How to Act Like A Child of God
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How to Act Like A Child of God

Learn the ways, thoughts, and perspective, to live, grow and act like a Child of God, becoming alive with awareness.
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Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
5 students enrolled
Created by Sam Gill
Last updated 10/2015
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What Will I Learn?
  • Learn how to transform your mind, and begin to live in a place where you are close to God.
  • You will learn about many topics, which will set your mind free, and allow to take-in a deeper understanding of life.
  • You will find a greater meaning and purpose to your own life through the process taught in this course.
  • You will discover who you are, and thus the destiny of your life.
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  • It helps to have an open mind.

This course teaches you how to think, and grow into an awareness of yourself, and the relationships that surround you. In this course you work on your inner self, to produce an inner and outer change.

This course will give you the insight, information, and practical application, so that you can effectively transform into life, where you have a close awareness of, and relationship with God.

When I grew up, I had a close relationship with God, and I understood how that felt, but everyone around me did not have that. I felt when I was very young, that I was the odd one out, and began to conform to those around me. When I did, I lost the closeness of that relationship with God, and when I realized this years later, I sought to seek it out again. This course is explains, through a refined process of how you can connect with God, based on what I learned about reconnecting with God, and how to get that confidence to walk as a child of God, and where the source of that confidence can come from.

In this course you will learn how my thinking changed, and how you can change and transform your thinking, to get past religion, culture, and man-made laws, to find beneath that a real, and true connection with God.

This is a process, and journey, and a change within yourself. This is not meant to be done in a day, or a week, you may have to go through this course over and over, each time transforming yourself, a little bit at a time. You may take the course and have a small effect, or a large effect, it is most important for you to decide what effect it will have on you before you begin, so that you are prepared for what will come of it.

There are many truths that are in this course, they will lead you, and in your deepest part of your heart, you will know that they are true. Some parts of this course, as it was for me, I had to take a step back for months, as I asked God if that was really true, and if that was how I needed to believe or think. Some lessons may be like that for you. One such lesson in this course took me 6 months to process and go through. Other lessons take weeks, days or hours to learn and apply them.

My hope is, that you find what you are looking for in this course, and that you are encourage, and comforted beyond belief, in a multitude of ways, and that you are blessed and changed in a way, that no other course or process in your life might affect you. I want you to know, that I sank my whole effect, mind, body and soul into preparing, and delivering this course, with all of my love for you, and the hope of bring an abundance of good into your life, through the material covered in this course.

For me this is a life's work, for you may it make your life work better, more harmoniously, and more in depth, as you pursue a deeper and stronger connection with God.



Who is the target audience?
  • Those feeling alone should take the course.
  • Those feeling that God is far away should take the course.
  • Those feeling frustrated by prayer, should take the course.
  • Those feeling like outcasts in their walk, who are looking for encouragement, should take the course.
  • Those who desire to walk closely with God should take the course.
  • Those looking for ways to find connection to God should take this course.
  • Those who feel defeated in life, should take this course.
  • This course is not for those who are hung up on ritualistic man-made, spiritual and/or religious laws.
  • This course is not for increasing outward spiritual appearance, it is for increasing internal spiritual awareness.
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Curriculum For This Course
35 Lectures
1 Lecture 01:24

This course is not only about how to act like a child of God, but also why you should, and why you can be a child of God. Learning the right mindset is key to changing how you live. Knowing how to think, changes your actions, behaviors, attitudes and outlook on life. This course is about how to transform and change your life, forever.

Preview 01:24
A Look at Praying
3 Lectures 32:03

This is a starting or morning prayer, which can be useful in removing many stumbling blocks that are faced each day.

A Starting Prayer

Here we examine the morning prayer and look at each part of it to understand how it can affect your life.

Examine the Morning Prayer

Here we take a look at the benefits of prayer, and the main purposes of prayer.

What You Get Out of Prayer

Quiz for Praying.

