Master Online Dating and Attract Women within 2 Months
3.8 (6 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
1,522 students enrolled
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Master Online Dating and Attract Women within 2 Months

Learn how to Attract and Date Hot Women on Facebook by using Prescripted Lines! Real Conversation Examples Inside!
3.8 (6 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
1,522 students enrolled
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What Will I Learn?
  • Learn what makes and breaks a High Value facebook profile
  • How to craft an opening message that improves the odds of her replying to you
  • How to root out fake profiles
  • Get women to become attracted to you
  • How to tell if she is interested in you
  • Use conversation examples as a guide to conversing with women
  • Role play and tease women the right way
  • Create Rapport with the girl you talking to
  • Compliment her the right way and at the right time
  • Get her on a Date with you
  • Get her to Kiss you once you have done the necessary groundwork
  • Make her feel Special
  • Arouse her through text
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  • Internet connection
  • PC or Laptop
  • A belief that dating beautiful women is possible

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It is a logical fact, that men who are have control over their dating life are happier. You can make life much more fulfilling and satisfying, just by knowing that you have the ability to attract beautiful women into your life. This course aims to overcome this challenge that many men face, by introducing an set of strategies that are trial-and-tested to bring you success with women, from the comfort of your own home.

Master the Art of Attraction and Online Pickup.

  • Copy-&-Paste, playful and flirty conversation starters to get her reply to you.
  • After she is hooked, learn how to continue the conversation and intrigue her.
  • How to get her from online to meeting up for a date and make her like you even more.
  • Kiss closing strategies that remove all risk of failure.

Learn to Attract Women by Example (Trial and Tested Scripts)

Knowing how to attract women at will, will not only make you happier and a more confident person, but will also help you to choose you go on multiple dates, increase your social circle, get invited to parties and help you select your life partner(s).

At the end of your training you will not only be dating more women a week than you have in a year, you’ll also have the real world experience, confidence and intuition to succeed in any social interaction going forward.

Contents and Overview

This course is a step-by-step guide for beginners on how to go from meeting girls on facebook to dating the girl or girls you think best suits you.

There are lots of concepts that I discuss in this course such as beefing up your profile to demonstrating higher value, opening flirty and playful messages, how to continue the conversation once the girl replies as well as how to get her number for the meet up. You will get included my many (top secret) actual, unedited conversational thread examples that you can copy-and-paste based on what level of the conversation you're at with the girl/s.

At the point which you and her have a good connection, I show you how to get her number so you can call her as well set up the first date. I provide almost a whole section on how to speak to her on the phone so you create a good first impression.

What to do when you first meet up with her, whether she has brought her friends with or not. When the time is right, I show you how to see if she is ready to be kissed and how to go about kissing her, using the kiss test.

When you’re done with this course, you’ll have the skills, knowledge and first hand experience open any girl on facebook and never run out of things to say, as well as to get her feeling attracted to you. You'll feel so powerful being able to attract women without even leaving your chair.

> These Strategies and underlying principles will work for any online dating or social networking sites such as facebook, tinder, okcupid, match dot com etc.

Note: This is a risk free purchase with Udemy’s 30 day money back guarantee. Just imagine what life would be like if within 30 days you had the confidence, skills and guts to attract girls that you desire.

This course will also increase $10 every month due to preserving these technique to the few who take action. So it is best get this course while the price is still low.


Who is the target audience?
  • This course is meant for students who will take action.
  • This course is for students who are struggling with attracting women or who are new to the dating scene
  • This course is meant for students who are willing to take the time and effort to practice the techniques I present in this course
  • This course is not for students who want to get their ex girlfriend back
  • This course is not meant for students, looking for a quick fix or magic bullet for attracting women
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Curriculum For This Course
55 Lectures
Introduction to Facebook Dating
7 Lectures 14:18

Basic Introduction to me and the course

Preview 04:10

Before you embark on this course

Technology has changed the world in many ways. When it comes to dating, many people have moved from traditional methods of pickup to browsing the web for potential lovers. Online dating sites have been rapidly growing over the past 10 years. The only problem with online dating sites, is that there are too many of them which makes it harder to find someone in a particular community. Facebook on the other, is not officially a dating site, most would consider it one in disguise. Facebook in my opinion has the largest and most centralized database of women compared to dedicated online dating sites. Almost everyone you may know would be linked to this database so it would ultimately be the best hunting ground for you.

