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How I Make Sales Using Hypnosis

This is a top secret sales training program to help the learner excel in making sale after sale, effortlessly.
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945 students enrolled
Created by Bryan Westra
Last updated 5/2015
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  • 1 Article
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In this course you'll discover, learn, and memorize:

  • How to sell using a proven sales model.
  • How to hypnotize yourself so you improve yourself to where you need to be.
  • How to communicate hypnotically so you can impress the people you're speaking with.
  • How to reduce resistance in every sales call situation you find yourself in.
  • How to suspend doubt and disbelief instantly so you immediately gain the trust and faith of your potential customer.
  • How to use perceptual predicates to paint picture stories that sell ideas to your potential customer.
  • How to tell hypnotic stories that captivate your potential customer while helping them draw insights on their own and associate positive feelings around your product, service, and yourself.
  • How to inspire interest which transfers quickly into a desire for your product, which then short-cuts to your potential customer taking automatic action to get your product.
  • How to close sales naturally without offending or making anyone to feel uncomfortable.
  • How to apply The Hypnotic Memory Method so you can quickly commit anything to memory whilst at the same time committing it indirectly to memory for your potential customer as well; making you and your product unforgettable.
  • How to sell any idea with four magic words, only.
  • How to always know what to say and when to say it and never be at a loss for words during a sales call ever again.
  • How to model one of the greatest hypnotists of all times so you can communicate as hypnotically as he did.
  • How to build solid relationships with your customers and ensure that you maximize the customer lifetime value (CLV) so you profit more.

And much much much much more!

Materials Provided:

9+ Hours of Video Lecture

Hours of Audio Lecture

Article Lessons

Access to an exhaustive online textbook you can access anytime.

54 hypnotic language patterns

A Milton Model cheat-sheet

Ongoing instructor support

Ongoing future resources

Who this course is for:

This course if for the sales professional or anyone wanting to enter into the professional world of selling with the intention of being successful. Success is defined in this course as someone wanting to be in the elite 1%ER category of top sales professionals on a sales force.

Who this course is not for:

People in other outside professions who have no intention of selling or negotiating or being better communicators in general.

Why take this course:

Take this course if you want to be number one on your sales force, want to love selling products and services to others, and want to communicate hypnotically whilst you experience self-hypnosis intentionally so you can achieve excellence in your life.

Who is the target audience?
  • Take this course if you want to improve your sales closing ratios
  • Don't take this course if you have no interest in selling, persuading, influencing, or hypnosis
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What Will I Learn?
MAKE more sales
IMPROVE communication
BUILD long term relationships with customers
View Curriculum
  • You need to know this is a long course that will take you several days to get through entirely, as there are practice exercises and homework that will need to be done.
Curriculum For This Course
Expand All 58 Lectures Collapse All 58 Lectures 09:02:20
Course Overview (Please Start Here)
1 Lecture 15:50

Gain insights into how this course developed from an idea into a reality.

Preview 15:50
4 Lectures 51:55

This lecture discusses why hypnosis is a useful tool for making sales.

Why Hypnosis?

In this lecture we'll be covering the essence of hypnosis, i.e. what it is, and more specifically what you need to grasp before achieving hypnosis.

What You Should Know About Hypnosis?

Learn the four step hypnosis protocol

The Hypnotic Process

Learn how learning is mastered at the unconscious level

The Conscious Unconscious Learning Model
The Sales Process
9 Lectures 43:33

Get a general overview of the sales process

An Introduction To Selling

Learn why the sales process is effective

Proof The Sales Process Is Effective

Enjoy a story on the sales process

Hypnotic Story On Sales Process

Learn about the attributes, advantages, and benefits of utilizing the sales process

Why You Should Learn The Sales Process

The ingredients you need to properly apply this model to your sales calls

What You Need To Know About The Sales Process

Learn the sequential steps necessary to sell anything

The Sales Process Explained In Detail Step-By-Step

Travel outside the box to innovate the sales process

How Else The Sales Process Can Be Learnt And Applied More Effectively

Learn from other student's questions and the answers I give

FAQs About The Sale's Process

Take some immediate action to help you properly master the sales process

Sales Process Action Steps
Self-Hypnosis Applied To Selling
7 Lectures 36:23

Gain some insights into self-hypnosis

Self-Hypnosis Overview

Learn what you need to know first before applying self-hypnosis

What is Self-Hypnosis?

Learn the benefits and usefulness of utilizing self-hypnosis

Why Self-Hypnosis?

Make way for improving every area of your life, including sales, by applying self-hypnosis

Preparing For Self-Hypnosis

Quickly master these self-hypnosis steps to apply it whenever you like

A Self-Hypnosis Induction With Instructions

Learn some neat ways you can improve your self-hypnosis sessions

Suggestions To Improve Self-Hypnosis Sessions

Please see the resources section for a downloadable word document covering everything we covered in this section on Self-Hypnosis. This final video covers everything in general that we covered throughout.

Self-Hypnosis Final Purport
Hypnotic Storytelling Applied To Selling
12 Lectures 01:13:21

Hypnotic Storytelling is introduced in a way anyone can understand it

A Lesson In Hypnotic Storytelling Introduction

Suspend your own doubts regarding the efficacy of hypnotic storytelling

Proof Hypnotic Storytelling Works!

