From Idea to Execution: No-Excuses Productivity For Creatives
4.5 (18 ratings)
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From Idea to Execution: No-Excuses Productivity For Creatives

Even If You’re an Artist Type, Struggle To Get Started, Are Naturally Disorganized , or Have a Habit of Falling Short
4.5 (18 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
80 students enrolled
Last updated 6/2016
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What Will I Learn?
  • Get more done
  • Be productive and at the same time have balance and fun in your life!
  • Take big risks without fear of failure, or feeling bad if things don’t work out
  • Create the perfect “work” environment, unique for you, to maximize your productivity and happiness anywhere in the world
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  • Know what you want to accomplish

To have fun and enjoy life, or settle down and get a lot done?

What if you could do both?

Between the 3 of us, we have written and published 23 books, spoken to thousands of people, and created dozens of workshops and training courses.

And we did it all while enjoying the heck out of life...travelling to over 100 countries...and having lots of time to spend with friends and family.

Join me for a few minutes and learn how myself, Björn Ühss, and Esther Jacobs have been able to accomplish an incredible amount all while travelling, 'living the life', and having a ton of fun.

You'll learn how you can get 25-200% more accomplished all while having more free time to spend with your family, your friends, and your self.

Whether you're an ultra-organized and always working type like Björn...

An energetic creative who hates organization type like Esther....

Or an over-anxious ADHD entrepreneur like myself...

You'll Learning From 3 Experts From 3 Different Countries, so...

There is something in this course for you and your unique personality!

"This era needs people who think outside the box, cross borders and create new opportunities. Esther Jacobs is such person." -Herman Wijffels (Dutch captain of industry)

Why You’re Learning From 3 Experts From 3 Different Countries…

This November I boarded a one-way cruise from the Canary Islands to Salvador, Brazil.

This cruise was rather unique, in that it had us spending 9 days on the open Ocean, from the coast of Africa to the tip of Brazil. And as such, it attracted a rather unique group of passengers, including over 100 entrepreneurs, digital nomads and writers who used Facebook to spontaneously organize the trip together...because a vacation is only as good as the people you spend it with.

On route I met Björn, and then Esther.

About a week later and we found ourselves all staying at the same hotel in Brazil, a few steps away from one of the best urban beaches in the world.

And it was here, while eating acai ice cream, drinking coconut water, and sipping caipirinhas, that we discussed our struggles and successes around productivity.

And it was here where we realized something special...despite all of us being naturally wired to have some some serious struggles with productivity...each of us had managed to achieve a tremendous amount of output and success...and on our own terms.

We were able to do all this while living life on our own terms, including living in multiple countries and travelling the world.

I'm Ready To Get Shit Done! Now, Let Me In!

"A new perspective on our way of working. Esther always inspires our teams with her innovative ideas, drive and energy." -Capgemini Europe

"This is a fun course that also taught me not to overthink, to just get started and let the words flow and trust the process. Would highly recommend it especially if getting started/procrastinating holds you back." -Bren.Hamilton (reviewing Dan's productivity course for writers)

In this course you’ll learn how to Get Shit Done! Clear your mind, have more time and energy for fun, family and friends, AND have one of your most productive years ever.

Is This Course For You?

● Week after week, do you feel like your days don’t have enough hours?

● Have you been “working on” a new project, book, course, or business for what seems like forever and yet you still haven’t got it done?

● Do you get caught up in your day to day work and struggle to find the time to complete the things you really want to do?

● Have you tried all kinds of different techniques and organization systems to "get things done", but nothing has seemed to stick for more than a few months? Hint: These other systems you've tried were never designed for creative or entrepreneurial types...that's why we created this course!

● Do you always feel like you’re catching up, and if you do get things done, it’s always last minute?

● Are phone addiction, social media, notifications, and constant noise draining your energy, or even making you physically ill?

● Does it feel like you used to be better able to focus and concentrate…but these days it seems you just can’t focus enough to get shit done?

● You know you need to stay motivated and focused but you just can’t get yourself do it.

● Has your boss or clients lost faith in your ability to deliver...and is this putting your financial future at risk?

Do you ever wonder, if you keep doing what you’re doing, and things keep going how they’re going, what will your life, health, family life, or finances look in 5, 10 and 20 years?

● Do you put others and their needs first, so you have no time or energy left for your own plans and projects?

● Do you often feel like you wasted the whole day doing nothing

● Do you find it difficult to say NO, overcommit to others, and never take care of yourself and your projects?

What if you learnt to be more efficient and effective, so you could have more free time for the people and things you love, while getting more done.

Perhaps you’re already financially successful, but you can’t seem to stop working and it’s taking a toll on your health or family life...

● You reached most of your business goals but you aren’t actually enjoying life...

● You’re always working, unable to disconnect, distancing yourself from friends and hurting your family life...

