How to be Financially Free
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How to be Financially Free

Real World Experience from an Active Investor and Businessman
3.3 (2 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
4 students enrolled
Created by Matthew Morrow
Last updated 12/2016
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What Will I Learn?
  • Develop monthly working budgets
  • Have a solid investment knowledge that will allow them to evaluate any financial opportunity
  • Create lasting sources passive income
  • Fully Fund their retirement, education, and savings
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  • I pride myself on being able to take very complicated financial topics and boil them down to very basic steps. All you will need is a pen and note pad. Some of you over achievers may want to create a spreadsheet in excel if you would like.
  • A basic knowledge of Math + - x /

If you're reading this, you too want to be Financially FREE! Many times the stuff they teach in the classroom has little to do with the real world. Though I have an accredited business degree from a solid University and am a former licensed Registered Representative under the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), the majority of my teaching will come from my experiences in business. There are people much more skilled as professors and polished speakers, yet I believe my perspective has tremendous value. Knowing how to play the game of life and what makes people financially successful and what doesn't will be on display. I humbly and gratefully welcome you to take this course. I have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars in classes, mentoring, continuing education courses, and the school of hard knocks and have compiled what I think is one of the best and most straightforward tools you will ever be given. I wish I had been given this amazing opportunity for such a low price when I was at the beginning of my journey. I'm elated to share my knowledge and experience that has helped me to be one of the highest earners in the world. Are you ready to get started? Let's do it!  

Who is the target audience?
  • This course is for anyone who wants to be Financially Free. I teach people around the world and if you will take action and be purposeful with your money, you will get the same results as the highest paid investors on the planet.
  • The Any Man/Woman. I save people thousands of dollars in taxes, fees, and penalties
  • You are a WRECK financially. It's OK! You have to start somewhere. I can help!
  • Seasoned Investors can still learn from my experience. Retiring at 36 gives me a unique perspective on the subject.
  • Anyone looking to monetize their talents and start a small business
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Curriculum For This Course
32 Lectures
1 Lecture 03:41

A little introduction to me as your teacher.

Preview 03:41
Introduction- What's your financial situation?
5 Lectures 06:05

I encourage you to watch all the videos in this section even if it doesn't apply to your situation. 

Preview 00:12

You are financially in high debt, bad credit, and low income.

Preview 01:01

You have a decent income and are paying all your bills.

Preview 02:41

You are debt free and are ready to start investing.

Preview 00:53

10 Lectures 41:55

Intro to the budgeting section

Preview 03:16

Things you need to cut out of your budget. 

Needs vs Wants- Cutting out things you don't need

Your written budget

Budgeting 101 A Written Plan Part 1

A written plan part 2

Budgeting 101 A Written Plan Part 2

$1,000 in savings you only use for emergencies 

Establishing an Emergency Fund

Paying your debt off as fast as possible while still meeting your monthly obligations. 

Attacking your Debt!

6 months of income saved for emergencies 

Fully Fund Your Emergency Fund

Please keep in mind I am an investor and I'm telling you how things have been successful for me as I understand them. I am a former financial adviser and I will say from personal experience, don't let someone else tell you where to put your hard earned money. Make sure you understand how investments are taxed and what the fees are. A previous track record DOES NOT predict what will happen in the future. Also be mindful of who you take your advice from. I was able to retire at age 36. It may do you good to speak to someone in your life who you know is already successful and ask them what they did to be successful. It has been my experience that successful people are some of the most generous when it comes to sharing knowledge about their finances. 

Fully Fund Your Retirement Accounts

In this section I didn't bother listing all the different types of savings plans. A quick Google search will show you College savings plans, 529 plans, scholarships, and student loans. All of these are ways to pay for college. I focused my video time on the one that I think is the best for the most amount of the population which is to pay as you go or choose a craft, technical college, or apprenticeship of some kind. 

College Fund- If you have kids or family members you want to help

There are conflicting opinions about this subject so do your homework.

Pay off your Home
4 Lectures 24:17

There are lots of investments but if you don't know what you are doing you can lose it all. 

What's a good investment? What should I invest in?

Your returns can be negated if you don't understand fees and inflation.

Hidden Fees and Inflation

A wise man calculates the cost before he builds a building.

Evaluating Risk

Owning your own business is your best chance at prosperity. 

Businesses you run or are part owner
1 Lecture 12:35

This subject is ever changing so stay on top of the latest tax info

Tax Evasion vs Tax Avoidance
How to Make Money
9 Lectures 38:38

If you would like to know about me personally and how I found my purpose, I have just written my latest book called "The Business of Christianity: The life of a Christian Businessman" You can find it for digital download or paperback on 

What is your purpose?

