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Published 6/2013 English

Course Description

WARNING: This is not your typical Internet Marketing or Make Money Online course.
This is a evergreen business blueprint for starting or running your own successful online business.

Learn Proven Systems, Strategies, and Techniques that All Successful Entrepreneurs Must Use to Build a Sustainable Online Business that Will Generate Potentially Unlimited Income 24-Hours a Day on Autopilot!

In theory, making money online is easy. With little to no techie skills, and a budget of less than $50, almost anyone can launch a website and be in business tomorrow.

So why is it that almost 98% of online businesses never actually turn a profit and create the lifstyle that most have heard Internet Marketers claim is "easy to do?"

The answer almost always lies in false expectations and a lack understanding of any one of these areas: Mindset, Research, Strategy, and Implementation.

It rarely has anything to do with how your website looks, what you think you do or don't know, how many fans or followers you have, your budget and how much money you can throw at it, or even your background, history, or any such nonsense!

There IS a simple step-by-step formula that applies to ALL online endeavors. It is 100% proven, works ALL the time (without fail), and is not some magical secret or something that is outside of your reach!

24 Hour Success is not for those seeking the next “get rich quick” version of making money online. There are plenty of those all over the Internet making plenty of money for those praying on the hopes of other for push button success.

With all due respect to you, while it is possible to make A LOT of money online, and quickly, what you do not ever see, is all the hard work and planning that went into that multimillion dollar online success.

Allowing yourself to get distracted by hype will only lead to confusion, frustration, and overwhelm. If you do not believe me now, you will later.

24 Hour Success is everything you need to know to start, manage, and scale up, a successful online business in any niche or area of expertise that excites you.

You will be walked through step-by-step with no stone left unturned to ensure you understand all aspects of the online world, including...

  • understanding your strengths and weaknesses and how to use them to your advantage
  • eliminate procrastination, fear, and any limitations or excuses that are effecting your ability break through your income earning barriers
  • how to find endless opportunities in any niche and formulate a profitable business around it that is guaranteed to succeed
  • fast and simple content and product creation techniques that can position you as an expert in any industry and give you the boost that you need
  • how to effectively leverage the work of others rather than creating another "job" that owns you rather than you own it
  • how to quickly and effectively build your clientele, generate endless leads, and make high converting sales without spending a dime on advertising or marketing of your own
  • understanding sales psychology, relationship building, and what people are really looking for, how you can help them, and keep them coming back for more
  • why failure is almost impossible if you follow the steps outlined in this course and what the key factors are that are missing all failures
  • how to approach industry leaders with confidence and help then help you break into your market with ease
  • and so much more... no hype, no fluff, and no stroking of egos!

There simply is no better way to launch an online business in any economy, with any budget, and any level of expertise... because what you will learn here is the foundation of ALL successful online businesses... bar none!

Over four decades of experience, and years of trial and error, along with direct and personal mentoring of industry giants went into the creation this course.

If you have a computer with internet then you are ready to get started now. It is as simple as that. 24 Hour Success is the only course you will ever need to build a 6 figure business, from scratch, without an pre-requisites.

If you have ever found yourself asking, "how do they do it?"
Then this course is especially for you!

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The 5 Keys to Online Success

Mindset: Usually left out of many courses and programs and probably the single greatest reason why people never achieve the success they deserve.

It is also the last thing that most people want to look at, or admit, is in their way. Why? Because it means taking responsibility and no longer blaming others for what you do or don't have.

The only thing in the way of your success is you... 100% of the time. Period. Let go of your excuses and take charge.

24 Hour Success walks you through powerful exercises to take you to where you want to be and provides you with tools to overcome all limitations on the road to your success.

What: Whatever your product, service, or idea you wish to create your online empire around be passionate about it. Feel good about what you do or don't bother.

So many people take jobs that they don’t want. With the online world you have the freedom to build a business around almost anything you want. So do what inspires you?

Doing anything for the money is just plain stupid. I am sorry but it is true. It will never lead to your real goal. People are wiser and smarter and so are you.

With 24 Hours Success we show you how to uncover your interests and how to build a viable business doing what you enjoy and love... whatever that is!

Research: Everything you need to succeed online is literally at your fingertips. The Internet has all the answers you will ever need, whether it be access to resources, statistics, trends, competitive analysis, content creation ideas... all for free.

