How to Create Amazing Intimacy, Love & Romance
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How to Create Amazing Intimacy, Love & Romance

The Power of Expression
5.0 (3 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
8 students enrolled
Created by Harvey Hooke
Last updated 7/2017
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What Will I Learn?
  • You'll learn an advanced way of looking at sex, love and relationships.
  • You'll learn the power of raw expression.
  • You'll learn how to communicate better to your partner to create the style of relationship that you deserve.
  • You'll feel more enriched knowing that you know what it takes to tackle new relationships and existing problems!
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  • You must be looking for a relationship that has a style that suits you perfectly!
  • You should have an open mind for new ideas!
  • You should be wanting to transform your love life!

Do you have trouble understanding men and relationships?

Have you ever noticed how often people are scared off expressing themselves?

Have you ever seen a couple fall apart because they were too afraid to tell the other how they were feeling? Do you want to transform your current love life to have incredible SEX, LOVE & ROMANCE?

If you've ever been in a situation where you have no idea what a guy is thinking, then join Harvey Hooke as he takes you on a deep journey into how relationships have changed, and how to traverse this modern crazy world of love.

In this course we will be covering the following:

  1. Why the nature of relationships have changed
  2. The difference in relationship STYLES
  3. Why sometimes he can't express himself
  4. How raw expression can make you instantly 10x more attractive
  5. Why knowing the difference between a child and an adult can change your love life
  6. How space can be used as communication
  7. When to break up
  8. Attraction triggers and what they are

If you've ever struggled to understand men, dating or love, then this is the course for you. This is about conscious dating, honesty and knowing what the hell is going on!

This course is designed for women who are either single or in a relationship and who are looking for something a little bit more than just low quality dating and dates. If you're the kind of person who is sick and tired of wasting money on bad dates or going through a lot of heart break when it comes to problem points in their love life.

When entering this course, the only thing you will need is an open mind to new ideas and a pen and paper. The open mind is for new ideas that might seem contradictory at first to what everybody else has told you, and the pen and paper is to write them down!

I really look forward to having you jump in the course :)

I'll see you on the inside.

- Harvey

Who is the target audience?
  • Women who want to take their dating & relationships to the next level.
  • Women who struggle to understand what is going on in a man's mind!
  • Women who are sick and tired of not being treated right in relationships.
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Curriculum For This Course
18 Lectures
The Amazing Introduction!
3 Lectures 23:08

Honestly, when it comes down to it, a lot of relationships fail because we don't get into the right ones in the first place.

If you're looking to create something that is truely amazing, and equip yourself with the tools and understandings and insights it takes to create something that is truely a blessing in your life and his, then you have to get to know how things work at a fundamental level.

We, at a core level, are human, and our emotions and understandings and the way that we work in our most intimate relationships are a reflection of who we are and how we look at the world. There's never been a place where you haven't been enough as a person for love, and this is going to show you that you had the power inside you all along.

We want to look at it like you're a shape. Right now, if you're a square or a circle of a triangle, your getting square, circle and triangle results. Instead, with the aid of this course, we are going to start to add dimensions. You will now be a cube if you're a square, or a pyramid if you're a triangle.

I really hope you get the most out of this course. If you take the time to listen and do the reflection exercises required, then you'll see a shift in the results of your relationships.

- Harvey Hooke

Preview 05:26

Who is Harvey Hooke?

I made my claim to fame when I was touring the world in 2015 coaching men on what it took to speak to women, but guess what? 

It wasn't making me happy. We were getting results, we were helping guys at a core level, but I really did not feel like I was changing the world.

You see, there's a saying, give a man a fish and he eats for a day, teach a man to fish and he eats for a life time. If you are reading this, then you're going to realise that relationships SHOULD NOT BE THAT HARD. IT SHOULD NOT BE LIKE FISHING.

Instead, I sought more. I sought a way of dealing and working with people that would fundamentally change the way they look at relationships that will have them being incredible without people needing to try anything. That it was at a core belief level.

You see, what happens if you're single and you just don't want to go and meet people. I mean, if you were a fisherman you would starve right? Well, fortunately when it comes to people, if you don't meet anybody you'll still live (if you call that living?).

You see, your intimate relationships are where most of the happiness in your life will come from. This is why when people give up on that they turn to other mediums to feel love. It's more than just that. Love fills us up and overflows in us so we can effect the rest of the world. 

So, what I now do, is I don't give a man a fish, I don't teach him (well, now her) to fish, I change the way that person looks at fish so things can work automatically.

So when I returned to my home town of Melbourne in Australia, I started Get Him Hooked because all the women I knew who were single while I was on tour needed me. And well, I wouldn't be here if I didn't create some results, so now it's time for you to get some also ;) 

- Harvey Hooke

Preview 13:04

This lecture is necessary because some people do not realise why they want better sex, love and romance.

Love makes us happy.

