Steps to Start a Freelancing Career & Travel While You Work
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Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
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Steps to Start a Freelancing Career & Travel While You Work

Learn how to begin your freelance career and get to travel while doing it!
4.7 (5 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
1,198 students enrolled
Created by Mark Mackay
Last updated 12/2014
Price: $50
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  • 37 mins on-demand audio
  • 3 Supplemental Resources
  • Full lifetime access
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What Will I Learn?
  • How to start your freelancing from scratch and work effectively towards a *minimum* fee of $50/hr.
  • How to create an online freelancer presence to use as a platform for developing social proof & showcasing work
  • How to find, engage & secure quality freelance clients with strong budgets
  • How to impress your clients, build solid relationships that produce ongoing work & win referrals
  • How to build the kind of excellent social proof and testimonials that open up larger clients and higher hourly rates
  • How to travel the world while you work as a freelancer, keeping on top of money & experiencing beautiful countries
  • How to research countries with minimal living costs, affordable accommodation and suitable infrastructure to accommodate working remotely
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  • You must have at least some proficiency in a marketable skill or the desire to learn. That trade must be sellable online so work can be sent over the Internet.
  • You must have a desire to learn, study & develop your skill and expertise in your chosen freelance profession so you can work your way towards higher paying clients
  • It takes courage to book that first ticket. You'll find inspiration here, but make sure you bring your courage with you to the course.

Have you ever wondered if there's a way you could live your life by travelling the world, surrounding yourself with natural beauty and adventure?

What if, right now, you could book a one-way ticket to a beautiful tropical country with white sands, turquoise oceans and you could stay there as long as you like?

If you have at least some proficiency in a marketable skill that you can sell online, I’ll show you how to become a Freedomlancer and achieve precisely that.

Learn How to Establish Yourself as a Freelancer While You Travel the World

This course is about how to establish yourself as a professional freelancer while you travel the world effectively and affordably.

You'll discover how to work your way from sole traders or small-medium-business clients, and then on to larger companies with big budgets.

You’ll learn how to remove the pressure of covering huge living costs associated with more expensive countries (such as the US or the UK) by travelling to exotic countries and leveraging differences in currency value to seriously reduce your living expenses while you work from incredible beaches and sip coconuts.

Why is This Such a Great Idea? Well, Because You Can…

  • Relax into your freelancer profession in beautiful locations
  • Free up huge amounts of time to work on new projects both professional and personal
  • Take time out from the rat race to decide what you want to do with the next 10 years of your life
  • Get a refreshing change of scenery
  • Learn new transferable business skills
  • Make new business contacts
  • Experience different cultures to gain new perspectives on the world

You’ll discover how to plan your time and plan your money so you can travel successfully, find considerable freelance success and enjoy a life of complete locational freedom with the ability to generate your own income whenever you want.

What Are Some Example Skills Freelancers Can Use?

  • Writing (Journalism, copywriting, blogging etc)
  • Videography, video editing or audio editing
  • Photography
  • Graphic design
  • Illustration
  • Animation
  • Programming
  • App developing
  • Web design
  • Online marketing (search engine optimization, social media marketing)

Is it Really Achievable?

Not only is it achievable, it’s a easier than you might think. With just a little guidance, a bit of graft and a healthy dose of courage, you’ll find everything you need to achieve these goals in this course.

Further reading is provided in the resource sections from many famous travelling entrepreneurs to show you just how achievable really is. This is not some pipedream. It's an opportunity that's never been more viable than it is today.

What Will We Cover? 1. How to Set Up

You'll learn how to achieve all of these things from scratch. The course begins with setting up an online presence such as the LinkedIn page, freelancer website profile and simple personal website, all of which will be used to build the kind of social proof that allows you to work your way up to larger, better quality and better paying clients.

What Will We Cover? 2. How to Find Work

Once that's done, we look at how to filter the Internet in an organised way for well-paid jobs. We look at how to find clients paying at least $50 per hour on Elance, what you need to do to engage and impress these clients to win jobs.