Research determines your market entry point. It refines your "what," and helps you better target your products and services to your what your audience is actually looking for and willing to pay for.

24 Hour Success will show you simple ways in which you can become and expert in identifying your industries needs and wants and how to focus your time and energy on profitable endeavors rather than great ideas that are doomed to fail.

Strategy: At the end of the day, your success will depend on the sustainability of your business, and how you leverage the many tools and resources available to you to generate sales and an income. Traffic without conversions is like having a store without sales.

Who cares if you have millions of people visiting your website, or liking you on Facebook, if you aren't able to pay your bills. So many people go online naively expecting that lots of traffic or fans will magically make them millions.

You are being sold a lie. This is not Hollywood. Without a tested and proven back-end strategy or sales funnel in place you will be popular and broke in no time flat.

Build credibility, create relationships, position yourself correctly, and target your audience correctly. Be authentic, honest, and real.

24 Hour Success will help you create a winning strategy and teach you how to structure you online properties to maximize your income potential so that you too can become a 6-figure winner in no time at all.

Implementation: Prioritize, systemize, test, and scale. Implementation is the most important and least important of the keys above because successful implementation is the culmination of all them.

If you fail to implement any aspect of the 4 keys above, then no matter what you do, how fancy your website is, how great you "think" your idea is, you will leave your success to chance and statistically the 98% likelihood of failure.

Ironically, if you don't give up first, you will probably buy those hypey courses and programs, to try to figure out why and will eventually discover the truth and begin implementing some of the strategies that are meticulously covered in this course. With trial and error, and much lost time and effort, you will succeed.But don't worry... you're not alone.

The other group of people, won't fail and or succeed. They just never actually implement anything. Usually it is because they get caught up in the "how to's" and eventually convince themselves that it is too hard or that they do not have the skills for all this "techie" stuff.

The truth is, with all sincerity, that implementation for the most part will take care of itself by taking action in the first 4 areas in a systemized way. By going through this course, you will realize that you are not alone. That help is available, but only if you put yourself out there, and at least try. Why do you think we are here?

The greatest part about creating an online business is that success is only a matter of time. It is inevitable if you do not give up, but unlike a brick and mortar business, where you have one chance at sometimes great cost and expense.

With the online world you can test and tweak, and even the worst converting website, product, or service, can be made into a winner with little to no cost or outlay if you know how.

With the right mindset, research, and strategy in place, along with the willingness to test and know that nothing online is set in stone, hope can finally be restored. All the fear and guess work is immediately taken out of the equation and you all you are left with is success... 24 Hour Success.

What are the requirements?

  • A willingness to learn, implement, and follow through

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Discover why 98% of online businesses fail and why so many businesses never realize their potential, and how you can easily avoid the same mistakes and pitfalls
  • Understand that your mindset is the foundation of not only your business potential, but also all aspects of your life
  • Why you are ready now, can do this now, and have everything you need to succeed in any market, and economy, at any time
  • Learn how to create, package, and launch products or services effectively with no advertising costs that is the closest you will ever get to "getting rich quick"
  • How to monetize your business properly using techniques and strategies that all multi-million dollar businesses use 100% of the time
  • How to serve your customers better and create sales on autopilot by building credibility, trust, and giving them what they want
  • Become an expert at how to scale, outsource, and systemize your business to work for you, rather you work for it
  • And so much more!

Who is the target audience?

  • People that are sick of all the hype and false promises of getting rich quick and who are truly ready for success
  • People seeking the truth and the easiest foolproof method of building a successful online business -GUARANTEED
  • Anyone interested in making a full-time income online with an UNLIMITED potential for growth

What you get with this course?

Not for you? No problem.
30 day money back guarantee.

Forever yours.
Lifetime access.

Learn on the go.
Desktop, iOS and Android.

Get rewarded.
Certificate of completion.


Section 1: Getting Started - Your Success Blueprint
4 pages
Please, read this first.

Are you looking for practical information to grow your online business... or to become your own boss? To begin, you will be guided through a list of questions that are imperative to understanding your goals, objectives, strengths, weaknesses and how to overcome them. 

Creating a clear structure for setting and accomplishing goals will make all the difference in running a successful business. Without having a plan, you will find very little momentum in moving forward. With clear examples, and simple guidance, define your goals in order of priority and focus on what needs to get done.