Preview 01:10

You wake up everyday, wondering where and when will you meet that dream girl or when last did you have a little fun, now and then. So you decide to get a few willing buddies to come with you to the club, you pay between $20-$50 on entrance as well as another $10-$50 on drinks. The usual scenario for those with not much experience in pickup, is that by time you arrive at the club you're already scoping out the place for all the hot babes. After a couple of drinks you muster the courage to get onto the dance floor and get as close as possible to your target, just so you can try and talk her. But then you realise that she's with some friends or a guy who might be her boyfriend and then suddenly you filled with doubt of whether to continue with the approach or not. At the end of the night, you might have been able talked to at least one chick who either was A) very hot but not very interested in you or B) okay looking but you were not interested in her. Now I am not shutting down clubs and bars as the worst place to meet women. It can be a great place to meet them. It just requires a great deal of experience in the field and a level of skill which could take months up to years of practise. For most people, they may not have such time, money and guts to go out every odd night. This makes traditional pickup ineffective for the conservative type.

On the other hand, if you make use of one the most famous social networking sites on the planet, you could not only increase your chances of talking to hot woman but also increase the number of dates you go on, compared to traditional methods. Also being online means you can speak to multiple woman at once in the comfort of your own home.

Preview 04:47

Lets see if you understand the premise of this course

Using Facebook for Dating
2 questions

That being said you need a method that will get you pass the Hook Point,which is basically the point during an interaction when a woman decides she is interested enough in you to continue interacting. The method I present to you, in this book, is similar to tradition pickup where you would use pre-scripted lines to get the interaction going but after you've conversed with at least ten to twenty girls, you will start to build up the necessary pattern and intuition to continue the conversation without the use of these lines. However unlike traditional pickup, speaking to 10 girls online is 1000 times more easier and quicker than 10 girls in a club, assuming there are that many hotties that night.

In this book, I present the 5 steps to having success with woman on facebook which are:

1. Creating an alpha-male profile.

2. Crafting the Opening message that intrigues her.

3. How to Transition from the opening message to the general conversation - (Passing the Hook Point).

4. How to go for the meet up and land a date.

5. Get her aroused by turning the conversation sexual.

I have structured the content so you will be able to learn the theory and thereafter read through the many real-life, unedited conversation examples that I provide. Each chapter builds up on the next, so it would be ideal to read the chapters sequentially. But not to worry, the information is short and to the point for those who don't have the time to read 100-200 pages before getting to the actual useful content. You don't have to be rich and famous, all you need is your laptop and a belief that dating hot women is very possible and easy for any guy. This book will help you out-gun the competition and make you stand out as an attractive alpha-male that women want.

Preview 03:14

Here is what to expect in this facebook dating course.

Preview 1 page

Section 1 Slides

Preview 6 pages
The Alpha Male Profile
8 Lectures 25:50

The first thing any girl would see on your facebook when you message her, is your profile picture. This is critical because the purpose of your profile pictures, are to convey a message. What is this message you may ask? Well it is essentially to demonstrate higher value (DHV) or to display an alpha-male status. Before we look at examples of Alpha-male profile pics, lets first take a look at examples of pictures you may want to remove from your profile.

See the attached resource ebook, which is the book we wrote and which this course is based on. You can follow along in the ebook.

Preview 00:51

What not to do

1. Resist any pics that has weird poses-like duck face or pics that scream "wierdo" . Girls don't respond to these types of photos, especially if you are alone in the picture. Ask a close female friend, sister or cousin to help you select and delete the pictures of you that look weird. After that, don't let her interfere with your profile.

2. Do not try to show off - This involves taking shirtless pictures to show off that well defined six pack or big gun biceps. This include a pictures of you in your car. It is a huge cry for attention and it is generic. Also do not try looking like a bad ass either. Over confidence can often be a way to hide insecurities and women can pick up on these easily.

