How to Build a Computer from Scratch: Complete Blueprint
4.5 (71 ratings)
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3,233 students enrolled
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How to Build a Computer from Scratch: Complete Blueprint

Create your own custom-built PC, follow me as I show you how to build a computer from various parts! Comprehensive guide
4.5 (71 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
3,233 students enrolled
Created by Matt Thomas
Last updated 5/2017
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What Will I Learn?
  • Everything needed to create your own custom built computer
  • Ability to confidently shop for computer components
  • Understand how computer hardware works
  • Modify / Upgrade their current computer systems
  • Install an OS [Operating System]
  • Troubleshoot for certain computer issues
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  • A Basic Understanding of How to Use a Computer
  • Patience
  • Ability to Properly use a Screwdriver (and other basic tools)
  • Ability to Follow Instructions

Join 3200+ Satisfied students!

Over 250 Successful Student Custom Builds made (and counting!)

Have you always wanted to build your own computer but lacked the know how?

Would you like to save money on an awesome custom built computer while learning all about computer architecture and how it functions along the way?

In this course, you'll not only learn how to assemble your very own computer from scratch, but you'll learn all about the functional roles of the various components and hardware that make up a computing system.

You'll watch as I assemble the entire build from scratch parts. 

This course is the one and only place that has ALL the information you need to;

- Learn about the basic functions of a computer system

- Pick out appropriate hardware for your build

- Assemble all hardware needed for a fully functional computer

- Wire everything within the case like an expert

- Install an OS (Operating System) onto a computer

- Build a new home / office computer

Stop settling for those store bought PC's that never seem to have all the features that you want, or even need. It's even more economical to build your computer, as opposed to buying one pre-made! (you'll be paying a lot more fees; i.e assembly fees)

Go ahead and click "Take This Course" and be on your way to building your very own custom built computer!

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Who is the target audience?
  • Anyone who wants to learn to build a custom computer from scratch
  • Performance enthusiasts who demand more from their systems
  • Anyone who wants to learn how computer hardware works together as a system
  • PC Gamers who need their computers to produce those extra few frames per second
  • Anyone who wants to learn to tinker with computers
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Curriculum For This Course
51 Lectures
What To Expect and What You Will Take Away
2 Lectures 02:50

Welcome to the course!

Get ready to learn some awesome skills!

Preview 00:23

Let's take a look at some of the benefits of building your own computer vs. purchasing one pre-made.

Benefits of Building Your Own Computer vs. Buying One Pre-built
Assessing Your Needs
2 Lectures 00:56

This is the first step in assessing your needs. Determine what kind of user you are and what you'll demand from your build!

What Will You Demand From Your Computer?
2 pages

This is a very important step in planning for your computer.

Consider and Set Your Budget
Functions of the Machine: How a Computer Works
10 Lectures 11:34

In this section, you'll learn about all the functions of computer hardware.

Learning About Components

In this lecture I'll be over-viewing all the different components and pieces of hardware it takes to run a computer. 

The video is of a functioning build. 

Walk-through of a Computer's Inner Hardware

The Motherboard -- The foundation of every computer. Explained. 

The Motherboard

The CPU, the "brains" of your build.

The CPU (Central Processing Unit)

This lecture covers RAM sticks, the "short-term memory" of your computer.

What Is RAM?

Let's go over the component that's going to power your computer, the Power Supply.

The Power Supply

This lecture covers storage devices; Hard Drive Disks & Solid State Drives

Learn About Storage Devices
5 pages

This lecture will overview the Graphics Processing Unit.

What is a Dedicated Graphics Card?

Optical drives are devices for reading media devices such as CDs, DVDs, and SD cards.

Optical Drives; Do You Need One?

In this lecture you'll learn how to implement proper airflow within your case.

Optimizing Airflow with Case Fans

Let's see how well you remember the functions of computer hardware

Hardware review
2 questions
How to Choose Your Components
9 Lectures 39:01

We're going to start this section off by finding the best place to buy all of the hardware needed to build a computer.

Best Sources for Buying Computer Hardware

Let's go through some of the aspects that make a Motherboard unique.

Consider Your Motherboard

Let's take a look at two of the leading CPU manufacturers!

AMD vs Intel
2 pages

Let's start shopping!

The Motherboard is always a great place to start when thinking about possible components for your computer. When building, always start with the foundation!

Preview 12:36

We're going to find a CPU that'll fit in the motherboard you just picked out.

Choosing the Appropriate CPU

Finding the right case for your computer is important, because this is what you and everyone else is going to look at when you show them your "very own custom built computer". If you care about such a thing, make sure you get a case with the right 'character' to fit your needs.

