How to Use Natural Home Remedies for your Dog Cat Pet & You
4.6 (15 ratings)
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How to Use Natural Home Remedies for your Dog Cat Pet & You

Avoid Toxic Drugs. Ease your mind. The secrets to Prevent & Treat Disease from a Natural Health Expert Veterinarian
4.6 (15 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
138 students enrolled
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What Will I Learn?
  • Are you using steroids to control your pet's itchy skin, do you know how toxic they are?
  • Are you tired of expensive Veterinary bills for your animals?
  • Do you want to avoid toxic drugs for your animal companion?
  • Are you tired of continuing health problems for your pet?
  • Do you want to know how to make your pet's health better?
  • Do you want a solution to the health problem rather than repeated medications and ongoing Vet visits?
  • Do you want a solution your pet's health problem?
  • Does your pet have repeated medications and Vet visits?
  • Do you want to learn to use Natural Home Remedies?
  • Are you confused about all the conflicting health information for pets?
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  • No experience or knowledge needed
  • Desire to learn
  • Love of animals
  • Desire to avoid toxic medications for their pet

Remember the last time you rushed your pet to the Emergency hospital, worried about them the entire trip, only to find out nothing was wrong and be left with an expensive bill?

Remember the last time your pet was throwing up all night and there was nothing you could do because your local Vet clinic was closed?  You were awake all night, watching your pet with fear and concern and not knowing what to do to help them?

Or that time you were hiking with your dog and he sprained his leg, and you struggled to carry him back to your car and then had to frantically drive around looking for a Vet?  

What if you had known what to do so there was no need to rush them to the Emergency hospital? 

What if you had been able to cure your dog's vomiting and could have gone peacefully back to sleep?

What if you had been able to fix your dog's sprain and he was able to walk back to the car on his own?

Let me teach you how.

As a Natural Health Expert for animals and people, I help people and their animals have more confidence in their body's ability to heal itself, find healthy solutions for themselves and connect with their own wisdom. 

But what I am really passionate about is helping people get control of their own health and the health of their animals.

I am a Holistic and Natural Veterinarian with over 22 years experience, and my expertise is keeping animals (and humans) healthy using Natural remedies, Natural medicine and Holistic medicine, including Homeopathic remedies, Herbs, Home Remedies and Natural supplements.

The benefits of Holistic Remedies and Natural Medicine is that they are gentle, non-toxic and safe. They improve the general health of the patient.

Learn how to use these Natural Holistic Remedies and Home Remedies for your entire family, cats, dogs, animals (and people too!).  Improve the overall health of your animal friend so that toxic drugs and repeated Vet visits are not needed.  

I will teach you how to use Natural Remedies for your common problems in your pets so you can avoid the toxic side effects of conventional drugs/medications.

I am one of a few Veterinarians in North America who is also certified as a Classical Homeopath with the CHC, Council for Homeopathic Certification, which means I am trained to treat people as well as animals. This extra knowledge allows me to teach you how to use Natural remedies even better.

Learn how to keep your dog, cat, and other pets, healthy by using Natural medicine and Natural remedies. You do not need any experience, just an interest in learning.  You will begin to learn how to use this valuable method of Natural Remedies for healing, for your whole family, both animals and people, and feel confident in doing the best for your family.  This will allow you to avoid many toxic drugs and medications.

What my students are saying about this course:

1) "I enjoyed this course, good basic information on this wonderful healing modality. I even learned how to properly dispense the little pellets from the tube! Used to just pull out the dispenser with a fork...

Since having Dr. Rehanni use homeopathy on me and my family-animal and human-I`ve seen wonderful results. This course teaches you to be aware of safe, effective solutions you can use for common issues."

2) "Great Success!!

Dr Rehanni (the
instructor) does a great job simplifying homeopathy, why it is important
and how it works! This course is easy to understand, follow and is
very informative! I have used well over half of the remedies she talks
about either on myself, my kids or my pets and have had great success! I
would highly recommend this course to anyone, the remedies and things
that are discusses would be help to anyone and their pets.

Thank you Dr Rehanni for sharing you knowledge with us!"

3) "Great Course! I feel Empowered!

Thank you Dr. Khaseipoul for a great course on natural medicine for not only my pets, but my family too. You have a wonderful knowledge of homeopathy which you shared clearly. You helped me 'catch the vision' of how it could more fully help my family of humans and pets. I have some of the items you recommended in my home already and will add the others to my homeopathic first aid kit. The best thing is, that they won't sit on the shelf any longer, as I feel empowered to use them. I love that I can continue to refer back to the course for review as often as I want. Thanks so much!"


