How to Achieve High Energy, Happiness and Success in Life

87 year young Kawena shares with you her secrets to high energy, passion and enthusiasm
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About This Course

Published 4/2016 English

Course Description

Course Description

This is a practical course on how to create your own happiness.

 At 87 years young, Kawena will teach you how to tap into the incredible power of the Breath to raise you own level of energy. She will guide you to be the best person you possibly can be and enjoy every moment of it.

Realize what magnificent potential is locked deep inside

Kawena’s happiness and enthusiasm have never been stronger and she is healthier and has much more energy than at middle age and you can too.

Breathing is absolutely the most important thing you will ever do in your life. Quality Breathing plus a happy outlook can make life extremely exciting! Oxygen is the magic medicine that activates and re-energises every cell, nerve ending and chakra in the body. It also revitalises our natural chemicals and immune system. It gives us the power to focus more clearly. So it makes sense to value it and learn the deep breathing techniques.

You will learn 3 different quality breathing techniques plus there is a Bonus Meditation at the end.

We have to think something, so we need to think the best we possibly can. You will experience and realise the power of your thoughts and begin to retrain your brain with empowering affirmations.

Each lecture is a short video between 3-7 minutes, including a 15 minute guided meditation. There is also additional guidance in each lecture that you can download and print to put up on your wall or in your office to help retrain your brain to achieve your goals 

Each lecture will inspire and motivate you as you do the exercises together with Kawena, drawing on her 87 years of experience.


To truly make changes you need to be open to new ideas, be willing to participate in all the activities in each lecture, be open to success, health and happiness in your daily life and have fun enjoying Kawena’s high energy guidance.


Content and Overview

This course is very practical with 24 lectures and 2.0 hours of video content. Additional guidance/handouts are in the resource section of each lecture. Together with Kawena you will practise and learn powerful breathing techniques which will boost your energy level and vitality.

Empowering affirmations will change the focus of your thinking as you develop a more healthy attitude toward life. You will discover your personal value and self worth plus gain confidence and motivation to achieve your goals.


Kawena’s enthusiasm and outlook on life is contagious and you will be inspired to have a clearer purpose in your life as the steps to creating your dream are outlined.

Trusting your intuition is an important part of our life as it is where ideas and inner guidance comes from. Intuition is explained so you understand yourself and learn to trust your intuition to guide your life direction.

Quality Breathing and Meditation are the two most powerful investments of your time to (1) cope with stressful situations and (2) increase your health and wellbeing, enthusiasm and happiness. There is a 15 minute Guided Meditation included in Section 6 for you to use every day to reduce stress and tension and become more creative and aware. The goal is for you to take responsibility for your own happiness and live enthusiastically with high vitality every day.

This course will benefit everyone who wants more happiness in their life. If you are looking for greater inner strength and confidence, wanting high energy and excellent health, looking for tools to handle tough times then this course is for you.

If your life is spiralling out of control or you are successful but feel bored and have lost your passion, this course is for you.

Kawena has been teaching this course in seminars for over 20 years and is excited to bring her vast knowledge to this Udemy course. Author of the book “Happiness is Just a Breath Away”, Motivational Speaker, Personal Mentor and in 2013 was inducted to the International Psychic Hall of Fame for her many years of contribution to mentoring and guiding others.

What are the requirements?

  • Be open to new ideas
  • Be open to success, health and happiness in abundance
  • Be prepared to have fun and enjoy 87 year young Kawena's guidance

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Develop Powerful Breathing techniques
  • Be motivated by empowering affirmations
  • Change the focus of your thinking
  • Discover your personal value and self worth
  • Develop a healthy attitude to life
  • Gain confidence and motivation to achieve your goals
  • Take responsibility enthusiastically for your own happiness
  • Increase your Intuitive Awareness to guide your life direction

Who is the target audience?

  • This course is for everyone who wants more happiness and vitality in their life
  • If you feel your life is spiralling out of control. this course is for you
  • If you are successful but feel bored and you have lost your passion, this course is for you
  • If you are looking for good health and inner strength, this course is for you
  • This course is for students who want to build self confidence and self esteem
  • This course is for students who want tools to handle tough times.
  • If you are 100% happy, enthusiastic, full of energy with the purpose, direction and success of your life, this course is NOT for you

What you get with this course?

Not for you? No problem.
30 day money back guarantee.

Forever yours.
Lifetime access.

Learn on the go.
Desktop, iOS and Android.

Get rewarded.
Certificate of completion.


Section 1: Section 1: Happiness Introduction

You will understand that quality breathing, the power of the mind and that retraining your brain is the key to increased energy, healing the body, a clear mind and happiness.


There is Personal Success and Business Success

What determines your success?

At the end of the lecture you will understand success and be well on the way to greater success in your own life.

Section 2: Breathing Happiness into Your Life
This lecture is an introduction to the powerful breathwork to be covered in detail in the next 3 lectures. Oxygen truly is the magic medicine that re-energizes and re-vitalises our body and our mind.
Belly breathing, also called abdominal breathing, oxygenizes the whole body from top to toe

In this lecture you will learn the simple, powerfulful technique and your life will never be the same again.

You will be amazed how you feel and how much more energy you have.


