How To Hack Productivity In 10 Minutes A Day!

How To Spend 10 Minutes To Make Changes For A Lifetime Of Productivity And Crush Procrastination Forever
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About This Course

Published 9/2015 English

Course Description

**Updated November 2015**

**30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee**

Learn to crush procrastination once and for all by utilizing simple-yet-effective methods outlined in this course.

Do you suffer from too much couch surfing? Does your day feel like it's spent watching what other people are doing on social media? Has your to-do list become a never-do list?

You've come to the right place.

You'll learn how a 10-minute shift in focus will help you achieve goals and become more than you ever thought possible.

Change 10 minutes. Change your life.

Do you wonder why the most successful people are where they are? They are worried about wasting their most valuable resource!

No, not money. Time.

This course is designed to help you realize that you've been wasting time doing things that aren't important. More importantly, it's designed to help you realize your potential with the same 24 hours that everyone gets.

Build lifelong skills to become a productivity genius and never waste time again!

  • Utilize 10MIN Method, Pomodoro Technique, and IFI Systems to get on track.
  • Break bad habits and develop long-lasting good habits.
  • Discover queues why you procrastinate and learn to overcome them. Prioritize or eliminate your daily tasks.
  • Create To-Do lists that actually get accomplished.
  • Get more done than you ever thought possible.
  • Use the power of positive affirmations to make your day positive and productive

Powerful Productive Techniques Await You

Beating procrastination can only happen when you become conscious of your wasted time. With higher productivity the world can be yours, but you must learn how to avoid procrastination killers!

Effective time management will help you get more things done than you ever thought possible.

Content and Overview

Everyone suffers from procrastination at some point in their life. So why do some people live ultra-successful lives while others are stuck being so-so?

They learn how to overcome their procrastination and form truly effective time management skills that boost their output while also minimizing distractions.

This course will walk you through effective productivity techniques that are designed to be easy-to-accomplish while still allowing you to fulfill big goals. Take your big goals and discover how the 10MIN Method will break down those goals into straightforward footsteps that will allow you to succeed at any project or task.

Turn "impossible" into I'M making it POSSIBLE with help from this course.

Complete with both video and written lectures, Become A Productivity Master! will allow you to dream big dreams and allow you methods to achieving things you once deemed impossible.

What are the requirements?

  • An open mind
  • A notebook and writing utensil
  • Knowledge that you can change your future with your actions of today

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Overcome procrastination by utilizing methods taught in this course
  • Start (or quit) whatever they set out to do.
  • Dream, set, and build big dreams and goals by doing so one step at a time.

Who is the target audience?

  • This course is designed for those seeking higher methods of productivity.
  • This course is not for couch surfers, go with the flow-ers, put it off til tomorrow-ers, or people that lack a positive, life changing attitude.
  • This course is for people who aren't afraid to take action but who may require a small push in the right direction.

What you get with this course?

Not for you? No problem.
30 day money back guarantee.

Forever yours.
Lifetime access.

Learn on the go.
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Get rewarded.
Certificate of completion.


Section 1: Productivity Starts Here

Welcome to Become A Productivity Master! The aim for the course is to help you overcome obstacles you put in your own way to beat procrastinating and truly become a productivity master.


A note from your course instructor Michael Naus

Section 2: The Ugly Types of Procrastination

Let's take a look at the seven common reasons that we procrastinate. By identifying our reasons for putting things off we can formulate a game plan to control those reasons we procrastinate in the future.

1 page

Use this list to firstly determine which of the seven reasons we procrastinate identifies your own reasons. Then, formulate a game plan to vanquish those reasons once and for all.


We do things for two reasons: To add pleasure or to avoid pain. Unfortunately, some times we need to turn our Pain points into pleasure points in order to feel the need to beat the procrastination surrounding not doing our assigned projects.

Section 3: Productivity Techniques: The 10MIN Method

Develop a set of skills that will teach you how to break down big goals into manageable, smaller goals in order to actually accomplish them.


Take a closer look at the 10MIN Method to help you set smaller goals that will, in turn, allow you to conquer big goals.


How do you effectively organize your 10MIN Method tasks to get more work done? You group similar tasks together! Learn how to build your to-do lists with grouping tasks in mind.


Use the Curious Shoe Method (CSM) or the Fishbowl Method to add different dynamics to your normal 10MIN Methods of routine. Adding randomness throughout the day will keep your mind from burn out - focused on one group of tasks for too long.

Section 4: Productivity Techniques: The Pomodoro Technique

Building off the 10MIN Method, the Pomodoro technique will have you crushing procrastination forever by expanding tasks into longer, focused blocks of time.

Section 5: Building Productive Core Habits

Do you procrastinate because of ingrained poor habits? Did you know it's not too late to retrain your body and mind to accept new, valuable habits and beat old, lousy ones?


Everyone will deal with a setback in their life. How you overcome setbacks when building a new habit is essential to the long-term implementation of your new habit.


Let's review our habits, overcome our bad habits and form good, beneficial habits for the long term.

Section 6: Positive Affirmations

Have you considered adding positive affirmations to your productivity routine? Spend 5-10 minutes each day re-affirming to yourself that you are the person that you want to be and retrain your brain to think in a positive, productive manner.

2 pages

Here is a list of 40 sample affirmations to give you an idea about what you can repeat out loud or write down when you're doing your daily affirmations.

Section 7: Final Thoughts And Ending Procrastination Today
1 page

Here is a list of the best productivity tools and apps that I utilize on a daily basis to help me create to-do lists, form documents, keep focused and stay away from websites that drain my time. Let me know if you come across any that you use as well!


What happens after this initial phase of enhanced productivity ends? Maintaining high productivity is the key to long-term goal achieving and overall happiness. Stay on track with your effective output.

1 page

Use this checklist in the morning to ensure you've set yourself up for the best, most productive day possible.


This lecture walks you through your exclusive BONUS 3-Minute Morning Checklist that I use each morning before I leave my house for the day. The items on this list are deemed important to me to be able to fully function at a high level and be a productive member of society.

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