All of the proposal writing strategies and organisational techniques are applicable to any source of freelance clients. The course uses Elance as a platform to demonstrate them.

I show you how I make $50-$200 per hour on this platform. There's a lot of cheap outsourcing work going on, but there are great clients there, too. You just need to know how to find them.

What Will We Cover? 3. How to Travel Effectively & Affordably

Finally, we look at how to travel the world effectively, keeping on top of your money and enjoying beautiful tropical countries where it's only necessary to work a few hours per month to cover all of your living expenses.

Who is the target audience?
  • This is course is for anyone who wants to work as a freelancer so they can travel but isn't sure where to start
  • This is course is for anyone who wants to travel the world, has some proficiency in a marketable skill they can sell online & wants a specific strategy for income to fund their travels
  • This course is for anyone looking to refine their freelancer skill set & wants to pick up new ideas in inspiration
  • This course is NOT for anyone unwilling to work from computers
  • This course is NOT for anyone without a "can-do!" attitude. There will be challenges ahead.
  • This course is NOT for anyone scared of major change in their lives.
  • This course is NOT for anyone who is scared of major change in their lives and has a fear of travelling.
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Curriculum For This Course
29 Lectures
Intro - Adventures and kicking butt as a freelancer
2 Lectures 11:33

The introduction lecture covers what the course is, what you'll learn, why it's such a great idea to take on this life-changing journey and what to expect in the following sections. Also included is:

  • A cost of living comparison example
  • What you'll need for the journey ahead
  • A few things to consider for motivation
What is Freedomlancing, anyway?

Each section will have a quick audio overview of the resource links and materials whereby you download and open up the material, listen to the audio and we'll look over it together.

This is the introductory section of the course, so there's not much in way of resources, but it should give you a feel for how these audio lectures work.

Section 1 Resource Links & why they're awesome

A few questions on some of the points raised in the introductory lecture. Quiz questions will get harder as we go through the course.

Getting ready for a life of Freedomlancing
5 questions
The secrets of a quality online presence
6 Lectures 18:59

The lecture opens up with a quick quote from John Lennon that I hope will provide some inspiration. Apart from that, we cover:

  • Why the course uses Elance to demonstrate many principles
  • How your online profiles provide a platform to build social proof and later secure $50-$200 per hour
  • A look at who the cycle of Job>Work>Testimonial>Better Job works
Preview 06:13

This is a step-by-step guide to produce an effective Elance profile. If you find it easier, you can download this lecture as either PDF or DOCX file types from the resource section.

How to set up your Elance profile (Also in the resource section)
9 pages

In this lecture, we talk a little more about the different types of online profiles, why they're important and how to make the best use of them. Also covered are:

  • Why it's important to have a LinkedIn page
  • Some key considerations for branding
  • A look at the benefits of a website
Creating an irresistible online presence Part 2

This is a step-by-step guide to produce a simple but effective freelancer website. If you find it easier, you can download this lecture as either PDF or DOCX file types from the resource section.

How to set up your simple website (Also in the resource section)
7 pages

If you completed all the action steps before this lecture, you should have your Elance profile, LinkedIn page and simple freelancer website set up. Here we look at a couple of ideas to:

  • Get some examples of your freelance work if you don't have any yet
  • Get some early testimonials or social proof
  • Suggest a way to get feedback before applying for jobs
Creating an irresistible online presence Part 3

Okay, download the resource links file here and let's look over them together. We cover material on

  • Further reading for freelancer branding
  • One final note of encouragement to set up a simple freelance website
  • Freelancer contract templates for when bidding on work outside of Elance

Section 2 Resource Links & why they're awesome

A quick look at why some of these best practice principles for your online profiles are recommended and why setting these up is so important.

