an Motivational Speaker, Powerpoint Surgeon and Presentation Coach. He is also the President of the Professional Speaking Association in the UK and Ireland. He is the author of 11 books too. Having worked in the voluntary, public and private sectors over the years he now works in businesses and education helping people to enjoy and succeed in challenging times.