3. Smiling at the camera with you alone in the picture - This is one of the most common pictures out there. Girls are looking for guys that are unique and fun, so try and avoid this one unless if its a professional good looking photo-shoot pic.

4. Low quality pictures - You don't want to look like a creep lurking in the pixelated darkness, unless you playing laser quest. Now a days, most cell phones have a 5 megapixels or more with a flash, so you have no excuse for taking those poor quality pictures. If girls can't see you, then they most likely will press the next button or get fed up and leave your profile.

5. Pictures not of you - Do not by all means put up pictures of your favourite movie poster, or music artist or anything that doesn't include you.

Preview 02:37

Now that you know what not to do, lets take a look at what makes an extraordinary profile pic, that will grab the attention of the females you seek:

Section 2.3 What to Do Immediately

Lets see if you understand what make or breaks a High Value Profile Pic.

The Profile Pic
5 questions

Now almost all profiles include the new time-line interface, which has a large canvas right on top of the profile, called the cover pic. You can take advantage of this by following the rules I mentioned above for the Alpha Profile Pic. Since you only have one pic, choose the one that best portrays your life in a fun and adventurous way. It can be one with you and a bunch of friends (girls and guys, or just girls). My favourite is having a cover picture doing some activity that looks fun doing it. The reaction you want from the girl checking out your profile is, "I want to do that!" or "Aww, that looks like so much of fun" or even "I want to be there". If you travel a lot, then make the cover pic, a picture of you next to famous monument or landmark.

Preview 4 pages

Now before I tell you what to write in the 'About Me' section, take a look at it and copy and paste it in a word document. I want you to review it according to the following check-list:

• Is there grammar or spelling mistakes?

• Is it simple to read?

• Is it funny and cocky?

• Does this section create higher value for you?

• If you were a girl, would you want to get to know you better after you read it?

• Is there enough information to intrigue?

• Does it display standards?

These are just some of the important questions to ask yourself when reading through this section. So lets go into factors that contribute to an intriguing 'about me' section:

Section 2.5 The About Me Section

I hope by know by now, what the content in the 'about me' section should portray. If you said, to demonstrate higher value (the right way), then you would be correct! So how do we demonstrate alpha status or higher value? Well, it can be done by using the following tools:

• Humour and Wit,

• Your Adventurous lifestyle,

• Standards.

This will help give more body to your profile as well.

Section 2.6 Content

Status updates should display the same three traits that we discussed for the about me section which are:

1. Humour or Wit/ Charming or Playful

2. Your adventurous lifestyle, and

3. Standards

When you invite a girl on facebook, some of your status updates may appear on her home page news feed. If she reads your status and laughs, smiles or becomes intrigued then she would look forward to your more of your charming personality and may even open you with a message or comment.

Section 2.7 Status Updates which Demonstrate Higher Value

Section 2 Slides

Section 2 Slides
17 pages
Creating the Opening Message
12 Lectures 29:08
Important Note before Embarking on Section 3
1 page

So now that you've adjusted your profile, you can go ahead with crafting an opening message that should get her talking to you. Remember that it is critical to set up your profile first before attempting the tips I present in this chapter otherwise you will not be able to intrigue women enough to want to reply to you. So before you can send the opener, you will need to go on a Facebook inviting spree.

Section 3.0 Creating the Opening Message (Introduction)

Facebook is not as easy as My-Space to find the type of women that you want. But none-the-less we can still use the existing tools to browse facebook and invite girls. So first step is to search your local networks such as:

• University groups,

• Community groups,

• Friends of friends,

• Suggested friends, and

• Work groups. My favourite is local university groups as they have the largest concentration of young females if that's what you are into. Friends of friends are the next best choice. Having mutual friends helps in a way that makes you not look like a total stranger. Also having many mutual friends makes it harder for her to query her one or two friend/s as to who the hell you are.Youcansearchforlocalcommunitygroups such as local malls, local activities, recreation, gyms and music. I like community groups because you can find girls with similar interests to you. The friend suggestion box is also a good way to find women. Work groups I least recommend because if you mess it up with that hottie at your office, it could have consequences for your career. .