Be entertained by this short hypnotic story

A Short Hypnotic Story

What you need to understand first before you start telling hypnotic stories

First Things First

Become a master hypnotic storyteller by following these steps (no worries, they're so easy anyone can master them)

Hypnotic Storytelling Process Revealed!

Learn from the questions asked by other students who have taken this course

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Get on the fast-track to success by taking these actions first

Hypnotic Storytelling Action Keys

Learn how to apply the four step hypnosis protocol with just four magic words

I Have An Idea

Learn how to take anything in the immediate environment (or even an unconscious response) and use it to build a greater hypnotic affect in yourself an others

The Utilization Principle

Learn the power of multiple stories layered on top of one another and what this does

Nested Loops

Learn why and how how short stories associated to your ideas and suggestions can compel others to be impressed by you and like you all the more

Metaphors And Similes

Learn how a simple lunch influenced the power of memory and amnesia so you can apply the principle in your everyday communications with others, very strategically

Zeigarnik Effect
AIDA And The Four Step Hypnosis Protocol
2 Lectures 14:09

This is a comparison between the 4-Step Hypnosis Protocol and the AIDA model to help you understand both frameworks better so you use them more effectively.

AIDA And The Four Step Hypnosis Protocol

Take advantage of this special lesson I put together for you and really learn the four step protocol and AIDA model

The Four Step Protocol and AIDA Lesson
4 pages
The Hypnotic Memory Method And Milton Model Patterns
7 Lectures 01:28:09

Be wowed when you learn my top secret Hypnotic Memory Method and discover what it can do for you now

Lesson 1: Hypnotic Memory Method

Be wowed when you learn my top secret Hypnotic Memory Method and discover what it can do for you now

Lesson 2: Hypnotic Memory Method

Be wowed when you learn my top secret Hypnotic Memory Method and discover what it can do for you now

Lesson 3: Hypnotic Memory Method

Be wowed when you learn my top secret Hypnotic Memory Method and discover what it can do for you now

Lesson 4: Hypnotic Memory Method

Be wowed when you learn my top secret Hypnotic Memory Method and discover what it can do for you now

Lesson 5: Hypnotic Memory Method

Be wowed when you learn my top secret Hypnotic Memory Method and discover what it can do for you now

Lesson 6: Hypnotic Memory Method

Grab hold of the Milton Model and instantly commit it to memory using this powerfully explained lesson on it

Milton Model Lesson
5 pages
Hypnotic Language
8 Lectures 01:53:03

Find out why what you say and how you say what you say matters more than you ever thought

Hypnotic Language Introduction

Learn some hypnotic language patterns so you always know what to say next in your sales calls

First Set of Patterns

Learn some hypnotic language patterns so you always know what to say next in your sales calls

Second Set of Patterns

Learn some hypnotic language patterns so you always know what to say next in your sales calls

Third Set of Patterns

Learn some hypnotic language patterns so you always know what to say next in your sales calls

Fourth Set of Patterns

Learn some hypnotic language patterns so you always know what to say next in your sales calls

Fifth Set of Patterns

Have more clarity when it comes to utilizing hypnotic language patterns and conversing hypnotically

Hypnotic Language Wrap-up

Find out how you can apply perceptual predicates so you master the art of confusion to communicate on multiple levels of consciousness

Perceptual Predicates
The Hypnotic Voice
1 Lecture 19:11

Find out exactly how to communicate hypnotically using your voice

The Hypnotic Voice
Wrap Up, Integration, More
1 Lecture 15:52

Take everything you've learnt in this course so you can holistically apply it to your sales calls now

The End In Sight
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About the Instructor
3.1 Average rating
16 Reviews
1,674 Students
5 Courses
CEO at Indirect Knowledge Limited

Bryan Westra is the Founder and CEO at Indirect Knowledge Limited, a training and publishing house he runs out of his home in Murray, Kentucky. Westra began the company on a small shoestring, originally from a personal blog he had started, and has since grown it into a flourishing business with consistently higher growth year-over-year. Westra has authored over 100 books covering a range of subjects mainly revolving around topics to do with personal development, self-help, hypnosis, NLP, influence, persuasion, business, marketing, and personal selling. Westra earned his MBA in Marketing from Marylhurst University (Marylhurst, Oregon) and his BA in Organizational Behavior and Sales Leadership from Saint Louis University (Saint Louis, Missouri).

Before establishing Indirect Knowledge Limited, Westra worked in Advertising Sales and using his skills as a hypnotist quickly rose to being the number one sales professional on his sales force. After advertising, Westra worked in telesales for one of the world's largest telecommunications company (Fortune 100 Company). He retired from this company before his first year was up. He had broken 30 year sales records and generated enough income to live comfortably while he started his own company, Indirect Knowledge Limited.

Westra is a master practitioner and trainer's trainer in both Hypnosis and NLP. He is also a certified clinical hypnotherapist (CHt). Westra has designed numerous Hypnosis and NLP courses, which he has hosted at numerous international destinations.

As an instructor he is student focused, believes in a collaborative approach to learning, and is well skilled in instructional design and pedagogy. Teaching is his first passion above anything else.

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