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About This Course

Published 10/2015 English

Course Description

If you are thinking to start your own online business I'm sure you will find this course extremely helpful.

My name is Miguel Hernandez, for the last 5 years I've been making a living exclusively from the Internet.

In 2010 I started an online animation studio called Grumo Media and have been very fortunate to work with hundreds of clients world wide, including big Fortune 500 companies like Microsoft and Walmart, to even hollywood stars like Ashton Kutcher.

I also make money by selling courses online like this one through my sites and on platforms like Udemy where I have now over 15,000 students.

I've learned so much in these years by talking to other successful online business owners, by reading countless books and articles, by continuously building systems to optimize my online businesses and of course by making lots of mistakes along the way.

I really enjoy teaching online and find extremely rewarding when I hear from students that have learned valuable skills through my courses.

I have courses on animation, website development, course creation, and even online dating.

Now I've settled on creating a very comprehensive course to help people create and run a successful small businesses online.

Any business, whether online or offline is made of a large number of moving parts that need to work well together for the business to grow, be profitable and last.

For a first time business owner, even to someone with experience, learning how to build and orchestrate all these parts can be truly overwhelming.

In this course I want to help you learn about all those parts and build systems around them to simplify and in some cases even automate a lot of the tasks required to keep them all working nicely together.

The good thing is that all businesses have many parts in common. All businesses need a product or service that provides value to a specific audience. They all need a way to attract customers through marketing, to convert prospects into buyers through sales, to hire talent, to keep their finances in order through accounting, and they all need systems to manage all these parts, to track metrics, traffic, leads, sales, conversions, followers, to manage communications, etc.

My goal in this course is to provide you with a solid understanding of how to run your own online business by sharing all the tricks, tools, and advice I've collected over the years.

If you are already running an online business I think you will love to have an insight into the systems I've developed, get some ideas, and apply them to help your own business.

I don't intend to be one of those "gurus" that promise "secrets" to making easy money online.

It pains me to see how many people claim to be able to provide these fool-proof one-button turn key systems that for only $49 a month they will provide you with the life style of a rockstar.

This course is a down to earth account of what it takes to run a small online business. Let me tell you right now, making money online in a honest way it's not easy and it takes a lot of work and patience.

It surely beats many 9-5 boring corporate jobs and if you are lucky and work hard and smart you'll be able to both quit your dreaded job and work from home or anywhere in the world (with Internet) like I've been doing for so many years.

There are many types of businesses you can create online. I'm sure anyone running any kind of online business will find parts of this course valuable. However, in this course I'm going to concentrate on the type of business I have experience with which is mainly a service type business with some products on the side.

Grumo Media is an online digital media agency. We specialize in producing promotional videos or explainer videos for companies of all sizes. Our videos cost an average of $10K and in some cases we've produced videos as costly as $50K.

I believe this course will be very useful for anyone getting started today with zero revenues to online businesses generating up to 1 million dollars a year in revenue. (I'm focusing on that revenue bracket because the structure of most businesses change quite a bit after revenues are over a million a year. A 1MM+ business needs to hire people dedicated to each department, rent a space, maybe have a legal team. It gets more complex and it stops being a life style business to become a bigger corporation with all the headaches that entails.)

I've really enjoyed building a business that supports me and my family and provides me with the necessary income and free time to enjoy a balanced and happy life style. I want to give you an in depth look a what a business like that looks from the inside.

This course is not for you (although you may still enjoy watching it like someone that watches Netflix for fun)

if your goal is to raise tons of money, build a startup with the goal to exit and sell the company in 5 years. This course is like a blueprint of a fun small bootstrapped life style business that will be able to support a medium size family anywhere in the world.

If that sounds like you then I'd love to have you on board for this journey.

You will learn about marketing, sales, client relations, hiring, accounting, social media, business systems, contracts, and much much more.

If you are a freelancer, a consultant, a speaker, or even a mom stuck at home, this will be like going to business school from the comfort of your home, like getting an MBA on how to have fun and make a comfortable living online doing what you love.

