Happiness & Habits Mastery: Positive Psychology & Willpower
4.2 (18 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
720 students enrolled
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Happiness & Habits Mastery: Positive Psychology & Willpower

The Science Of Happiness From Habits Routine, Positive Psychology, Willpower/Motivation, A Happy Life/Successful Mindset
4.2 (18 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
720 students enrolled
Last updated 5/2017
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What Will I Learn?
  • Be Happy! :)
  • Master Habit-Forming Techniques
  • Develop A Powerful Routine
  • Use Effective Tools To Form New Habits
  • How Habits Will Change Your Life – Start A New Life!
  • The Most Important Step In Reaching Happiness
  • Do’s And Don’ts Of Creating New Habits
  • Avoid Common Habit-Forming Traps
  • Reach Your Life Goals By Doing The Right Things!
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  • Taking Notes For Long-Term Success Of These Techniques

Course Description

The Science Of Haipiness From Habits Routine, Positive Psychology,
Willpower/Motivation & A Happy Life

Note: This course teaches you the science of happiness by forming powerful habits,
building a routine and boosting your willpower and motivation through positive
psychology. This requires practice and execution to see results. If you are serious with
avoiding stupid habits forming mistakes, this course is for you.

What Is In This Course?

In-Depth Practical And Successful Habits-Forming Techniques In Reaching Goals
This habit-forming course will teach you the formula to develop strong habit-forming
strategies and techniques, making sure you can form new habits whenever it’s most
needed for your life or business. 

Those are the best ways to form new habits, from
personal experience, coaching and knowledge I acquired.

It’s information you definitely need to take seriously!

Are you looking to learn how to form easy, but powerful habits to be happy on a
consistent basis? If so, this course will teach you the best and effective ways to form new
habits and which habits to implement to become happy on a daily basis. Enjoy 
As what Aristotle says "We are what we repeatedly do."

This is offered with a 30 days money back guarantee. You can try it with no financial risk.

In Happiness & Habits Mastery: Positive Psychology & Willpower, You'll Learn:

  1.  Be Happy! 
  2.  Master Habit-Forming Techniques
  3.  Develop A Powerful Routine
  4.  Use Effective Tools To Form New Habits
  5.  How Habits Will Change Your Life – Start A New Life!
  6.  The Most Important Step In Reaching Happiness
  7.  Do’s And Don’ts Of Creating New Habits
  8.  Avoid Common Habit-Forming Traps
  9. Reach Your Life Goals By Doing The Right Things!


Is This For You?

This is for people who wants to form habits the right way, those who wants to reach
their life goals. If you want to remain where you are, this is NOT for you! If you want to
finally become happy. Are you sick and tired of being depressed about your life and not
understanding why you can’t enjoy life, be happy for once?
• Are You Frustrated You Can't Be Happy?
• Do You Think You Could Implement Better Habits?
• Are You Ready To Be Happy And Have Great Habits?
Then this course is what you need to become happy and form powerful habits.


Why Habits Will Change Your Life?

Let Me Show You Why Habits Will Change Your Life:

1. Routines Makes You Move Forward. With these strong habits forming techniques, you will form successful habits that will make you move forward. Why would you waste time? You will discover the power of time and how you can leverage it to your own advantage, becoming a superman at habits forming!

2. Your Habits Are Who You Are. You will learn why and how habits defines who we are as a person and how to use this information at your advantage. It's easy to get lost in life and not knowing what is the next move, but when you know the next move, it's much easier.

3. You Reach Your Goals. You heard right! When you are able to determine your goals and set a plan to reach them, it's much easier to accomplish you desire and live the life you desire. Grab my course now and let's get on this journey together!

Who is the target audience?
  • Any individuals looking to turn their lives from negatives to positive
  • This is for those who wants to form successful habits
  • Anyone who wants to change their life for the better and stop bad habits
  • Everyone interested in living happier and being proud of what you do and who you are
  • This is NOT for people looking to stay negative and stressed
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Curriculum For This Course
36 Lectures
Start Here
2 Lectures 02:34

Just a quick note before you learn about habits forming techniques to become happy :)


Section 1: How Habits Will Change Your Life – Start A New Life!
9 Lectures 35:16

Habits are what forms your life. How can you be happy and satisfied? Form successful habits. There's no way around!

Habits Forms Your Life

Are you ready to form new habits, but doesn't know how? First, you need to understand how habits are formed so you can duplicate the process.

How Are Habits Formed?

What is the most guaranteed investment when it comes to forming new habits? It's pretty easy, let's find it out ;)

Preview 03:53

Change your habits and your life will change. Don't believe me? Stop doing something that is bad for you and see how that affects you :)

How Everything Around You Changes

Habits are what defines who you are. What you do on a daily basis affects every area of your life.

Who Are You?