So once you've identified which group you'd like to find women, you can proceed with inviting all the women that peak your interest. On some occasions facebook might give you a warning that you are inviting too many people. Don't worry about this, if it happens, just come back the next day and start inviting again. You should spend at least 2 weeks building up a database of potentially datable women

Preview 02:03

Sometimes you will come across a fake profile. Here are some identifier questions to ask yourself when picking out a fake profiles:

  1. Does she have over 4000 friends?
  2. Does she have very few profile picture?
  3. Does she have pictures of a celebrity or inconsistent pictures of her?
  4. Is her information section blank or sarcastic?
  5. Is her information hidden or private?

If you answered yes to more than 2 of these question then chances are that you have encountered a fake profile. Don't waste your time on these.

Section 3.2 Fake Profiles - And How to Spot Them

One thing you should understand is that picking up girls is a numbers game. Some of the technique I present may not work on a particular women. This could be because of reasons such as her:

  1. Mood - Sometimes a girl may not be in the right mood to reply to your uniquely crafted message. She could just be having a bad day from work, family or even PMS. Depending which mood she is in, she will either not reply or give you a negative reply. If there's no reply, just send another opener, a month or two later. Chances are that she'll reply based on your persistence.
  2. Relationship Status - She could be heavily in love with her boyfriend, so she may get pissed off as a result of you hitting on her. Personally I would not recommend hitting on girls in relationship because I believe in Karma and also because there are potentially hundreds of better looking single women that you can date with less effort and guilt.
  3. Attitude - She could be a feminazi. You want to avoid this type of woman.
  4. Method of Screening - At times,a girl can give a negative or neutral response as way of screening out the strong from the weak. This is totally natural as she would want to select a guy that will not succumb to her every request or being put her on a pedestal, like almost every guy would. You can easily separate this type of woman from the feminazi based on how negative the reply is.

Even though pick-up is a numbers game, the techniques I shall teach you about will elevate you above the competition and give you the edge with getting dates. I even provide in-field conversation examples that can guide you along the way. Keep in mind that you should never get discouraged if a particular girl attacks, insults or ridicules you. She does not know you on a personal level to judge what kind of person you are. So if it happens and if you get that bad gut feeling, then just brush it off and move on to the next chick. Once you have enough practice opening and chatting to girls, you will develop a natural way of talking to them with an improved success rate.

Section 3.3 Numbers Game

Im going to keep this short and simple. Do not put her up on a pedestal in the opening messages. Try and avoid direct openers such as,

1. "I think you're beautiful"

2. "Hey Sexy"

3. "You must be one of the most gorgeous women I have ever seen, lets chat"

4. Are you single?

5. So what do you do?(Indirect Opener but comes of as unoriginal and generic)

Direct openers may work well in tradition pickup but not so well in online pick up, since women get bombarded with messages like that on a daily basis. There are strategic times and a places to compliment a girl, so be patient. Also do not open with an interview mode question or ask her consecutive questions

Section 3.4.1 Crafting the Opening Message - What not to do

The aim of the opening message is begin the conversation and get passed the hook point while also getting her intrigued. You need to get passed her bitch shields if she has any and then when the conversation starts to flow naturally, then you have reached the hook point.

I will present some of the openers that I have used with success and which I have obtained from online forums. If you ever run short on ideas or if you want to try something new, then check out the various pick-up artist forums on the net. What you wont find on the forums however, which I cover in this book, is full conversation examples of how to approach the conversation. I have had numerous conversations with women online with great success which I shall share with you in just a moment. Note that every conversation will be different due to the human condition, however they all follow a general pattern. So lets present some of the openers:

Section 3.4.2 The Opener

Conversation Example 1 - See an Example of how real dating conversations transition. See how the girl starts to become attracted.

Preview 03:16

Conversation Example 3

Section 3.4.2 Conversation Example 3

Lets sum up the points mentioned in this chapter:

• Invite as many cute and sexy girls as you can. Invite and open the average ones to practise on

• Prepare your opener while your database grows and screen for fake profiles.