Identify your Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats

SWOT Analysis

If you know more about yourself you will be a better business person

Identify your Personality Type

Much of this will continued to be ironed out as you complete the course, but know that your learning never ends. Most people will change careers throughout their lives. Death, divorce, kids, marriage, more money, natural disaster are all reasons why you may change what you do. Successful people never stop learning and since the rules to the came constantly change you must change with it. Look at companies like Sears. For the last 80 years they have been the go to box store before there even was such a thing, however they were not able to make enough changes to the way they did business to keep up and other companies surpassed them. Sears have had to close stores, lay off employees, and restructure many times over the last few years.  I would encourage you to Fail Forward. What I mean is don't look at a business or idea you have as a failure. Let it have a life and death of it's own and move on. Learn from it and do better the next time. I have started many businesses that for a time produced me great returns, however when a new technology or law is passed that no longer makes that business profitable, move on to something that is profitable. Many people that do not expand their skill sets get stuck in one job. By specializing they can potentially make higher returns, but they also open themselves up to being ousted out of any given market. Remember to be honest with your numbers and know your cost. It should come down to an easy equation. COST + Profit= Price. If you can no longer make the profit you have chosen, you may need to rethink your service or item. 

Also Here's a chapter from my first book, "30 Jobs in 30 Days" available on Amazon. 

Chapter 2

Lawn Service

Idea #1 Lawn Service (since this is partially how i made my living and helped put myself through college)

A motivated individual can easily make $75,000 per year by himself with just one setup. NO? you say....ok I started with a weed eater, push mower, rake, and broom and put them in the back of my 1984 Honda Accord. I’m pretty sure you can do this!

Simple math....We will do this for every goal we set.

“If you fail to plan you plan to fail!”

#1 Set your Annual Gross Income Goal =$30,000+ (Gross income is all monies received before any expenses have been deducted)

#2 Set the time frame- Is your business seasonal or all year long? You need to know this because the more you make the more important your time will be.

Example 1

If you set your goal to make $30,000 per year and you want to have 2 weeks’ vacation for Thanksgiving and Christmas, your goal would break down like this.

$30,000/ 50 weeks (52 weeks in a year –2 weeks for vacation) = $600 per week

$600/ 5 day work week = $120 per day

$120/ 8 hours = /8 = $15 per hour

Therefore if you can average $15 per hour, 5 days a week, for 50 weeks, you will make $30,000. Remember I want you to be successful so please review your goals day by day, week by week. BE AGGRESSIVE!

Now all of this is scalable, meaning you can change numbers to suit what you are doing, for Example.

Example 2

What if you were able to work 6 days a week using all the same numbers.

$30,000/ 50 weeks (52 weeks in a year –2 weeks for vacation) = $600 per week

$600/6 days= $100 per day

$100/8 hours = $12.50 per hour

Therefore if you can average $12.50 per hour, 6 days a week, for 50 weeks, you will make $30,000.

Example 3

Let’s go with another thought this time. If you are like me you are saying, “Man! That’s a lot of hours! I’m trying to work less not more. Show me how to do that!” Gladly!

What if we increased your pay to $20 per hour? Are you worth $20 per hour? $30? $40, $100? My friend Gary Dubose always tells me, “If you don’t value yourself neither will anyone else. KNOW your value!” Keeping in mind the more you learn, the better you are, the more you can have confidence to charge more for your time. There are lots of ways to add value to yourself.

“Know Your Value”

Don’t get confused here; I’m going to change up the math a bit. Just a little bit of algebra.

$30,000/ 50 weeks (52 weeks in a year –2 weeks for vacation) = $600 per week

$600/$20 per hour = 30 hours

Therefore, If I Increase the amount of money I charge per hour I will have to do less hours per week to reach my goal.

In this example by increasing your hourly rate to $20 per hour you reduced your weekly work load by 10 hours. Pretty good, right? Now, I know we haven’t gotten into any accounting but I promise, we will.

There are lots of things to do when running a business, especially the larger you get, but for now let’s take it easy. I love and embrace the KISS method. KEEP IT SIMPLE STUPID!

Example 4

Let’s say your proposed business is seasonal like a lawn service. In central Alabama the grass cutting season runs from about March to October. November –February is just picking up leaves and maybe doing some firewood or odd jobs, but the bulk of your work is in that 8-9 months. So let’s adjust our goal.

$30,000/245 days (365 days in a year- 120 days= 245 days) =$122.45 per day

Therefore, if your business only runs 245 days per year, you will need to gross $122.45 per day to reach your goal of $30,000 per year.

You getting it yet? I hope so!

What if I don’t want to work 245 days in a row? Your example didn’t give me the weekends off. You’re right! Let’s show that now.

Example 5

245 days/7 days= 35 weeks

$30,000/35 weeks=  $857.14

$857.14/ 5 days=  $171.43

Therefore, if you are going to work a seasonal job, you may have to work more hours or make more per hour in order to reach your goal since you have shorten the amount of time you have to reach the goal. If you had 50#s to lose in a year you could go slow, but if you said I need to do that in a few months you would have to lose a lot more per day, right?

Let’s break down some grass cutting numbers.

