How To Break The Habit Of Procrastination

Learn how to overcome procrastination and live a life with vision and purpose.
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About This Course

Published 11/2015 English

Course Description


Gain new perspectives and learn new principles and strategies for effectively tackling the habit of procrastination.

Procrastination can really hold you back, occasionally to the point of making a person physically and/or mentally ill. Recognising the early signs of this problem and identifying the root cause is just the beginning of learning how to overcome procrastination that is present throughout different areas of your life.

Throughout this course, you will:

  • Begin to understand why we procrastinate, what it is and where it comes from.
  • Learn how to overcome and manage destructive thinking.
  • Take responsibility for procrastination.
  • Change your perspective about procrastination.
  • Be able to pinpoint the exact source of procrastination in your life.
  • Learn how to deal with procrastination before it becomes a health problem.
  • Build a stronger character and mindset to help combat procrastination.
  • Build an effective strategy to overcome the habit of procrastination.

We have all procrastinated at some point in our life, the problem lies when it becomes a habit. Procrastination is everywhere – at home, at work, at the coffee shop, online, at Uni, with friends and even with family – it can be anywhere and rear its ugly head when we least expect it. - this course designed to cater for all.

Throughout your learning experience, you'll gain a number of essential skills, many of which you can action immediately to see immediate benefits. Some of the most effective principles taught are unique to this course. Proven to really make a difference in your overall quality of life. Stevie presents this course with his highly practical approach to personal development – one of which has helped many people since 2014 and now you have the opportunity to join them.

The easy-to-use modules and step-by-step guides are your first step towards a happier, stress-free life.

Partnered with a 100% money back guarantee, enroll on this truly enlightening course to learn the essential truths to overcoming procrastination, and in turn live a healthier life that you're passionate about living.

  • Category:Personal Development

35 lectures and over 2 hours of content. The content is made up of talking head videos and a number of practical exercises and quizzes.

  1. Helping you Successfully understand why we procrastinate.
  2. Understand the major sources of procrastination and realistic ways of managing the negative thoughts and feelings that are associated with it.
  3. Be able to pinpoint the exact source of procrastination in your life.
  4. Effectively manage this negative habit throughout every area of your life.
  5. Learn how to deal with procrastination before it becomes a health problem.
  6. On completing the course you'll be able to cope with procrastination better, win back control of your workload, improve your working relationships, and live a happier,effective and more balanced life.
  1. Students will need access to a computer and printer.
  2. Students will need access to a notepad and pen.
  3. Students would ideally be open to considering new idea's and thoughts.
  4. Students would ideally have experienced procrastination in at least one area of their life.
  1. This course has been specifically designed as a generic guide for anyone who recognises that procrastination is a problem or a habit in their life, for anyone who is stuck in this habit and do know how to get out, or who is in a relationship with someone who consistently procrastinates.
  2. This course is for people that want more from their relationships, business and more purpose for their life.
  3. The content herein can be used as a reference aid by counsellors, life coaches, business coaches and trainers.
  4. Finally if procrastination is holding you back in a negative way and has become part of your daily routine.

What are the requirements?

  • Computer and printer
  • Pen and paper
  • Microsoft Office

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Change your Perspective
  • Build a strong mindset and character
  • Build a strategy to overcome the Habit
  • Accept responsibility for procrastination
  • Understand why we procrastinate

Who is the target audience?

  • The course is best suited for people that recognise they have a problem with procrastination in their life.
  • People that are open to learn about this habit and are willing to take steps to overcome it.
  • This course is not for you if you are not willing to look at yourself and take responsibility for your life.

What you get with this course?

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30 day money back guarantee.

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Section 1: Introrduction to how to break the habit of procrastination

This an introduction to my first personal development course on Udemy How To Break The Habit Of Procrastination. I will introduce the 5 key objectives for the course and i will describe who the course is for? i will also give an insight into what to expect on the course.

Ex Scottish Soldiers Story
Section 2: Why Do We Procrastinate ?

Introducing why do we procrastinate, in this section we are going to look at 7 reasons why we may procrastinate.


The first reason for why we procrastinate is lack of self control, more often than not we get caught up in the small stuff and procrastinate on the bigger tasks at hand, we lack discipline in getting to the things we are suppose to be doing.


The second reason why we procrastinate is we are perfectionist, we try to get things done to perfection and if we can’t we put off doing it, because if we can’t do it perfect we can’t do it at all

The Perfectionist Quiz
12 questions

In this lecture we will look at the third reason why we procrastinate and that is that we value others opinions over our own at times and this can affect who we are and in turn end up chasing after other people’s goals.