• Don't get discouraged from negative replies,just move onto the next chick if you feel you can't turn the conversation around.

• Keep the opener fun and flirty.

• Reciprocate your messages according to her response, this includes the length and emotional investment. • Have fun and remember practise makes perfect.

Section 3.5 Summary

Test your knowledge

Section 3 Quiz
5 questions

Section 3 Slides

Section 3 Slides
17 pages
Attraction Through Conversation
11 Lectures 28:28

So now that you got the conversation started, we then need to focus on getting it going. At this point you should be sending out 10 openers a day. With the chicks that responded, you should be able to pass the hook point with the guide from the conversation examples that I have provided. If you are not getting sufficient responses or too many negative replies then try to re-evaluate your profile or calibrate your opener to be slightly more subtle. Try various openers from forums. After you have calibrated your conversation starters and have gotten pass the hook point where conversation starts to flow then you can start using the tools presented in this chapter to continue the conversation and keep things interesting.

To continue the conversation while keeping her intrigued, you can use the conversation attraction tools that I present in this Section.This section is structured so that you can read the theory and see how it works with a conversation example.

Section 4.0 Attraction Through Conversation Introduction

As you know by now, you can create attraction by using role playing. The reason why it works, is because normally girls are use to average guys sending them boring messages which don't really go anywhere. Role playing is a way that brings out a women's inner child and sparks her imagination in a fun and playful way. It also builds a bond, since you guys are not behaving like strangers anymore.

There are various role playing scenarios that you can use such as:

  • Wife and Husband
  • Ex-wife and ex-husband
  • Princess and prince
  • King and queen
  • Boyfriend, girlfriend
  • Boss and Sexy PA
  • Teacher and Student
  • Robbing a bank and she's your partner in crime.
  • Movie or series characters
  • Cartoon characters
Section 4.1 Role Playing while also Flirting with her.

Conversation Example 4

Section 4.1 Conversation Example 4

During the conversation you will need to put the role playing on pause and transition into generalise conversation. This is important as it allows her to get to know you better and build a connection with the real you. Just don't go into interview mode where you ask too many questions consecutively. I normally start asking general openended questions to get to know her better

Section 4.2 Getting to Know Each Other (The Right Way)

Conversation Example 5

Section 4.2.4 Conversation Example 5

Pet names build rapport quickly and makes you go from a stranger she just met to an fantasy partner. Depending on what the role play theme is call her one of the following:

  • Wifey or ex wifey
  • My Student
  • My princess
  • Movie/TV series character
  • Sugar momma (if she's older than you)
  • Lil girl (if she's younger than you by more than 2 years)
Preview 00:50

I am sure at some point in the conversation, she will just not reply, even though the previous conversation went really well. This is because she is either busy or got caught up in something else. At this point she is interested in you but she is not sure whether if you are just a cool acquaintance or someone worth investing in, such as good friend bordering on potential lover.So it is your job to re-spark this interest. I normally wait between 2-5 days before returning a funny and playful message that will remind her of how much fun she had talking to me the last time. You can use any of the following techniques whenever you want to restart the conversation.

Section 4.4 Restarting the Conversation

One thing should you should understand about role playing and other attraction building tools is that they should be used in moderation each time. So do not spend your entire conversation in role play or in banter or in jokes etc. as women can get bored really quickly. You would want to transition between each of these techniques to maintain the attraction. Intuition is the best way to tell when is a good time to transition. If the conversation is going good then change the topic or open up an additional conversation thread. If she is taking too long or not responding at all then use the restarting the conversation technique and transition into another topic.

Section 4.5 Transitioning the Conversation

Complimenting her is what makes her think of you as a potential lover as opposed to a good friend. The only rule is to complement her after:

1. the conversation is going well,

2. connecting with her on a deeper level,

3. the length of her replies are more or less paragraph length.

4. you're gut feeling tells you that she seems interested in you.

You can however get away with a light compliments as italicized in conversation example 5. There is an art to complimenting her. You should not solely compliment her on her looks as this makes her think that you just talking to her to get with her (which you are, but let that be our secret ;)). You should on the other hand compliment her based on her:

• Ambition

• Passion for her career,

• Kind and caring heart,

• Being cute, in personality and looks,

• Having good taste.