Why these tips & tricks are so effective
4 questions
How to find clients who click with your skillset
5 Lectures 42:54
This lecture is a quick overview of this section which is all about how to search and filter through the Internet for decent freelancing jobs, also referred to as "prospecting". In it, we discuss:

  • A brief foreword on prospecting
  • How to organise your browser to make things easier
  • Introduce the method of scanning titles before examining jobs more closely to make things quicker
An intro on how to pan for new client gold

A live screencast taken from my desktop to show you how I organise my browser and how I scan the Internet for jobs. We look at:

  • An example of how Session Manager works
  • How to set up the Elance category pages as bookmarks or in Session Manager
  • Some things to look out for to determine the quality of a potential freelance job
How to set up your browser to scan quickly & effectively

A continuation of the previous lecture where we more closely examine potential freelance gigs opened during the scanning process. Points covered include:

  • Strategies to quickly determine the quality of potential jobs
  • Factors that must be weighed into judgement calls
  • The thought processes behind what counts as a quality job and when to applky
How to filter for the best jobs on offer

A recap of the previous three videos looking at:

  • The strategies we've covered in the section
  • How to use "The Law of Averages" when deciding how many jobs you apply for
  • Several other tips and reminders for effective freelancer prospecting
How to pan for new client gold: A quick recap

In this lecture, we look over the resource links together which include:

  • Session Manager download links for the major web browsers
  • Further reading on how to effectively use bookmarks
  • Another cool browser extension to gain more intel on potential freelance clients
Section 3 Resource Links & why they're awesome

A series of reminders highlighting some of most important factors when filtering either Elance or the Internet for higher quality freelancing jobs.

Becoming a super-effective quality role hunter
5 questions
How to write proposals that grab attention
6 Lectures 52:35
An introductory lecture on the strategies and thinking behind writing effective proposals that engage your potential clients. The lecture gives an overview of the following key points before we see some of them as live examples:

  • The importance of opening with a personable statement
  • Why speaking in terms of the client's interests is so critical
  • How freelancers are not really hired to "do work", but rather to produce certain results
How to write proposals that get results

Using two of the roles we found in the previous section, we look at live examples of proposal writing and the thought processes behind how we put them together. Also covered in this lecture is:

  • How to set up a Google Doc with a "Standard Signature"
  • How to organise portfolio links for different types of work to match up with your proposals
  • Other considerations of the client's budget and how offering trial work helps get attention
A live example of writing proposals on fresh jobs

In this lecture, we look at a series of breakdowns for previously successful proposals, picking them apart with annotated screenshots to see why they worked. We cover:

  • How to implement the strategies previously discussed (and some we haven't)
  • How to successfully handle a price objection
  • How to show off your expertise by offering a critique
A teardown & critique of previously successful proposals

A recap of the previous three videos looking at:

  • The strategies we've covered in the section
  • The importance of "starting low" and building up your client base
  • Optional tips for proposal writing success
How to write proposals that get results: A quick recap

An audio overview of this section's resources. After this audio lecture, there's an optional text-based lecture and here, I explain what it is and what determines whether you should go through it now, or come back to it later.

Section 4 Resource Links & why they're awesome

In this lecture, we look at each of the proposal writing strategies we've discussed so far, reinforcing how to use them effectively and why they work. We've covered a lot in Section 4, so this lecture is optional right now. However, it must be read at least once some time before the end of the course. In it you'll find:

  • Annotated Elance screenshots to illustrate previously discussed strategies
  • Further info and examples of proposal writing techniques in use
  • A separation of which strategies are essential and which are more contextual or situational
OPTIONAL: Reinforcing these strategies + one or two more.
8 pages

A short, five question quiz covering the main proposal writing considerations freelancers should keep at the forefront of their mind while developing this important skill.

How to write badass proposals that make real money
5 questions
How to manage your time & money as a nomad
2 Lectures 13:21

In this lecture, we look at several key ideas and approaches to managing time and money both in general and when you're travelling. The lecture covers:

  • Why time is less important than money in the beginning of your freelance career
  • How to properly calculate your hourly rate
  • What it means to "live like the locals" to travel on a shoestring budget
How to manage time & money for successful hussle

An overview the resource links. The downloadable resources file here contains information on back-up and travel credit cards and a $6 discount link for the You Need a Budget (YNAB) software that's a great way to keep on top your finances while travelling.