● Your work habits are creating anxiety and eroding your once bulletproof confidence…taking a toll on your mental and physical health.

You’ve worked really hard to accomplish your goals and, by all means, are now “successful”. Yet, you wonder, is this all there is? Perhaps you feel trapped by your success and your obligations, like you lack the freedom to do what you enjoy. If you ask me, this is bullshit. You worked your ass off to get where you are. Don't you deserve to enjoy life now?

I'm Ready To Get Shit Done! Now, Let Me In!

So that's a lot of bullet points! My overall point here is that there are two groups of people who will learn a lot from this course. If you have ambitions but are an underachiever, falling short of finishing books or launching projects, you'll gain a lot from this course that will help you actually get more accomplished.

Remember, accomplishment and productivity are not the same as being busy.

On the other hand, if you're pretty good and working 10 hour days and getting a lot done, building a financially successful life for yourself, but you feel overworked, under-appreciated, and stretched to your limits...well, then this course will be a breath of fresh air for you. Inside you'll find strategies...and take more time for yourself and add more joy back into your life...without necessarily sacrificing your success or finances.

Inside You’ll Discover:

● How to be productive and at the same time have balance and fun in your life!

● A new approach to taking action: Learn how you can take big risks without fear of failure, or feeling bad if things don’t work out.

● A bulletproof technique for beating procrastination.

● The weird psychological tricks that allowed Dan to publish 12 books and create 7 highly rated online courses in 2 years…all while living in multiple countries and travelling to 20 or so others.

● Bjorn’s methodology for validating your business or marketing idea quickly and getting started within weeks instead of months or years. Companies pay him handsomely for his consulting on this methodology.

● The mindset that allowed Esther to raise €16 million for charity, without an organization, network, or budget.

● Learn how to create the perfect “work” environment, unique for you, to maximize your productivity and happiness anywhere in the world.

● You will get a unique and diverse collection and toolbox of proven productivity hacks that have helped us make shit happen - pick the ones that work best for you!

So if you're tired of sloughing along in life, always feeling busy or stressed, but never really getting the important things done...I'd like to ask you join us inside for a chance to finally change things and, starting in 2016, to start Getting Shit Done!

Who is the target audience?
  • Anyone who does business or wants to achieve goals
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Curriculum For This Course
27 Lectures
Course Introduction & Outline
1 Lecture 01:27
The Right Attitude & Mindset For Success
10 Lectures 28:38

Are you still looking for the perfect circumstances to start your project? In this video Esther explains why this is never going to happen. Learn how you can work with what you have and start NOW.

Preview 01:26

Set things in motion. Dan explains how he did his first public speech and set up a newspaper by identifying an opportunity and taking action. They might be simple steps, but if you don't do anything: nothing will happen. At one point you have to start, why shouldn't it be now? Find one thing you can do today to move your project or plan forward. No excuses!

How To Take Action and Build Positive Momentum

It might sound like a cliche, but it really works. Just 30 minutes exercise a day will boost your energy and your morale. What works best is high intensity training. Not only during the training itself, but also afterwards you'll feel the positive effects. That you'll also burn fat might come as a nice 'side-effect' for some. Plan to do some sort of exercise every single day, even if it is just going for a walk outside, or swimming if you have a pool or ocean nearby. Try it out for a week (start slow if you are not used to exercise!) and see how it affects your energy, mood and productivity.

Sports and Fitness

Go somewhere quiet and relax for a powerful visualization exercise

Creating Your Perfect Future

We all have 'off-days'. How can you make the most of those low energy, low motivation days? Esther shares her strategy of doing small, boring tasks on these days. On happy days things like cleaning, admin and emails can bring you down, so why not do them when you are not feeling too well anyways? That way, when you start to feel better, you'll have a clean house, shorter to do list and an empty email box, meaning you can get straight away to the things that you love doing and which will make you even happier.

Preview 01:45

Find out the impact of different types of food and (lack of) sleep on your body and productivity. Esther explains how sugar, caffeine and alcohol affect her sense of well being and productivity and how you can experiment for yourself. What works for you? Keep track for at least one week in the attached diary to find out.

How Health Impacts Your Energy & Productivity

At the end of each day, rate your day on a scale of 1 - 10. Just take a few minutes to evaluate. How did you feel? What activities gave you energy? What people or locations made you happy? Also identify the people, places and activities that drained your energy. By doing this consistently every day, you'll learn what makes you happy, what gives you energy and what doesn't. Then do more of what makes you happy.

Rate Your Day

Dan shares his secret: you have to exercise your inspiration muscle. Actively look for input: go to new locations, have conversations with interesting people, read (or listen to audio-) books, etc. Don't wait for inspiration. Force yourself every day to do two hours of business planning, writing, filming, or whatever it is that you do, and it will come to you.