Preview 02:28

Lets sum up the points mentioned in this chapter:

  • Try and role play in the beginning if possible. If she doesn't want to for some reason, move on to the next attraction tool.
  • Ask a few general questions after you have passed the hook point to get to know her.
  • Once the conversation is flowing, ask some rapport questions.
  • If she doesn't reply, wait 2 to 5 days then use the conversation restart method in this chapter.
  • Compliment her on both her looks and personality, at the right time
  • Practice makes perfect. The more girls you talk to, the better and more natural you become at chatting to them.
  • Have fun and enjoy the conversation.
Section 4.7 Summary

Section 4 Slides

Section 4 Slides
23 pages
Getting the Date
10 Lectures 29:39

By now you should be having a good connection with the girl/s you are chatting to. You can tell this by how easily the conversation is flowing. If you find her showing interest in you or if she is investing a lot in the conversation, then you can start preparing to get her on a date with you.

Section 5.0 Getting the Date without Rejection

There are certain things you need to do before she can trust you enough or invest her time and money to go out and meet you. Lets first look at detailed indicators of interest to gauge if she's ready for the meeting:

1. She is investing a lot in the conversation.

2. She takes interest in your hobbies or talents.

3. She often reopens the conversation after you put it on hold.

4. She uses a lot of smilies.

5. She calls you pet names (Be careful with this one; women can sometimes give fake indicators of interest by calling you cutie, babe, darling, hun. This could be because she is a social butterfly).

6. She laughs at your jokes.

7. She misses you or misses talking to you.

8. Her replies are consistent and regular.

Section 5.1 Indicators of Interest - How to tell if she is interested in you?

In traditional pick-up you needed to get her number to do all of the ground work that we already covered in the facebook pick-up. Her giving you her (correct) number is another indicator of interest, meaning that she is willing to continue the conversation possibly on the phone and eventually in person. The purpose of getting her number is so you can reach her off-line (off facebook) and to phone her.

Preview 02:27

In traditional pick-up you needed to get her number to do all of the ground work that we already covered in the facebook pick-up. Her giving you her (correct) number is another indicator of interest,meaning that she is willing to continue the conversation possibly on the phone and eventually in person. The purpose of getting her number is so you can reach her off-line (off facebook) and to phone her.

Preview 03:46

It is important to call her before meeting up with her and also it is more personal when you speak to someone. It can also makes her feel safe when she can associate the FB conversation to your voice. These conversational tips I present in this book can be applied to meeting up in person.

You can call her randomly after she has shown you a great deal of interest as mentioned in section 5.1 and obviously obtaining her number. It is important that you do not tell her that you are going to call her, as this makes both of you nervous and sets up some unnecessary expectations. I usually like to call her while we are having a conversation on IM at night, because if she is clearly available to text you then most likely she has time to talk to you over the phones.

Some of you, reading this book may become nervous over the phone when speaking to girls and this is totally natural. The reason most guys get nervous over the phone is because they don't know what to say. Once you start talking like how you do over facebook, then the conversation will flow and the nervousness shall melt away.

Section 5.4 Guide for Speaking to Her on the Phone

If you called her for the second or third call and got the date, then keep the conversation going for a little while. Don't end the phone call straight after the deal is sealed, otherwise she will suspect ulterior motives. The same goes for the text. Make general conversation and go with the flow.

In the case where she declined the date or flakes, then remember, its nothing personal. Her not hanging out with you is her loss not yours (Since you have hundreds of cute potentials that can hang out with you). If she is interested in you, she will make a counter offer if she cannot make it on a particular day. If she doesn't, then give her a last shot then move on

Section 5.4 Got the Date? Now What?

First impressions are lasting impressions so you have to make them count. When you meet her within the first few moments, it is imperative that you do no introduce yourself. DO NOT SAY "Hi im Tim...". This kills the fun and playful vibe and makes things awkward. It is also harder and more awkward to change vibes once you've set the boring vibe. To set a good impression, you should greet her with a smile and hug and tease her with a pet name or crazy nickname that you previously gave her.