Prayer Quiz
3 questions
Reasons Why You Are a Child of God
6 Lectures 01:25:14

To act like a child of God defines that you are easily used by God. We will look at some ways that you can accomplish this.

Preview 14:43

The Bible gives us many verses to strengthen our belief about being a child of God. Here you will learn about your role in being able to access a relationship with God.

Sprit of Adoption

Here we will see that Kinship is a gift, and what benefits that entitles you to. We will also look at how to think, and transform yourself as a believer, understanding this principle more fully.

Gift of Kinship

There are many analogies about death and life, and you will learn two very important truths, as they relate to your physical and spiritual life.

From Death to Life

This is a fundamental look at God's design, versus the human approach. One example is the "name it, claim it" approach, which is more along wishful thinking, than God's design.

Prepared for Desire

It is easy to get hung up on being worth it, or do I deserve to call myself a child of God, or have access to God's power. This lesson addresses these kinds of issues, and helps you to move beyond those hang ups.

Past Deserve to Be

Quiz 2
4 questions
Learning to Grow
6 Lectures 01:31:06

In being a Child of God, you need to make choices, and those choices influence what you are able to do, and how fast you may be able to do it. This is a look at what you need to focus on in your walk to grow closer to God.

Willingness to Be A Child

While the term "seeking" has been popularized in many forms, this lesson helps you to learn very biblical ways to seek out and grow your relationship with God.

Seek It Out

Growing closer with God, requires that your spirit is grown and nourished as well. This is a bold look at some of the spiritual growing that may need to happen in your life.

Spiritual Dimension

Reading books can leap your knowledge forward, and sometimes can keep you from having to make the mistakes of others. Some times we are ignorant of what we are not ready for. This lesson addresses some of the issues faced, when reading books, and the pitfalls of not reading books.

Reading Books

In this lesson, I talk about my famous back burner method for seeking, and show you how to apply it to your life. This works for pondering, and meditating on the scriptures. This technique is very effective, and the application is simple and easy to understand.

Preview 19:56

You will learn about how to recognize growth in your life, and look at some ways in which you might experience growth. You will also being to see how growth will have a positive effect on your life.

How to Grow
Relational Mindsets
4 Lectures 54:26

You will start to understand the differences between the perfectness of God, and the imperfectness of human parents, and your imperfection as well. You will start to see a new way to relate to God.

Parent to Child Model

You will look the other way, and see new ways to grow in what plans God has for your life. By understanding your relationship to God, you can more fully ask and receive gifts, talents and abilities in your life.

Child to Parent Model

You will learn about the concept of a familiar relationship, about learning to know God, as a friend, as a counselor, as a guide.

Familiar Relationship

You will learn about motive, and discovering your motive, and what are good and right motives, and what motives can cause you to stumble, or hinder your growth.

The Right Motive

Some common, misconceptions, and stereotypes, bring about these questions.

Quiz 3
3 questions
Self Change: Resolving Inner Conflict
7 Lectures 02:02:04

God is patient with you, you must also be willing to be patient with yourself. Many things take a long time. A journey is not short, but long. In this lesson, you will see some examples of how God can take you on a journey.


You will learn about character and how that will help to build your faith, giving you confidence in being a child of God.


In this lesson, you will learn the source of power and how it is attained. Once you know this, you will understand the attributes and features of that power which you have to work with.

Whose Power

It is hard to learn to be selfless. You will learn to recognize selflessness and why it is a prime trait for acting like a child of God.

The Selfless Struggle

Learn to be a part of a team, and how you might need to change to be more team-friendly.

The Power of a Team

Learn about your heart, and deal with its effects on you life, and how it can positively affect your life. Understand the component of the heart, what it adds to your life.

Heart Line

Learn how to get the mind and the heart to agree, and be in harmony, and understand how to recognize when they are not in harmony.

Mind Line

A look at some of the truths we forget often.

Quiz 4
5 questions
Life Application
8 Lectures 02:16:04

Many times God works in ways which do not fit our minds comprehension, so we are led to believe that God is not working in, nor is He answering our prayers. In this story, there is an illustration of this, to help you see the angles in which God can work in.