It won't be easy but I think you will enjoy the learning experience regardless of how successful you are.

I remember when the Internet started to become popular around 1996. Just fresh of the airplane as a new landed immigrant in Vancouver, Canada. I always wanted to be able to leverage this wonderful technology called the world wide web and be able to live on my own terms, without bosses, without commuting.

Honestly, it took a lot longer to get to where I wanted. I built my first website back in 2001. It took me another 9 years of tinkering online before I could quit my job and live 100% of my Internet income.

I know, I was slow compared to many self made Internet multimillionaires. I wanted to be Mark Zuckerberg but I was not smart enough to got to Harvard or ambitious enough to pursue building a multi billion empire.

I just wanted to enjoy life, to have time to spend travelling, going back to Spain every year, playing soccer with my friends. A simple life without huge responsibilities or liabilities.

I'm no Tim Ferris or Gary Vaynerchuck either, no Seth Godin or Paul Graham. People like them have been an inspiration and my indirect mentors. I'm just Miguel Hernandez from Bilbao, Spain and very slowly I carved my own niche in the vast new world of zeros and ones.

I've learned a lot in this time and I think now is a good time to share some of the lessons so when you build your own successful business you can speed up through the learning process.

In the end, I'm creating the course I wish it existed 10 years ago when I decided I wanted to make a living online.

Let's do it!

What are the requirements?

  • Laptop and Internet connection
  • Patience, perseverance, entrepreneurial spirit and lots of passion!

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Have a solid foundation to start and run a profitable online business
  • Learn how a $500K/year online business is run from the inside
  • Learn proven strategies to grow revenues, marketing, sales, hiring, accounting, and project managing

Who is the target audience?

  • Driven people looking to start an ethical online business
  • Professionals looking for an alternate source of income online
  • Not for people looking to get rich quickly without effort

What you get with this course?

Not for you? No problem.
30 day money back guarantee.

Forever yours.
Lifetime access.

Learn on the go.
Desktop, iOS and Android.

Get rewarded.
Certificate of completion.


Section 1: Getting Started

If you are a good student and pay attention here is the list of things you will learn in this course.


This is a big course with over 100 lectures. In this lecture Miguel shares some tips to help you get the most out of all the content we will cover. You can do it!


It's always nice to learn a bit about who is the person teaching. In this video Miguel shares a bit about himself and his achievements as a online business owner and instructor.


In this course we will use several custom tools to find ideas, names, rate applicants, manage projects, etc.
Make sure to download the spreadsheet in the link to access all these tools. Vamos!


There are no tricks here. In this lecture Miguel shares his actual revenues as proof that he runs a profitable online business.


All businesses need to make money to last. In this lecture we discuss how much money is enough so you can enjoy an nice lifestyle business.


I bet you've never seen something like this. Miguel shows a chart where he plots his revenues vs happiness during his entire life. How does your happiness vs income would look like?


It's always important to understand things in perspective. In this lecture Miguel compares the average American citizen net worth and his own net worth against the richest people in the world.


If we are talking about net worth we couldn't miss mentioning the richest person in the world. How do you and I compare to Mr. Gates? And, is it always better to be richer?


This should be the first question you should answer before you choose to do anything important with your life. Miguel explains why it's imperative that you are passionate about running an online business before you devote countless hours to building one.


Miguel shares a popular diagram designed to help you indentify your passion and purpose.


Some poeple spend their entire lives without finding their passion or passions. Miguel shares some additional resources that should help you define them so you can better choose what kind of online business you would enjoy the most creating.


There are many ways you can make a living from the Internet. Miguel explains what are the main types of online businesses so you have a better idea of what are your best options.


These are the main categories of online businesses. Some are easier to get started with but harder to scale. You need to understand the differences in order to meet your long term goals.


The ideal online business is the one that generates passive income without much maintenance. There are two main types of businesses that can generate this type of income which are disuccsed in this lecture.


