How To Choose a College or University

Wondering which college is for you? Don't believe the hype. Find out what you really need to know.
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  • Chad Raymond Associate Professor of Political Science

    I am the first member of my family to go to college and have three degrees in political science -- a bachelor's and a master's from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), and a PhD from the University of Hawai'i. I did my dissertation research in Vietnam -- for which I had to learn Vietnamese well enough to converse in the language without an interpreter -- and I've also traveled to Thailand, Cambodia, and Burma. My latest area of interest is the politics and history of the Middle East, and I've been traveled to Egypt four times since 2009. Much of what I teach involves the application of economic principles to everyday behavior.

    I have fifteen years of full-time teaching experience at the university level and regularly publish literature in scholarly journals on teaching and learning.

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How To Choose a College or University

Wondering which college is for you? Don't believe the hype. Find out what you really need to know.
0 reviews


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This course shows you how to make an intelligent choice about which college or university to attend. The course begins with information about what college is all about in terms of 1) learning what's most important and 2) the qualities that employers look for in college graduates regardless of major. After an analysis of why college is so expensive and what constitutes a good educational value, the remainder of the course demonstrates a step-by-step method for comparing schools that doesn't involve marketing hype. Using this method will make it more likely that you'll identify which college or university is the best value for you.

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    • By the end of the course, you'll be able to identify which college or university most likely offers you the best return on your educational investment.
    • Any potential college student or the parent of one.


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  • SECTION 1:
    The Economic Realities of College Education
  • 1
  • 2
    Qualities of a College Graduate
    This lecture is about the qualities in college graduates that employers are looking for.
  • 3
    What Qualities Do Employers Want In College Graduates?
    7 questions
  • 4
    Where Do College Costs Come From?
    This lecture explains the reasons for the high cost of a college education.
  • 5
    The Discount Rate

    This lecture explains what the discount rate is and why it is important to know.

  • 6
    The Graduation Rate
    This lecture explains the graduation rate and why it is important.
  • 7
    The Retention Rate
  • 8
    Full-Time Undergraduate Teaching Faculty
    This lecture explains why it is important to know the percentage of full-time vs. part-time faculty at a college or university.
  • 9
    Required Courses
    This lecture discusses the different types of required college courses and why it is important to know how they are taught.
  • 10
    Curricular Flexibility
    This lecture explains why it is important to know how much flexibility and choice students have in choosing their college courses and majors.
  • 11
    Global Education
    This lecture discusses why it is important for undergraduate students to study about or in other parts of the world and interact with people from different backgrounds.
  • 12
    The Curriculum
    5 questions
  • SECTION 2:
    What Distinguishes One College or University From Another
  • 13
    The Campus Tour

    This lecture details what to look for and ask about when visiting a campus.

  • 14
    Classroom Visits and Syllabi
  • SECTION 3:
    Conclusion: Generating Some Numbers
  • 15
    List of Resources
    1 page
    This lecture contains a downloadable document that lists important resources for information about colleges and universities.
  • 16
    Downloadable Checklist
    1 page
    This lecture contains a downloadable document that shows you how to easily calculate a number that you can use to compare different colleges and universities.
  • 17
    Comparing Colleges and Universities
  • 18
    Hypothetical Numerical Example

    This lecture demonstrates how to use the downloadable checklist to generate a numerical score that you can use to compare one college or university with another.

  • 19
    14 slides

    This lecture provides a review of the course with a set of concise lecture slides.

  • SECTION 4:
    Bonus Material!
  • 20
    How Soon Is Now? The End of the University As We Know It
    This lecture analyzes the potential transformation of higher education by alternatives to the traditional university experience.
  • 21
    The eBay of Education
    This lecture describes how online platforms like Udemy might create a market-clearing price for any educational content.
  • 22
    Trouble, Trouble, Toil, and Bubble
    This lecture proposes several ways that traditional universities can save themselves from extinction.
  • 23
    Being Trained for the Technological Dustbin of History
    This lecture outlines how K-12 teachers and university professors are not trained how to use technology to improve the learning experiences of their students.


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