Your personality and image are highly affected by your habits, so watch you habits if you care about how people perceive you or if you care about your identity. Find out how you can do it now!

Personality And Image Comes Into Play

They are many techniques being preached to be positive all the time, which I talk about in this lesson.

You will find the way to make it permanent and free your mind. Check it!

From Negative To Positive, Permanently!

Discover a great success story proving you how great habits forming is crucial to change your life and become who you want to be.

Success Story From Successful Habits Forming

Do you feel you are in control of your life? Take a look at this lesson and find out how you can finally be in control. There are a couple of ways to do it, but this one is definitely the most effective one.

Finally In Control
Section 2: The Most Important Steps In Reaching Happiness
4 Lectures 19:48

There a many ways to be and become happy, but which one should you choose? Find out here :)

Preview 04:20

Got goals? Find out how to make sure they come to life and make sure your new habits will be definitely implement in your life!

How To Make Sure It Happens

Now that you are aware of the first step to reach happiness through habits forming, what is the second step? That's why you need to learn it now!

The Second Most Important Step To Reach Happiness And Form Successful Habits

One step at a time is the way to go, but how can you make sure you do go one step at a time in developing powerful habits? Willpower? Positive thinking? See here.

Start One Step At A Time
Section 3: A Magical Tool In Creating Happiness With Habits
5 Lectures 42:50

If you need help forming new habits, this one tool will change the whole game. You definitely need it and using it is at your best advantage.

This One Tool Can Change Everything

Didn't like the first tool or simply can't use it? Hopefully, you can use this second one. It's as awesome as the first one and definitely as useful. Try it and love it!

How The Magic Tool Help You Become Happy And Create Successful Habits

Looking for an alternative to this magic tool? Easy, use this one! It's amazing and you will enjoy it to the fullest.

Alternatives To This Magic Tool

It's possible! In fact, you do get better at each step, but this app simply helps you more than it should. Check it out!

What If You Got Better At Each Step? (Habitica)

Here, I will present you another powerful app you need to form new habits if you need a bit of help. Use it and thank me later!

Don’t Break The Streak! (Streak)
Section 4: Do’s And Don’ts Of Creating New Habits
3 Lectures 19:00

Ever heard of time management? Trust me, I will show you how to use it effectively to help you form the habits you need into your life.

Time management

If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail! Always have a plan and know where you are going.

Preview 04:43

There's only one function-able way to achieve your goals, that's what you will learn in this lesson. Take notes because this will help you your entire life.

Set Specific, Measurable and Achievable Goals
Section 5: Caution! Happiness Habits And Psychology Have Many Traps
6 Lectures 26:50

Temptation will always be there and they will come especially when you don't expect it. What measure will you put in place to prevent temptation from knowing you off your path? You will now learn how to prevent bad events from knocking you off.

Have A Plan of Action for Dealing with Temptation

Avoid over-complicating things since it's the easiest way to do. Here I will give you straight techniques and useful ways to prevent doing this mistake on a daily basis.

Avoid Overcomplicating Things

You probably have a couple or a lot of bad habits into your life now. It will be best for you and your future discarding bad habits that are bringing you down constantly without you realizing it.

Discard Bad Habits

Kill procrastination, do it now! Doing this is eliminating one of your top bad habits and your life will move much faster when you stop wasting time on things that are not important. 

Kill Procrastination

Track your progress and track your performance, that's one of the only way you will know if your new habits or attempts were successful. If you never reflect on what you've done, it will be extremely hard to know what works and what doesn't.

Track Progress and Performance

If there's one thing you need to remember in reaching your goals and implementing new habits it's developing the skill of being persistent constantly. Momentum is key! See how you can master it now.

Persistence and Handling of Failure
Audio Section
7 Lectures 02:09:13
Section 1 Audio Part-1

Section 1 Audio Part-2

Section 2 Audio

Section 3 Audio

Section 3 Audio Part-2

Section 4 Audio

Section 5 Audio Part 1

Test your knowledge on the many traps to avoid when creating new habits!

Quiz - Traps To Avoid When Creating New Habits
1 question

Quiz - Do's and Don't Of Creating New Habits
1 question
About the Instructor
Jean-Gabriel Paquette
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Hello there! I am an online instructor & business advisor teaching self-development, online business and marketing with video courses. I started selling stuff at a young age and my entrepreneur's spirit stayed with me. I now teach and help people at reaching the next level and moving forward in business since this is what I studied and love!

I need to admit - I'm a workaholic. I work 75+ hours a week building a great future for myself and the world. One of my goal is to help millions of people with my own money and encouraging the youth to strive in life, to aim for a better life and know they can achieve greatness.

Most people quit on their dreams or don't have a plan to reach them, so I do my best to motivate them and show them the path on how to get started and keeping going.

That's who I am. Let's have a great time together!

- Gabriel

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