About this course:

  • Full, free lifetime access to this online course, any time of day or night (24/7)
  • Learn at your own pace, in the comfort of your home
  • Unconditional Udemy 30 day money-back guarantee


  1. Keep your dog, cat and other pets healthy using Natural herbs & Holistic Natural remedies like Homeopathy, and household products like Epsom salts and tea!
  2. Treat simple conditions at home using these Natural, gentle, non-toxic and safe Home Remedies
  3. Learn Natural Home Remedies as alternatives to drugs and medications, because drugs/medications can have negative side effects for your pet’s health
  4. Learn how to detoxify your pet from previous drugs and medications that were used in the past
  5. Save $ money on Veterinary bills
  6. Feel confident learning about your pet's health from a reliable source, an experienced Veterinarian and Homeopathic practitioner whose passion is Natural health for pets and people.
  7. Retain this knowledge & information for the life of your pet (and yourself!)
  8. Use these skills and tips to improve your health (and your human family) too!
  9. Topics we will cover include:
  • How to treat cuts/abrasions/hot spots Naturally using Home Remedies
  • How to treat sprains, strains or injuries to joints/muscles/tendons Naturally using Home Remedies
  • How to treat simple infections Naturally with Home Remedies
  • How to treat anxiety with Natural Remedies 
  • How to deworm your pet Naturally without harsh chemicals with Home Remedies
  • How to Heal the liver Naturally with Home Remedies 
  • How to treat diarrhea and vomiting Naturally at Home using Home Remedies
  • How to treat bug bites and allergic reactions using Natural Remedies

After doing this course, you will begin to have your own foundation of Natural care for your pets and family, whether dog, cat, rabbit, horse or human!

You will feel confident in keeping your pet healthy using Natural Home remedies.

I have put a lot of time and thought into this course, I know you will learn how to use Natural Home Remedies including Herbs, Homeopathy and Home Remedies, to improve the health of your family, both animal and human.  


Dr. Rehanni Khaseipoul, Veterinarian

Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, CCH, RCSHom

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Who is the target audience?
  • People who want the best health for their animal friend
  • People who are tired of using toxic drugs on their pets
  • People who want to make their pets more healthy
  • People who want solutions for their pet's health issues
  • Anyone who wants to learn Natural Home Remedies
  • People who want to avoid steroids for their pets
Curriculum For This Course
19 Lectures
What you will learn about Natural Medicine for animals and yourself!
2 Lectures 08:27

An important comment about the common sense approach to this course

What do When Your Dog or Cat Has Food Poisoning or Gastrointestinal Upsets!
1 Lecture 09:14

What to do if your dog or cat has diarrhea, home remedies for diarrhea, home remedies for vomiting 

How to Treat Tummy Upsets in Your Dog or Cat
How to Get the Most Benefit Out of Using Natural Remedies
2 Lectures 11:39

Why is Dr. Rehanni an expert in Holistic Medicine?

Dr. Rehanni Khaseipoul, My Credentials- Why Am I An Expert?

What is the Difference Between Conventional (Allopathic) Medicine and Holistic/Natural medicine?

What is Homeopathy?

How does Homeopathy Work?

What is Natural Medicine? How to Use Natural Remedies for Your Dog or Cat
The Best Tips of Using Homeopathy for Your Dog or Cat
2 Lectures 01:07

Basics Of Using Homeopathy

The Secrets of Using Homeopathy for Natural Health
1 page

Get the most out of this course!

How To Study This Course & Get The Most out of It
How to Treat Cuts & Wounds in Your Dog or Cat Using Natural Remedies
2 Lectures 10:07

How to Treat Cuts Naturally

How to Treat Burns Naturally

How to Treat Infections Naturally

Preview 10:07

How to treat cuts and wounds with a natural herb

instructions for using Hypericum/Calendula mother tincture
1 page
Sprains and strains. What Do You Do When Rover Hurts Himself on a Hike?
2 Lectures 10:10

Treat Sprains or Strains Naturally

Especially helpful if you are not close to medical care, or on a walk/hike and your or your pet gets injured. The remedies will allow the patient to get back to the car with less pain and less damage. Homeopathic remedies are small and can accompany you where ever you go.

Preview 09:28

What do Homeopathic Potencies mean? 

What Potency of Homeopathic Remedy to Use?