Where Do You Find Inspiration?

Try to eliminate the 'grey zone': when you are not really working, but not really relaxing or recharging either. You can accomplish this by separating work and other activities. It is not about the number of hours you spend behind your laptop, but about the real productive hours. So work focused, without distraction: no phone calls, no other browsers open, no internet. It also helps to stick to a strict schedule or even set deadlines: one hour of writing, then one hour of marketing, then 1,5 hours of lunch (off time). For three days try to be aware when you are in the 'grey zone' and switch to either black or white. If it helps you to be more productive: continue this practice until it becomes a habit.

Grey Zone

We all have tasks we don't like. So we find reasons/ excuses to postpone them. But all the time, they are in our minds, pressing on our shoulders and taking away our energy.

What are the tasks you hate? Imagine what it would feel like after you have done them...

If you have to do something anyway, do it right now and get it over with. If you have to eat that ugly frog: do it first thing in the morning instead of looking at that repulsive creature all day, knowing that in the end you will have to swallow it... ;)

Eat That Frog
Effective Structures and Proven Approaches to Planning
10 Lectures 28:13

Do you struggle to get out of bed in the morning, constantly hit the snooze button and wish you could stay in bed for longer? Stop your low-energy mornings with this one hack that helped Bjorn to get up earlier and begin the day with a positive attitude and full of energy.

Here is what you do:
1. The night before: Identify something that really excites you and that you are looking forward to enjoy the next day
2. Write this highlight of the day down > close your eyes for 30 seconds > visualise how you are enjoying it. Feel it!
3. As soon as you wake up remember and focus on this positive activity and highlight of the day.

By finding and focusing on the part of the day that excites you most your motivation and energy will naturally increase because doing what you love will get you out of bed with a more positive mindset. Focus on what you like doing and have something to look forward to every single day. Your mornings will be awesome!

Preview 01:08

Plan your day in 60 seconds! Spend less time on planning your day by using the following structure. Watch this lecture to learn how to you make the most out of your day and get the right things done day by day.

Learn how Bjorn is structuring and planning his day with the 1-1-1 Focus Framework to stay focused and get key priorities done. Use this practical and effective model to organize your day and prioritise activities. Apply this daily to quickly move towards your long term goal, stop distractions and get the most important things done every day.

This focus on one key activity in the following three areas allows you to organize your day in one minute the night before by asking the following three questions.

1. EXCITED ABOUT - What's the one thing that you are most excited about tomorrow? (e.g. people, sports, event)
2. URGENT - What's the one most urgent thing you need to do? (e.g. work task, something with clear deadline)
3. LONG TERM - What's the one thing you should do to move towards your long term goal? (e.g. work out/sports)

Create a simple 3-column table in your notebook or success journal and answer the three questions above before you go to bed or first thing in the morning. Use this simple and effective night routine to get started with a clear focus every day.

Nightly Success Routine: How To Structure Your Day & Focus [The 1-1-1 Framework]

Do you know when and where you are most productive and creative? In this session Dan explains why it is crucial to find a working environment that suits your unique personality. Watch this lecture to find and choose a productive environment that allows you to excel and get things done without distractions.

Preview 03:23

Esther traveled more than 150 countries and shares in this video how she stays productive while on the road and what to be aware of when searching for the perfect workplace.
Tips to Choose And Set Up Your Ideal Workplace

In this video Bjorn talks about the importance of surrounding yourself with the right people, how they influence your life and how to meet new like-minded friends. He has met more than 1000 people in a year and explains in the video how you can be more aware of what kind of people are good for you and who you shouldn't waste your time with.

What kind of people do you surround yourself with? Who are the 5 people you spend most time with? Are you clear and strict about who you spend your time with? Are you selective enough or do you still spend too much time with energy-drainers? Who gives you energy and inspires you? Who's holding you back and doesn't add value? Make sure you are aware of your social circles and how it influences your decisions and overall direction in life. This video covers this and more questions helping you to be with people that do your happiness and long term success good.

Shortcuts For Success - How To Meet And Surround Yourself With The Right People

Don't let your day drag on and on without a clear end. In this lecture Dan shares a hack with you that can help you to stop letting your work dictate (the end of) your day. This tip will help you increase your effectiveness and efficiency and get things done on time so you can enjoy the rest of your day.

The Hidden Rewards of Rewards (aka The Get-Things-Done-On-Time-Hack)

Dan shares another of his proven hacks to stay focused by using timers, focus-time and micro-rewards.

Using Timers And Clear Endings To Stay Focused

Effective Scheduling & Timeblocking: Turn your calendar into a productivity tool

Description: Watch this video to learn how you can make the most out of your calendar as an effective tool helping you to organize your day and tasks while developing a productive routine.

