High converting Sales Funnels - List Building On Steroids
3.9 (9 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
56 students enrolled
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High converting Sales Funnels - List Building On Steroids

“Recover your customer acquisition costs within 30 days while building a large email list & selling more in the process”
3.9 (9 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
56 students enrolled
Created by James Molfetas
Last updated 8/2014
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What Will I Learn?
  • By the end of this course you will be able to design the perfect sales funnel for your business that will allow you to spend more on customer acquisition than any of your customers and to increase your current bottom line.
  • In this course, you will learn:
  • • How to set up the perfect lead capture page and how to maximize the number of subscribers that opt-into your list
  • • How to create or source the bests products for your funnel and how to price them to maximize your frontend customer transaction value
  • • Numerous different points in your funnel to make money off your subscribers and customers
  • • Learn how to effectively acquire customers for free by recovering your customer acquisition costs within 30 days
  • • Understand all of the elements of a high converting sales funnel and how they interact with each other
  • • How to make that all important “first sale” to rapidly build your customer base
  • • The importance of segmenting your email lists and how to do it
  • • The importance of specialization in your particular market or niche
  • • How to go about designing your own ideal sales funnel specifically for your business
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  • There are no special requirements to take this course and you do not need any prior knowledge of the online marketing process, lead generation or sales funnels. I will teach you everything.
  • Obviously you need to be selling a product or service or you must be intending to sell a product or service.
  • If you already have a website, you probably already have all that you will need. If you don’t by the time you are done, you will need to set up a simple wordpress website which is free, buy a domain name ($3-$12 once off) and monthly hosting (for as little as $5 per month). One last thing will be some type of merchant integration so that you can collect the money. A free PayPal account is perfect for this.
  • I will give you a list of intended resources once you start the course that will make your life easier, however other than the few items mentioned above, you do need anything else.

If you sell anything online or offline, then this course is for you.

The focus is on getting leads online for your business by building an ultra-targeted email list that you can market to repeatedly and make money from every time you send them an email.

Speed is of the essence.

This is why the focus is on teaching you how to pay for traffic to your site and to recover all of your investment in 30 days or less. The secret to doing so is to create a high converting sales funnel which allows you to sell multiple products to your customers in multiple ways.

The key is in having multiple opportunities to make a sale to these customers. The best part is that the process is automated so you only have to set it up once and then your only job will be to send traffic to a single web page.

This automated process is also known as your front-end funnel. Once you understand how to maximize your revenue from this funnel you will be able to spend more than your competitors to acquire a customer at breakeven or better (which is essentially for free).

This course consists of 16 fluff-free modules which will take you no more than 1 hour to consume. Each module teaches a different, yet very important concept that makes the entire process work.

When you are done with this course you will know more than 99% of business owners and marketers and you should be able to multiply your current revenue many times over. This is the ultimate return on investment or ROI vehicle.

Who is the target audience?
  • This course is intended for all business owners, entrepreneurs and marketers that own or promote their own physical or digital products. It will benefit you whether you are a thirty year veteran or an aspiring entrepreneur thinking of taking the plunge.
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Curriculum For This Course
3 Lectures 09:10

This lectures sets the scene for the entire course. It covers the following important points:

    1.The importance of building a list – especially with paid traffic

    2.The core concept of the course which is to build a high converting sales funnel with the following objective:

    “If you have a high converting sales funnel that more than recovers your advertising spend, you can buy as much traffic as you want – essentially an unlimited amount of traffic!”

    3.The disastrous failure rate of internet marketers - Not surprisingly the 1% who make real money have built a list on the back of a high converting sales funnel

Preview 01:50

    1.This lectures explores the problem with the most prevalent sales funnel methodology taught & followed by most marketers today.

    2.We put some numbers to the problem to illustrate the monetary dollar effect thereof

    3.We get a sense of general industry statistics when it comes to things like:

    ·Number of subscribers needed to consistently make money

    ·Typical opt-in rate

    ·How to price your One Time Offer

    ·Typical conversion rates to expect from your One Time Offer

Preview 05:33

In this lecture we start building up the elements and core concepts of a high converting sales funnel. These include:

    ·Squeeze page (single page website to capture your subscribers email address)

    ·Lead Magnet (freebie to get subscribers to opt into your list)

    ·One Time Offers

    ·Upsells & Downsells

    ·The importance of having multiple monetization opportunities and

    ·The importance of optimizing each step of the sales funnel by means of split tests

Preview 01:47
Sales Funnel Elements
7 Lectures 26:23

    1.In this lecture we discover the sole purpose of a squeeze page is to capture your subscribers email address

    2.We use an “Exit Pop” to capture some of the traffic that chose not to opt in

    3.Learned 2 different ways to use an exit pop

    ·Send them to a different looking squeeze page still targeting the same offer

    ·Send them to a squeeze page with a totally different offer

Squeeze Page

    1.In this lecture we get a new perspective on the One Time Offer – We now call it a “Tripwire”