Your mindset determines your success... more than any other factor. It's a fact. Unfortunately, it is one that most people put on the bottom of the list of priorities.

Learn how to positively support your endeavors while letting go your fear and excuses. What is really holding you back? Make a decision to finally do it.

Create a "real online" business that will generate you limitless income... while you sleep! If you are not there now... why not? Take this seriously... what are you afraid of?


Your story is what makes you unique. It is what sets you apart and gives you the advantage. What do you have to offer? There is something. 100% of the time.

Learn to use what you have inside of you and create your business. Banish all doubts that have been programmed in you.

Discover what you have inside of you, learn how to monetize it, and build a business around it.

Section 2: A Winning Mindset - Your Key to Success

What do you see when you look in the mirror? It's not enough to have a proven formula if you don't believe in it, or have confidence in yourself to make it work. 

Millionaire got there because of how they think, not because they know more, or have any more potential in them than you. 

So when will you make the choice to have a winning mindset?


Your mind traffic determines the direction you are heading.

If you don't believe you deserve to be successful, and make it into a realistic goal, then how will you ever get there?

Understand how the rich think, how they spend their time, and make adjustments in your habits, and finally take charge of your future.

Understand where your fear comes from, and consciously create new beliefs that will help you overcome any situation that you find yourself in.

By creating an internal system of checks and balances, you can be better prepared for the obstacles that will come your way. Create the outcome you desire.
Learn ways to meet, connect, and create relationships, with like-minded people who share your vision and goals. Creating positive mentors and support systems can make or break your ability to follow through with your goals. Always ask for help.

Making excuses is what stands between you and success. Successful people are not better or harder working than you, they simply have a different mindset. Learn how to give yourself permission to change your life for the better and let go of the old you.

49 pages
Bonus eBook that reinforces the first 2 modules.
Section 3: From Passion to Profits - Your Million Dollar Idea
Every business starts with a topic or niche. Learn how to choose the right niche that will work for you and at the same time will make you money.

If you have no idea of what to do, that is okay. By understanding what niche marketing looks like, you will better understand your own, and how to make it work for you.

The key to success is to research and understand your niche, the competition, and what the market is willing to pay for.

Once you know what it working, you will also discover how it is being marketed, and what voids you can fill.

Discover content ideas for products, blogs, or promotions while making contact with industry experts that could become possible joint venture (JV) partners.


Every search online begins with someone typing keywords into a search bar.

Discover how to leverage what people are searching for to create a profitable business and monetization formula that will work for you.

Understanding things like longtail keywords, sub-niches, and Google Adwords will narrow your focus and help you get visibility!


The best way to research your niche is to take advantage of the research already done by others.

Leverage your efforts and stand on the shoulders of others. Do not reinvent the wheel. Standout and above your competition without doing all the hard work.

Section 4: Backend Strategy - Maximizing Your Profit Potential

Did you know that many "big" marketers actually lose money on the entry-point product or service that they offer? The backend offers are literally your entire business.

Everything you do should be geared towards getting people into your sales funnel and keeping them there until they take action... and having them thank you for it!

How you structure your offers (and sales funnels) is the main difference between the "haves" and the "have nots."

People are far more likely to make another purchase when their wallet is already open. The upsell happens everywhere... all the time. How many times have you been asked if you would like "fries" and a "drink" with your burger?

Learn how and when to upsell and how to create a win/win for both you and your customer. Learn ethical strategies like cross-selling and one-time offers that will put smiles on you customers face while increasing your initial profit by at least 70-80%.

Wouldn't it be great if you could create automated ways to create trust with your customers while at the same time making more sales?

Thank you pages, surveys, affiliate products, downselling, PLR content, and more are all necessary to easily and effectively increase your bottom-line and to keep your customers happy.

Section 5: Creating Systems - Scaling Your Idea

Take a page from many fortune 500 companies and discover your million dollar systems.

What type of systems can you implement that will make your life easier while making your business run more efficiently and at the same time more profitable?

Without proper systems it is impossible to scale your business from $0 to $1,000,000. It is just a fact. Don't let your online business become another job!


An in depth look at affiliate management systems that covers everything you need to know. Learn how to extend your reach, strengthen your brand and create long-term growth.

Get detailed check lists of everything you would want in an affiliate management system as well as side by side comparisons of what is out there.


This lecture gives an in depth look at email management systems and support systems. Full of recommendations on what to use and what mistakes to look out for.

