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Meet the Hebrew Alphabet

Introducing the Hebrew alphabet through the five families of shapes and sounds through words you already know
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Created by Rachel Levi
Last updated 7/2015
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Meet the Hebrew Alphabet through their five families of shapes. Then learn the sounds of the letters through Hebrew words that you already know.

Learn the Hebrew Alphabet by Learning the Five Basic Shapes and Sounds.

Goals of this course:

  • Recognize the 22 Hebrew letters through 5 families of shapes.
  • Recognize the 5 Hebrew letters that are modified when they are at the end of words
  • Learn over 22 Hebrew vocabulary words.
  • Learn sounds of the Hebrew Alphabet through English words that are Hebrew words too.
  • Prepare for the E-Vreet reading course or a traditional Biblical Hebrew course.

When you first look at the Hebrew alphabet, they don't even look like letters--they look like 22 weird shapes. Well, E-Vreet discovered that each letter belongs to one of the Five Families of shapes.

Instead of trying to learn 22 shapes all at one time, meet the Five Families of the Hebrew Alphabet. Each family has special a family traits. Every letter has that family resemblance. The purpose of this section is to help you get used to the shapes of the letters in order that you can recognize them in later courses.


Meet the Five Families:

  1. The Horns
  2. The Circles
  3. The Staffs
  4. The Squares
  5. and finally, the Uniques

Oh, and find out about the Endings: 5 letters from these families that do something different.

VISUAL STIMULUS: You'll meet the five families flying through Israel. They are so big that you feel like you can touch them, and that's the whole point--to actually feel like you can feel them--it helps imprint them in the language center of the brain.

AURAL STIMULUS: Why is Music so important in learning? Music also helps calm the brain to learn new things as well as helping it to focus--so E-Vreet has carefully selected different kinds of music to go with each family to help you learn as you watch the videos.

BRAIN EXERCISES: E-vreet doesn't just present you with the material--like in the gym, it gives you different exercises for your brain in order that you will be able to subconsciously recognize the Hebrew letters.


Now that you have met the Hebrew letters, you are ready to learn about how they sound. E-Vreet has a special methodology to help you match the Hebrew letter with the sound.


There are many Hebrew words that you know--but you just don't know what they are. The first thing E-Vreet does is uncover 22 of these key words for you. Like magic, you know 22 Hebrew words that you didn't know before and you didn't have to study!

Why 22 words? Because each of these key words begins with one of the 22 Hebrew letters. You already have these key words in your brain. You know what they sound like. E-vreet matches the first letter or sound of each word to a Hebrew letter.

By associating the key word with the corresponding Hebrew letter, your brain can build on what you already know by grasping the Hebrew letter and cement it to the key word.


From the beginning, E-Vreet uses an image with the key word and Hebrew letter. For instance, Adam's letter has a painting of Adam next to it. Once your brain has started to recognize the Hebrew letter with the key word, E-vreet only uses the image to stimulate your brain to remember the Hebrew letter.

Imaging is an important step in learning how to read Hebrew. Since you only have an image to help you with the sound, your brain is beginning to rely more on the Hebrew letter to register the sound.


Why doesn't E-vreet teach you the names of the letters? Because at this crucial point, E-Vreet wants your brain to focus on processing the letter only with the target sound. Learning the names of 22 letters entails another learning process which E-Vreet uses in the next course, "Learn Hebrew through the Bible."


Each section has games after the lessons in order to help you remember what your brain just received. You get to reinforce what you have learned and help the letters stick in the language part of you brain.


There is a pdf file on each lesson in which you can review the lessons to prepare for the games at the end of each section. Print them out and have a hard copy so you can look at the letters when you are not at your computer.

This is a quick course to map your brain and get it used to seeing the Hebrew letters. It is based on the principles of semiotics and neuro-linquistics. So don't try to memorize anything. Just enjoy!

This course prepares you for E-Vreet's next course that will teach you how to read called "Learn Hebrew through the Bible."

And remember, when you say E-Vreet, you are saying Hebrew--in Hebrew.