Section 5 Resource Links & why they're awesome

This quiz reinforces the main money and time management principles and considerations discussed in the video.

Managing these mission-critical resources as a travelling freelancer
5 questions
How to prepare for the adventure ahead
2 Lectures 17:30

The all-exciting travel preparation lecture where we look over all of the most important factors to consider when preparing yourself for the voyage ahead. Points covered include:

  • Recommendations and real-world examples of places to start
  • How to approach cost-of-living research using + forums
  • Considerations for organising visas and determining if a work visa is necessary
How to prepare for travelling the world

An audio overview for the resource links in this section. Here, you'll find useful links for typical travelling essentials such as vaccinations, visas and cheap flights.

Section 6 Resource Links & why they're awesome

A short quiz to highlight reiterate some of the more important points from the travel preparation section.

Deciding where to go & getting ready to go there
3 questions
How to get hidden gem accommodations for cheap
2 Lectures 18:29

In this lecture, we look at how to organise accommodation using a process that involves a 10% upfront deposit for cheap hostels before finding medium to longer term apartments. Covered points include:

  • How to search effectively in developing countries
  • The situation with contracts (or lack of them) in developing countries
  • Considerations for using (or avoiding) property agents
How to get a killer apartment in unfamiliar territory

An audio overview for the resource links discussed in Section 7 plus a little additional insight and dialogue on the accommodation search process in general.

Section 7 Resource Links & why they're awesome

A short quiz to highlight and reiterate some of the key points discussed in this section

Keys considerations of roomhunting abroad
3 questions
How to travel like a pro freedomlancer
2 Lectures 13:07

In this lecture, we look at common experiences travellers go through and how to make them easier with heads-up knowledge and handy tools for the job. The lecture covers:

  • The "disconnected" feeling you'll probably get the first time you land on thoroughly unfamiliar turf
  • How to sort out back-up internet to stay on top of freelancing work while you travel
  • Smartphone apps that really save you in various tight spots
Tips & tools for travelling effectively like a pro

An short audio lecture overview to discuss the resource links for Section 8, introducing one or two more new ideas and why they're worth checking out.

Preview 03:57

A short quiz to highlight and reiterate some of the key points discussed in this section

Important points to remember on the road
3 questions
Become a Freedomlancing Jedi
2 Lectures 19:57

This final lecture introduces a number of additional strategies to become better at both freelancing and travelling. An extensive resource section on this subject follows this video. Examples of points covered before that include:

  • The importance of staying motivated and how to do it
  • A series of mindgames (read "Jedi mindtricks) you can play to encourage yourself to stay motivated
  • Further tips on client management and becoming a more established freelancer
Refining your process to become a Freedomlancing Jedi

The resources section for the final lecture is quite extensive and, in this audio file lecture, we look over the links together, discuss why they're there and the importance of getting the most from them.

Section 9 Resource Links & why they're awesome

A short quiz to highlight and reiterate some of the key points discussed in this sectionA short quizA short quiz to highlight and reiterate some of the key points discussed in this section<br>

A final quiz to nudge you on the path to freedomlancing
3 questions
About the Instructor
Mark Mackay
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Mark is a freelance writer and entrepreneur who's spent the last several years travelling the globe while he works. He started off with nothing but his own good wits and a little writing experience, and now funds his globetrotting with a lucrative freelance writing carerr.

He specialises in tech and digital marketing, working for clients including Oracle, SecureMac, IDGConnect, Microsoft, Incisive Edge and Soldsie.

After meeting so many people envious of his travels and who were enthusiastic to do the same, Mark created the Freedomlancers blog and Udemy course dedicated to helping other aspiring freelancers to find their feet in both work and travel.

Mark’s life outlook manages to sit somewhere in between a total geek and a massive hippy yet he somehow manages to maintain above average levels of personal hygiene.

His interests include travel, writing, learning, food & cooking, yoga, meditation, rock climbing, video games, science fiction books, psychology and long island iced teas.