Learn how to prepare for growth, create trust and satisfaction in customers, manage your leads and close sales all in this in depth lecture.

Section 6: Your Irresistible Offer - Product Creation Made Easy

Learn all about product creation and making your customers an offer they can't refuse.

Your potential customers look for relevance, credibility, risk protection, and return on investment when it comes to buying. Be the one that can deliver all that and more while building lasting relationships and delivering quality products.


Deciding what your product will consist of is the single most important part of your business. In this lecture you will learn tips and strategies that will help you find and create viable products that will sell.


Learn creative ways to outsource your business and discover how to position your product for success. The most common reason products fail is because of weak differentiation from everything else and/or weak positioning. It is important that you do not fall into one of these categories.


Make your differentiation strategy a success by gaining insight into the customer mindset. Once that is in place, you will know how to price your products and services correctly, and competitively.

At the end of the day, how many sales you make will come down to the preceived value that you create. How much money you make, is more about the sales funnel, and how you package everything together.

This is the difference between barely making a living and and topping the seven figure mark.

Section 7: Law of Association - Your Treasure Chest

You have probably heard of the "Law of Association?" If you associate yourself with the rich and powerful, in turn, you become the same.

Learn how to leverage the knowledge and profitability of a guru or a mentor in your industry or niche to position yourself as an authority and expert as well.

It is easier than you think.

Now that you have decided to interview an expert, leverage the information gained for your benefit. Interviews are your ticket to credibility, so do it right.

In this lecture you will discover the #1 skill of an interviewer, how and where to find the right people to interview, and what to do to preparation for an amazing interview.
Once you have decided who to interview then you must know how to approach them. Learn the right way to get yourself in the door, rather than have it slammed in your face.

Also take an in-depth look at the 3 main styles of interviews and decide which works best for you.

Now that you have an interview lined up, learn all the how to's of conducting a successful and profitable interview.

Learn 4 types of questions to ask, and when to ask them to get the best responses. Learn how to research good questions, how to make the interview flow, and other important tips.

Section 8: Sales on Demand - Building an Email List

You've heard the phrases that the "money is in the list," but so what? Not all lists are the same and its not about the numbers. Learn the qualities of what makes a good list, the technical elements of building a list, and the three most important ways to turn a list into and on demand ATM.


Learn the three easiest ways to build a quality, profitable, mailing list fast. No junk traffic here.


Your squeeze page is the all important place where you inspire people to submit their name and emails. Learn the five basic elements of a successful squeeze page and be walked through specific examples of working headlines, the call to action, and overall layout of a profitable high converting squeeze/landing page.


Here you will discover many other ways to build your list. We will take a look at the pros and cons of ad swaps, solo ads, joint venture giveaways, starting your own blog, including the simplest way to track the buying habits of your list.

Section 9: Secrets to Creating Traffic - Get Found

Traffic + Conversions = Sales.

Just because you have people coming to your website does not guarantee sales. Learn what your conversion rates are, how to track them, and how to test your sales pages to create greater conversions.


Take a look at different traffic generators and how to best utilize them, including JV partners, affiliates, forums, article writing, and press releases. Learn when and where to use them along with what not to do.


Continuing the in-depth discussion on traffic generation... at some point you must learn and understand the in's and out's of video marketing... which is a great way to rank quickly and go viral with your promotions.

Discover simple tools to help you make videos quickly and efficiently. Do not underestimate your email signature along with the utilization of social network sites.


The final "need to know" way to generate traffic is by creating a blog. In this lecture you will be walked through WordPress self-hosted blogs, how to set them up, what plug-ins to use, and how to do basic search engine optimization.

Section 10: Email Mastery - Building Profitable Relationships

Email Marketing is a form of direct marketing that is very important in creating customer loyalty and repeat business. Take a look at the pros and cons of this method, create very specific marketing goals for yourself, and be taken through step by step procedures to set up your list using aweber.


List segmentation is creating different lists based on customer response or criteria.

Having targeted lists can do a myriad of things like raising conversion rates, lowering unsubscribe rates and much more. Also learn all about email deliverability, how to properly format your emails, and how to get customers to open them.


Take a deeper look into emails that work. Learn how to brand yourself to create customer loyalty and trust. Go through a step-by-step process of creating subject lines that stand out and get your emails opened!