* ACTIVITY in this video, Fear of failure is a big thing in society today, in this lecture we will look at a visualising exercise when walking the plank.


Being lazy is often as a result of the other reasons why we procrastinate, so if we start taking responsibility for the other ones, i reckon we can deal with being lazy.


Overthinking is a very close friend to procrastination, we are good at overthinking, making mountains out of molehills a lot of the time, we think tasks to be bigger than they actually are.


If we don’t have purpose or know our why we get up in the morning, then it can be a struggle, we just go through the motions of life and in turn have no reason to do anything so we put off and say things like i don’t need to do it today.


In this video we will look at a summary of what we have covered in this section including the 7 reasons why we procrastinate.

Section 3: Take Responsibility And Change Your Perspective.

Be honest with yourself, are you procrastinating and if so what are you doing about it. Are you taking full responsibility for this habit.


Are you playing the blame game, in life we often like to blame others, things, environments instead of looking at ourselves. In this video we will look at the magnifying glass and mirror principle.


We often are good at making excuses and giving reasons for not doing something. We end up buying into these excuses and we end up procrastinating the things we really should be doing. Stop making excuses!!!


We are good at saying we are going to do this and going to do that and not following through, so we need to fully commit and take action after all action speaks louder than words.


Let’s change our perspective when it comes to fear, rather than see it as a negative, why don’t we see in a positive way and that is Feeling Excited And Ready.


Change the way you deal with rejection, see it as a positive, that NO is getting you closer to that YES and in turn leading you to a better outcome.


Be aware of the words and language we use when going about our day to day business, because if we are talking negatively about ourselves this really can become our reality.


How we react and respond to situations and circumstances is our choice, we have free will to choose how we respond, that may be positive or negative. Choose to respond in a way that is calm and rational rather than been lead by emotions.


Summary of what we have covered in section 3 and a look forward to section 4.

5 questions

Lets test your knowledge of what you have learned in section 3

Section 4: The 7 Steps To Overcoming Procrastination Effectively.

Introduction to the 7 steps to overcoming procrastination effectively.


Working out what your why is a great place to start to overcome procrastination, this makes your whats and hows tolerable along the way. your why ultimately becomes your purpose in life.


Fully commit to what it is you want to do, even if that means changing your direction in life, then so be it or just commit even more to your purpose.


Get rid of the junk, be aware of habits that aren’t serving you and change were necessary to new habits that will help you work towards your vision. See your new habits as sowing seeds, you will need to water them and nurture them. The more practice the better. Because Practice makes permanent.


The mind is a battlefield, we want to win the battle. So when we learn to manage our thoughts we are then more effective in life to live out our why and fulfill goals. Everything we do starts with our thoughts, thoughts then create our feelings and emotions, feelings turn into action and the actions become the outcomes for our life.


*Activity after video* In life we need to know who we are? what we value ? and then prioritise this in our life. Also in this Lecture their is a VALUES EXERCISE.


If we don’t set and write down goals, then procrastination comes easy. we need to work out where we want to go in life.


Breaking your goals down is important when working towards the bigger goals, its all these small successes that will get you to your vision or long term goal.


It is seen as a strength asking for help with this, find someone you can trust either a mentor or a coach who can hold you accountable for your actions, but also help give you insight into where you are at.


a big summary of the 7 steps to overcoming procrastination.

Section 5: Bonus Material & conclusion

An optional step 8, find someone to help out with their procrastination, this will not only give you fulfilment making a difference in someone’s life it will also help you gain perspective.


Thank you for taking this course, much appreciated, i hope it helped and gave you some strategies to use in the context of your own life.

Bonus Material

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Instructor Biography

Steven Mills, Personal Development Coach from Fife, Scotland.

I am a new and up an coming personal Transition coach from Fife, Scotland.

Passionate about helping others lead to a more fulfilling and purposeful life.

I am a personal development coach and qualified NLP Master Practitioner with 6 years military background, 3 years in construction industry and finally 6 years in sales and recruitment. This varied background gave me personally a roller coaster ride of stress, anxiety, depression and even alcoholism.

Things for me had to change, life up to 2 years ago wasn’t serving me, and I had no sense of direction or was I getting the fulfilment I wanted from my life. So I made a committed decision to change, I went through counselling and life coaching. This helped me realize my potential and in turn went on to transform my life.

I have studied counselling, Neuro Linguistic Programming( Master Practitioner), psychology and coaching which has given me a great understanding and awareness for personal development in myself and others.

As a result of this I am highly motivated to help others get the transformation in their life as I did. How i do this is?Sharing my own experiences and stories and teaching effective principles and strategies through out my courses online.

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