What do Homeopathic Potencies Mean?
How to treat simple infections with home remedies
1 Lecture 05:57

Treat Eye Infections Naturally Using Home Remedies 

Treat Skin Infections Naturally 

Treat Burns Naturally

How to treat Simple Infections including eye infections, body infections
Quiver, bark, to treat an anxious pet with natural remedies
2 Lectures 05:04

Natural Remedies to Reduce Anxiety for your Dog Cat 

Natural Ways to Decrease Stress for your Pet

How to treat Anxiety in dogs Naturally

Other helpful hints to keeping an anxious pet less stressed

Natural Remedies for Treating Anxiety in Dogs & Cats
Parasites, yuck! How to get rid of parasites naturally without toxic chemicals
1 Lecture 05:36

Stop Fleas naturally

Get rid of worms naturally

How to get rid of parasites naturally
How to Detox Your Cat or Dog's Liver...How to Do it Naturally
1 Lecture 07:07

Natural Ways to Heal the Liver

Herbs for Liver Health

How to heal the Liver Naturally
3 More Sections
About the Instructor
Dr. Rehanni Khaseipoul, DVM, CCH, RCSHom
4.2 Average rating
32 Reviews
297 Students
3 Courses
Veterinarian, Natural Health Expert, Certified Homeopath

Natural Health (Holistic) Expert and Veterinarian: Dr. Rehanni Khaseipoul

As a Natural Health Expert for animals and people, I help people and their animals have more confidence in their body's ability to heal itself, find healthy solutions for themselves and connect with their own wisdom. 

But what I am really passionate about is helping people get control of their own health and the health of their animals.  

I have loved animals since I was a child and always wanted to be an 'animal doctor'.   My dream came true when I graduated with my Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine from the Western College of Veterinary Medicine (University of Saskatchewan (Canada)) in 1994.  After graduation, I worked in an emergency veterinary Hospital and then opened my own Veterinary Hospital in 1997. However, after many years of practice, I was discouraged with the results obtained with conventional/allopathic medicine in the treatment of chronic diseases. I found that many diseases required life-long treatment with medications and many of those medications had harmful side effects on the animal's long-term health.   I wondered if there was a way to treat the whole body, and support the body's ability to heal itself.  It was then that I discovered Homeopathic Medicine.

I completed a program in Classical Homeopathic Medicine from 2005-2010  at the Vancouver Homeopathic Academy. I have been practicing Holistic Veterinary medicine since 2005.   I am passionate about Natural healing for pets and their people. I also discuss the use of nutrition, supplements, strengthening the immune system, and behaviour therapy.  

Homeopathy is a very old system of Medicine. It was discovered in the 1800s  by Sameul Hanhemann, a German Medical doctor.  Homeopathy treats the whole being; mind, body and emotions because everything is inter-connected. Homeopathy works to rebalance the “Vital Force”, or inner energy (also known as Chi or Prana), that exists in all living beings.  Disease results when this Inner Energy is out of balance.  

An imbalance causing disease or illness can be on the emotional, mental or physical level because everything in the body is interconnected.  Re-balancing the Vital energy of the patient allows the patient to heal completely. (This is contrary to Conventional medicine, which focuses on covering up the symptoms of disease with medications, but does not address why the disease began in the first place. This causes the original imbalance to persist causing further disease, as well as damage from side effect of medications). Homeopathy is safe, gentle and works by stimulating the body's own power of healing.

Homeopathic remedies are perfect for times such as hiking, camping or travelling, when medical care is not immediately available. It can literally mean the difference between life and death for your pet.

I am a Veterinarian and also a CCH, Certified Classical Homeopath (Council of Homeopathic Certification (North America)) and a registered Homeopath with the Canadian Society of Homeopaths (CSH).   In my experience, homeopathic medicine can be an effective method of maintaining health, as well as treating disease. I have studied with many great Homeopathic practitioners including Murray Feldman, Dinesh Chauhan, Richard Pitcarin, Laurie Dayck, and Sunil Anand. In December 2012, I travelled to Mumbai India to work with a Dr. Dinesh Chauhan at his clinic in Mumbai.  

I regularly attend educational Homeopathic seminars including the American Academy Veterinary Homeopathy. I am also a member of the American Academy of Veterinary Homeopathy (AVH), the AHVMA (American Holistic Veterinary Medical Associaton), the Canadian Society of Homeopaths. Due to my training, I am qualified to treat both pets and people with Homeopathy, and have my CCH, Certified Classical Homeopath credential through the North American Council for Homeopathic Certification

I am Certified as a Veterinarian by the Canadian Veterinary Medical Association and the College of Veterinarians of BC.