Love fills us up.

It is very core to our effect on the world. It effects our performance in life and it will overflow onto all the various parts of our world. Most people that turn to things like business and sports to feel love do so because it will meet their needs in a way that love will dramatically explore.

Love is a spiritual practise.

Nothing will heal your soul faster than having somebody else to explore the "you" with you. As you become more intimate with your partner, and as you develop a deeper bond, more and more parts of your personality come out. As these things come out, we have to deal with it and grow. Nothing breeds power like vulnerability, and nothing will make you more vulnerable than your most intimate relationship.

Sex is good.

Simple as that huh. Sex is good. Sex is REALLY good. I've never met anybody who has complained and complained about a one night stand who was NOT grinning ear to ear. Sex is so filled with powerful hormones and emotions, that it to is a healing practise. Sex allows us to feel connected and share ourselves with our partner. Without sex, a relationship just becomes a friendship. With sex, you can transform your body, soul and mind and connect with your partner in a way that you never had before.

Relationships are safe.

When the world is turbulent, nothing will emotionally recover you faster than having an emotional home to return to.

Preview 04:38
The REAL Basics for Sex, Love and Romance
2 Lectures 18:41

There's a secret logic to emotion that most of us don't realise, and once you understand this, the whole game changes.

You see, most people are wanting to do things because they are just trying to feel good or just trying to solve a problem. That is it.

Which means if somebody is trying to do something that doesn't make sense to you, it means it makes sense to them. Why? Because THEY THINK it is going to make them happy. It might not, but they think it will.

The Secret Logic of Emotion

This one is so foundational that it is crazy. I cannot believe this isn't taught in schools!

So, generally speaking people have three emotional levels when dealing with things. Before I tell you what the emotional levels are, we have to divulge that these things are NOT TO BE JUDGED. They can change moment to moment, or from work relationships to private relationships, or even from emotion to emotion. He might be one emotional level at work but be terrible at expressing himself with you privately, OR he might be really good at expressing all emotions but anger. If we look at emotional levels these way, you're able to help understand where he is at.

It's also worth noting that we are all human, so I bet you'll learn a thing or two about your own emotional levels during this lecture as well.

Emotional Levels in People
Powerful Communication!
6 Lectures 34:22



Loops are how we see the world and how we process emotions. Our mind is this incredible tool that, when an emotion is unexpressed, will keep going back and it will keep trying to solve that problem.

This is what I call an "open loop." It can be a terrible thing, because like a stone in our shoe, our mind will keep trying to "close the loop" and solve the problem.

Generally speaking, a loop is an unanswered question or emotion, and part of having a healthy happy relationship is closing the big loops. Ironically, in dating and romance part of it is opening loops that have to be closed later on with each other, but these are always light loops (like what happened at the end of the story or "does he like me?" type loops). 

Ultimately, the better you get at learning to close your loops in life, and express emotions as they come up, then you get to feel better and learn quicker.

Closing Loops

So, how do we close our loops?

One sure fire way is to develop what is called "Raw Honest Expression." This is the ability (and somewhat scary ability) to express yourself in the moment. 

This might mean telling somebody that you like them and risk rejection, but note this: rejection is NEVER A BAD THING. Rejection is sometimes known as feedback, because then we learn our place with other people.

Raw honest expression solves a lot of problems. You know how everybody is always worried about playing games with each other? Well, if you're REALLY YOU, then relationships are not about games. We play games when we tend to play rolls in each other's lives. When somebody breaks their roll in our life, we get angry or sad or jealous of other people.

"Why do they have what I should have had?" - The truth is, you never really had it in the first place. Not if you were real with each other. Relationships are a collaborative effort, not a sort of trade that a lot of people think.

Raw Honest Expression

This is always step 2.

The measurement of communication is always whether the other person understood what you were trying to say. WHICH MEANS, that you're responsible for if the other person understands you or not. This doesn't mean that you need to try and manipulate the other person, but what this DOES mean is that you have to tailor your language for them.

You wouldn't speak to a child the same way you speak to your grandparents, and this is the same. It's about learning what another person really needs to hear in order to understand what you mean. I just call this empathy, but bespoke expression covers this idea quite clearly.

Now, when you do take this action, it's now the point where a lot of the other elements of communication come together. With all these things involved, we can start to really connect with people and communicate our NEEDS at such a deep level that we can start fully loving (both being in love and in... well... inside love) with each other.

Bespoke Expression

Now let's get to some advanced communication skills. You're going to see this entire thing come together.

Generally speaking, I have more major strategies when it comes to communicating with people, and they might shock you.

These are to be used in all situations and environments, from intimate to your more formal workplace relationships. Remember that all problems are interpersonal relationship problems, and how you treat everybody is how you treat anybody, so these strategies that I provide here are all quite balanced for any situation. They are ways of having your voice heard and ways of creating attraction and arousal as well if that's your aim!