There are many ways you can make money online and unfortunately many people choose to build businesses that are unethical. Miguel encourages you to build businesses that are good for the whole ecosystem. He calls that type of business a "Bliz".


The opposite of an ethical online business is a "Blung". Miguel compares both types so it's clear what makes one good and the other not so good.


If you are still unsure if your idea or current business is a proper "Bliz", Miguel has created a rating system that calculates whether you meet all the criteria that makes up a Bliz or ethical online business.

8 questions

Now it's time to see whether your paid attention to the lectures or you were checking Facebook.

Section 2: IDEATION

Now it's time to bring your idea to life. Also known as executing your concept. Also known as the hardest part. Miguel shares the main steps to get started with your Bliz.


There are many typical mistakes that most first time entrepreneurs are bound to commit when they start a business. In this lecture Miguel shares 6 tips based on his experience that are critical to maximize your chances to making it.


Here is a story about failure for not following the tips from the previous lecture.


A startup is not a lifestyle business but the process from idea to launch is quite similar. In this lecture Miguel shows a diagram that illustrates the typical path that takes a founder or founders from an idea to a successful business.


Every sound business should have clear answers to these questions. If you don't then you already know where you should do more work before you launch.


YC (YCombinator) is one of the top startup incubators in the world and one of the hardest and most prestigious. To apply you need to fill in a questionnaire. Miguel goes over it to help you see what the experts look for in order to choose the candidates with the best chances of succeeding.


Jason Calacanis is a top Silicon Valley investor and has his own test to determine if a startup is on the right track.


Coming up with ideas is fun but coming up with good viable ideas is an art and like all arts it's hard to master. In this lecture Miguel shares a system to come up with good ideas for businesses.


By now I hope you've realized Miguel loves spread sheets. They can be used for so many things among them helping you choose business ideas!


Some times coming up with ideas is not the most effective way of finding the best. The best business idea is the one that people are willing to pay for. How do you know before you build the product? .. ask them!

7 questions

Now it's time to see whether your paid attention to the lectures or you were checking Instagram.


We have an idea, a plan to build it, what's next? you got it.. build it!
Miguel goes over the main steps to build an MVP (Minimum Viable Product)


Choosing a good name for your company or product is crucial to aid in its future success. Coming up with names is almost as fun as coming up with business ideas but almost as hard if not harder because all great names are already taken! Miguel shares some criteria you should follow to come up with great names.


If you take the process of choosing a name for your company or product seriously you should come up with hundreds of options. Now it's time too choose a winner but how? well, Miguel shares a great system that involves a spread sheet of course!


All online businesses need a website which means they all need an Internet address. That address is called a domain name and finding a good domain is almost as hard as coming up with a good name in the first place. Why? because most good domain names are taken. Miguel shares some tools and tricks to find good available domain names and where to buy them.


This will happen very often, too often unfortunately. If the domain name you want is already taken Miguel shares some of the options you have to obtain it.


Here are the steps required to launch your online business website.


The cheapest, fastest way to launch a website is by installing Wordpress. Miguel shows you step by step how easy is to launch a Wordpress site.


Installing Wordpress is easy but we need to do some preliminary house keeping before we start adding content.


Plugins are used to enhance the functionality of your website. In this lecture Miguel shares some indispensable Wordpress plugins that will make your site so much more powerful.


We've worked on the back end but your prospect clients will only see the front end, the facade, the store front. It needs to be attractive and luckily Wordpress makes it very easy to change the look of your entire site with a few clicks by using templates.
In this lecture you'll learn how to install free templates, where to buy premium templates and we will also set up the basic pages Home, Blog, About, and Contact.


The default Wordpress menus need to be changed. In this chapter we'll go over how to create new menus, install widgets to add more functionalities to our site and finally creating and adding a logo and a favicon.


If you want to look professional you will need an email address with your domain name in it. Miguel shows you how easy is to set up an email account with your domain.