Who is the target audience?
  • those who want to learn the Hebrew Alphabet in order to learn Modern Hebrew
  • those who want to learn the Hebrew Alphabet in order to learn how to read Biblical Hebrew
  • Students who are taking a traditional Biblical Hebrew course and need other resources to help their studies
  • People who are "gifted" with ADHD and dyslexia
  • People who learn better visuallly and conceptually
  • Busy people who want to learn Biblical Hebrew but don't have a lot of time and don't know where to begin
  • Those who have a fear of foreign languages, don't feel like they can learn, have failed before
  • Those who have difficulty learning foreign languages but really want to learn Biblical Hebrew
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What Will I Learn?
Learn to recognize the basic shapes of the Hebrew alphabet
Learn about the letters that change shape at the end of a word.
Learn the sound of each letter of the Hebrew alphabet.
Learn how to recognize each letter of the Hebrew alphabet.
Map your brain for the new shapes of the Hebrew alphabet
Syncronise your brain to relate each letter to words you know
Prepare for the Learn Hebrew through the Bible course.
Prepare to learn the Hebrew Alphabet in more depth
Learn over 22 Hebrew words without really trying
View Curriculum
  • Desire to learn Hebrew
  • Desire to learn Biblical Hebrew
  • Desire to learn the Hebrew alphabet
  • a desire to learn "outside of the box" and try cutting-edge methods
Curriculum For This Course
Expand All 16 Lectures Collapse All 16 Lectures 01:30:27
Meet the Hebrew Alphabet - Part One: SHAPES
8 Lectures 31:06

This course prepares you to read Biblical Hebrew. It introduces you to the Hebrew letters through their shapes and sounds. There are exercises with the letters that will map your brain in order that you will be able to read Hebrew more quickly in the future. You are introduced to the sounds of the letters through Hebrew words that you already know. Later, you will learn the names of the letters in Course 2: Learn Hebrew through the Bible.

Preview 05:03

This short video will introduce you to the shapes of three letters who belong to the Horn Family. It helps you distinguish these letters from the rest of the letters in the Hebrew alphabet. Then in the next course, you will learn about each letter in a separate lesson.

Preview 03:25

This video will help you distinguish the letters from the Circle Family from the rest of the Hebrew alphabet.

Second Family of Shapes: Circle Family

This video will help you distinguish the five letters in the Square Family from the rest of the Hebrew alphabet.

Third Family of Shapes: Square Family

Relax and sit back as this video introduces you to the Staff family. There are five members of this family, each has the shape of a staff. See for yourself. By learning to recognize the Staff family, you will be able to learn how to read Hebrew in the next course.

Fourth Family of Shapes: Staff Family

This video will help you distiguish a very special family: The Uniques.

Fifth Family of Shapes: The Uniques

21 questions

This video introduces you to four letters that modify their shape when they come at the end of a word. It also introduces you to a letter than changes into a box when it ends a word. This video is only to give you a head's-up on these shapes. We'll go over each letter in the next course.

Preview 04:06

This quiz will let you practice the end forms. You will be given a pair of letters. Click "true" if one letter is the end form of the other letter. Click "false" if the letters do not pair up. If you have any questions, message me.

The Tale of the Five Endings Game
10 questions

Here's a quick review of the Five Families of Shapes and the Five Endings of the Hebrew alphabet.

Meet the Hebrew Alphabet - Part 1: REVIEW
Meet the Hebrew Alphabet - Part 2: SOUNDS
7 Lectures 50:02

This document will give you an overview of what you will learn in Part Two on Sounds.

Introduction to Part Two: SOUNDS
2 pages

This video will show you how you can learn the sounds of the first four letters of the Hebrew alphabet using words that you know.

Unit 1: Adam to David

This video will use Hebrew words that you already know to show you the sounds of the next four letters of the Hebrew alphabet. By remembering the picture that goes with the letter, you'll know the sound.

Unit 2: Hallelu-Yah to Hannah

Find out what Mazel-tov really means and how it can help you learn a letter in the Hebrew alphabet. Also learn how Yom Kippor can help you learn another letter. Caleb will help you; and then the country of Lebanon which is in the Bible.

Unit 3: Tov to Lebanon

In this unit, you will learn about five letters. Miryam, Nathan, Sapphire, Ezra, and Pesach will help you remember the sounds of these letters.

Unit 4: Miryam to Passover

This is your last video before you start the Read the Hebrew Bible course. Zion, Kain, Rosh Ha-Shannah, Shalom, and Torah will help you remember the sounds of the last five letters of the Hebrew alphabet. In the next course, you will learn the names of the letters.

Unit 5: Zion to Torah

Review of Meet the Hebrew Alphabet - Shapes and Sounds
Preview of the Next Course in E-Vreet: Learn Hebrew through the Bible
1 Lecture 07:19

This is the intro to E-Vreet's next course called "Learn Hebrew through the Bible."

Intro to the New Course: Learn Hebrew through the Bible
About the Instructor
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Instructional Designer/Language Facilitator

I have studied Linguistics and Applied Linguistics or how people learn languages. I have taught EFL and trained teachers. I facilitated training seminars in Business English. I have studied Biblical Hebrew for four years and taught courses. I have been coaching students in Biblical Hebrew for three years. I have lived in the East for 15 years where I travelled to Israel. I am also an instructional designer, which means I design courses for busy people like you who need to take courses online. I use what you already know to guide you into the Hebrew language and make it alive for you.

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