The Angles God Works In

Learn how to harness the power of creativity in and through your life.


Learn how to see possibility, to strength and expand your hope, to hold steadfast, and persist in those things which are godly.


Hear some real life examples of how possibility and God work in everyday life, so that you can help open your mind to where God can, and will work.

How I Got Out of Debt

Learn about the pitfall of ego, and how to get around it, how to watch out for it, and how to deal with it. Also explore some more possibility and outlooks that are available to you.

Preview 19:43

Learn about God's heart for others, the changes that may need to come to your heart, and how to remove obstruction and obstacles, that can get in the way, for where God plans to use you.

Willingness to be Openminded

Learn about a solid line of thinking, that will help you to look to overcome and triumph in every situation, rather than to feel like you fail at things constantly.

Can Not Fail

Learn about your desire, and how that affects your destiny. Learn where to look for confidence, and put many of the lessons in this course into practical application. Change your life, and set a new course in this final lesson.

Destiny and Desire

The final quiz, and the end of this course.

Quiz 5
6 questions
About the Instructor
Sam Gill
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Instructor, Sr. Consultant, Executive Director, Producer

I have been making music, since 1992. I have 3 labels, and 2 bands. I have programmed and written over 800 sequences, and when I have time, write about 80-100 songs a year. At one point I owned 19 keyboard synths, and 20+ synth rack modules. I used to record and arrange on a setup that consisted of a 24 channel Soundcraft, with 3 DA-88's and a Roland MC-50Mk2. I came to Logic and Apple in 2007, and picked up Ableton Live in 2009. I sold most of my hardware, and bought in to soft-synths, after I sampled my most used sounds, and was able to reliably use those. I continue to write to this day, and keep learning new techniques, and new ways to improve my music. Now that I have amassed such knowledge, I have found the joy of sharing what I know with others who can benefit from my years of experience.

Beside music, I have worked with electronics since 1990, and have built, repaired and fixed many things along the way. I got really sucked into electronics, when my synth passion ignited, and I found out that they need to be repaired frequently. I started repairing synths as early as 1998, learning about the ins and outs of the electronics that they were founded on.

I took an interest in programming keyboards, with my first programmable keyboard, which was a Kawai K11, which I bought in 1992. I did not know it then, but programming a keyboard, and programming a computer, are not very far off.

In 1994, I bought my one and only sequencer, a Roland MC50-Mk2, which I have to this day, and it writes in DD floppy drives. I have a collection of DD drives, since they are not easily found today. I composed over 800 sequences on that sequencer over a 10 year period. I learned how to arrange, and that arrangement method was directly transferrable to Ableton Live.

Since 1984 I also been an avid Photographer, and have invested in cameras, lenses, video equipment, and other sorts of gear, to not only share what I know, but how I think. Over time I have also developed a deeper spiritual sense, that has come to offer comfort, to those I hold dear, and has helped me to achieve peace within myself. I have published my photography works, and use my photography skills for a number of different uses. I also will have courses on photography and video techniques, to share, ones that I have learned over the years.

In 2007, I began to build up my contemplative skills, and began to think more about the world, and who I was. In 2011, I was forced to speed up this process, and went through a number of breakthroughs, and revelations. In 2013, and into 2014, I experienced spiritual awakening, in new and different ways, and had a lot of my beliefs turned upside down, or replaced, or expanded. As you may have guessed, I have now a lot to talk about on this issue, and I will be making courses for self-development, and personal development, along with helping you to understand some of the things that you may be going through, and how to cope or grow beyond them. Hope is always possible, in all situations, and a better outcome can always be pursued.

If you have a course that you would like me to teach, just send me a note, and I will add it to my list. I am always looking to help others, and mentor people, as I have the time. I hope that I have been able to help you, and grow your skills and talents, as you look for ways to express them.

I hope you enjoy watching and learning from these courses, as much as I enjoy teaching them. Be well, and take care my friend.