The backbone of most online business is their email list and to build one you need a way of collecting emails and sending email blasts or newsletters. Here is how you do it.


The simplest way to validate a product is to build a sales page or landing page. Miguel shows you how to build one in a few clicks.


A great product won't sell unless people get to see it. You need traffic to your landing page and in this lecture Miguel discusses a few strategies to get your first visitors and buyers.


There are many ways you can validate a business. Being strategic about how you land your first customer can save you lots of time, money, and headaches. In this lecture Miguel shares how he managed to land a great first client by being very strategic.


There are many stories of founders validating ideas by being clever. Here is one.

8 questions
Now it's time to see whether your paid attention to the lectures or you were checking your partner's butt.

All businesses have similar parts. If you plan to run a business you'll need to understand these parts like a doctor must know how a human body works.


Grumo Media like all businesses has the same moving parts. In this lecture Miguel shows how Grumo's business parts operate.


Another way to understand how all businesses work is by creating a business model canvas, In this lecture you'll learn about all the parts that make up a complete business model canvas.


Miguel likes to simplify things, in fact he makes a living from simplifying complex concepts into short and engaging animated demo videos. In this lecture you'll get a simplified explanation of the previous business model canvas.


All businesses parts can be identified inside the business model canvas and in this lecture you'll see you Miguel's company Grumo Media looks like agaist this model.


Small or big all companies have their own particular business model canvas. In this lecture we explore the business model canvas of three large corporations.


Once you identify and understand the moving parts of your business you should sit down and list all the processes required for them to function properly.


Now that you have all the processes you need to document them, delegate them, and automate as many as you can. Why? it's the only way you can scale your business efficiently beyond yourself.


Miguel shares all the processes required to run his entire online animation studio. Of course, they are all listed on a spreadsheet. How many steps does it take to do what you do?


Miguel takes process documentation seriously and you should too. How seriously? well, watch this lecture and you'll see.

6 questions

Now it's time to see whether your paid attention to the lectures or you were twidling your thumbs.

Section 5: MARKETING

Marketing is essential to bring in sales. In fact is the art of getting noticed.


There are many ways of doing marketing. In this chapter you'll learn 19 different marketing channels and which ones Miguel has implemented to drive traffic to Grumo Media.


It's important to realize that the typical customer never buys the first time they hear from you. There is a process that it's best illustrated using the sales funnel diagram. All busineess in the world have a sales funnel and understanding your own business funnel is fundamental!


There are many ways to create awareness and interest through marketing efforts. In the Internet the coolest, cheapest way to get traffic is by implemeting inbound marketing techniques.


It's important to understand the difference between traditional interruption marketing and the new cool kid in the block.


Miguel shows with exquisite detail how inbound marketing drives all the traffic he needs to run Grumo Media.


Google Analytics is an awesome free tool to understand where all your visitors are coming from. Miguel shows Grumo Media's traffic analytics so you can understand how he tracks his visitors.


Ok, inbound marketing is awesome, but how do you get started? well.. watch this lecture for starters.


Dan Martell is a very successful Canadian serial entrepreneur and also a marketing genius. In this lecture Miguel introduces his marketing Authority Engine. Basically and awesome way to implement inbound marketing to the highest level.


Pay attention to this lecture because it shows step by step how Dan Martell's authority engine is implemented.


Inbound marketing consists in creating and publishing great content on a regular basis. This takes a lot o work so it's important to be organized and having a consistent schedule.


The holy grail of content are positive testimonials from happy clients. Miguel emphasizes the importance of collecting testimonials from the get go.


If you want to really grow and grow fast you'll have to learn to spend money in advertising your content. In this lecture Miguel shows how Brendan Burchard spends buckets of money to make more buckets of money.


When you run a business your time is the most precious currency you have. In this lecture Miguel talks about how much time you should spend in marketing activities.