Preview 02:40

In his most productive month ever, Dan developed a 15-part training course, launched a coaching programme and published two books while starting his days late (at 11 am!) and having 90 minute long Spanish lunch breaks.

In this video he shares how he used calendars and time blocking to set up his most efficient days. Understand how you can stay in a proactive mindset by using the scheduling tips in this video. This video gives you very clear examples that you can take and apply to your life to set up a distraction-free day.

My Most Productive Month Ever

Are you constantly checking your phone or your social feed? Did you know that this "burns" your willpower. Learn how you can apply the same tricks as Obama to be more disciplined and focused. Dan explains in this lecture how minimizing decisions and temptations can benefit your overall productivity. Watch this video to hear about the psychological costs of indecision and how to stop wasting your brainpower with trivial decisions so you can focus again on getting things done.

The Truth About Self-Discipline & Why Setting Up Rules and Routine Are So Effe
Common Challenges and Frequently Asked Questions
5 Lectures 19:21

Surprise, surprise, Dan can't just answer a simple question.

When I asked him what were his biggest distractions, I expected a list of websites...instead we all got a classic "Dan Lesson" on psychology and the difference between being proactive and reactive in how we plan our days. OK, I’ll admit, this was a little more valuable than a list of websites.

We also got a glimpse into Dan’s “sensitive side”.

What Are Your Biggest Distractions?

Dan shares a few more tips on how he stays focused and blocks out distractions.

How To Stay Focused and Block Out Distractions

How To Handle Big Projects Like a Champion (Esther)

Meditation (Esther)

Conclusion (Dan)
Bonus Lecture *Updated* Summer 2016 Free Training and Content
1 Lecture 01:30

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About the Instructor
Dan Johnston
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Location Independent Coach, Author, and Business Trainer

I'm Dan Johnston. I'm a full-time writer, business trainer, and coach.

“That is seriously your life? You are literally living my dream. That’s insane. How can I do it?”

I’ve grown to expect hearing this every time I tell someone about my fairy-tale of a life. But trust me, it wasn’t always this way.

In 2010 I owned my own business and I worked like a dog with the dream of one day “making it”. I sacrificed friendships, health, family and travel opportunities all because I had to work harder for “just a little while longer.”

I just needed to “make it” and then I could I finally start enjoying life.

That was until my business imploded and left me completely, and I mean completely, broke.

At this point I could have taken a job, but it just didn't feel right. I had spent so much time trying to live my dreams, was now the time to quit?

So I decided to take one more risk, and in 2011 I started as a freelance writer.

The journey wasn't easy, but it sure paid off.

Using the same strategies I teach in my courses, I was able to generate a full time income writing within my first few months.

Then in early 2012 I decided to take another risk and see if I could continue freelance writing while travelling the world.

And it worked. It worked really, really, well.

Since 2012 I’ve lived in 7 places including Costa Rica, Manhattan, Barcelona, Italy, Germany and Prague. Each year I try to visit at least 6 new countries.

I’ve also crossed countless items from my bucket list including driving a Lamborghini on my birthday, learning Spanish, and driving a Hank Moody inspired Porsche 911 up Highway 101 in California.

When I was starting out and things got hard I had plenty of opportunities to raise the white flag and turn my back on the life I really wanted.

I’m sure you’ll have the same opportunities. Ignore them.

Don’t ever, ever think going for it, going after what you really want, will be easy.

But it will always, always be worth it.

And I'm here to help in any way I can.

Esther Jacobs
4.5 Average rating
18 Reviews
80 Students
1 Course
The 'No Excuses' lady

Esther Jacobs is an international speaker and author who published and contributed to 14 books. She gave more than 500 keynotes, inspiring decision makers and organisations like Capgemini, Hewlett Packard, KLM, Phillips and universities on 5 continents.
She got knighted for raising €16 million for charities without a budget, network or experience. Interesting fact: She survived a TV reality show on a deserted island and got ‘fired’ from her country for traveling too much. The “No Excuses Lady” proves that you can turn even the bleakest situation into an opportunity. 

Björn Ühss
4.5 Average rating
18 Reviews
80 Students
1 Course
Founder 22tribes

Björn is founder of the marketing and innovation consultancy 22tribes with offices in London, Barcelona and Cape Town. As Innovation Catalysts 22tribes train corporates and new businesses in implementing and using the lean & rapid experimentation methodology to identify new growth & revenue opportunities and build new features and products.

Björn, originally born in Transylvania Romania, has worked and lived in London, Munich, Vienna, Cologne and Barcelona and has been living a digital nomad lifestyle the last year combining travel with remote work.

Productivity Hacks are not only his passion but also an essential skill to get things done and manage multiple projects while increase personal happiness and becoming a more complete and happier personal being. He has read hundreds of books on self development and implemented also created his own methodology to monitor his progress towards increased productivity and happiness. He is a vedic meditator and sports enthusiast.