Learning to throat breathe is especially beneficial if you have ear, nose or throat trouble.

Throat breathing helps draw away inflammation from the head that may be building up.

In this lecture you will learn to throat breath, a powerful self healing technique.


This Silent Body Breathing technique is extremely calming and great for settling the body and the mind in preparation for meditation.

In this lecture you will learn this calming breathing technique and powerfully feel the difference to use in your daily life.

Section 3: Breathing Health and Vitality into Your Life

Everything we think, say or do absolutely relies on our quality of breathing.

We are even specially constructed to connect and heal ourselves.

In this lecture you will retrain your brain to understand your relationship to your body in a new way for better health and wellbeing.

We don't realize what power we have deep down inside

We don't realize what absolutely wonderful potential each and every one of us has stored deep down inside our true essence.

In this lecture you will learn to be the co-creator with your life and powerful daily affirmations you can use.

Section 4: Focus Your Thinking

In this lecture you will say powerful self respect affirmations and notice how different you feel when you say these words to yourself. When you bring this into your daily life with quality breathing, you will boost your self esteem through the roof!


In this lecture you will retrain your brain for self confidence. Powerful daily affirmations and greater self appreciation will boost your self confidence.


In this lecture you will learn to rise above stressful situations and be in control. Quality breathing is the key to high energy and success.


In giving the body more oxygen you are giving it the power to heal, energize and repair itself. You are now actively retraining your brain to rise above all difficulties with the tools you have learned so far in this course.

Section 5: Enthusiasm, Motivation and High Energy

In this lecture you will practice with new tools to uncover your passion and begin taking steps to create the success you want in your life, driven by your passion.


It is important to open up to enjoy and appreciate the energy of fun in your life. In this lecture you will create more fun and happiness in your life


You will be inspired and encourage to begin your dream. You will write down and take the first steps toward achieving and living your dream - whatever your dream is for you.


We can manifest ABUNDANCE in many things, such as,Good health, Wealth, Wisdom, Love, Friends, Knowledge etc. In this lecture you will begin to make your own Vision Board to help bring your dreams to reality.

Section 6: Finding your Intuitive Awareness

In this lecture you will learn to trust your gut feeling, that small voice inside, the hunch. Quality Breathing and Meditation are also very useful to grow your intuition.


In this lecture the benefits of a simple daily meditation are discussed. Meditation is being not doing. You will experience peace of mind in this meditation.


This is an audio lecture. Play the mp3 in the Resource section for Kawena's Guided Meditation. You will experience a very peaceful and relaxed state as Kawena guides you.

Section 7: Success, Health and Happiness in your Daily Life

This lecture retrains your brain to understand more about giving and sharing. It is the secret to success and abundance.


In this lecture you will learn the attitude you need to have to make an abundance of money. There are lessons to be learned when the principles in this lecture are not adhered to. I share my vast wisdom on this subject.


In this lecture you will experience the power of feeling calm within and the gift of peace as you embrace the flow of loving energy in your life.


This lecture is a summary of the key principles covered in this Udemy Course.

Quality breathing, a positive mindset are the starting point to Retrain your Brain. 

You will know how to create your own success, health and happiness.


Listen to this simple guided Meditation for another style of breathing. This meditation will leave you feeling energised and with renewed energy.

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Instructor Biography

Hi, I am Kawena (Gwen Gordon)

I live on the Gold Coast, Queensland Australia. I feel very privileged at my age (87 years young) to feel as well & active as I do. I credit this to being a great believer in the Power of the Breath & the Power of the Mind.

My happiness and enthusiasm have never been stronger & I find my work extremely exciting & rewarding. I am also healthier & have much more energy than at middle age. I love Mentoring and Professional Speaking to guide & inspire others.

I’m very passionate about Quality Breathing & love to teach that most of all. I am very proud to have become an Author at 80 years young of “Happiness Is Just a Breath Away ~ How to Achieve High energy, Confidence and Vitality”

In 2013 I was inducted into the Australian (now International) Psychics Association Hall of Fame in recognition of my many years of guiding and inspiring others on their journey.

I have produced three Meditation CD’s

All three include an introduction & guided Meditations. They are created to help others empower themselves and are very easy to follow especially for the beginner.

“Meditation Made Easy”

“The Art of Breathing Made Easy”

“Meditation Made Easy For Children”

Private Mentoring sessions

Kawena provides mentoring, guidance and inspiration with her high vitality and love for life.

You will learn and master power breathing techniques, learn to expand your energy levels and build confidence. Kawena’s mentoring sessions are personally tailored to guide and help you understand your personal journey and purpose in life. You will find yourself inspired and self empowered.

Kawena personally tailors each session and encourages her clients to be passionate, highly energised and fully motivated as they manifest and follow their own amazing dreams as they truly find their self respect and self empowerment.

Professional Inspirational Speaker

Kawena excels at and loves being a professional inspirational speaker sharing her experience, wisdom and enthusiasm for life.

My greatest joy in life is helping people understand what wonderful potential lies in each and every one of us ~ with Just One Breath.

Kawena has recently been appointed as the Gold Coast Representative for The Lung Foundation of Australia to promote and educate on the health benefits of Quality Breathing.

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