    2.We learn the importance of a tripwire and how to price it

    3.Explore some of the components of a successful tripwire

    4.Understand why you should have multiple tripwires

One Time Offer (OTO) Aka “Tripwire”

    1.In this lecture we introduce upsells and downsells into our funnel

    2.Learn the psychology behind upsells & downsells

    3.We understand how to structure a downsell offer – we look at 2 examples:

    I.Removing bonuses

    II.Low dollar trial offer

Up-Sells & Down-Sells

1.In the lecture we introduce the concept of monetizing the ”Thank You Page which is where subscribers who did not buy any of our products are taken to download the lead magnet that they opted into our list for

2. We explore numerous possible ways to do this:

    ·Re-offer the tripwire

    ·Offer some of our other products

    ·Affiliate or CPA (Cost Per Action) offers

    ·Solo ads (funnel clicks)

    ·Thank you page swaps with other marketers

Monetizing the “Thank You” Page

    1.In the lecture we introduce the concept of monetizing the “Download Page” which is where our buyers are taken to download their products

    2.We explore numerous possible ways to do this:

    ·Re-offer the products that they did not purchase in the funnel

    ·Offer some of our other products

    ·Affiliate or CPA (Cost Per Action) offers

    ·Solo ads (funnel clicks)

    ·Download page swaps with other marketers (Integration marketing)

    3.We look at the pros and cons of the monetization methods

Monetizing the “Download” Page

    1.In this lecture we learn the power of list segmentation

    2.Understand the differences between a buyers list and a subscribers list

    3.Understand the need to have a different email marketing strategy to each list (Buyers vs. subscribers)

    4.Understand the importance of making offers

    5.How to remove people from the subscribers list and automatically add them the buyers list once they purchase something from us (Automation rules)

List Segmentation

In this lecture we summarize all we have learned about the entire sales funnel process into 9 steps:

    1.Install an Exit Pop

    2.Create high value Tripwire

    3.Have an Upsell

    4.Have a downsell

    5.Monetize the “Thank You” page

    6.Monetize the “Download” page

    7.Have a pre-written autoresponder sequence

    8.Promote regularly via broadcast emails

    9.Sell solo ads to your list

Monetization Recap
Practical Application
4 Lectures 12:27

    1.In this lecture we understand the thought process behind creating a high converting sales funnel

    2.We start at the end and work backwards!

    3.We understand the concept of congruency

    4.We learn about each step in the funnel “pre-selling” the next

Preview 02:24

    1.In this lecture we take a more detailed look at upsells and downsells

    2.We look at a practical example of a newsletter as it relates to this course you are consuming now

Practical Example Part 1 - Upsells & Downsells

Practical Example Part 2 – The Tripwire

    1.In this lecture we look at the lead magnet for practical example of this product

    2.We learn about the importance of our visitors being able to consume the content quickly

    3.We learn the very important difference between needs and wants – remember people only buy what they WANT and not what they need!

    4.Smart marketers sell them what they WANT and then give them what they NEED!

Practical Example Part 3 – The Lead Magnet
2 Lectures 07:14

    1.In this lecture we learn the advantages of specializing in a narrow niche as opposed to going very broad or general

    2.“Everyone” is not your customer!

    3.Specialization allows you to build authority which has many advantages

The Importance of A Niche

    1.In this lecture your are given some guidance on how to start building your ideal high converting sales funnel

    2.We explore 2 different options (and the pros & cons of each):

    I.Create a basic funnel first and then later build out the rest

    II.Create your entire funnel before you launch anything

    3.Use the “Results In Advance” technique to build out the perfect funnel

Your Action Plan
About the Instructor
James Molfetas
3.9 Average rating
9 Reviews
56 Students
1 Course
Sales funnel Expert, Coach and Consultant

James has been involved with online marketing with his partner since 2011 and is a prolific information product creator and marketer. He has created training products on many different internet marketing topics including YouTube marketing; Kindle marketing, Affiliate marketing and membership sites. He also created a comprehensive 5-hour training course to help newbie marketers wade through the dreaded information overload syndrome when trying to fathom out the online landscape. James also has 4 graphics sites to cater specifically for the needs of internet marketers.

After exploring many online options, James finally settled on training and consulting on the creation of high converting sales funnels to help entrepreneurs build an email list and sell more products online. This also brings together his previous working experience of being a serial entrepreneur. James is a chartered accountant who has worked in both private and listed companies at financial director level and he also spent 10 years in an audit practice at partner level. In this time he has consulted widely with small business owners and he realized that they often have a total lack of marketing and sales understanding.

James has recently published his first physical book on the subject called “Infinite Sales Funnels”

Not surprisingly, James specializes in helping accountants and auditors grow their online presence and business as well as helping out their entrepreneurial clients.

James is married with 2 kids and lives in South Africa. One day when he has time again, he will spend more time indulging in his love for chess and he is also an aspiring (but not very good) magician.