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How to become psychic by activating your 12 DNA strands

Wake up the dormant psychic abilities you already possess by following these easy steps
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In this course I will teach you how to activate your 12 DNA strands. The process is easy, free and fun. Many have done it already and it's time you do it as well !

If you choose to activate your 12 DNA strands you will begin to gradually become more and more psychic.

But you will have many other benefits as well. Here are some benefits you will have by activating your 12 DNA strands:

Cleanse Your Aura

Clear the highest priority auric attachments you have picked up from people, places, times, things and events. Close openings in your auric field that absorb other people's negative energy, spill your Life Force away and cause you to feel tired and restless. Calibrate your chakras, remove discarnates and other foreign entities from your field.

Unplug Your Mind From The Matrix

Clear unnatural seals, implants and DNA blockages that connect your mind to the matrix. Activate your 12 strand DNA to access higher aspects of your multidimensional awareness, embody your Soul's purpose and raise your frequency to attract a higher grid of people, places, times, things and events. Activate your Golden DNA to become a frequency holder for the ascension of Earth and humanity.

Cut All Cords of Attachment

Clearing cords of attachment is the first step to freedom. Stop other people from siphoning your energy and bring a resourceful completion to past unresolved events that keep being projected onto your relationships. Allow the spiritual ties between you and other people to blossom.

Transcend Your Emotional Pain Body

Your pain body is an energy vampire that takes over your mental and emotional bodies to feed from your discordant thought forms and the reactions of other people. The pain body loves to create drama and feed from pain. Clear the soul fragments and past painful events related to the SOURCE of your pain body and become more present, peaceful and centered.

Master Your Relationships

Clear all your past relationship baggage and painful experiences like: betrayal, abandonment, heartbreaks, rejection and abuse. Get out of relationship karmic loops, raise your frequency and manifest the relationship you have always envisioned with your current partner or a new relationship if you are single. Relationships are the greatest opportunities to grow, evolve and experience a higher giving love.

Annihilate All Your Fears

Fear is the only thing that can stop you from moving forward. Clear all the highest priority fears from this and all past lifetimes so you can embody a state of courage and take inspired action. Imagine how your life would be if you were free from the fear of failure, fear of death, fear of criticism, fear of not being good enough and the fear of not being loved. It is time to activate the ultimate sense of personal power and unleash your greatest potential!

Activate Your Heart Chakra With Unconditional Self-Love

Clear all soul fragments related to resentment, betrayal, judgment, hatred, guilt, shame and trust issues that prevent your from fully opening your heart chakra and melting in unconditional self love. Experience the bliss of melting in Divine Love and let your mind surrender to your heart's intelligence and guidance.

Advanced Higher Self Healing Techniques

Master the connection to your Higher Self, read energy signatures and clear the SOURCE of any energetic blockage on yourself and other people. This energy healing technique will allow you to transcend both time and space to perform soul retrievals and heal soul fragments that were created in this and past lifetimes. Remove auric attachments, karmic imprints, shadow self archetypes, negative thought forms and energy blockages to any manifestation. Connecting to your Higher Self is the ultimate way to become sovereign and take control of your destiny!

Manifest Financial Abundance

Clear all energetic blockages like unworthiness, undeservedness, poverty consciousness, lack and limitation to finally get out of the scarcity karmic loop. Activate your DNA, chakras and auric field with the frequencies of financial and material wealth.

Who is the target audience?
  • If you are curious about becoming psychic
  • If you wish to communicate with beings on the other side
  • If you wish to communicate with animals
  • If you wish to reach a much higher conscience level
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What Will I Learn?
Become psychic
Activate your 12 DNA Strands
Ascend to a much higher conscience level
Understand how the technique works from a scientific point of view
Understand how the technique works from a spiritual point of view
Understand the transition that Humanity is going through
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  • All that is required is an open mind
Curriculum For This Course
Expand All 10 Lectures Collapse All 10 Lectures 01:37:47
4 Lectures 26:08

In this lecture I introduce the course and explain what it's all about

Preview 08:36

In this lecture I briefly give you a bit of a bigger picture of life and introduce some basic terms and concepts that we will use throughout the course.

Preview 10:16

In this lecture I explain in further detail what a Spirit is and how it relates to you personally

Preview 04:27

In this lecture I explain how you can take a more active role in the course if you wish, as appose to just passively watch the videos.

Course Engagement
DNA Activation
6 Lectures 01:11:39

In this lecture I explain some basic terms in DNA research. Everything I talk about in this lecture is 100% part of conventional science.

What our current science have discovered about DNA

In this lecture we take the next step and talk about some surprising new claims some scientists make in regard to DNA research in last few years.

What our current science is discovering about DNA

In this lecture I present a more spiritual "New Age" approach to try and explain the phenomena of becoming psychic

12 Chakras - 12 Strands - 12 Dimensions

In this lecture I will explain how your personal growth is related to a large change we are all going through

Personal Ascension and Humanity's Ascension

In this lecture I will explain how the technique itself works

Explaining the technique

In this lecture I present the actual technique of activing your 12 DNA strands.

The technique
About the Instructor
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Man of Light

I've been researching different spiritual teachings, the occult, ancient texts, and different religions for the last 10 years. I find it fascinating how different teachings from different periods of time help their students find peace and evolve spiritually.

My goal in my courses is to promote and help students in their Spiritual growth and development.

Spiritual Growth is how the world becomes a better place.

The more Spiritually advanced we become, the better. Better for our Selves and better for Human Society in general.

Spiritual growth is about Love.

Spiritual growth is about Altruism instead of Egoism.

Spiritual growth is about removing fear, hatred, jealousy and racism from our lives.

Spiritual growth is about coming closer to Nature / Earth.

Spiritual growth is about loving your Self.

Spiritual growth is about living in the Now.

Spiritual growth is about developing compassion to others. Other people but also other animals, plants, spirits and extraterrestrials.

Spiritual growth is about coming closer to God / Deity / Spirit / gods / The Higher Realms.

Spiritual growth is about developing your psychic abilities.

Spiritual growth is about healing.

Spiritual growth is about wisdom.

In my courses I promote these values, share ancient esoteric wisdom and explore different philosophies and belief systems.

Join me and let us all grow together.

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