How much would you pay to have someone cut your grass? You would expect perhaps for them to bag the grass clippings or mulch them, weed eat, edge your driveway, curbing and sidewalks. This is one of the best ways to learn to price things.


This is something people get wrong CONSTANTLY!

They know what they charge for an item or a service but they have no idea what their product or service really costs them.

Ask yourself, how could you with any confidence run your business efficiently and profitably without knowing what it costs you to do your business.

We talk about this more later. Back to cutting grass. For the time being to keep things simple, let’s base our price on what we think we would pay to have our own grass mowed. Another great way to find out what the going rate is ask your neighbor what they pay. Put the question out on social media.

We will talk about social media later as well. Lastly, you can call other lawn services in the phone book and ask them for an itemized estimate.

All of these are ways to get your initial prices set. Let’s assume the going rate is low at $40 per hour.

$30,000/$40 per yard (average an hour per yard)= 750 cuts

Let’s use the 9 month window of opportunity here and say

750 cuts/35 weeks= 21.43 yards per week.

21.43 yards per week/ 5 days= 4.3 per day

Therefore, if you cut an average of 4.3 yards per day at $40 per cut for 9 months out of the year you will make $30,000 per year.

Now I want to point something out.

Just think for a second... Is it realistic to think that you could push mow 4 yards a day. Sure it is! In fact, the average yard should only take you an hour. So we are saying you CAN take all day if you like, but you could do them back to back in just 4 hours.

What if you had a court or row of town houses? Not that hard to imagine right?

So just imagine if you worked 4 hard back breaking hours from 8am-12pm and then had every afternoon to do whatever you wanted to do? You had your weekends free. You are now your own boss and only working half days, 9 months out of the year, with your weekends off! How cool is that? Now when I was in college I would make on average $1,000 per week just working 2 days. I purchased a commercial mower which allowed me to work much faster. I would go to class Monday-Thursday and then Friday cut 10 yards and Saturday cut another 10 yards each for $50. $50x20= $1,000.

This made the prospect of working for the man in that rat race 40+ hours a week a terrible prospect for me.

Do I offer a Service or an Item?

Are you serving others?

Are you helping people? Filling a need?

If you are going to be in business you will be sued at some point.

What about liability?

It doesn't matter what you gross, it matters what you net. 

Gross vs Net -Are you profitable?

Please watch the videos provided to help point you in the right direction.

Start Your Own Business

You must be able to capitalize on opportunity to be successful. 

Be ready for opportunity
2 Lectures 18:18

This is the best part!


This is the only way to maintain your giving.

Purposeful Capitalism
About the Instructor
Matthew Morrow
3.3 Average rating
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Investor at Udemy

Today I'm a successful business man with thirty years of experience in a multitude of disciplines, however it took a while to get here. Here's a little bit about my background. 

I was raised in catering family. My mom and grandmother owned the largest off premise catering service in central Alabama. My work career started at about age six. We grew up in the work, around the work, and part of the work. Working in my families catering business seemed as natural to me then as business does today. My grandmother would tell us she would "pad our pocket" or "give us a Yankee Dime" if we would help her take out the trash or help her do this or that. (Yankee Dimes were kisses by the way) My family believed in earning your way and if you wanted to have something you could work hard and pay for it. By the time I was twelve I was working every day after school and on weekends. This was actual manual labor right along side the adults. We did everything from pulling weeds, cutting grass, washing dishes, loading and unloading vans, helping with cooking, deliveries, stocking, shopping, and taste testing. Anything and everything conceivable in a small business family run business I was subject to. 

I went on to get my accredited business degree from Auburn University at Montgomery and then come home to help manage the family business. I learned a lot of valuable lessons during this time. 

Including:  1. I didn't know everything. 2. Change comes hard to a business that's been doing things a certain way for 40 years. 3. This was not my passion in life

After much prayer speaking with friends, family, and people I respected it was obvious by my high energy and salesman personality that I needed to be in sales. I didn't however want to sell things without value. I joined Sun America Securities an AIG Company as a Registered Rep in 2001 right before 9/11. I received my Series 7 & 63 Licenses that allowed me to sell almost all of the financial products from individual stocks, money market, IRA's, 401k's, ROTH's, Education IRA's, Annuities etc... I also soon became a licensed Insurance Broker in seven states selling mainly Life Insurance products like Cancer, Life, Medicare Supplement plans, Long Term Care, and Disability. A newly licensed agent selling investment products during and following 9/11 was beyond challenging, but I was successful. I learned how to be more efficient and had a relentless determination to succeed.  

I stopped giving my financial advice and started taking it. I realized that I was able to produce much higher returns for myself than most of the stock market in Real Estate and other business ventures. Within six years of this change I had created enough passive income streams to retire. This has freed me to pursue even greater goals.I own multiple units of real estate both residential and commercial and own multiple businesses. I now am blessed to teach here on Udemy and other social media outlets as well as having one on one Mentorship Students that I help grow successful. It is a wonderful life and I hope you will learn as much as I can teach through this platform.