Learn to use follow up emails to build relationships first and sell second. Go through creating a follow up series using aweber and get specific help in crafting your email messages, all for the end result of a quality, responsive list.

Section 11: Joint Venture Partners - Leveraging the Work of Others

Move your name from the shadows to the spotlight with joint venture partners. Learn all about utilizing joint ventures  to leverage resources you wouldn't otherwise have. See why making joint ventures a part of your business plan from the beginning will create a vested interest in others. Also take a look at joint venture business partnerships and if they are right for you.


Now that you know why joint venture partners are so important learn the ins and outs of how to find and partner with the right ones for you. Get tips on where to look, what to look for, and how to take an organized approach to contacting them. Also learn how best to contact them while being persistent and professional at the same time.


Take a more in depth look at all the places to find potential joint venture partners, including: keyword searches, finding e-zine and newsletter owners, article directories, joint venture brokers, jv network sites, forums, testimonials, social networks, blogs, getting recommendations, and attending live seminars or events.


Now that you know who to contact and how, learn how to create profitable long term joint venture partnerships. Focus all your attention on how to help the people you are approaching, create a relationship before you ask for help, make sure you have a quality product and the infrastructure to support it and most importantly build trust by doing what you promise.

Section 12: Psychology in Marketing - Product Launches
The day of your product launch is here and it is one of the most rewarding and challenging experiences you will ever have. Understand the psychology of why people buy to make your launch as successful as possible.

Social proof is a powerful psychology by which we look to other’s to guide our actions, learn to use this form of psychology to leverage your launch and make more sales. Be guided through all the different social ways to promote your product and learn how to use this psychology on joint venture partners as well as customers.


Learn why perceived scarcity will create demand for your products. Also find out how storytelling can sell your product much better than any sales page by relating to customers and sticking in their minds.


Go over all the important do’s and don’ts of your pre-launch. Your pre-launch is the best time to get people believing in you and should not be product focused. Learn how to create buzz and anticipation for your product while dismissing any possible concerns before your product is on the market.


There is a huge power to joint venture launch partners, in this lecture learn how to make the most of it.  Learn everything you need to know to make promotion for your product as easy as possible for joint venture partners. Also learn to create buzz within joint venture partners by making contests and bonuses.


There is nothing worse than having to postpone launch due to things not working properly, one of the most important pre-launch things to do is test and re-test. When you are sure everything is good to go learn all the need to know of your launch from sales motivation to tracking and how to best handle your post-launch period of time.

Section 13: Affiliate Marketing Survival - Part 1

Take a look at why you should participate in affiliate marketing, what it is, and be walked through the affiliate promotion process.


Be taken through the biggest problems people face when starting an affiliate business, and the solutions to them. Some of the issues addressed include: failure to prepare, setting proper long and short term goals, too much dependency on the owner of the affiliate product and website traffic. 


Take a look at the nuts and bolts of being an affiliate. Most importantly which affiliate program should you choose? Also learn how to build your affiliate marketing funnel, common ways to promote affiliate products, and when to promote affiliate products. Then take a look at e-book giveaways as a way to make money with a detailed flow process. All to get you noticed on the affiliate radar. 

Section 14: Affiliate Marketing Survival - Part 2

The affiliate monetization equation starts with you finding a solution to a consumer's problem with great content. Learn how to turn knowledge into content and then into income.


Take an in-depth look at creating a content blog to pre-sell products, while not a quick fix this can and will create sustainable long term profits. This lecture covers first impressions, writing style, consistency, creating a following and much more.


The four main ways to generate content for your blogs are write it yourself, outsource, guest blog, or utilize PLR content. Also learn about effectively placing affiliate links in your blog posts and how to utilize blog reviews to create sales.


Create an easy and fun video package as a simple way to create traffic and promote an affiliate product. This step by step process covers everything from content creation, driving traffic to your squeeze page, bonus offers, follow up emails, and finally affiliate sales.

Section 15: Affiliate Marketing Survival - Part 3

Everything you need to know about selecting an affiliate program or product to promote. Be trained to look for relevance, quality, sustainability, commission rates, affiliate support and much more. And learn the most important rule for affiliate sales: if you don't believe in it don't sell it.


Take a step by step approach to finding products to promote. Go through specific websites, learn all about marketplace statistics, high gravity products, look at actual sales pages, and learn how to avoid sales page leaks – all to find you the best product to sell.

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