Please refer to the document below for a better detailed guide to find the perfect case for your needs!

Finding the Perfect Case

Make sure to get enough RAM sticks for your computer needs.

Getting the RAM You Need

Let's find the perfect storage device for your build.

Choosing the Right Storage Device

Make sure you purchase enough wattage to cover all of your components. It's always better to opt for a little extra power if you think you may be just "getting enough." Components tend to draw more power when they're running at 100% load (the component is at max speed/freq).

Acquiring a Suitable PSU
Optional Components to Consider
4 Lectures 13:10

-- Please download the my pre-picked list of video cards for a better idea of which card will suit your individual needs. --

Finding the Right Graphics Card for your Needs
2 pages

This lecture is to help you If you think you'd be better off choosing your own video card that's more to your liking.

Shopping for Your Perfect Graphics Card

Let's take deeper look into aftermarket CPU's. This will be a great solution for those who intend on performing more CPU demanding tasks, such as; gaming, audio/video rendering, software/app development, or just running several programs at once.

Aftermarket CPU cooling devices

It's very important to keep a good airflow going in your case.

Extra Case Fans
Computer Accessories
4 Lectures 04:27

I'll be covering the functions of certain Input/Output devices, along with how a computer system works with data.

Input/Output Devices

There are various kinds of monitors out there, It's important to learn about the specific functions each one.

Finding the Right Monitor

Let's talk about our primary input devices, the Keyboard and Mouse.

Choosing your Keyboard/Mouse
3 pages

Check and double check this list before starting to assemble your computer!! The last thing you need is to find something missing halfway into your build.

Acquiring All Tools Needed for Your Build
Time To Start The Build
10 Lectures 27:10

Are you really ready to start putting everything together? 

Quick Pre-Build Quiz
3 questions

This video will brief you on all the hardware it takes to run a computer. Each component will be mentioned by name, along with a short description of its functions.

Quick Run-Through before Commencing your Build

In this lecture we'll be getting our computer case ready for installation.

Prepare the Case for Installation

In this lecture we'll be installing our first piece of hardware, the Motherboard.

Installing the Motherboard

This lecture will show you how to install the CPU to your Motherboard

Installing the CPU & Heatsink w/ Fan

A Quick note on Installing your Aftermarket cooling device.

Note: Installing Aftermarket CPU Cooling Device

In this lecture we install the RAM sticks.

Installing RAM Sticks

Make sure the storage device is nice and secure, free from the possibilities of moving (even just a little).

Installing your Storage Device(s)

These case fans will make sure our computer has a nice airflow.
Installing Case Fans

Let's secure the PSU

Installing Power Supply

The video card should always go in the PCI- Express slot closest to the CPU.

Installing Graphics Card
Computer Wiring
7 Lectures 24:36

In this lecture I will go over all of the wiring you have to do in order to get your computer up and running.

Wiring Overview

Wiring the PSU can seem difficult at first, make sure to review this lecture to make sure you havn't missed any connections.

Wiring the PSU

Wiring the case can sometime's be very difficult your first time, this lecture takes you through everything you need in order to get those case buttons in the right places!

Wiring Case buttons (Power button, USB ports, Audio ports.. etc)

In this lecture we connect the storage device to the motherboard, and the heatsink & fan to a power source.

Connecting the SATA Cable(s) and Heatsink

It's always important to review!

Check & Re-Check!

Let's test the build you worked so hard to create!

Test your build

Don't worry, if your computer didn't turn on, review your steps, check the process. If all else fails, I'm always open to questions!

Did Something Go Wrong?
Installing your Operating System
3 Lectures 03:03

In this section we cover installing the Operating System.

Congrats! Whats Next?

This lecture will go through the steps needed to install an operating system onto a computer.

BIOS and Installing the OS

Thank you for taking this course!

About the Instructor
Matt Thomas
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IT Professional, Hardware Enthusiast, Author

Matt's a tech fanatic with a passion for computer hardware and an extensive background in the professional IT field. 

Naturally, he's loved tinkering with computers his whole life, building and upgrading various systems along the way. He has acquired a wide variety of skills as a result of his years of experience working with hardware. From setting up extreme performance rigs to cabling new and old infrastructure, he's done it all.

Nothing makes him happier than passing on his expertise onto those out there willing to learn and expand their skill sets. Knowledge should be applicable, understandable, and most importantly, useful. If you take any of his courses, you'll see how detailed he gets in breaking down every idea. You won't miss a thing!