Four Kinds of Language

Now we get into some of the juicy parts!

How to apply this.

Learning these things is good, but putting all these strategies together is another thing. How can you best put these forms of communication together to create amazing Sex, Love and Romance?

Applying This

Now we can get into a more universal truth.

Why do most relationships fail?

Most relationships fail because we get into the wrong relationships in the first place. We don't fully understand where we are at and where we need to go in order to fully develop ourselves and our partners. We underestimate the selection process of our relationships and get really excited when somebody likes us, so we don't always take the time to consider this.

In this video, we discuss more about how to select a partner and why it is so important to consider this. Having the answer "this is just natural" will not get you the partner you want. You might get it by luck, but as the saying goes, if you leave things to chance, then you leave things to chance.

Why Most Relationships Fail
Attraction Triggers + Tension
3 Lectures 22:20

Let's get some exciting things going on now. The juicy stuff. The sexy stuff!


In the same way we can feel triggered in a negative sense. People are also triggered in a positive sense. We feel triggers in almost all things. We see somebody that we like physically and that can trigger us sexually. We engage with somebody emotionally and that can trigger us in more of a relationship sense. We all feel love in a certain way and we all feel sexual attraction in a certain way, These two are distinct, so when we learn to understand triggers we can understand that we ourselves are triggered by certain things as well!

If we want to break down triggers, they are mainly broken down into two major categories.

Internal + External triggers.

Internal triggers are feelings that we have already felt. Feelings of loneliness, feelings of horniness. These feelings presuppose us to feeling certain ways with people.

Alternatively, we have external triggers. These are triggers of the world. Triggers we can control and triggers that are all of the real world. For example, if somebody does something for us that is more of a romantic gesture and we accept it, that can trigger us romantically and it will colour our feelings towards them.

The frame is always important.

Triggers - Internal + External

Tension, on the other hand, is like a string. Tension, or in this case, sexual tension, is so paramount that if we do not keep it up (naturally or unnaturally) then the whole connection can be ruined sometimes.

Think of it like a rope between two people. The tighter the rope, the tighter the tension. The more the rope is pulled, and if the tension is enough, the person will be pulled towards you.

Without tension we only really have friendship with the person.

What is Tension?

Like a rope, the tension that you hold with a person is so important.

Tension is often a natural thing when two people start pulling at each other, but this is the reason why a lot of people are often worried that they shouldn't tell the other person that they like them or not. IT MIGHT KILL THE TENSION?

Well, the simple answer is wrong. Sometimes creating tension can be done BY telling another person that you like them.

Intent is always key here.

Holding Tension
Real Love
2 Lectures 09:59

The truth about modern relationships is that we often get into relationships because of how they make us feel.

You would not be in a relationship with a guy if he was going to treat you terribly, or I would hope not. Similarly he is not going to do the same to you. Relationships are a collaborative effort, where two people join and try and get to the same goal of love and feeling amazing. You can't force somebody to want what you have, and in the end if they don't want what you are putting down, then that is just the way it is.

On the other side, if we realise that sometimes people get into relationships because of how they make us feel. So how do you want to feel? My guess is happy? How does he want to feel? The biggest thing here is also happy. Love, connectedness, intimacy. These are all things that people want to get into relationships for.

The Truth Behind Modern Relationships

In this video we dive deep into the two kinds of love.

Need Love is often the spark or pilot light. It's the need that we need to feel completed in somebody else. This is often the most temperamental and unstable style of love. This is why often the honeymoon period kills relationships, because the need was excitement. Once the excitement wears off, we realise we are in a relationship with another human.

A human who lives and breathes and has their own feelings. Feelings much like our own.

Flowing Love on the other hand is the foundation of a great relationship. It's the love for a person and their individual elements. The elements that make them who they are as a unique person.

It's important to note that often people can shift between need love and flowing love just like that. From month to month and even moment to moment.

Preview 04:21
Putting This All Together!
2 Lectures 15:50

Intent is always important.

In this video, I provide an incredible meditation practise that will help you tap into the future and what lessons and ideas that you need to have in order to be incredible in all your relationships.

Moving Forward - Meditation

In this video, I provide something bonus for you.

Next Steps
About the Instructor
Harvey Hooke
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International Dating Coach for Women + Human Dynamics Coach

Harvey Hooke is one of the world’s most influential dating and relationship coaches, having personally helped hundreds of women worldwide. Currently based out of Melbourne, his ideas have reached a global scale and are rapidly changing the way people look at their love and their life as a whole. Providing answers where people struggle with them, he started out to address the question “What are men actually thinking?” but now takes that question to the deepest possible level.

Harvey has a passion for creating relationships that really matter in people’s lives – relationships that not only fulfil emotionally but allow you to explore the depth of both mind and body. Regardless of your preferences or orientation, Harvey believes it’s the DEPTH of the relationships we have that give our lives significance.