  • Hello my Student, ready for another lesson, by the way so nice to teach you in person.
  • Hey dance queen, how you doing, ready to rip this club apart!
  • My evil Sidekick, so nice to see you in person. It'll be much easier for us to take over the world like this.

Also remember to dress smart, comb your hair and wear some cologne.

Section 5.5.1 - 5.5.4 Meeting Up with her and Create a Great First Impression

If all goes well and you are holding her hands, then well done, you can proceed to the kiss test. Make sure before you go for the kiss test, that you are in an isolated or quiet place. Some girls tend to be self conscious and are afraid to look like a slut in public places. Kissing her in a secluded part of a nightclubs is also fine. The kiss test is shown in this video

Section 5.5.5 The Kiss Test - Getting her to Kiss You

So hopefully you are getting somewhere and taking your game from online to reality. Lets look back at some of the major points covered:

  • Get the number.
  • Call her and get to know but don't ask her out on the first call
  • Suggest hanging out or to go for an activity that you both enjoy
  • Prepare some rapport question before hand.
  • Meet up and try and isolate her that same evening.
  • Use the statement of interest to gauge if she feels the same about you
  • Use the kiss test to see if she is ready to be kissed.
Section 5.6 Summary

Slides Section 5

Section 5 Slides
29 pages
6 Lectures 15:15

Hopefully by now you would have already be on dates with a few girls. Using the information mentioned in this book, you would have been able to open conversations with many hot and cute girls as well as take some of them on dates. At some stage in the relationship you would like to take the conversation to a sexual level with her. This chapter will help you to take your relationship further by turning the conversation sexual.

Section 6.0 Arousal - How to arouse her over text

Before going sexual, its nice to throw in some words to make her feel special. The reason is to make conservative girls feel safe and comfortable opening up to you about her sexuality. Use the section particularly if you can see yourself dating her in the long term. If you don't, then you might want to skip this section as it might set the wrong expectations for the girl.

So you can use this routine before or after you meet in person and also if there is an emotional connection between you and her. I used cold reading in the following conversation example to "read her mind" and guess something personal that she wants".

Section 6.1 Making Her Feel Special

If you want to seduce your new lover or sexy close friend, you may want to start a sexy conversation. Sexual conversation is not as easy as saying "I want you now sexy,... come on f**k me right now. A line like this, where you do not hide any of the meaning, loses its sensual appeal and breaks the sexual tension. Most girl love to build up to sex instead of going straight into sex. That is why we start of with foreplay. The same goes for texting, you need to gradually create the anticipation of sex.

Section 6.2 Talking Sexual and Sexting

You can initiate the sexual conversation by using role playing. Make sure she is comfortable with you before using this technique. It's best to use it once you have established physical contact and once you have kissed her. It is possible to do it before kissing but you have to really know if she is ready to have a sexual conversation.

You can gauge whether she is ready to start talking dirty. These conversation starters are sexual innuendos that make her imagination run on the wild side. They are subtle but naughty, so have fun with them:

1. Its so cold here under the blanket. Oh wait.. gimme a second, lemme put on some clothes.

2. I'm just laying on my bed, dunno what to do. Hey let's play Simon Says

3. Oh, hey, sorry for the late reply, may hands were just a bit busy, but they took a time out to message you.

4. What are you wearing?

5. So what would you do if I had to grab you close to me and kiss you right now.

Section 6.3 Initiating Sexual Conversation and Sexting Examples

Congratulations on finishing this course. I hope that you will use this knowledge to satisfy your alpha-male desire to have choice with women. Remember to keep practising and chat to as many women as you can to get good at facebook pickup. If you are having trouble in a particular area you can contact me through Udemy discussion Area

Even if you picked up one useful tip from this course, I would have accomplished my goal of helping guys like me who want to be good with women and get this part of their lives sorted. I look forward to your feedback Udemy discussion area. Take care and happy hunting.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me in the discussion area of this course.

Section 6.4 Summary and Conclusion

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