I recorded this lecture as an answer to a question posed by student Marlon Kwasnik.
Marlon wanted to know what kind of direct marketing strategies I've implemented to bring more business.
In particular, he was looking for ways to speed up the process of getting those difficult first clients faster since inbound marketing can take several months to start showing tangible results.
In this lecture I try explain what direct marketing is, different channels it can be applied, and most importantly how I implemented direct marketing at the very beginning in a very strategic way to land my first clients.


This is an odd lecture just as its very own creator which is me of course!
In this lesson I introduce the concept of algorithmic approach to attain success at anything by sharing the actual algorithm I employed (and you could employ too!) to validate Grumo Media and land a fabulous first client right from the get go!

10 questions

Now it's time to see whether your paid attention to the lectures or you were picking your nose.

Section 6: SALES

Marketing is about creating awareness and interest to drive traffic to your site. Then sales takes over and converts that traffic into customers, paying customers!


There are a series of steps common to most sales processes. Miguel goes over them in this lecture.


If you are selling services like Miguel then you'll have to do countless of sales calls. Learning how to conduct a proper sales call will be critical to the success of your business.


Luckily you don't have to reinvent the wheel and in this lecture you'll learn some of the best strategies to close more leads on your sales calls.


Most service businesses have a dedicated person in charge of nurturing relationships with the best clients. In this lecture you'll learn the responsabilities of this person - the account manager.


Leads are the nectar of your business and they need to be cared for, tracked, and nurtured. Also you need a system to do so. In this lecture Miguel shares how he handles leads for his business.


If you provide services then you'll be required to have your clients sign a contract before you engage in business with them. Well, turns out dealing with contracts is a nightmare so Miguel deviced a semi-automated system to make this process as painless as possible.


***WARNING! This lecture requires basic javascript and HTML programming skills.***
In the previous lecture I showed you the overall workflow we use at Grumo Media to deal with our animation contracts at the beginning of each project. In this lecture I show you the actual script required to email a copy of the contract to the client as soon as the Google Form is submitted.

8 questions
Now it's time to see whether your paid attention to the lectures or you were scratching your bum.

I hate accounting as much as you do, for that reason I'm not an expert nor I want to be, hence this disclaimer. However part of running a business is making money, and making money means paying taxes so you better take your accounting seriously if you want to avoid very expensive lessons in the future.


Grab your popcorn! Here is Miguel introducing you to the exciting world of small business accounting.


I thought they were the same thing but you'll learn in this lecture otherwise.


Single accounting is for lazy people and double accounting is for serious businesses like yours, right?


Ok, this one really had me confused at the beginning. Although cash accounting would seem the obvious way to track transactions it turns out is not the best way!


Fancy names for two types of bean counters. Ok, you better know the difference or you'll never make it.


These three concepts will show up again and again when you run a business so you should understand what they mean or you will suffer.


There are a lot of human entrepreneurs lived, thrived and perished without knowing how to read a balance sheet. Learn how to read one and you'll feel in some twisted way superior to the average earthling. For sure your accountant will be impressed!

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Instructor Biography

Miguel Hernandez, Top Udemy Instructor, Founder of Grumo Media

I'm a veteran top Udemy instructor with over 20,000 students and the CEO of Grumo Media, a video marketing and online education studio located in Vancouver, Canada.

I have true passion for online education and have spent the last 5 years creating multiple best selling courses and taught thousands of students across the world in both English and Spanish.

Check out my courses and I'll promise you not only you will learn new valuable skills but you'll have lots of fun in the process. At least that is what most of my students have expressed in over 800 positive reviews.

I have courses on animation, video marketing, online course creation, productivity, website development, lifestyle business creation and even online dating.

I also have 10 years of experience in multimedia production and have produced hundreds of  promotional videos for some of the top Silicon Valley startups including clients like Microsoft, Walmart, Fidelity Investments, Reckitt Benckiser, Hipmunk and even Ashton Kutcher.

I hope to see you inside one of my courses soon!

Peace, Love, and Cookies ;)

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